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Making the Antitoxin

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Making the Antitoxin

Making the Antitoxin is the second story step of Tower of Nightmares, the fourth episode of Living World Season 1.


  • Leave the area to plan your next move.
  • Read the letter.
Creating the Antitoxin
  • Speak with Marjory at the Thunder Ridge camp.
  • Help stabilize Kessex Hills against the Toxic Alliance by completing events and creating an antitoxin.
  • Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Complete!



Read the letter in your mail. Speak to Marjory at Thunder Ridge Camp.

You now have a few options to build up the green progress bar:

  • Toxic events — 20 % contribution (these appear as green markers on the world map)
  • Regular events — 10 % contribution
  • Donate Pristine Toxic Spore Sample.pngPristine Toxic Spore Sample to Marjory — 5 % contribution (only possible before completing the Toxic Spore Sampler achievement)


Making the Antitoxin Tower of Nightmares 1Achievement points
Complete the story chapter Making the Antitoxin. Completed Making the Antitoxin 1Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.
Toxic Spore Sampler Tower of Nightmares 5Achievement points
Bring 50 spore samples to Marjory at Thunder Ridge Camp. 1 Pristine Spore Samples Delivered 1Achievement points
10 Pristine Spore Samples Delivered 1Achievement points
25 Pristine Spore Samples Delivered 1Achievement points
50 Pristine Spore Samples Delivered 2Achievement points
  • Donate Pristine Toxic Spore Samples. It is only possible to donate 20 per story as each provides 5 %. This achievement can also be progressed by donating further spores inside The Tower of Nightmares instance to Sergeant Walters.




Upon activating the story


Kasmeer Meade

Confronting the Toxic Alliance

Dear <Character name>,

We've returned to our camp at Thunder Ridge after unveiling the towering monstrosity at the heart of Viathan Lake. This malignant and unapproachable tower is polluting the region with hallucinatory poisons, and Marjory is hard at work to find a counteragent. If you are able to collect any samples of the toxic spores, please bring them to Marjory.

I suspect you're already a part of this, as you aren't the type to stand idly by while others suffer. Provided you aren't too busy foiling enemy raids on resources or pruning the offshoots of their tower that are sprouting up across Tyria, Priory Arcanist Dolja here in our camp could use your help investigating a possible krait motive for allying with the Nightmare Court.

Thank you for your continued assistance, my friend.

—Lady Kasmeer Meade

Speaking with Marjory to donate Pristine Toxic Spore Samples
Glad you're here. I need help gathering more spore samples so I can find an antitoxin to counteract this tower's poison.
(If not unlocked the Toxic Spore Sampler achievement) [verification requested]
Talk more option tango.png You can have 1 of my spare samples.
Thanks. I can use these.
Talk give option tango.png You can have 1 of my spare samples.
Talk give option tango.png You can have 5 of my spare samples.
Talk give option tango.png You can have 10 of my spare samples.
Talk end option tango.png You're welcome.
(If unlocked the Toxic Spore Sampler achievement)
Talk merchant tango.png Can I trade my extra samples for supplies?
Talk quest option tango.png What else can I do to help?
Cut down the toxic offshoots sprouting up around Kessex Hills and the surrounding areas before they poison everyone. And speak to Arcanist Dolja. I hear she's looking into the krait angle in all this.
Talk end option tango.png I'll do what I can.
Talk end option tango.png Maybe later.

My story[edit]

Kessex Hills loading screen.png

After revealing the malignant Tower of Nightmares in the heart of Kessex Hills, Kasmeer and Marjory returned to camp at Thunder Ridge. Marjory tasked me with collecting toxic spores from across the region, and with those spores in hand, she was able to successfully create an antitoxin to counter the plume of toxic discharge inside of the tower. Priory researchers are going to attempt to quell the tower by injecting the antitoxin into the chamber at the tower's core, but we've yet to see or hear if that effort will be at all successful.

My story