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The Test Subject

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Living World Season 4 instance. For the asuran personal story instance, see Test Subject.

The Test Subject

The Test Subject loading screen.jpg

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The Test Subject is the second part of A Bug in the System.


Investigate the lab for signs of Joko's activity.
  • Search the Inquest lab for information regarding Joko's invasion force.
  • Defeat the Inquest security golems.
  • Check the console for clues.
  • Take the elevator to the observation platform.
  • Jump off the observation platform.



When you enter the instance, there is an Inquest console to the left; interact with it to reset the password. There are 3 inquest up on the platform and another console to interact with, then you can start opening the gates.

Each "gate controller" will open one of the gates- do not stand in the circle of drones, or they will attack.

After first few gates, there are groups to the left and right to kill; the left has golem disabler (if you reset the password) and a message, right is dialogue.

Take the elevator up. Before the first door is 2 consoles; left is a dead charr, right is a control for achievement – make sure to hit all the consoles in this room for achievements.After the Mysterious Charr breaks through the glass, defeat all the golems to spawn the elevator controller.

Kill all the inquest running around for the achievement, then listen to the message on the console. There are also several documents around and you must read all of them for another achievement [verification requested] – when finished,you can take the elevator up. Jump off the platform circled in green to finish the instance.

When you complete the instance, you are immediately moved into the next story instance, A Kindness Repaid.


The Test Subject A Bug in the System 0Achievement points
Scour the lab for clues and make your escape.Journal: The Test Subject Completed "The Test Subject" 0Achievement points
  • Complete the instance.
Drones Disabled A Bug in the System 2Achievement points
Disable the drones in lab Sigma-05.Story Instance: The Test Subject Disabled the Security Drones in Lab Sigma-05 2Achievement points
  • Disable the drones in lab Sigma-05. This is done by firstly setting the access password to "password" using the first console you come to in the instance, then navigate through the first floor almost up to the elevator without being detected by drones (you can use teleports), and disable the drones using the panel in a side room on the left with two inquest, using the option named "Access drone controls".
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Drones Disabled effect.
Inquest Redundancies A Bug in the System 1Achievement points
Defeat all of the Inquest in lab Sigma-05.Story Instance: The Test Subject Defeated All Inquest in Lab Sigma-05 1Achievement points
  • Defeat all of the Inquest in lab Sigma-05.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Inquest Redundancies effect.
Inquest-Specimen Liberator A Bug in the System 1Achievement points
Release the healthy control specimens from lab Sigma-05.Story Instance: The Test Subject Liberated the Control Specimens in Lab Sigma-05 1Achievement points
  • Release the healthy control specimens from lab Sigma-05.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Inquest-Specimen Liberator effect.






Start of the instance
Rox: Some kind of lab. Is this Rata Primus?
Taimi: Supposed to be a pretty big base. Could be more than one building.
<Character name>: Keep your eyes open for any sign of Joko or the gate hub he's using.
Rox: No good trying to sneak past these guys if we need to search the place.
Braham Eirsson: Fine by me.
Interacting with Inquest Console on ground floor
PA Announcer: All labs—this is the director.
PA Announcer: Some of your maybe aware of a minor security issue in Rata Primus involving a small number of...cadaverous intruders.
PA Announcer: Security has the matter in hand. Rumors to the contrary will result in compliance correction or expungement.
PA Announcer: All labs are to continue with business as usual. Director out.
Taimi: "Cadaverous" sounds a lot like Joko's goons. I think we're on the right track.
Reaching the second floor
Braham Eirsson: Spirits... Look at the poor creatures in these cells.
Rox: The live test subjects we've been hearing about.
Taimi: Just when you think the Inquest couldn't get any more despicable...

(There is some un-recorded dialogue between specimen researchers before you open the gate; it doesn't appear on the chat log.) [verification requested]

Opening the first set of gates
Mysterious Charr: You're a stain on this land. A blight. You'll pay for what you've done.
Inquest Specimen Researcher (1): We've seen rapid disease progression in these charr, correct?
Inquest Specimen Researcher (2): Yes, but we're only tested a few. Their village is close by, and Security didn't want the locals out for blood.
Inquest Specimen Researcher (1): Ridiculous. If they act up, we trigger the quarantine protocol. Let's get this one infected. I'll fetch a sample.
Mysterious Charr: I'm not your lab animal. Release me!
Upon opening the last gate
(Inquest Specimen Researcher points at <Character name>.)
Inquest Specimen Researcher: Wha— How did you— Intruders!
Rox: Whoa! You see that?
If asura:
Mysterious Charr: I didn't expect help from an asura.
<Character name>: We don't all share the Inquest's ideas. Besides, you obviously didn't need much.
Mysterious Charr: Your arrival was well timed.
<Character name>: You obviously didn't need much help.
PA Announcer: Alert. Security breach in progress. Initiating radical decontamination protocol level one.
Braham Eirsson: THAT sounds like a problem...
After defeating all golems
PA Announcer: Alert. Radical decontamination protocol level one unsuccessful. Proceeding to level two.
<Character name>: We need to get out of here. Any other prisoners?
Mysterious Charr: The others from my tribe... they didn't make it.
Rox: Your tribe?
Mysterious Charr: Our village is nearby.
Braham Eirsson: Can we talk about how to get out of here?
Mysterious Charr: Upstairs. There is a platform that can take us to the roof. I'll come with you.
Reaching the third floor
PA Announcer: Alert. Preparing for radical decontamination protocol level two. Evacuation is strongly advised.
Inquest Specimen Researcher (1): Level two! Leave everything—we have to get out!
Inquest Specimen Researcher (2): Are you insane? Grab your data! Without it, you're worthless!
Once spotted
Inquest Specimen Researcher (1): Test subjects—they're loose!
(Inquest Specimen Researcher points at <Character name>.)
Inquest Specimen Researcher (2): Don't engage! That's what the quarantine protocols are for.
PA Announcer: Alert. Distress message received. Source: Rata Primus, Main Complex.
Taimi: Sounds important. See if you can listen to it.
Interacting with the second Inquest Console (Research Wing Terminal K-0062)
Inquest Console: Access Research Wing Terminal K-0062 Incoming message available.
Talk quest option tango.png Play message.
<Character name>: It says, "Distress message. Subject: Awakened attack. Audio failed. Sender: Gorrik."
Taimi: Aw, Gorrik! Not you too! I know him; he's Blish's little brother.
<Character name>: Blish- the college friend Blish?
Taimi: Yeah. Gorrik's an entomologist. And, if I'm honest, kinda weird. But still, the Inquest?
Braham Eirrson: Well, I guess we know where to find Joko's Awakened: the "Main Complex."
Mysterious Charr: The big central structure of the invaders' base. We'll be able to see it from the roof.
Braham Eirsson: How do you know?
Mysterious Charr: Because I know.
PA Announcer: Alert. Radical decontamination protocol level two is imminent.
<Character name>: Okay, everyone on the elevator.
Lab will self-destruct in 2 minutes.
Mysterious Charr: There's the exit.
Reaching the roof of the lab
Rox: (gasp)
Braham Eirsson: Whoa... that is huge.
<Character name>: Rata Primus, I presume.
Mysterious Charr: Hurry! We'll have to jump.
Lab will self-destruct in 1 minute.

My story[edit]

The Test Subject loading screen.jpg

We found ourselves in an Inquest lab full of signs of disease research on live subjects, including members of a local tribe of charr. We helped liberate one of these charr before Inquest researchers infected her with a mysterious and deadly disease.

The charr's escape triggered a self-destruct sequence. As we hurried to find our way out in time, we battled security forces and discovered a garbled distress message from Blish's brother, Gorrik. The message confirmed that Joko's Awakened were wreaking havoc in the Rata Primus main complex.

As we reached the roof to make our escape, we got our first glimpse of Rata Primus in the distance—a massive floating cube. We jumped from the lab's roof to avoid the lab's self-destruction, but it was clear we'd have to storm that cube if we had any hope of stopping Joko's invasion of Tyria.

My story