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Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad

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Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad

Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad is the third story episode in the Echoes of the Past chapter of Living World Season 2.


Catch up with Caithe's reconnaissance squad in the Silverwastes.
  • Search for Caithe's reconnaissance squad.
  • Inspect the Mordrem corpse lying in the valley.
  • Speak to Canach.
  • Continue to follow Caithe's squad.
  • Investigate the site of a recent battle.
  • Continue to follow Caithe's squad.
  • (Repel the attack on Caithe's squad.)
  • Repel the Attack on Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad.
  • Meet up with Caithe.
  • Locate a better vantage point with Caithe.
  • Speak with Caithe.
  • Signal for Pact reinforcements.
  • Survive the Mordrem assault.
  • Get on the chopper.
Marjory and Kasmeer have requested your assistance at the Priory.
  • Check your mail for "Calling in a Favor".
Report in at Camp Resolve.
  • Report to Pact Tactician Envoltt.



The path is pretty straightforward; just follow the trail of husk corpses. Place mines on the corpses to make dealing with the mordrem wolves quite a bit easier. A group of wolves can easily wipe out squishier characters, so a good idea would be to use some kind of damage reduction/blocking skill before activating the mines to not get overrun by the pack. Bear in mind that activating skills, even ones with instant casting times, will interrupt the mine activation, so it is advisable to use skills in advance.

Once you reach the ledge, you need to survive the mordrem attack for slightly over 3 minutes. The instance advances based on a timer and not on how many enemies are killed, so the easiest way is to stand on far out on the rock, as you will have to contend with less tendrils there. You can't jump or be knocked off the ledge - your character immediately teleports back on it if this happens.

Caithe and Canach will shout things once in a while to help you identify how much time is left. Caithe's last phrase will be "We'll make a stand on that ledge. This area is overrun.", which means there's 40 seconds left until the chopper appears. Once that happens, all remaining enemies will disappear.

Once you're back in the Silverwastes read the letter, then speak to Tactician Envoltt to finish the mission.


This achievement rewards items. Return to Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad Return to Echoes of the Past and Tangled Paths 0Achievement points
Complete the mission Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad in Living World Season 2 Episode 5.
Reward: Burning Ember.pngPile of Silky Sand (50)
Completed Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad 0Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Recon Demolitionist Echoes of the Past 5Achievement points
Mine every possible corpse in Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad.Story Instance: Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad
Reward: Sinister Armor Recipe Book.pngSinister Armor Recipe Book
Mined Every Available Corpse 5Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. No Thanks to Canach Echoes of the Past 5Achievement points
Complete Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad without planting any of Canach's mines.Story Instance: Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad
Reward: Veteran Door Guard Loot Box.pngBandit Cache
Completed Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad Without Using Mines 5Achievement points
  • It's possible to get both achievements (Recon Demolitionist and No Thanks to Canach) in one run. You need to avoid putting any mines on the corpses located in the instance until the helicopter arrives. Once it arrives, but before you get on it, you should get "No Thanks to Canach". From there, turn around and place mines on the corpses found throughout the instance. They are located on the map with wrench icons (Event wrench (map icon).png), 10 in all, so they should be easy to find. Once all 10 mines are placed, you should get "Recon Demolitionist".
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Recon Demolitionist and the Achievement effect.png No Thanks to Canach effects.
This achievement rewards items. Not Under My Command Echoes of the Past 5Achievement points
Find Caithe's squad without losing any of your soldiers.Story Instance: Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad
Reward: Destroyed Matrix Cube Key.pngBandit Skeleton Key (5)
Completed Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad Without Losing an Ally 5Achievement points
  • This achievement requires players to not let any of the ally NPCs die before finding Caithe. Just reach Caithe with all the soldiers alive, and you will obtain the achievement immediately. After you find Caithe, it doesn't matter if your allies die (which is very likely at the end). The easiest way to do this if you are unable to kill mobs fast enough is to plant the mines on the corpses to take out the wolves.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Not Under My Command effect.





Examining the Mordrem Husk
Mordrem Husk: This fallen Mordrem appears to be wired to some kind of device.
Talk end option tango.png Look closer.
Canach: Do not disturb that body. It's rigged to explode.
Canach: Unless you wish to be vaporized into a fine mist, I advise you to step away.
Speaking to Canach
Canach: You're welcome. Forgive me—you're welcome, Commander.
Talk more option tango.png Spare me the sarcasm, and just show me which way Caithe was headed.
As you wish. Along the way, I advise rigging these mines to any Mordrem corpses we come across.
Talk quest choice tango.png Fine. Let's get going.
Talk more option tango.png Is that really worth the effort?
We're outnumbered. Stealth and ambush are the preferred tactics here. The explosives will kill multiple Mordrem instantly: just plant the explosives and wait for our single-minded targets to return.
Talk quest choice tango.png Noted.
Talk more option tango.png How did you know that Mordrem's remains were booby-trapped.
I set that trap myself, to dissuade enemies from following my dear sister's reconnaissance squad. Present company excluded, of course.
Talk more option tango.png I'm not so sure we aren't enemies. You're a convicted felon.
I do wish you'd get over the past. Besides, we have a mission to finish. I can save you some time in tracking the recon squad, since I know which direction they were headed.
Talk more option tango.png Fine. Let's get going.
Near the site of a recent battle
Canach: Despite our efforts to remain undetected, our friend seems to have attracted unwanted attention.
Canach: Hold here. If we're sly, we can bypass them. Around or through?
Examining the Whispers Initiate's corpse
Fallen Soldier: The wounds on this soldier's body appear fresh.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Canach: It's dangerous here. Too many hiding spots and ambush locations.
Canach: Would have been nice if one of those choppers had been usable.
When finding Caithe's squad
Canach: There's the squad. Let's go.
Talking to Caithe
Caithe: Welcome to the Silverwastes, <Character name>. I see you have my little brother Canach in tow.
Talk more option tango.png I was told you might need some extra help out here.
Nothing I couldn't handle, though I do appreciate the sentiment.
Talk more option tango.png Has your squad found anything useful?
Not yet, though my instincts tell me we're close to finding the source of these Mordrem incursions.
Talk end option tango.png Let's see if we can prove you right.
Caithe: Judging from their increasing numbers, I'd say we must be getting close to something important.
Canach: If so, I imagine they will be increasingly belligerent.
Caithe: Feel free to hide when the action starts, Canach.
Canach: Are you worried that I'll show you up, Caithe?
If you advanced without talking to Caithe
Caithe: I suppose there isn't time for pleasantries. Squad, follow the commander.
While advancing
Canach: The Mordrem are still increasing in number.
Caithe: Which means we're close to learning what they're up to out here.
Caithe: Let's press forward.
Cutscene when reaching the vantage point
Caithe: There. A base of operations for the local Mordrem.
Canach: Do you see that glow?
Caithe: Yes. What could they be up to, all the way out here?
Canach: We have Mordrem inbound and should consider retreating. We're deep in their territory and we're vastly outnumbered.
Caithe: We should send up a flare. I hope the Pact will see our signal and send help.
Sending the flare
Canach: That flare attracted more of the Mordrem.
Canach: We have to relocate. We're boxed up in here.
Caithe: Let's take the fight to the bottom of the slope.
During the fight
Caithe: Fall back, or those vines will tear us apart.
Canach: There are too many of them and too few of us. This location isn't defendable.
Caithe: Stand fast! Help's on the way.
Canach: The Pact had better get here quickly, or there won't be anyone left.
Caithe: We'll make a stand on that ledge. This area is overrun.
Cutscene when the chopper arrives
Caithe: There! Everyone on the chopper, quickly!
Canach: Charr finally got a chopper working. Great timing. Let's go!
Boarding the chopper
Caithe: These Mordrem went to a lot of effort to keep us from reporting back
Canach: You and the commander have experience with dragons. Is this predictable behavior?
Caithe: Elder Dragons are far from "predictable," though their minions show a sort of situational awareness.
Mail from Marjory


Marjory Delaqua

Calling In a Favor

<Character name>,

We've hit a dead end here at the Durmand Priory. We'd like to interview the resident dragon expert, but he has retreated to a secure location deep within the Priory. Unfortunately, they change the access cipher to that room on a regular basis, and no one knows the latest one.

Remember the young explorer named Campbell from Fort Salma? Magister Makkay believes she has the current cipher, and she's doing fieldwork in the Silverwastes. Could you look into retrieving the cipher for us?

To convince her to give you the cipher, repeat this phrase: "Long live the king of Deldrimor."

—Marjory Delaqua

Reporting to Pact Tactician Envoltt
Pact Tactician Envoltt: Came as soon as we saw your flare, Commander. Took a big risk taking one of our birds out with all this dust and sand in the air, but obviously one that was well-justified.
Talk more option tango.png I appreciate that, Tactician. Do you know where Caithe and Canach went?
I'm not sure about Canach, but Caithe went to report to the marshal with the information you uncovered on the enemy's disposition and behavior. That intel will be crucial to our strategic planning.
Talk more option tango.png Thank you. If you see them, let them know I have some business to see to.
Absolutely, Commander. Anything else I can do for you?
Talk more option tango.png Actually, yes. I'm looking for an explorer by the name of Campbell.
Ah, yes. She arrived shortly before you did. Out on an excavation in the field, I believe. I can mark her dig site on your map for you.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you for all your help.

My story[edit]

Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad loading screen.jpg

I met my squad in the Silverwastes and quickly located Canach. He'd been separated from Caithe during their mission and was hiding in the shadows to avoid being spotted by Mordrem. We made our way through the valley and rejoined Caithe, who was locked in battle with the dragonspawn.

We learned where the Mordrem were nesting and observed their movements. While I hesitate to call them "intelligent" creatures, they do exhibit simple tactical behavior in combat. This information should help us in the war ahead.

We signaled for extraction and fought tirelessly against the relentless tide of enemies. Fortunately, the Pact sent a chopper that carried us back to safety.

Back at Camp Resolve, I made sure that Caithe was taking our intel to Marshall Trahearne before asking a Pact tactician to point me to Explorer Campbell's location nearby in the Silverwastes.

My story