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Scion & Champion

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Scion & Champion

Scion & Champion loading screen.jpg

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Scion & Champion is the first part of All or Nothing.


Listen to Caithe's update.
Join Caithe at the Durmand Priory.
  • Meet with Caithe.
  • Listen to Caithe's concerns.
Follow up on Glint's legacy.
  • Meet with Ogden.
  • Enter Glint's lair and find Aurene.
  • Comfort Aurene.
  • Join Aurene as her champion.
  • Enter Glint's trials.
Work with Aurene to pass Glint's first trial.
  • Begin the first trial.
  • Witness Glint's followers creating a resonance crystal.
  • (Assist Aurene in absorbing volatile magic.)
  • Help Aurene absorb volatile magic.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Proceed to the second trial.
Work with Aurene to pass Glint's second trial.
  • Begin the second trial.
  • (Charge the crystal with magic from the Branded.)
  • Charge the crystal with magic from Branded foes.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Continue to the crystalline forge.
  • Charge the southern crystal.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Charge the western crystal.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Charge the eastern crystal.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Activate the resonance crystal.
  • Retrieve the Dragonsblood spear.
  • Use the Dragonsblood spear against the Branded.
  • Proceed to the third trial.
Work with Aurene to pass Glint's final trial.
  • Begin the third trial.
  • Defeat the Branded horde.
  • Reunite with Aurene.
  • Defeat Branded Aurene.
  • Receive Glint's gift.
  • Exit Glint's trials.
  • Update Caithe.
  • Depart to Thunderhead Keep.


Upon replay


Using /stuck at any point during the mission will teleport you back to the initial area with Ogden Stonehealer and prevent you from rejoining Aurene. You will need to exit the instance and rely on the last checkpoint working.
Entering with another person (not your story) will result in you stuck and invisible by the door.

When you arrive at the Priory, Ogden Stonehealer already knows your plans to head to Thunderhead Peaks, however firstly a trial awaits you. Ogden shows you the way into a grain of sand.

To enter the trial you must stand on a shiny flower on the floor which has the green quest star marker over it, while Aurene stands on the other flower. However if you stand on the flower first and wait for Aurene, nothing happens. To fix this, get off the flower and let Aurene stand on hers first, then you get on second.

First trial

There are three blue circles you must stand in while Aurene channels. Periodically there are orange wedges and if you stand in them they will push you out of the circle. The first has only two slices opposite each other which appear to cover 1/6th each. The second has three equal distance apart. The third has four with small safe wedges between them. Stability and aegis will prevent the knockback. Exiting the circle will lose some of Aurene's channel progress, and progress will be lost completely if the circle is not soon re-entered.

Second trial

Kill branded by the crystal to fill the bar. The second room has three crystals where you again kill branded near them to charge it. In order for a kill to count it needs to be close enough to be in the circle surrounding the crystal. If you kill the branded outside a circle a Branded Shard will spawn that you can throw into a crystal's circle to charge it. Following picking up the dragonsblood spear you use your special action key to throw the spear at the branded.

Third trial

Defeat branded Aurene. Use the dragonblood spear skill whenever it has recharged. Avoid the large orange rectangles. Standing close to branded Aurene will cause circles to appear around it. The branded tornados are also worth avoiding. Avoiding everything (except branded Aurene's purple orb attack, which is not telegraphed, but including the tornados) will reward the Trial by Fire achievement. Kill the regular branded that appear whenever branded Aurene flies off.


Scion & Champion All or Nothing 0Achievement points
Prove the strength of your bond with Aurene.Journal: Scion & Champion Completed Completed Scion & Champion 0Achievement points
Lord of the Ley Dance All or Nothing 1Achievement points
Avoid all ley-hazard damage during the first trial.Story Instance: Scion & Champion Avoided Ley-Hazard Damage during the First Trial 1Achievement points
  • Avoid standing in the small AoEs which spawn around the arena, as well as avoiding the orange wedge-shaped AoEs channelled by Aurene within her circle.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Lord of the Ley Dance effect during the first trial.
Branded-on-a-Stick All or Nothing 1Achievement points
As the instance owner, pierce four or more Branded with a single use of the Dragonsblood spear.Story Instance: Scion & Champion Strategically Pierced a Group of Branded with the Dragonsblood Spear 1Achievement points
  • Can be accomplished during the second or third trial.
Power Player All or Nothing 1Achievement points
Charge three crystals with the magic of veteran Branded foes.Story Instance: Scion & Champion

Hint: A veteran ogre appears each time a crystal reaches a 50% charge.
Charged Three Resonance Crystals with Veteran-Branded Magic 1Achievement points
  • At the crystalline forge, a veteran will spawn each time once the three crystals reach 50% charge. Kill all three of these veterans within the vicinity of a crystal that is not already fully charged.
  • Despite the achievement description, you do not need to charge all three crystals with veterans. It is possible to get the achievement by using the three veteran foes to charge just one or two of the crystals by killing multiple in the vicinity of the same crystal. However, check to make sure that the crystal does not become fully charged between the kills.
  • The first single crystal is a tutorial and does not count toward the achievement.
  • This can be tricky for three reasons: 1) you will likely cleave down several normal mobs in the process of killing the tanky veteran, and 2) only one veteran spawns per crystal. Kill normal mobs outside the crystals' areas instead and charge the crystals by throwing shards at them until the veteran spawns, then lure the veteran inside to finish it off there. 3) Aurene keeps killing mobs sometimes inside, sometimes the veteran.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Power Player effect during the second trial. It is awarded when all three crystals are charged.
Conquer Your Fears All or Nothing 1Achievement points
Execute a powerful and cooperative strike on Branded Aurene with Aurene.Story Instance: Scion & Champion Worked with Aurene to Deliver a Devastating Blow to Branded Aurene 1Achievement points
  • After breaking Branded Aurene's defiance bar, get into melee range and activate the Lancing Assault special action skill.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Conquer Your Fears effect during the third trial. Is only available to the instance owner.
Trial by Fire All or Nothing Path of Fire mastery point 1Achievement points
Avoid getting hit by Branded Aurene's breath attacks.Story Instance: Scion & Champion Avoided Damage from Branded Aurene's Breath Attacks 1Achievement points
  • Don't get hit by Branded Aurene's breath attacks, which leave large rectangular AoEs on the ground. Also avoid the roaming Brand Tornadoes.
  • Be careful not to use the Dragonsblood Spear skill when it has been modified into the combo-leap with Aurene; as this can cause your character to leap forward into the AoE.
  • Branded Minotaurs can knockback. Fighting more than one at a time, can risk chained knockback.
  • If you are not instance owner and stay back out of the fight, it can be much easier to complete this achievement.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Trial by Fire effect during the third trial.
This achievement rewards items. Return to Scion & Champion Return to All or Nothing 0Achievement points
Complete the story mission Scion & Champion in Living World Season 4 Episode 5.
Reward: Volatile Magic.pngVolatile Magic (5)
Completed Scion & Champion 0Achievement points








Open World[edit]

<Character name>: Caithe, it's me. Any word from Aurene?
Caithe: No, not yet, but don't worry. Sometimes she goes off alone when she feels troubled. Always has. Always comes back.
Caithe: I do have an update on our conversation at Sun's Refuge, though. I'm following up on the dwarves.
<Character name>: Still convinced they know something about Glint's legacy?
Caithe: More than ever. I came to ask Ogden in person, but it seems the Priory isn't keen on a known thief roaming their halls.
<Character name>: Well you seem fairly rehabilitated. Maybe they'll feel better if you show up with a chaperone.

Durmand Priory[edit]

Meeting with Caithe (outside the instance)
Caithe: Commander, a moment? Before we go in, there's something I need to say.
Caithe: All that time I spent guarding the egg, watching over Aurene as a hatchling in Tarir...
<Character name>: You raised her.
Caithe: But then she had you, felt like she didn't need me anymore. So I stepped away.
<Character name>: Caithe...
Caithe: No, let me say this. What's coming is dangerous. Aurene is terrified. I can feel it. She's going to need us. Both of us.
<Character name>: Then it's a good thing we're both here. Come on—let's go have that talk with Ogden.
Upon approaching Ogden Stonehealer
Ogden Stonehealer: That's all three signs. I'm due for a visit...
Talking to Ogden Stonehealer
<Character name>: Ogden. It's good to—
Ogden Stonehealer: About time you showed up. We're going to Thunderhead Keep.
Caithe: We are?
Ogden Stonehealer: To Glint's Dragonsblood Forge. How else are we gonna kill Kralkatorrik?
<Character name>: A new Dragonsblood Spear...
Caithe: You lost the first one?
Ogden Stonehealer: Not now. For Aurene to destroy the Crystal Dragon, scion and champion must first prove themselves.
Ogden Stonehealer: There's an extension of Glint's Lair protected in the Mists—a refuge for her scion. From there you can enter her trials.
Caithe: Oh, good—more trials. Why didn't you mention any of this before?
Ogden Stonehealer: We were waiting for the signs: Glint's egg hatching, the lich's death...
Ogden Stonehealer: And the sands of Glint's hourglass have begun to glow. Her scion's already in the refuge.
Ogden Stonehealer: Go to Aurene. Complete the trials. I'll get the word out and meet you at Thunderhead Keep with the Pact.

In Glint's Lair[edit]

Upon approaching Aurene
Caithe: Are those...Glint's remains?
Comforting Aurene
<Character name>: Aurene... We haven't thought much about all this from your perspective, have we?
Aurene: (low rumble)
<Character name>: This legacy killed your mother, killed your brother... And that vision of it killing you...
<Character name>: But I know one thing for certain: Glint would never tell you to do this if there was no hope.
Caithe: You're not alone. We'll all be with you. This isn't only on your shoulders.
Aurene: (chirp)
Caithe: Well, if you're both ready?
Standing on the marks to open the portal (or talking to her prior to entering the portal)
Caithe: Go ahead. I'll wait for you.
First trial
Glint: Welcome, Scion and Champion. If you're here, the final confrontation with Kralkatorrik is imminent.
Glint: Hope can be powerful, but also dangerous. You must prove that you can strike as one.
Glint: A better world is waiting to be born.
Glint: My followers and I developed the resonance crystals that made possible the Dragonsblood Spear.
Glint: Creating the crystals, forging the Spear... These acts required the channeling of powerful magic.
Glint: You will see, Scion, that absorbing magic comes naturally. But the power, its temptations...they exact a price.
Glint: Champion, this magic is powerful and dangerous. Share the burden so she can absorb it.
Aurene: (roar)

(After completing the first phase.)

Glint: Good. Power has many uses, Scion. By choosing to share it and heal wounds, you strengthen your bond with mortals.
Glint: Remember that bond. As the power grows, so will the dangers. And the temptations.
Glint: More powerful still, and more dangerous...

(Upon completion.)

Glint: Well done. When Elder Dragons gorge on magic with abandon, the world falls out of balance. We have no choice but to act.
Glint: To use power responsibly is to know when and how to share it—and when not to use it at all. Now continue to the next trial.
Second trial
Glint: Brand magic must be captured and stored before it can be used to your advantage.
Glint: The crystal before you will absorb magic released by Branded creatures.
<Character name>: It's working!

(After filling the crystal)

Glint: Good. Now you shall see how this captured magic can be put to use.
Glint: Kralkatorrik and his minions share a common resonance. This strength can also be a weakness.
Glint: With the right resonance, crystal can not only be broken, but molded. Shaped.
<Character name>: Okay, Aurene, let's charge these crystals—you know what to do.

(After filling all the crystals)

Glint: Champion, focus on your link with the scion. Channel her power, and together you can direct the crystal's magic.

(After activating the resonance crystal)

Glint: Now you see how we forged a weapon capable of piercing Kralkatorrik's armor: the Dragonsblood Spear.
Glint: Experience for yourself the power of the Dragonsblood Spear.
<Character name>: Yeah...that'll do.
Aurene: (chirp)
Glint: Use this knowledge in the battle ahead: forge weapons and strike your enemies. Now...proceed to the final trial.
Third trial
Glint: Kralkatorrik's strength is absolute; his will, inexorable. In him, you will meet your greatest fears. Summon courage.
<Character name>: Aurene—wait! We need to work together!
Glint: Scion, you fear what Kralkatorrik might make of you. Champion, you fear for her survival—and the world's.
Glint: Help one another. Find courage together.
<Character name>: Aurene, don't be afraid. I'm right here with you.
<Character name>: That's not you, Aurene. And it never will be.

(Upon completion)

Glint: You've done well. Defeated your worst fears made manifest. Remember: work together. Fight together. And triumph together.
Glint: Now—I have a gift of understanding for each of you.
Glint: Scion, my beloved child, there are things about Ascension that can only be expressed between dragons.
Glint: Champion, come forward and learn how this long journey began.

(If downed during a trial.)

Glint: Stand and try again, champion. You must not fail.
Glint: Remember—the scion cannot succeed without you.
Receiving Glint's gift
Glint: With you, Champion, I share my true legacy—and Kralkatorrik's greatest secret.
Glint: He foresaw the possibility of a world at peace. A world without strife between dragons and mortals. A world without him.
Glint: It terrified him. He demanded I help prevent it from coming to pass.
Glint: But where he saw doom, I saw a gift to the world.
Glint: I believe in this future—this fragile, powerful hope. But what my daughter must do will seem impossible to her.
Glint: You must carry that hope for her. Now, leave this place. I will open the way to Thunderhead Keep.
Glint: Use the Dragonsblood Forge. Arm your allies for the battle of their lives. And face the Crystal Dragon.
Upon finishing the trials
Caithe: Finally. I knew you'd have your hands full, but I didn't think it would take two days.
<Character name>: Two days? It felt like a fraction of that.
Caithe: Aurene, you feel...different.
<Character name>: I think we both are. We passed the trials. Ready as we'll ever be.
Caithe: Then let's go. They're waiting for us at Thunderhead Keep.
Caithe: There's our way out.

My story[edit]

Scion & Champion loading screen.jpg

I reached out to Caithe over comms to see if she'd heard from Aurene. She hadn't, but she was following up on a suspicion she had mentioned in our conversation at Sun's Refuge—she was convinced that the dwarves were involved in Glint's legacy. Unfortunately, her plan to talk directly to Ogden about this suspicion hit a snag. The Priory were apparently resistant to the idea of a known thief wandering their halls and had refused her entry. I offered to meet her at the Priory and act as her "chaperone" so we could speak with Ogden together.

I met up with Caithe at Durmand Priory. She was worried about Aurene, given the dangers ahead, and asked to be included in the preparations for our confrontation with Kralkatorrik. I told her I'd be grateful for the help, and together we went in to speak with Ogden.

Ogden revealed that Glint had partnered with the dwarves at Thunderhead Keep to develop the Dragonsblood Forge, where the original Dragonsblood Spear was created. To prepare for the ultimate downfall of Kralkatorrik, Glint had intended that we meet our allies there and arm them for the battle. But before that could happen, Aurene and I would have to prove our readiness by facing a series of trials Glint created in an extension of her lair in the Mists.

With Ogden promising to arrange for the Pact and our allies to meet us at Thunderhead Keep, Caithe and I stepped through the portal created by Glint's hourglass. We found Aurene curled up around Glint's crystalline remains, forlorn. Caithe and I did our best to reassure her that she wouldn't be alone on the difficult road ahead. Then, Aurene and I—scion and champion—entered Glint's trials.

Glint's voice guided us through her trials. The first trial challenged us to facilitate Aurene's absorption of powerful magics.

In the second trial, we learned to channel Aurene's magic into shaping and molding Kralkatorrik's Brand crystals.

In the third and final trial, we faced our greatest fears. For me, it was the prospect of failing Aurene and the world. For Aurene, it was a Branded version of herself—the manifestation of failing against Kralkatorrik.

In the end, we passed Glint's trials by proving our partnership and trust for one another.

Glint then revealed Kralkatorrik's greatest secret: in a vision, he had foreseen a world without him, a world at peace. And it had terrified him. Glint expressed her trust in us and our ability to realize that prophecy by working together. With that, we rejoined Caithe and entered Glint's portal to Thunderhead Keep, ready to use the Dragonsblood Forge to arm our allies for the battle of our lives.

My story