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Tracking the Scientist

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Tracking the Scientist

Tracking the Scientist loading screen.jpg

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Tracking the Scientist is the first part of A Bug in the System.


Read the message from Agent Kito.
  • Check your mail for a message from Agent Kito.
Find out what Taimi has learned from her investigation at Fahranur.
Track down the Inquest scientist's location.
  • Meet Agent Kito at the Lifeblood Waterhole in the Desert Highlands.
  • Speak to Agent Kito.
  • Speak with Braham and Rox.
  • Ambush an Inquest convoy and capture a transport golem.
  • Enter the hidden Inquest station disguised in a transport golem.
  • Deposit Braham and Rox at specimen processing.
  • Covertly navigate the Inquest station and find the Tracking Network Hub.
  • Inquest Suspicion
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Reunite with Braham and Rox.
  • Access the Tracking Network Hub.
  • Solve the tracking network authentication puzzle.
  • Search for Blish within the tracking network.
  • Travel through the gate to Rata Primus.



The entrance to the story instance is in the canyon south of Waypoint (map icon).png Lommuld Kraal Waypoint. Once inside, speak to Agent Kito and then to Braham/Rox.

Ambush an Inquest convoy and capture a transport golem.

The Inquest convoy (a transport golem and two guards) will enter from the northeast with some prisoners. Once you've defeated the convoy, the instance owner will be able to enter the golem (which will turn all other players into assault cubes[verification requested]). Once Braham and Rox agree to be chained up, approach the waterfall, enter and make your way to the first set of doors.

Use  Tech Overload.png Tech Overload on the door panel once it becomes unlocked. Proceed through the doors and stop by the conveyor belt on the right to deposit your "prisoners". The next set of doors will then open and you may proceed.

Covertly navigate the Inquest station and find the Tracking Network Hub.

The goal here is to use Tech Overload on panels (marked with green gears) to disable certain laser fields. The facility is also populated with drones that have 2 main behaviours:

  1. If the transport golem enters the orange circle around a drone, inquest suspicion will increase and you will be prompted by the Inquest with one of 3 possible responses:
    1. You can try to pass off as Inquest. This will disengage the drone's detection circle.
    2. Excelsior! This will disengage the drone's detection circle and increase the inquest suspicion bar by 1/3. (Always excelsior, a generic answer for any race)
    3. You can engage the Inquest in the room in combat (which also happens if the timer runs out).
    • If the Inquest Suspicion bar fills all the way and you are detected, you will not be asked any question and immediately enter combat.
    • Note that other players in the party will be able to stun the drones temporarily, preventing them from detecting nearby golems.
  2. Any time you overload a panel, the closest drone will head directly towards it. Once the drone reaches the panel, there will be an audible cue and the laser field will be re-enabled 5 seconds later.

The first 3 rooms will only require that you overload one panel/one set of lasers to unblock passage to the next room.

As you ascend the stairs after the 3rd set of lasers, Taimi will unlock the golem's second skill,  Golem Stealth Generator.png Golem Stealth Generator, which will let the golem stealth for 16 seconds (provided the player doesn't move). Use this skill to let drones pass by without being detected.

The 4th room requires that you overload both panels (to disable the lasers at both the top and bottom of the stairs). If you only disable one laser and try to run through it will be reactivated behind you. You will need to kill yourself and restart at the checkpoint if this happens.

In the 5th room at the top of the stairs, you will need to overload the panel on the left to disable the lasers next to the other panel on the right. This is the only passage available to you if you're trying to avoid suspicion (there's another path available that requires defeating 2 stationary drones).

Descend the next set of stairs to the 6th room; here, you'll need to overload either one of the two panels to enter the sectioned-off room (containing another panel) at the base of the next set of stairs; overload this third panel to unblock the stairs. Go up the stairs to the 7th (and final) room and head to the end.

Given the slow patrol paths of the golems and their random timing, it will often be faster to simply kill everything in a room rather waiting for the patrols to get into appropriate positions for you to disable the gates and run through them in time. You will need a sufficiently tough character to handle the large number of golems and Inquest that attack you.

Access the Tracking Network Hub.
puzzle solution

Wait until Braham and Rox get off the conveyor belt and make your way to the Tracking Network Hub. Use  Return.png Exit Golem to exit the golem and interact with the hub. The Tracking Networking Authentication requires that each of the 3 input colors, when superimposed, fill all parts of the pattern without any overlap. Interact with the three buttons to change the sequence for one of each of the individual colors until there are no overlaps. Interact with the Tracking Network Hub and enter the asura gate once it has opened.

If failed over and over, golems will attack you. Killing them solves the puzzle.

When you complete the instance, you are immediately moved into the next story instance, The Test Subject.

Instance skills[edit]

Party leader
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Tech Overload.png Tech Overload 1 Overload nearby security panels.
2 Golem Stealth Generator.png Golem Stealth Generator 16 1 Activate the golem's stealth generator, becoming undetectable.
Return.png Exit Golem Exit the specimen transport golem.
Other party members
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Shock Wave.png Ley Booster 5 Increases the movement speed of nearby specimen transport golems.
2 Shocking Aura.png Short Circuit 5 Short circuit the detection sensors of nearby Inquest drones.


Gate-Crasher A Bug in the System 1Achievement points
Reach the tracking network hub quickly, without provoking the Inquest.Story Instance: Tracking the Scientist Sped Past Inquest Security 1Achievement points
  • Reach the tracking network authentication puzzle in under 5 minutes without fighting any Inquest. Simply being detected will not cause you to fail this achievement, so long as you do not provoke combat.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Gate-Crasher effect.
I Make This Golem Look Good A Bug in the System 2Achievement points
Remain undetected while infiltrating the Inquest facility inside a golem.Story Instance: Tracking the Scientist Remained Undetected in Golem Disguise 2Achievement points
  • Avoid detection by any golems. You will receive credit for this achievement after solving the network authentication puzzle. Submitting an incorrect authentication causes you to fail this achievement.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png I Make This Golem Look Good effect.
Talk to the Fist A Bug in the System 1Achievement points
Be combative during questioning by Inquest guards.Story Instance: Tracking the Scientist Resisted Interrogation 1Achievement points
  • When spotted by a drone, give the aggressive response. You will need to do this twice, and you will only receive two opportunities to do this before the golems stop offering conversation.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Talk to the Fist effect. This achievement is only available to the party leader.
Tracking the Scientist A Bug in the System 0Achievement points
Infiltrate a hidden Inquest facility and learn the location of Taimi's Inquest scientist.Journal: Tracking the Scientist Completed "Tracking the Scientist" 0Achievement points
  • Complete the instance.
This achievement rewards items. Return to Tracking the Scientist Return to A Bug in the System 0Achievement points
Complete the story mission Tracking the Scientist in Living World Season 4 Episode 2.
Reward: Volatile Magic.pngVolatile Magic (5)
Completed Tracking the Scientist 0Achievement points
  • Complete the instance.








Open world[edit]

In your mailbox:


Shadow Agent Kito

Something to Share


Congratulations on handling the Fahranur incident. My intelligence suggest you did indeed slow Palawa Joko's invasion, though his incursions into Tyria continue and he's doubtless working to accelerate them. Be assured my organization stands ready to assist in stopping him.

In that spirit, the Order of Shadows may also be able to shed light on some of the information Taimi has uncovered in her investigations at Fahranur, particularly her conclusion that Joko has gained control of another asura gate hub. Meet me at the Lifeblood Waterhole and I'll share some details with you.


Upon opening the above mail:

<Character Name>: Taimi, are you there? Come in, Taimi.
Taimi: Here Commander. Sorry...Tinkering with some personal projects.
Alternately:[verification requested]
Taimi: I'm here, Commander! I'm here. Just tinkering with some personal projects.
<Character Name>: Kito says you found another gate hub Joko's taken over?
Taimi: Sort of. One of the Fahranur gates led directly to some big Inquest HQ.
Taimi: Bad news: zero idea where the base is. But I DID find the name of a scientist there.
<Character Name>: So...if we find the scientist, we find the base Joko's using to launch his attacks. That's a start.
<Character Name>: I'm on my way to see Kito. Tell Braham and Rox to meet me at the Lifeblood Waterhole.



Status Update


In the lull after we shut down Fahranur, Rytlock and I began to worry that Joko's invasion attempts may be the first step in a larger plan. We've decided to quietly begin investigating for any intel that might shed light on his future intentions. Rytlock is focusing his efforts on Istan, while I have been reaching out to various parties here in Amnoon.

By the way, Rytlock tells me our corsair friend, Sayida the Sly, used all that bounty money to get her hands on an airship. That may come in handy—assuming she sees an opportunity to enhance her reputation or wealth, of course.

Please do get in touch if you need us.


In Lifeblood Ravine[edit]

Talking to Shadow Agent Kito:

<Character name>: Agent Kito. Thanks for the invite.
Shadows Agent Kito: We have to keep each other informed, especially with the a threat like Joko on the loose.
Shadows Agent Kito: You're looking for an Inquest base with the gate that's connected to Fahranur, yes?
Shadows Agent Kito: They ship everything through a transport facility hidden behind that waterfall: supplies, prisoners, personnel.
<Character name>: Handy for your people.
Shadows Agent Kito: Possibly. In any case, their tracking network should tell you exactly where Taimi's Inquest scientist is stationed.
<Character name>: Then I need in.
Shadows Agent Kito: They've been sending live research specimens through recently. And I don't mean animals.
Shadows Agent Kito: One of their convoys just received an unusual order to delay their arrival. They're waiting up ahead.
Shadows Agent Kito: Taking their place should get you inside.

Talking again to Shadow Agent Kito:

Shadows Agent Kito: Oh, and one more thing: Joko's agents are going around digging up remains that date back to the Primeval kings.
Shadows Agent Kito: Any idea what that could mean?
<Character name>: None. But it's creepy, so it certainly sounds like Joko. I'll let you know if I learn anything.

Talking to Rox and Braham:

Rox: Commander.
Braham Eirsson: You summoned?
If norn:
<Character name>: Braham... Look, the faster we shut down Joko, the faster our people can stop worrying about the invasions.
<Character name>: Braham... Look, the faster we shut down Joko, the faster your people and mine can stop worrying about the invasions.
Braham Eirsson: (grunts) Can't argue with that... I assume you have a plan.
<Character name>: Kito suggested a disguise. There's a specimen convoy we can hijack and impersonate... Trust me.
Braham Eirsson: Trust you... You ask a lot from people, you know that?
Rox: You can count on us, Commander. BOTH of us.

Seeing the Inquest convoy:

<Character name>: There's our disguise.
Inquest Guard: I said quiet!
Refugee: No, I want an explanation. Where are you taking us?
Refugee: Whatever this is, it's a mistake.
Inquest Guard: Enough! The Inquest need live test subjects. You're alive. That's it. Now shut your gobs.

Upon defeating the convoy:

Refugee: Thank your so much for freeing us!
Braham Eirsson: We're glad to help. Now go on home.

Entering the golem:

If asura:
<Character name>: Perfect fit. Shouldn't raise any eyebrows walking around in this thing.
<Character name>: Tight fit. But I shouldn't raise any eyebrows walking around in this thing.
Braham Eirsson: That covers you. What about us?
Rox: Shackles, maybe? Say the Inquest ordered a norn and charr specimen for their labs?
Braham Eirsson: The commander leading me around in chains? Uh-uh, not a chance.
Rox: Oh, c'mon, Braham.
<Character name>: You got a better idea, I'm all ears.
Braham Eirsson: Fine.

Transport Facility Sigma-05[edit]

Upon passing under the waterfall:

PA Announcer: Specimen transport confirmed. Please proceed.
<Character name>: Door's locked. But there's a panel here.
Taimi: Makes sense. Transport golems have a set of onboard instruments. Helps those specimen collectors do their jobs.
Taimi: There―got the remote access tools online. Try 'em on the door panel.

Opening the Inquest lab doors:

<Character name>: That did it.
Braham Eirsson: Can't believe I'm doing this...
<Character name>: It'll be fine. If there's trouble, I'll jerk your chain and say "heel."
Rox: (snort)
Braham Eirsson: Not funny.
Rox: It's a little funny...

First Room:

PA Announcer: Please direct all specimens through intake processing for delousing and sanitation.
Braham Eirsson: Oh, come on...
<Character name>: No choice if we want to keep our cover.

Second Room:

<Character name>: Lot of security in here—sentries, drones...
Taimi: Definitely avoid the drones. Their sensors might see through your disguise.
PA Announcer: Attention, krewe. Security drones are a routine procedure for the benefit of our valued and trusted personnel.
PA Announcer: If targeted for a scan, please avoid any threatening gestures or suspicious body language for your own safety.
PA Announcer: Keep up the good work! And remember: we care!
Braham Eirsson: Smells like a wet dolyak in here...
Rox: I think that's actually you. Bright side: you were due for a bath.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): Did you see the attrition numbers this morning?
Veteran Inquest Researcher (2): Sixteen total, all wyvern related. So despite your smug predictions, no one wins this week.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): Aha! But two were EATEN by the wyvern, which wins me the bonus pool.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): And THREE of the nondeaths are in a vegetative state, so I ALSO win the monthly nonfatal pool!
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): (smug laughter) Oh, the envy on your face... I live for these moments.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (2): I look forward to the day my review article on your research comes out.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): That the new Exterminator model?
Veteran Inquest Researcher (2): It is. Blaster efficiency's better by two orders of magnitude.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): Here's hoping we're never caught in a quarantine zone.
Braham Eirsson: Well, the powder smells nice, at least.
Rox: Pretty sure that's the delousing stuff.
Taimi: Looks like your golem's got a stealth module too. Here, I'll activate it...
Taimi: You'll probably need it to stay out of sight.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): Heavy week. We've got the usual number of Branded on the schedule, but a lot more cadavers.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (2): I noticed. But you know what I didn't do? Ask a lot of questions.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (2): Some things you're better off not knowing.
PA Announcer: All personnel traveling to Rata Primus, please be aware that intermittent gate malfunctions may cause delays.
PA Announcer: Your patience is appreciated.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): Well, it finally happened. They decommissioned the old fella.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (2): We exterminated a lot of quarantine violators with the old boy, didn't we? It's been quite a ride.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): (sigh) point getting sentimental, I suppose. The new Exterminator model sounds quite promising.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (2): True. And we must make room for the new generation's work. But...a LITTLE nostalgia never killed anyone.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): Certainly no quarantine violators. (laugh)
Veteran Inquest Researcher (2): (laugh) Oh, you...
PA Announcer: A reminder from the administration: the new disease research initiative is entirely safe.
PA Announcer: Claims of parasitic infestation or loss of motor or brain function are false and should be reported.
PA Announcer: Keep up the good work, and remember: we care.
<Character name>: So, Taimi—tell me about this Inquest scientist... Taimi?
Taimi: Sorry. Tinkering again. Just...trying to take my mind off things.
Automated Reminder: Alert: it has been seventeen hours and twenty-one minutes since your last break.
<Character name>: Think you might be overdoing it?
Taimi: It's possible. (sigh) That Inquest scientist? He's a portal specialist named Blish. Who... (deep breath)
Taimi: ...Is coincidentally a friend of mine from college. Sweet guy. Very smart.
Taimi: But apparently—and tragically—now an Inquest stooge.
<Character name>: Oh boy. Sorry to hear that.
Taimi: Yeah, me too. (sigh) Going back to tinkering now...
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): What kind of data do you think they're getting from these specimens? Surely no higher functioning.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (2): Hive mind or no, they're a bunch of gabbling cretins. I don't need data to tell me that.
Veteran Inquest Researcher (1): Still, if it sheds light on Kralkatorrik's powers, it's worth the effort.
PA Announcer: Attention, krewe. Stasis tanks are for cold storage of specimens only. Storing food or beverages is unauthorized.

Upon reaching the gate room:

Braham Eirsson: Finally. Next time I get the golem.
<Character name>: Looks like the system Kito was talking about.
Rox: You're up, then.
PA Announcer: Transport and tracking systems online.
PA Announcer: Please exit transport golem and enter authentication to proceed.

Interacting with the network console while inside the Transport Golem

PA Announcer: Error. Please exit transport golem to proceed.

Interacting with the network console after leaving the Transport Golem

PA Announcer: Enter authentication to proceed.

If unsuccessful:

PA Announcer: Attempt failed. Please enter valid authentication to avoid security response.

If unsuccessful again:

PA Announcer: Attempt failed.
If asura:
PA Announcer: Scan confirms asura user. Final attempt authorized. Enter valid authentication to avoid security response.
PA Announcer: Security response initiated.

Upon solving the puzzle or not by using "Hack":

PA Announcer: Authentication confirmed.
Rox: You got it!
PA Announcer: Please specify transport destination, or say "directory" to access the resource directory.
<Character name>: Directory.
PA Announcer: Resource name?
<Character name>: Blish.
PA Announcer: Resource "Blish" is located at Rata Primus. Would you like to travel there now?
<Character name>: Yes.
PA Announcer: Error. Destination gate is currently off-line. Would you like to travel to the nearest alternative?
If asura:
<Character name>: Yes, execute with nearest alternative.
<Character name>: Uh, okay.
PA Announcer: Gate ready for transit.
<Character name>: Let's go.

Special dialogues[edit]

During Inquest suspicion part - if detected by an Inquest sentry or any Inquest member:[verification requested]

First time:

<Enemy name>: Hey!
<Enemy name>: Are those your specimens in processing? What idiot requisitioned those?
Talk more option tango.png Some guy, in some lab. Look, they don't pay me to ask questions.
<Enemy name>: Of course not; Alchemy forbid you tax that little tortured mind of yours. Well. Not my problem. Go.
Talk more option tango.png Excelsior!
<Enemy name>: (sigh) Yes, yes, excelsior. Just make sure someone signs for them. Now get out of my sight.
Talk combat option tango.png Surprise!
<Enemy name>: Hey! Intruders!

Second time:

<Enemy name>:Hey, you! What do you think you're doing?
Talk more option tango.png Just delivering some specimens for transport.
<Enemy name>: Well you'd better get your authentication right. I'm in no mood for nonsense.
Talk more option tango.png Excelsior!
<Enemy name>:Oh for crying out loud—always with the morale nonsense. Just move along before I write you up!
Talk combat option tango.png Attack.

Third time: Drones will automatically attack.

Note: If asura they will not attack and trigger an additional dialog:

<Enemy name>: You there! What are you doing? Why are you out of uniform?
<Character name>: That ninny in the commissary lost my laundry.
<Enemy name>: Well, don't let the chief catch you. He's sent people to the scouring vats for less.

My story[edit]

Tracking the Scientist loading screen.jpg

I received a message from Agent Kito suggesting we meet. He informed me that Joko gained control of another asura gate hub, allowing him to continue his invasion of Tyria.

I reached out to Taimi for an update on her investigation at the Inquest base at Fahranur. She sounded subdued, which wasn't surprising given her traumatic abduction by Joko. Still, she'd made two important discoveries.

First: One of the destroyed gates at Fahranur led to a big Inquest base, which was likely the location of Joko's new gate hub. Unfortunately, there was no way to know where that base was located.

Second: An old friend of Taimi's, a scientist named Blish, was working at the base.

Our path forward seemed clear: find the scientist, and we'd find Joko's gate hub.

Kito tipped me off to the location of a covert Inquest transport facility. Braham, Rox, and I disguised ourselves as a live specimen delivery convoy to get inside, and I managed to access the facility's resource database. Taimi's scientist was assigned to the Inquest's Elonian HQ, Rata Primus.

We attempted to travel to Rata Primus through the facility's asura gate, but a malfunction on the other end forced us to travel to the nearest alternative lab.

My story


  • The discussion between the researchers about the decommissioned Exterminator model is likely a reference to a similar conversation regarding speeder models in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and its call-back in Rogue One. Both happen during segments where the heroes being focused on are either being stealthy or disguised.