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Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier

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Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier

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Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier is the second part of A Crack in the Ice.


Visit Hoelbrak and ask about Jormag's minions.
  • Talk to Elder Shaman Aukje.
  • Get directions from Elder Ulf.
Travel to Bitterfrost Frontier.
  • Search for the right passage in Frostgorge Sound.
  • Speak to the Kodan flamebearer.
  • Use the kodan spirit of fire to clear the path.
Into the Cold



First travel to Hoelbrak, the norn you need to speak to are near Great Lodge Waypoint. Once you speak to them you will travel to Drakkar Waypoint in Frostgorge Sound. There you will speak to a Kodan. When he's done talking, use the brazier nearby to smash open the icewall, and go through the portal. Head north and then east to reach Sorrow's Eclipse Sanctuary. The sanctuary leaders, a kodan and a quaggan, are at the top of the Sanctuary. Shaman Meemee is below the sanctuary, in the water. She is on the top of the large, underwater pillar where the chains and anchors of the sanctuary are hooked.


Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier A Crack in the Ice 0Achievement points
Travel to the Bitterfrost Frontier to find Braham and the abomination for Taimi's sample.Journal: Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier Completed Completed Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier 0Achievement points
  • Simply complete the episode.





In Hoelbrak[edit]

Speaking to Elder Shaman Aukje
Elder Shaman Aukje: Greetings, Dragonslayer. What brings you to Hoelbrak this fine day?
<Character name>: I'm seeking information on Jormag's minions and also looking for Braham Eirsson.
<Character name>: Have you heard any reports of icebrood that don't fit the expected description?
Elder Shaman Aukje: As a matter of fact, we have. We've heard word from the far north of a corrupted creature unlike any we've seen before.
Elder Ulf: But we don't advise travelling to the frozen wastes. Everyone who does either disappears or returns as Svanir. We've lost too many.
Elder Shaman Aukje: Lost because they went up there without chipping the tooth first.
(If norn)
<Character name>: Do you really think the tooth is more than just a legend?
<Character name>: What's the significance of the tooth?
Elder Ulf: Our most legendary ancestor, Aesgir Dragonrender[sic], knocked out Jormag's fang and founded Hoelbrak around it.
Elder Ulf: Once someone damages the fang, we'll know it's time to take back what Jormag stole.
<Character name>: My comrade Taimi and I are working on a theory that could allow us to fell Jormag without sacrificing lives.
Elder Ulf: Jormag had better watch out then! (laugh)
<Character name>: It's not certain yet, and I could use some help. Do you know where Braham is? And Rox, is she here?
Elder Ulf: Rox left with Garm, yesterday, to catch up with Braham.
Elder Shaman Aukje: Braham has gone to the far north in search of a lost magical scroll he plans to use on Eir's bow.
<Character name>: That sounds like a fitting way to honor his mother.
Elder Ulf: There is no more dangerous area in the Shiverpeaks. I wish you good hunting.
Speaking to Elder Ulf
Elder Ulf: In the far north, just beyond civilization, there exists an expanse of tundra overrun by Svanir and Jormag's icebrood.
Elder Ulf: It is believed that Jormag has taken up residence nearby.
Elder Ulf: And that the Elder Dragon's influence corrupts all who go there.
Elder Ulf: The only safe place is a kodan sanctuary where the quaggan and kodan residents stubbornly refuse to give up the fight.
Talking to Elder Ulf again for additional lore
Elder Ulf: I didn't want to say it too loudly, but the tooth... It's really something we use to keep the young from getting themselves killed trying to hunt Jormag.
Talk more option tango.png You don't believe the stories?
Some do, some don't. Asgeir rent it from Jormag's mouth, it is true, but if he could do that and still be killed by the dragon... what good would scratching this tooth do?
Talk more option tango.png Then why do you pretend it has more weighted significance?
The legend has taken on a life of its own. It's become a myth that inspires people to do better, encourages kids to behave, and lends purpose to lives. It does no harm. Disillusion need not be rushed.
Talk end option tango.png I see.

In Frostgorge Sound[edit]

Speaking to the Flamebearer
<Character name>: I seek passage to the north.
Flamebearer: Then you are on the right path. But to follow it, you must take up Koda's flame.
<Character name>: What is it?
Flamebearer: This is the very spirit of fire, as old as the world. Given to my tribe by Koda the Creator for safekeeping.
Flamebearer: The fire brings balance to corruption. If that is your purpose, you must carry it to survive.
Taimi: I think you should listen to that bear, Commander. I'm picking up some very high readings from that fire.
Speaking further with the Flamebearer
Only the spirit of fire can break that ice. Take up Koda's Flame from the brazier.
Talk end option tango.png OK.
After interacting with the Brazier of Koda
Taimi: Whoa, you've definitely just picked up some ancient magic.
Flamebearer: Go now, carry the fire into the north. My people will teach you its secrets.

In Bitterfrost Frontier[edit]

After passing the Gate
<Character name>: I need to find someone who has seen or heard of this new abomination.
Speaking to Deep Water
Deep Water: Turn back now. Return from whence you came. There is no hospitality here.
Varonos Flubburt: Oh now, foo. Even quaggan's small eyes can see that this traveler is not lost but on a mission.
Deep Water: I was just trying to warn him/her.
Varonos Flubburt: Quaggan knows what you were trying to doooo. Save another life. Commendable. But this traveler needs help, not saving.
Deep Water: I offer my apology. Welcome to Sorrow's Eclipse. We are surrounded by corrupted creatures here. I was merely concerned for your welfare.
<Character name>: I appreciate the concern. I'm looking for strange icebrood. Have you heard of any that have changed recently?
Deep Water: Do we dare mention it?
Varonos Flubburt: Quaggan is hesitant.
<Character name>: What is it?
Deep Water: We have had reports from the bitter north of a new icebrood abomination. It defies explanation.
<Character name>: Yes! That's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. How do I get to that place?
Varonos Flubburt: You don't. The entire area is — brrrrrrr — too cold.
Deep Water: We've lost those who strayed too close to it. We don't know whether it was the cold...or the icebrood.
<Character name>: There must be a way to protect oneself from the cold, no?
Varonos Flubburt: Hmmm. Speak with Shaman Meemee. She has much advice to give. Maybe she will know what to do.
<Character name>: Thank you. I'm also looking for a norn named Braham Eirsson? I heard he was headed this way.
Varonos Flubburt: Quaggan has not met him. But, quaggan and kodan will ask around. If you see any quaggan or kodan herd mates, tell them to come home, please.
Speaking to Shaman Meemee
Shaman Meemee: Ah, quaggan is a shaman to Mellaggan. Quaggan knows you. Your legend has traveled far. Are you here to kill Jormag?
<Character name>: First I need to find one of Jormag's minions. A powerful one that isn't like the others we know.
Shaman Meemee: And you have heard that one exists in the coldest part of the Shiverpeaks. Yes, quaggan sees that is true.
Shaman Meemee: Quaggan can help you, but only indirectly. You will die if you go up there without protection.
Shaman Meemee: In quaggan's nightly spirit wanderings, quaggan has seen Svanir who travel in the bitterest cold using magical protection.
<Character name>: That sounds like what I need. Where can I find it?
Shaman Meemee: Your journey will be long. First, you must go to the big Svanir base and talk to them. They know.
<Character name>: Talk to the Svanir? Is that a joke?
Shaman Meemee: The only way they will talk to you is if they think you are one of them. You are clever. Quaggan has faith in you.
<Character name>: I see. I think I know a way around that. May Mellaggan watch over you and keep you safe, Shaman.

My story[edit]

Bitterfrost Frontier loading screen.jpg

The elders at Hoelbrak received me hospitably and had good information about the sighting of a strange icebrood creature in the far north. They'd also seen Braham and knew Rox had gone to join him with Garm. Apparently, those two are headed in the same direction I am.

There's a pass through the mountains between Frostgorge Sound and the Bitterfrost Frontier, but it's guarded by a kodan. I convinced her that my mission was important enough that I be allowed entrance, and she gave me a magical torch that brought down the icy barrier and let me through.

Bitterfrost Frontier is one of the most naturally inhospitable places I've ever visited. It's inconceivable that anyone but Svanir choose to live here. I spoke with the kodan and quaggan leaders at Sorrow's Eclipse, and they advised me to speak with the quaggan shaman. The shaman warned me of the extreme cold at my destination, suggesting I speak with the Svanir who have some magical means to survive it. I have a plan to find out how they do it.

My story