Ketto's Lab

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Ketto's Lab

Ketto's Lab.jpg

Ketto's Lab

Ketto's Lab is a Living World instance as well as Moto's former lab.






Interacting with Control Panel:

This is the Somno-Scholar master control machine.
Talk ready option.png Sabotage the machine. (plays cinematic)
Talk end option tango.png Do nothing.

Cutscene after choosing to sabotage the Somno-Scholar on the control panel:

Ketto: The sublattice is aligned, the refracting core is nominal, and the data slipstream is at 200 units per pulse.
Ketto: Phase One: complete. Just let me get tethered in and we're ready to go.
Yavvi: Wortt, Nimbb: maintain the oscillations and make sure the flux lines remain free and clear.
Ketto: We won't need those. We'll be fine.
Yavvi: What did I teach you? "Always have flux line so your experiment will be fine." Wortt, watch that line.
Yavvi: Ketto, are you ready?
Ketto: To be the next Snaff Prize winner? Absolutely!
Yavvi: One step at a time. Starting the power-up for phase two.
Ketto: Ah, so relaxing. So much knowledge. (yawns)
Yavvi: Subject is in presleep state. Neural connection is tethered to the data slipstream. Moving to phase three.
Yavvi: Phase three is go. Full amplification.
Ketto: Waffles exist in every dimension.
Ketto: I can do the funky moa.
Ketto: The charr stole every towel.
Ketto: I am the color orange!
Yavvi: Start initiating the shutdown protocol!
Ketto: Ugh, my head! What's happening? What's going on?
Yavvi: Just hold still. We're containing a mysterious surge. Nimbb, Wortt: dissipate the aether flow along the tertiary circuits.
Yavvi: All right, disengage Ketto.
Ketto: Oh, I feel like someone shoved too many books in my brain. Stupid books, books with pictures in them.
Ketto: I thought... I thought I had everything perfect. I can't believe I fouled this up so badly.
Yavvi: Stay calm. We'll get to the bottom of this.
Ketto: By the way, what's a waffle?

After the cutscene:

Ketto: I thought...I thought I had everything perfect. I can't believe I fouled this up so badly.
Ketto: He did it. I know he did.
Yavvi: Look at the facts. Look at what you can observe and analyze.
Ketto: I primed the data strata, balanced the flow inhibitors, and set the feedback relays to nominal. It should have worked.
Yavvi: It should have, but there was a malfunction.
Ketto: He! Did! It!
Yavvi: A malfunction. Let's find it and sort it before you go sparking around like a loose transistor.

If you hang around the instance a few moments after the last dialog:

Yavvi: Here. Look at this.
Ketto: I can't believe I missed it.
Yavvi: Well, it was subtle. You'd have to know to look for it.
Ketto: Didn't he pull a prank exactly like this before he was expelled from the krewe?
Yavvi: Yes. Yes, he did.
Ketto: Still don't believe he did it?
Yavvi: He has witnesses. And none of the peacemakers I talked to saw him leave the promenade.
Ketto: You asked me to observe and analyze. Well, this is my analysis. He did it. Somehow.