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Prized Possessions

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Prized Possessions

1328 AE
Heart of Thorns
Prized Possessions
Tarnished Treetop
(Auric Basin)
Preceded by
Prisoners of the Dragon
Followed by
City of Hope

Prized Possessions is the seventh chapter of the Heart of Thorns story.


Continue the search for your imprisoned allies.

  • Enter Auric Basin.
  • Push on into Auric Basin.
  • Check in with the survivors at the Priory camp.

Follow up on the information that has led you to Auric Basin.

  • Enter Auric Basin and check in with your allies.
  • Follow the trail through the jungle.
  • Save the researchers from the Mordrem assault.
  • Press on into the jungle.
  • Fight off the Mordrem.
  • Head to the main Priory camp.
  • Approach the unusual being.
  • Go after Ruka.
  • Pick up Glint's egg.
  • Use the egg's power to follow Ruka.
  • Use the egg's power to leap up past the Mordrem.
  • Use the egg's magic to leap over to the platform.
  • Follow Ruka to get away from corrupted Faolain.
  • Join Ruka.
  • Pass the egg through the golden beam.
  • Speak to Ruka.



Enter Auric Basin and talk to the NPCs at Waypoint (map icon).png Wanderer's Waypoint. After the dialogue, follow the green starburst into the story instance.

Rarely, Lieutenant Francis cannot be interacted with. Rezoning or relogging will usually fix this.

Upon entering the instance, follow the green starburst again which will lead you to a group of Durmand Priory members fighting some Mordrem. Take out the Mordrem and move on to the next Priory group attacked by Mordrem. Following this, you will have to go after Ruka; chase him to a camp where Rytlock will teleport in front of Ruka. Once Ruka identifies himself, follow him to Caithe. A cinematic will occur revealing a corrupted Faolain who attacks Caithe, making her drop Glint's egg. After the cinematic finishes, grab the egg and you will be given special "Dragon Powers". Note that you cannot kill Faolain before taking the egg as her health will regenerate once reaching a certain point.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Dragon's Wing (skill).png Dragon's Wing 0.25¼ Use the power of wind to lift yourself high in the air.
2 Dragon Surge.png Dragon Surge 1 Use the power of light to surge forward. Damages nearby foes.
2 Redirect Arrow.pngDragon Surge.png Sun Break Stop moving at the speed of light.
3 Dragon's Pounce.png Dragon's Pounce 1 Use the power of air to pounce across great distances.

Use Dragon Surge to get away from Faolain; then it is simple to follow Ruka, dash through the vines and then use Dragon's Wing to leap over the Mordrem. For the next parts, you will have to keep a clear head and NOT panic. Follow Ruka up the cliff using Dragon's Pounce; jungle tendrils will throw poison gunk at you on the way up.

Now, this part is more pressing: Follow Ruka into the cave. Soon Faolain will be onto you, dash across the cave and then go to the other side. Slow down here, and go to the rocks on the left side of the outlook on the other side of the cave, then use Dragon's Pounce to get to the other side. Falling into the poison will instantly down the player, even if they have Itzel Poison Lore. If the player has Unholy Sanctuary, they will instead enter Death Shroud and may become stuck on the bottom instead of respawning. If this happens, you may attempt to climb out using your skills, either to escape, or more likely, die from hitting the barrier again and respawning.

Next, go through the caves while avoiding the plants; just 2 of these need to explode to kill you, so don`t use Dragon Surge, instead, use Dragon's Pounce. Be careful, as the plants will explode if you are near them, not necessarily in their target AoE ring. It will take at least four leaps to pass the exploding plant area, with Faolain following close behind, although in some areas you can run around a few plants. Use Dragon's Pounce to jump on platforms in the cave, moving in a counter-clockwise direction. Next glide across the gap (or glide across to the platform on the right/north and run west) and now you are safe from Faolain.

The final part is simple, and has no enemy confrontations. Dash through the vine wall, then use Dragon's Pounce to jump the gap. Move to the Priory camp where you first met Ruka. Follow Ruka's instructions and pass the egg through the beam (simply walk close to the beam). More dialogue will follow, setting you on your next path in the story.


Unless you are very good at platforming, it's easiest to aim for the Deathless Escape, Flawless Escape and Wild Dragon Chase achievements in two or more separate runs: one for "Wild Dragon Chase", and one or more for the other two achievements.

Prized Possessions Heart of Thorns: Act 2 Heart of Thorns mastery point 0Achievement points
Advance deeper into the jungle to continue your search.Journal: Prized Possessions Completed Completed Prized Possessions 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story chapter.
This achievement rewards items. Deathless Escape Heart of Thorns: Act 2 5Achievement points
While being pursued by the Mordrem beast, do not die.Story Instance: "Prized Possessions"
Prerequisite: Prized Possessions
Reward: Black Diamond.pngBlack Diamond
Escaped the Mordrem Beast without Dying Once 5Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Flawless Escape Heart of Thorns: Act 2 5Achievement points
While being pursued by the Mordrem beast, avoid taking any hit.Story Instance: "Prized Possessions"
Prerequisite: Prized Possessions
Reward: Exalted Key.pngExalted Key (3)
Escaped the Mordrem Beast without Taking a Single Hit 5Achievement points
  • Only hits from enemies count. Falling damage, being eaten by Faolain, hitting a Pustule, and running into the vines do not disqualify the player from the achievement.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Flawless Escape effect.
This achievement rewards items. Wild Dragon Chase Heart of Thorns: Act 2 5Achievement points
While being pursued by the Mordrem beast, find and retrieve all 23 Echoes of Glint.Story Instance: "Prized Possessions"
Prerequisite: Prized Possessions
Reward: Auric Ingot.pngAuric Ingot (5)
Escaped the Mordrem Beast While Collecting All 23 Echoes of Glint 5Achievement points
  • The echoes remain acquired if you die after picking them up, so you can fail as often as you want when trying to pick them up during one run. Their locations are:
    • 8 in the first area after getting Dragon's Surge.
    • 2 when Faolain appears, one echo is behind where she spawns.
    • 4 around the pit area. Use Dragon's Pounce to reach the high echo, then glide to the one in the middle.
    • 1 in the passage
    • 5 in the canyon area, up along the cliffs. Use a combination of Dragon's Wing and Dragon's Pounce to reach them.
    • 2 in the area before the leap of faith.
    • 1 in the leap of faith; use Dragon's Wing to gain altitude and glide to it.
  • Revenge Mote.png Echo of Glint may help you count already collected.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Wild Dragon Chase effect.








Open world[edit]

Arriving at camp:

Lieutenant Francis: Ceera, how are the injured looking?
Pact Medic Ceera: I won't sugarcoat it: not great. We're in no shape to join the others.
Scribe Piera: Thank the gods, it's the commander!

Talking to Francis:

<Character name>: Lieutenant Francis, are you in charge here?
Lieutenant Francis: No, Commander, found these Priory folks on my way out of the wreckage. Ceera and Piera are calling the shots here.
Pact Medic Ceera: We're what's left of a Priory-led ship that crashed nearby.
Scribe Piera: Most of our people have already headed east. We're helping those that couldn't get on their feet.
Lieutenant Francis: Ceera here found me half dead under a tree. Patched me up, good as new. Owe her my life.
Pact Medic Ceera: I'm a combat medic. It's my job to keep people alive on the battlefield.
<Character name>: The other priory members... You said they headed east?
Scribe Piera: That's right. Spotted some ancient-looking golden structures, and...well, you know us Priory folks and old, shiny things.
Pact Medic Ceera: They started lighting up just now, right after some sylvari woman with a backpack ran through.
<Character name>: Wait, a sylvari with a backpack? What direction was she headed in?
Lieutenant Francis: East, like the rest. You know this sylvari?
<Character name>: It's a long story...

At Tarnished Treetop[edit]

Entering the instance:

Kasmeer Meade: Do you think Caithe is here?
<Character name>: I mean to find out. Glint's egg is my responsibility, and Caithe stole it out from under me.
<Character name>: The Pale Tree's vision showed how important the egg could be. I'm not leaving it in anyone else's hands. Move out!

Heading into the jungle:

Taimi: Hello! Glowy person! Huh. It disappeared.
Rytlock Brimstone: Teleported.
Taimi: Well, obviously...
Kasmeer Meade: It's Pact Priory!
If asura:
<Character name>: We're on the way!
If charr:
<Character name>: Hold firm! Reinforcements incoming!
If human:
<Character name>: Hang on! We're coming!
If norn:
<Character name>: Give 'em your worst! We're here to help!
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Don't worry! Reinforcements are here!

After defeating the Mordrem:

If asura:
<Character name>: I need a situation update, immediately!
If charr:
<Character name>: Report! What's the situation?
If human:
<Character name>: What's the situation?
If norn:
<Character name>: What's happening here?
If sylvari:
<Character name>: What's the situation?
Arcanist Robyn: Commander! We've made camp down the hill, near the big spire.
Arcanist Robyn: We discovered that the spires provide some security and...let our guard down.
Arcanist Robyn: We were too focused on these strange runes. They're connected to the spires but we can't decipher them.
<Character name>: Kas. Jory—get these people safely back to their camp. Everyone else, with me.
Marjory Delaqua: We've got it covered.

Heading deeper into the jungle:

Taimi: There's that glowy guy again! I wonder why he's so shy...
Rytlock Brimstone: You'll have to keep wondering. He's gone again.
<Character name>: We'll regroup after we help these Pact soldiers.

After defeating the Mordrem:

Priory Scholar: Thanks for the save, Commander.
Taimi: We were all happy to help. Now, tell me: who's that glowy person we saw before the attack?
Priory Scholar: I have no idea. It never gets too close.
<Character name>: It looks connected to the spires...the ones that reacted to Caithe. Let's find out what it's up to.
Taimi: Also, tell me everything about these golden structures and—hey! (sigh) Okay, then. Let's go.

Heading to Priory camp:

<Character name>: You there! Stop!
Rytlock Brimstone: (roar)

Approaching Ruka:

Rytlock Brimstone: End of the line, pal. Identify yourself.
Ruka the Wanderer: I'm in the midst of an important mission. I must follow the trail before it goes cold.
<Character name>: What is your mission? Who do you serve?
If sylvari:
Ruka the Wanderer: I am Ruka. My people are charged with preserving life from the predations of Elder Dragons. Whom do you serve, Mordrem?
<Character name>: I'm a sylvari, not a Mordrem. My people have connections to the dragon, but we are not its slaves. I'm here to kill it.
If not sylvari:
Ruka the Wanderer: I am Ruka the Wanderer, of the Exalted. We are charged with preserving life from the predations of Elder Dragons.
<Character name>: Then we share a common goal, and a common enemy. I'm the commander of the Pact, here to wage war against Mordremoth.
Ruka the Wanderer: Good. As for my mission, I'm tracking an...object. These devices respond to Glint's legacy, which means—
<Character name>: Caithe and the egg, it must be!
Ruka the Wanderer: Did you say egg? After all these years. I must go...quickly.
Ruka the Wanderer: I might need help. You may accompany me, if you wish.

Leaving the camp:

Taimi: I should stay here for a while and get these people organized. They need me.
Taimi: Besides, we should learn as much as we can about these magical defensive pillars.
<Character name>: Good idea. We'll be back as soon as we can.
Taimi: Listen here, Priory people. I have sensor equipment we can use to extrapolate more delicate data from the pillars.

Approaching Caithe (cinematic):

Rytlock Brimstone: It's Caithe...and is that your egg she's carrying?
Faolain: You've done well, Caithe.
Caithe: Faolain?
Faolain: Bring the egg to me.
Caithe: What? The egg? The egg is my Wyld Hunt, and I can only trust myself with it.
Faolain: We can all trust Mordremoth.
Caithe: Faolain? No!
Faolain: I need the egg.
Rytlock Brimstone: Get the egg and run.

Picking up the egg:

<Character name>: What's happening?
<Character name>: The egg's power is coursing through me.
Canach: Worry about that later. Get out of here!
Ruka the Wanderer: Follow me. I can lead you to safety.

Running from Mordrem:

Ruka the Wanderer: You said you felt the hatchling's power. Channel it to push through the vines.
<Character name>: This energy, it reminds me of the Zephyrite crystals, but it's stronger.
Ruka the Wanderer: Glint's offspring has chosen you. Channel this gift to get the egg to safety.
Ruka the Wanderer: They've got you surrounded!
Ruka the Wanderer: You can make it! Come to me!
Ruka the Wanderer: Use all you've learned. This way. We're nearly there.

Running from Faolain:

Ruka the Wanderer: It's found you! This way!
Ruka the Wanderer: Hurry!
Ruka the Wanderer: This way. You have to try! Do you have a glider?

After escaping Faolain:

Ruka the Wanderer: The hatchling chose well. You'll be a fine champion for it.
<Character name>: Where are we?
Ruka the Wanderer: Near the camp where we met. We're not quite safe yet: we still need to reach the main pylon.
Ruka the Wanderer: Go on ahead. I'll distract the remaining Mordrem and meet you there. We need to discuss your next steps.

At Northwatch:

<Character name>: You could have tried to take the egg. Why didn't you?
Ruka the Wanderer: I don't want to possess the egg. I want to protect it. It chose you as its bearer.
<Character name>: It chose me? How could it choose me?
Ruka the Wanderer: I can't answer that question. All I can do is support you.
Ruka the Wanderer: Pass the egg through this beam. It'll reactivate this outpost's defenses and safeguard the area from Mordrem.

Speaking with Ruka:

<Character name>: What happens now?
Ruka the Wanderer: You need to go south to Tarir, the city of the Forgotten. It's a safe place, built to shield the egg as it hatches.
If asura:
<Character name>: I think not. The egg was stolen from me, and I just got it back. I'm not taking any chances with it.
If charr:
<Character name>: No can do. The egg was stolen from me, and I just got it back. I'm not taking any chances with it.
If human:
<Character name>: The egg was stolen from me, and I just got it back. I'm not taking any chances with it.
If norn:
<Character name>: You're asking a lot. The egg was stolen from me, and I just got it back. I'm not taking any chances with it.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Sorry, but the egg was stolen from me, and I just got it back. I'm not taking any chances with it.
Ruka the Wanderer: Do you still not trust me?
If asura:
<Character name>: With an item this important, I can't afford to trust anyone.
If charr:
<Character name>: I don't trust anybody.
If human:
<Character name>: I'm not sure I trust anyone anymore.
If norn:
<Character name>: I don't know you well enough.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: The egg is so important. I'm not sure I trust anyone anymore.
Ruka the Wanderer: Trust yourself. Your instincts brought you here for a reason.
Ruka the Wanderer: While you have the egg, every Mordrem alive will be after you. Get it to Tarir. And hurry.
Ruka the Wanderer: I'll go on ahead to inform the Exalted and make sure the city is ready to receive you.

Approaching Priory Scribe:

Priory Scribe: Lookin' for Taimi or the floating thing? Taimi's with a team somewhere. That other thing went up the hill.

My story[edit]

Prized Possessions.jpg

Still reeling from Eir's death, my team went deeper into the jungle to confront Mordremoth and its hordes.

I led my team into Auric Basin to advance deeper into Mordremoth's territory and continue our search for Trahearne and the surviving members of Destiny's Edge.

After an exhausting chase, and with the help of a strange being named Ruka, I recovered Glint's egg. Caithe has disappeared into the jungle, hunting the corrupted creature that once was Faolain. I've heard there's a refuge built by Ruka's people, the Exalted, whose sole purpose is to protect the egg. I've decided it's worth checking the place out. These structures remind me too strongly of my vision.

My story


Glint's Egg Backpack
  • During the mission, the player's character takes the backpack containing the egg from Caithe. Until the egg is removed during City of Hope, the backpack stays on the character model whilst in Auric Basin. Only the player can see the backpack, and there are no further effects linked to it.
While you have the egg, elementalist glyphs change to the unattuned versions that have no effects.