Twilight of the Wolf

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Twilight of the Wolf

1325 AE
Personal story
Forging a Legend
Wolf Lodge
Veins of the Dragon
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Defeat Our Ancient Foes
Preceded by
Biography Defeat Our Ancient Foes.png Echoes of Ages Past
Followed by
Biography Defeat Our Ancient Foes.png The Last of the Giant-Kings

Twilight of the Wolf is part of the personal story for norn characters who have completed Echoes of Ages Past and decided to seek the spirit of Wolf's blessing for the upcoming fight with Korag.


Speak to the Wolf Shaman.

Release the corrupted wolf Ormi from his suffering.

  • Find Ormi outside Hoelbrak
  • Slay Ormi
  • Speak to Eir
  • Defeat the Sons of Svanir

Return to the Wolf Shaman

  • Speak to the Wolf Shaman


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All professions


Travel to the Wolf Lodge, speak with Fastulf Jotharsson, and then north of Snow Leopard Waypoint to the instance marker and interact with it.

Go through the tunnel to find Eir at the far end. As you enter the main cave, you will almost immediately encounter Ormi chasing Sons of Svanir and running towards you. Ormi is a veteran but with the help of Eir and Garm should be no trouble. Consider restarting the quest from scratch if you die, since it will be difficult to revive Eir or Garm while Ormi is standing over their corpses - besides, Ormi is the first foe in the instance.

After you defeat Ormi, be prepared for small groups of Sons of Svanir converging on your location from all sides. As usual, try to defend your allies and avoid as much damage to your party as possible. The fight should be easier than Ormi and quite quick.

Exit the instance and return to Fastulf for your reward.







Wolf Lodge[edit]

Speaking to Fastulf Jotharsson (cinematic):

Fastulf Jotharsson: Greetings. I am Fastulf Jotharsson, Speaker of Wolf for Hoelbrak's lodge. Why do you seek the spirit?
<Character name>: I bring news of danger. The Jotun leader of Osenfold Shear now worships the dragon. I need Wolf's advice, and his blessing, to defeat such a powerful foe.
Fastulf Jotharsson: Quite a challenge. I'll envy your tale of victory! More, though, your arrival is a sign of Wolf's will.
Fastulf Jotharsson: Only this morning, a scout reported that the Sons of Svanir have corrupted one of the local wolf pack alphas, a wolf known as Ormi.
Fastulf Jotharsson: Ormi is beloved of Wolf, but he is lost. His spirit must be set free, and his sickened body destroyed. Do this, and Wolf will repay you with the strength to best your jotun quarry.
<Character name>: I'll do it. Tell me where to find Ormi and I'll release his spirit into the Mists.
Fastulf Jotharsson: Go to Dragon Hollow. I'll send word for Eir Stegalkin to join you. She has often fought against the dragon's corruption.
Fastulf Jotharsson: Good luck, Slayer. Return when Ormi is at peace.

Veins of the Dragon[edit]

As you exit the tunnel mouth into the main chamber:

Eir Stegalkin: I came as soon as I heard. Quickly, now. We can't leave Ormi like this.
Eir Stegalkin: Look at all this carnage. Stay on your toes.

Speaking to Eir after slaying Ormi:

Eir Stegalkin: Such a noble beast, ruined by Jormag. Did you see the wolf's eyes, so full of pain and fury? The Sons must be stopped, and they must pay for what they did to Ormi.
Ferocity They will. By all of the Spirits, I'll see that Ormi's suffering is avenged.
Dignity At least Ormi can rest. I'll give the Sons some sleepless nights in his honor.

After speaking to Eir:

Son of Svanir: You'll die for this, Stegalkin! You've killed the beast that was blessed by Jormag, you wretched shew!
<Character name>: Eir's not alone, shovel-face. You'll pay for the harm you've done to Wolf—and to Ormi.
Son of Svanir: Sacrilege! We gave that wolf enough strength to rule ten packs and twist them all to Dragon's will.
Son of Svanir: In Jormag's name, you will both die for this insult!

Thoughout the battle with Sons of Svanir

Son of Svanir: You aren't getting out of here alive!
Son of Svanir: Kill these rabid dogs!
Eir Stegalkin: They just keep coming! Don't they understand we saved their lives?
Son of Svanir: You'll die for this!

Talking to Eir after defeating Sons of Svanir:

Eir Stegalkin: We freed Ormi's spirit, <Character name>. With Wolf's blessing, Korag will be defeated as well. Return to Wolf Lodge and tell Fastulf of our victory. I'll meet you near Osenfold Shear.
Ferocity I'll be there. Ormi's not fully avenged yet, but he will be.
Dignity Until then. May Wolf bless Ormi in the Mists.
Charisma Watch closely, Ormi. I'm about to make sure the Sons hear your howl of vengeance.
Talk end option tango.png I'll be there as soon as I can.

Wolf Lodge[edit]

Talking to Fastulf Jotharsson after defeating Ormi and Sons of Svanir (cinematic):

<Character name>: It's done. Ormi's suffering is over, and his spirit has returned to Wolf.
Fastulf Jotharsson: Wolf rejoices! He will repay your effort with the strength and speed to defeat your jotun adversary.
Fastulf Jotharsson: Spirit of Wolf! Hear my call! Grant your speed, your strength, and your ferocity to this one who has aided you. Guide us, and lend us your blessing.
<Character name>: I don't feel any different. Did it work?
Fastulf Jotharsson: Wolf has heard our call. He will watch over you when you face the jotun king, and his gift will place victory in your grasp. All you must do is seize it.
<Character name>: Thank you. With Wolf's blessing, I will bury Korag and free his people from the doom he has brought upon them.
Fastulf Jotharsson: Run with the pack, my friend.

My story[edit]

Twilight of the Wolf.jpg

Fastulf Jotharsson, the Speaker of Wolf, told me about a powerful wolf that has been corrupted by the Sons of Svanir. Called Ormi, he's running wild and posing a danger to the entire region. Together, Eir and I will find this wounded wolf and release his spirit.

With Eir's help, I put the corrupted wolf Ormi out of his misery and released his troubled spirit. The Sons of Svanir will pay for corrupting one of Wolf's favorites.

Fastulf Jotharsson thanked us for releasing Ormi's spirit and punishing the Sons of Svanir who corrupted him. He also promised us a blessing from Wolf when we face Korag.

My story