Magnum Opus

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Magnum Opus

1325 AE
Personal story
Interested Parties
Snaff Memorial Lab
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Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
VAL-A Golem
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A Bold New Theory

In Snaff's Footsteps loading screen.jpg

Loading screen for Snaff Memorial Lab instance

Magnum Opus is the final part of the Interested Parties storyline for asura characters who chose the VAL-A Golem as their first invention.


Meet Zojja and reconsider the situation.

  • Speak with Zojja.
  • (Defeat the rogue VAL-A golem.)
  • Defeat the rampaging VAL-A golem.
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png

Confront Councillor Haia.

  • Meet Zojja at the Arcane Council Chambers.
  • Enter the Council Chambers.
  • (Defeat the rampaging VAL-A golems.)
  • Defeat Haia's murderous VAL-A golems.


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All professions


After meeting with Zojja, she will initiate a test run of a VAL-A golem designed to Haia's specs. It will begin attacking immediately, with the same skills it had in the previous fight, however it will most often use a ranged tossing attack that lands confusion on whoever it hits. This attack is very easy to evade and does not track. Once it's defeated, you'll have to leave the instance, and go to the arcane council for another fight.

The fight inside the arcane council takes place in 3 phases, though they are not separated by anything more than a small pause. The first wave of VAL-A golems is made up of eight miniature versions that only have a basic double-punch and spinning move. The second wave is six more of them. They all have much less health than their larger form. In the third phase, a VAL-PRIME will spawn. While having more health, his moves are actually less difficult to deal with than the original VAL-A. The PRIME can be looted after defeat for standard loot, and the councillors and Zojja can be spoken to.









Snaff Memorial Lab[edit]

Zojja: If all Mink and Keppa are guilty of is idiocy, then the culprit has to be Haia.
Zojja: I've build this golem to Haia's specs. Once I activate it, we should see results. Stand by.
VAL-A Golem: Good—morning, mistress. How—may—I—serve—curve—kill—you—today? Kill—kill—kill...
Zojja: Okay, there's our proof. Hmm. Deactivating the golem may require force.
Zojja: Time to attack! I've got some aggression to work out.

Cinematic after the fight:

Zojja: Well, that settles that. The core that Haia swapped in must contain a hidden exploit to drive the golems to murder.
<Character name>: So we're going up against a councillor? No mean task, but I'm ready. I don't care how high up she is, she can't do this to us.
<Character name>: No sarcasm this time: Haia's not just smearing Snaff's reputation, or mine. She's killing people and framing us for it.
Zojja: We have to take her down, in front of the entire council. Let me fire up Mr. Sparkles, and then I'll meet you in the council chambers.

After the cinematic:

Zojja: Commence operations.

Speaking with Zojja:

Zojja: Remind me to do beta-tests after Mr. Sparkles has finished his self-diagnostics next time! We could have used his help.
Talk end option tango.png I'll remember to remind you.

Arcane Council Chambers[edit]

Speaking with your allies before the cinematic:

Zojja: It's taking all my willpower to not fry her right now!
Talk end option tango.png Ease up. We'll get even soon.
Mr. Sparkles: Target—sighted. Awaiting—orders.
Talk end option tango.png Stand down. For now.

Cinematic upon approaching Haia:

Zojja: Haia! We know you're the one who turned the VAL-A golem into an anti-personnel device.
<Character name>: We've got all the proof we need, and we're going to expose your machinations to the entire council.
Councillor Haia: Proof? You mean those blueprints I gave you, the ones my underlings are retrieving from your lab at this very moment?
Councillor Haia: You're not in my league, dearies. And after my modified VAL-As are finished with my fellow one else will be, either.
Councillor Haia: You'll get the blame of course. Nothing personal: this is merely how top-level Council politics plays out. If it helps, I'd be happy to feign remorse.
Zojja: Let's go, Savant. If the council gets wiped out by your golems, the Peacemakers will fry us on sight. We'll have to catch up with Haia later.
Councillor Haia: Good luck, my darlings. Try not to die too painfully.

After the cinematic:

Zojja: We've got work to do! I just hope those oafs on the Council are grateful.

Speaking with Councillor Haia before she teleports away:

Councillor Haia: My, aren't you in a hurry. Whatever could the matter be?
Talk end option tango.png Save it. We're here to shut you down!

Speaking with your allies:

Zojja: Hurry up! We have to protect the Council. Those golems could start attacking at any time!
Talk end option tango.png Here we go!
Mr. Sparkles: Objective: Protect—Arcane—Council.
Talk end option tango.png Right!

Inside the Arcane Council:

Zojja: There they are! Stop them before they buttle again.

Approaching the councillors:

Phlunt: These VAL-A golems are remarkably useful. Wherever did they originate from?
Councillor Flax: They were a gift from an anonymous donor. Mere toys of course, but it's nice to be appreciated.
VAL-A Golem: Masters? I—shall—now—perform—a—deep—cranial—massage...with—my—fists.

Speaking with the councillors:

Councillor Flax: Unacceptable!
Talk end option tango.png Keep fighting!
Councillor Ludo: What's the meaning of this? This is a closed session!
Talk end option tango.png Get away from that golem! It's gone haywire!
Councillor Zudo: You must be kidding me. What is the meaning of this?
Talk end option tango.png Golems! Malfunctioning! Haia did it!
Phlunt: Yikes! Get it off me!
Talk end option tango.png I'm trying!

During the fight:

Councillor Ludo: By my ears! Take cover!
Councillor Flax: I say this is highly irregular. Stop this at once or I shall admonish you most severely!
Councillor Zudo: Don't let them get me!
VAL-A Golem: Hostile—detected. Initiate—combat—protocols.
Phlunt: When I find the parties responsible for this, the furrowing of my brow will be epic!

Speaking with your allies:

Zojja: Haia's not giving up that easy!
Talk end option tango.png You got it!
Mr. Sparkles: Execution—order—engaged.
Talk end option tango.png Get 'em!

During VAL-A Prime fight:

VAL-A PRIME: Combat—protocols—active. Restricted—weaponry—unlocked. Prepare—for—death. Have—a—nice—die.
VAL-A PRIME: Would—you—like—a—haircut? I—suggest—a—little—off—the—top...that—is, everything—above—the—neck.
VAL-A PRIME: You—look—weary, master. Let—me—give—you—a—massage—so—you—can—rest—forever.
VAL-A PRIME: Do—not—worry, master. I—have—detailed—files on—blood—stain—removal.

Cinematic after the fight:

Councillor Flax: Zojja? For once, I'm glad to see you. And is that the Snaff Savant? What is the meaning of this?
<Character name>: Those VAL-A golems were based on my designs. Councillor Haia tampered with them and sent them to kill as much of the council as possible.
Zojja: I can vouch for this. Haia is making a power play. We don't have hard evidence, but—
Councillor Flax: Say no more. Bold moves are Haia's style, and she never leaves evidence that can be traced back to her.
Councillor Flax: Leave Haia to us. We'll keep an eye on her. She may well receive a lethal gift of her own someday soon. In the meantime, you have our thanks.
Zojja: Well, it's not a complete victory, but we did save the Arcane Council...and Snaff's reputation. I'm sincerely sorry I ever doubted you.
<Character name>: I accept your apology, again. Just remember: I'm the Snaff Savant. Sarcasm aside, you can count on me to live up to his example.

<NPC> cheers for <Character name>.

Speaking with your allies after the fight:

Councillor Flax: Not a bad plan on Haia's part—except where you came in, Savant.
Talk end option tango.png That's a major understatement.
Councillor Ludo: Next time I'll bake Haia cookies—with bombs in them!
Talk end option tango.png Sounds delightful.
Councillor Zudo: Blasted Haia! When she thinks she's safe...that's when I'll strike! With stealth golems! Or poison mushrooms!
Talk end option tango.png Good luck with that.
Phlunt: That Haia won't get the better of me today! Or any other day.
Talk end option tango.png You'll show her. One of these days.
Mr. Sparkles: Initiating—diagnostic—self-repairs. Update—1—of—345. Do—not—shut—off—or—unplug.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks for the help, Mr. Sparkles.
Zojja: Haia's powerful and wealthy, but even her resources are finite. She really made a run of this crazy mess, didn't she?
Ferocity She did. And I'm going to make a run of my fist in her face.
As much as I hate giving up a target, she'll probably get off with a slap on the wrist.
Talk end option tango.png Maybe next time, then.
Dignity She'll get hers. I'm putting my money on another council member doing her in.
That might just happen. The councillors do a lot of back-and-forth sabotage. We'll have to wait and see.
Talk end option tango.png She'll get hers. Mark my words.
Charisma Don't waste your time with Haia. You're better than her by far.
I know! But...thanks for saying it. It's good to be appreciated from time to time.
Talk end option tango.png Anytime, Zojja.
Talk end option tango.png Someday, I tell you. Someday...I'll get even.

My story[edit]

Salt in the Wound.jpg

A fresh look at Councillor Haia's VAL-A golem blueprints seems to indicate an overlooked, intentional exploit in her modifications. It's time to confront the councillor!

Councillor Haia got off scot-free, but I rescued the other members of the Arcane Council from her treachery. I realize they make a practice of one-upmanship, but this was ridiculous! Well, at least my name is cleared.

My story