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Eyes on Lake Doric

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Eyes on Lake Doric

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Eyes on Lake Doric is the second part of The Head of the Snake.


  • Speak with Lieutenant Fores and gain entry to Lake Doric.
  • Enter Lake Doric.
Meet with Seraph forces in Doric's Landing.
  • Speak with Logan Thackeray in his command tent at Doric's Landing.
  • Look at the map on the war table.
  • Speak with Exemplar Caulden.
Gather intelligence on various locations in Lake Doric.
  • Scout the Harvest Cascades for refugees.
  • Verify the state of Saidra's Haven.
  • Check in at New Loamhurst.
  • Search the Lakeside Bazaar for allies.
  • Investigate the racket in the Bazaar.
Return to Doric's Landing with your report.
  • Speak with Logan Thackeray.



Once you've spoken with Logan Thackery, and the Centurion, this segment can be completed by visiting the four primary locations: Saidra's Haven, New Loamhurst, Lakeside Bazaar (where you need to converse with Cin), and Harvest Cascades. No combat is needed, nor should you attempt to complete any of the Renown Hearts at this time. As you progress in the destruction of the White Mantle, a further mission will require completion of all, or most, of the Renown Hearts.


Eyes on Lake Doric The Head of the Snake 0Achievement points
Help Captain Thackeray and the Seraph assess the situation.Journal: Eyes on Lake Doric Completed Completed Eyes on Lake Doric 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story.




  • Foes associated with the open world map and related events



Divinity's Reach[edit]

Speaking to Lieutenant Fores
Lieutenant Fores: Access to Lake Doric is currently restricted. Please come back later.
Talk more option tango.png I have orders from Captain Thackeray to meet him in Doric's Landing.
Oh, Commander! My apologies—I have to say that to everyone. Please, go right ahead. And good luck.
Talk quest option tango.png Not a problem. Let's go.
Talk end option tango.png Perhaps later.
Talk end option tango.png Yes, sir. Carry on.

Lake Doric[edit]

Entering Lake Doric
Veteran Seraph Captain waves at <Character name>
Veteran Seraph Captain: Glad you're here, Commander, We could use your help.
Speaking to the Veteran Seraph Captain
Commander! Glad you're here. Captain Thackeray is down south of here in the command tent.
Talk more option tango.png What happened here?
When the White Mantle launched a surprise attack on Divinity's Reach, the Lake Doric locks were destroyed in the initial bombardment. It drained the lake and took a couple ships with it.
Talk more option tango.png Were there any survivors?
We've received reports of many survivors in the area, fortunately. But if we don't put a stop to this, the White Mantle will hunt them all down.
Talk end option tango.png Then we have work to do. Thank you.
Talk end option tango.png That's unfortunate.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.
Speaking to Logan Thackeray
Logan Thackeray: Welcome to Lake Doric, Commander... What's left of it.
Logan Thackeray: The locks alone will take years to rebuild...but that worry can wait.
Logan Thackeray: Right now, our focus is repelling the siege and saving as many lives as we can.
Nylia Steelpaw: And once that's through, we crush Caudecus into a fine paste.
<Character name>: I don't believe we've been introduced.
Logan Thackeray: Turns out the charr hate Caudecus just as much as we do.
Logan Thackeray: This is Legionnaire Nylia Steelpaw. She's volunteered her troops to help us.
Nylia Steelpaw: The White Mantle can't be allowed to ruin everything our races have built together. This is our fight too.
<Character name>: The help's appreciated. It's an honor to fight alongside you.[verification requested]
Logan Thackeray: Back to the matter at hand: there are a few key areas around Lake Doric we need eyes on.
Logan Thackeray: Spies have infiltrated our ranks. But I trust you beyond any doubt—so the task is yours.
<Character name>: You can count on me.
Logan Thackeray: Word from the Seraph suggests incursions throughout Lake Doric, but for the moment our intelligence is...spotty, at best.
Logan Thackeray: Come take a look at the map, and I'll tell you what we know.
Looking at the map on the war table (cinematic display of the map, like when speaking to a scout)
Logan Thackeray: We've received reports of survivors in the forest up north, Saidra's Haven to the east, and New Loamhurst to the southeast.
Logan Thackeray: We have troops at the Lakeside Bazaar looking after our supply lines, but I'd like you to check in on the lines as well.
Logan Thackeray: We can't allow any further devastation of this region. If you see anything else of interest, please include it in your report.
Logan Thackeray: Before you begin your reconnaissance, there's a Shining Blade agent south of here who wants a word with you.
Logan Thackeray: His name's Caulden. He says he has something that'll help us win this war.
Speaking to Exemplar Caulden
Exemplar Caulden: Ah, Commander. Captain Thackeray said he'd be sending you my way. I'm Exemplar Caulden.
Exemplar Caulden: As you're aware, the Shining Blade has been fighting the mursaat for a long, long time. Studying them, too.
Exemplar Caulden: And we've recently made a breakthrough that might help us turn the tables on the White Mantle.
<Character name>: We can use all the help we can get. Go on.
Exemplar Caulden: Being that this isn't your first run-in with jade constructs, I'm sure you're familiar with Spectral Agony.
<Character name>: Yes, I've had the "pleasure" of having my insides torn apart by that particular magic.
Exemplar Caulden: The mursaat's ability to phase between our world and the Mists allows them to tap into magics unobtainable in the mortal realm.
Exemplar Caulden: Spectral Agony is the pinnacle of this ability. And we think we've found a way to harness a form of it for our own use.
<Character name>: You've reproduced the powers of the mursaat?
Exemplar Caulden: Yes! a sense. With some limitations.
Exemplar Caulden: You see, unlike a mursaat or their construct, you can't phase between our world and the Mists at will.
Exemplar Caulden: But while close to death, you've already got one foot in the Mists... "At death's door," as they say.
Exemplar Caulden: Using remnants of jade constructs, I've fashioned a signet that allows you to cast Spectral Agony when you're near death.
<Character name>: I try to make it a habit to avoid those "almost dead" moments, but this does sound intriguing.
Exemplar Caulden: But I'll warn you: the longer you tap into this power, the more it will pull you into the next world. Use it wisely.
Exemplar Caulden: Once you've had a chance to familiarize yourself with the signet, come see me if you'd like an advanced demonstration.
Checking the Harvest Cascades
If under Seraph control:
<Character name>: A house? All the way out here? At least it's well fortified...
If under White Mantle control:
<Character name>: Attacking a lone house all the way up here... What could the White Mantle be after?
Checking in at Saidra's Haven
If under Seraph control:
<Character name>: Saidra's Haven seems to be holding itself together. We'll have to make sure this stays out of White Mantle control.
If under White Mantle control:
<Character name>: Saidra's Haven's been taken over by White Mantle. We'll need a coordinate assault to retake it—I'll make note for Logan.
Checking in at New Loamhurst
If under Seraph control:
<Character name>: Such a small fishing village. I hope the families are able to recover from this.
If under White Mantle control:
<Character name>: The cowards are terrorizing that fishing village. We have to get Seraph support out here immediately.
Checking in at Lakeside Bazaar
Cin Fursarai: Wait, where are you going with—you can't just—arggh! Damn it!
Speaking to Cin Fursarai
Cin Fursarai: Ah, it's the commander. Come to complicate my day even further, have you?
<Character name>: Logan asked me to check in on the Seraph's operations here. What's going on? I heard a commotion earlier.
Cin Fursarai: Oh, that? That was nothing. Just a little...raw, seething frustration I needed to let loose. I'll be fine.
Cin Fursarai: I've been tapped as the civilian envoy for the Seraph's supply line operations here. Keeping pace with them is...challenging.
Cin Fursarai: But someone's gotta bill the crown for all these resources once the war's over. Every last item will be accounted for.
<Character name>: Very patriotic of you. Looks like things are running smoothly around here, though.
Cin Fursarai: The Seraph is a well-oiled machine when push comes to shove. They didn't waste a moment once the attack was sprung.
Cin Fursarai: The Bazaar's probably the most secure location in Lake Doric. I doubt the White Mantle will have much luck seizing it.
Cin Fursarai: That's not to say there isn't lots of work to be done if you want to chip in. As you may have noticed, I only have two hands.
<Character name>: Maybe later. I'm on orders from Thackeray to recon the rest of Lake Doric before we plan our next move.
Cin Fursarai: Very well. Tell the captain that his supply lines are well looked after. And watch your back out there, Commander.
Going near the Watchtower Cliffs (optional)
<Character name>: A centaur camp—and they're gearing up for something big. I wonder if Logan knows about this.
After all locations have been visited
Taimi: Commander! Are you reading me?
<Character name>: Go ahead, Taimi.
Taimi: Get ready for the dragon battle to end all dragon battles! A steamy wing-fist to icy face-jaw fight to the death!
Taimi: It's Jormag versus Primorduuuuuuuus!
<Character name>: Uh... Am I to infer...?
Taimi: The experiment was a success! And I'm having the heart of Omadd's machine delivered to Rata Novus.
Taimi: With it, I should be able to see the Eternal Alchemy and manipulate the dragons' energies to pit 'em against one another.
Taimi: Spencer's research is continuing to pay dividends!
<Character name>: I haven't had the best track record guiding members of this guild, so I'll say this as a word of caution: Scarlet.
If sylvari:
Taimi: Okay, A: I'm not a dragon minion—no offense. And B: The lives we'll save are worth the risk, and I think you might agree with that.
Taimi: Okay, A: I'm not a dragon minion. And B: The lives we'll save are worth the risk, and I think you might agree with that.
<Character name>: I do, careful.
Taimi: What could go— You know what, it feels like I shouldn't say that. I bet a ton of stuff can go wrong. Bye!
Speaking to Logan Thackeray
Logan Thackeray: You're back, and in one piece. I assume you have a report for us?
<Character name>: Indeed. The Seraph have the Bazaar well secured, but the Mantle's making gains elsewhere in the region.
<Character name>: Saidra's Haven is definitely a target. We should send some support that way.
Logan Thackeray: I'll try to get a detachment out that way as soon as possible. What else?
<Character name>: The White Mantle have taken an interest in New Loamhurst, as well as a...heavily fortified house in the forest north of here.
Logan Thackeray: Hm... If it's of interest to the enemy, it's of interest to us.
If visited Watchtower Cliffs:
<Character name>: I also stumbled upon a centaur camp in the woods northeast of here. It appears they're working with the enemy.
Logan Thackeray: Centaurs... I'll escalate this intel at once.
Logan Thackeray: I appreciate your efforts, Commander. Thanks to you we're a little less blind in this battle.
Logan Thackeray: While you were scouting, we heard that the White Mantle have taken Fort Evennia, bolstering their eastern flank's defenses.
Logan Thackeray: Worse yet, there's some sort of magical storm forming over the fort. We can't risk a frontal assault.
Logan Thackeray: There's supposed to be a Shining Blade agent stationed in that area—one well-versed in the art of sabotage.
Logan Thackeray: I think the two of you could do a lot of damage together.
Logan Thackeray: Go track down the agent. See if you can do something about the White Mantle who occupy that fort.

My story[edit]

Lake Doric loading screen.jpg

Logan Thackeray, joined by a charr legionnaire, gave me an initial situation report on the White Mantle's siege on Divinity's Reach, directing me to areas around the Lake Doric region he'd like me to scout for the Seraph. I've been tasked with gathering as much information on these locations as I can. I also spoke with a Shining Blade Exemplar named Caulden, who informed me about a new sigil they've researched that could imbue me with power previously held only by the mursaat.

I inspected areas in Lake Doric that were deemed to be of interest to the Seraph. I should report back to Logan in Doric's Landing.

I presented my reconnaissance report to Logan. While I was surveying the area, the Seraph learned that the White Mantle have seized control of Fort Evennia, to the east of Doric's Landing. Logan said that a Shining Blade agent was stationed in the area, and asked me to seek out his assistance in dealing with the Mantle forces occupying the fort.

My story


  • The eponymous achievement for completing this story was previously named "Under Siege", but was renamed at some point.