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Biography Honorless Gladium.png

Follow the Trail

1325 AE
Personal story
Sins of the Father
Ashford Forum
(Plains of Ashford)
Cadem Forest
(Plains of Ashford)
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr
Honorless Gladium
Preceded by
Biography Honorless Gladium.png AWOL
Followed by
Biography Honorless Gladium.png Misplaced Faith

Follow the Trail is the second part of the personal story for charr characters who have selected Honorless Gladium as their sire.


Discover Vallus Smokemane's whereabouts.

  • Talk to Fibharr about Vallus Smokemane.

Track down Vallus Smokemane.

  • Rendevouz with Emer Whipmane.
  • Intercept Vallus.
  • Break down the kraal gate.
  • Gain entry to the chieftain's chamber.
  • Retrieve the idol of Balthazar.
  • Kill Stegron Hornfist.
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Rendevouz with Vallus as planned.


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All professions


Go to Ashford Forum and speak with Fibharr Yogsson, then travel back to Stonecrag Kraal to meet Emer Whipmane and search for Vallus Smokemane. You will find Vallus being chased by ogres, which you must defeat. After the fight and a cutscene proceed through the Kraal to the chieftain's chamber, fighting ogres and destroying two gates along the way. There you will face a veteran ogre Stegron Hornfist and his pet griffon. Once you've defeated them, go to the spot where you entered the instance to meet Vallus, who ran away just before the fight, and complete this story quest.






Ashford Forum[edit]

Talking to Fibharr Ygosson (cinematic):

Fibharr Ygosson: You must be Vallus' cub. I see the resemblance. Outstanding. Vallus is like a brother to me, so I'm like an uncle to you!
<Character name>: Then you be a good uncle and tell me where I can find him. It's for his own protection.
Fibharr Ygosson: I'm not surprised. He's tricky, even for a mesmer. Trouble follows your sire like a second tail. This time, it was one of his buddies, captured by the Separatists.
Fibharr Ygosson: We went to ransom him with some idol, but ogres ambushed us. I took the first hit and went down hard. They got the idol, and Vallus went after them alone.
Fibharr Ygosson: The ogre's kraal is just northeast of here. If you want Vallus and that idol, you'd better hurry. Your sire will need all the help he can get.

Speaking to Fibharr Ygosson again:

Spirits curse those ogres. If not for them, Vallus would have been here to meet you.
Talk end option tango.png He and I will meet soon enough.

Stonecrag Kraal[edit]

Approaching your warband:

(Depending on your legion)
Luccia Wildeye: We'll keep a lid on things here while you're gone.
Elexus Shredskin: Don't worry. We'll keep your sire safe until you get back.
Yahuk Fellstrike: We got this, boss. Nothing bad will happen to your sire while we're around.

Speaking to your sparring partner:

Clawspur: Ogres, Separatists. Feh! I say wipe 'em all out.
Talk end option tango.png Right now, I'm inclined to agree.
Dinky: These ogres sure are tall. You think that's why they talk so slow? It's cold up here, and they got no fur...
Talk end option tango.png Maybe so. Let's cut one down and find out.
Euryale: Killing everyone who isn't us sure would simplify things.
Talk end option tango.png For once, your enthusiasm's right on target.
Maverick: I hope we get to hit more ogres along the way. That's my kind of party. They're big, so when they fall it takes longer for 'em to hit the ground. But the bigger thud makes it worth the wait.
Talk end option tango.png Vallus now. Thud later.
Reeva: If I'd know we were going to do this much fighting, I wouldn't have done that much drinking.
Talk end option tango.png Buck up. We'll be in and out in no time.

Talking to Emer Whipmane:

Emer Whipmane: Keep an eye on Vallus. He disobeyed a direct order and deserted me, our warband, and the legion. Don't trust him.
Talk end option tango.png I don't trust anybody until I have all the facts.

While intercepting Vallus:

Emer Whipmane: They're after Vallus! What has that idiot done now?
Vallus Smokemane: Smodur's eye, it's my cub! Let's see what you learned in that farhar!

After defeating the Ogres (cinematic):

Emer Whipmane: Vallus Smokemane! I can hardly wait to get you in front of a military tribunal. Under High Legion law, I arrest you for desertion.
Vallus Smokemane: You're making a mistake. Sesric's alive, and the idol's our only hope to keep him that way. He's one of us. We have to try.
<Character name>: Listen to me. Everyone's after this idol, which means it's powerful. We can't let the Separatists or the Sons of Svanir have it.
<Character name>: Before we do anything else, we recover the idol. Vallus's arrest can wait. My mission, my call. Fall in, Emer! I'll take the heat if this goes south.

At the chieftain's chamber (cinematic):

Veteran Stegron Hornfist points at <Character name>.
Veteran Stegron Hornfist: Leave while you still can. The idol is ours. Humans and charr always take from us. This time, we take from you.
Vallus Smokemane: Keep the leader busy. I'll grab the idol and wait for you outside the camp.
<Character name>: No way. I'm not letting you out of my sight.
Vallus Smokemane: No time to squabble! Sesric's dead if we don't act now.

Talking to Emer Whipmane after defeating the ogre chieftain:

Emer Whipmane: If Tribue Brimstone didn't want him alive, I'd chop Vallus' head off right now and kick it all the way back to the citadel.
Talk end option tango.png Lucky for him, the tribune wants him alive.

At Vallus Smokemane:

Vallus Smokemane: The Separatists won't wait. You handle this. I've got to make the ransom drop.
Vallus Smokemane shrugs at <Character name>.

At Vallus Smokemane (cinematic):

Emer Whipmane: That worthless—he tricked us and deserted us again! Sesric is dead, but Vallus keeps playing us for fools. I knew this would happen.
<Character name>: Why would he take the idol unless there's a chance Sesric's alive? He's not trying to sell it or keep it. He's trying to use it to get his 'bandmate back.
Emer Whipmane: That's your story. I say we need to find Vallus to find the truth. His illusions won't save him from me.
Emer Whipmane: I'll have my scouts scour the area. They'll pick up his trail... it's just a matter of time. I'll meet you in the Black Citadel when I know more.

My story[edit]

The Lost Chieftain's Return.jpg

Emer Whipmane and I tracked my father to Loreclaw Expanse. We questioned his norn friend Fibharr Ygosson, who told us that the ogres stole the human idol Vallus needs to ransom his comrade back from the Human Separatists. We're heading for the ogre's kraal to retrieve both Vallus and the idol.

We found Vallus Smokemane in a running battle with the ogres. We helped him, but during the commotion he grabbed the idol of Balthazar and ran off. He means to hand it over to human Separatists as ransom for his comrade, but Emer and I are going to stop this exchange and take Vallus into custody.

My story