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The Way In

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The Way In

1328 AE
Heart of Thorns
The Way In
Teku Nuhoch
(Tangled Depths)
Preceded by
Roots of Terror
Followed by
Buried Insight

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The Way In is the twelfth chapter of the Heart of Thorns story.


Open a route into Rata Novus.
  • Earn your Nuhoch Hunting Mastery to continue your story.
  • Speak to Tizlak about the lay of the land.
  • (Hunt chak and talk to other Nuhoch to collect enzymes so Tizlak can craft you a solvent.)
  • Kill chak and talk to local Nuhoch to collect chak enzyme, and then bring the chak enzyme to Tizlak.: x/6
  • Use the Nuhoch path to find Rata Novus.



Unlike other story missions, you should not try to reach the green star on the minimap until you have earned the Nuhoch Hunting Mastery. The green star will appear your mini-map even though it is impossible for you to reach it until you achieve the Mastery. Find Tizlak as described below first.

From Waypoint (map icon).png Teku Nuhoch Waypoint, move up and west to find Tizlak. Talk to him.

Then just kill plenty of chak until you have enough enzymes for Tizlak. You'll find a lot of them if you follow the trail southwards and down.

Talk to Tizlak again, then follow the path and interact with portals along the way.

There are two other ways to obtain enzymes, the first is about the same, but the latter is generally slower than just killing chak:

Get Lost Bag for Veteran Nuhoch Stomper

From the Veteran Nuhoch Stomper located near Tizlak, head west southwest past the nearby cave entrance towards the Bouncing Mushroom to access Zintl camp. The bag can be identified by a purple glow. Return it to the Veteran Nuhoch Stomper to earn 2 Chak Enzymes.

Fight Kaxan

Kaxan may appear nearby just southeast from Tizlak or far southwest on the ledges leading to a vista.

If he's near Tizlak, he'll ask for 2 gold, but give nothing on return, and instead go to the other location.

Head west southwest from Tizlak past the cave entrance and past the bouncing mushroom where you'll find a friendly Nuhoch named Kaxan who will turn hostile once you approach him. Fight him to earn 2 Chak Enzymes.

Any gold paid to Kaxan will not be refunded after defeating him. Since the area is often teeming with chak, and Kaxan has a large amount of health, killing chak is a much better option than paying him if he's not on the ledge already.

Finding the way to Rata Novus

Once you have turned in the enzymes, a new green star will appear on the map indicating a round, blue, interactable gateway located behind the Veteran Nuhoch Stomper. Disregard the main map which shows the green star located on a different elevation level, it is in the same area as Tizlak and the Veteran Nuhoch Stomper.

Go through the blue gate and follow the green stars on your minimap through the tunnels. Unlike previous missions, the green stars do not show up in the open world, you will need to follow them on your minimap. The tunnels are filled with veteran and normal chak so it is highly recommended using a mount to run past them.

All of the green stars are simply points along the path you need to take and they only require you to run through them. The last green star will be located just south of the text "The Decayed Hive" on the main map. Unlike the other stars you followed up to this point, this star is indicating another round, blue, interactable gateway. The gateway is easy to miss if you are riding past it. Interact with the gateway to be teleported to the next section and you will finish the mission.


The Way In Heart of Thorns: Act 3 Heart of Thorns mastery point 0Achievement points
Work with local allies to gain access to a lost outpost.Journal: The Way In Completed Completed The Way In 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story chapter.







Speaking to Tizlak:

<Character name>: Tizlak!
Tizlak: Well, hello! What brings you through this way?
<Character name>: I’m looking for Rata Novus. Ever heard of it?
Tizlak: Rata… Hmm…
<Character name>: That doesn’t sound promising.
Tizlak: I’m assuming you mean an old asuran city?
<Character name>: Yes! Near here. Underground.
Tizlak: The Nuhoch doesn’t call that Rata Novus. We only know it as a forbidden pit of despair.
<Character name>: That really doesn’t sound promising.
Tizlak: The city has been dead for generations. Only the bravest venture in now.
<Character name>: Disappointing news, but I’d still like to check it out.
Tizlak: In that case, I can get you a map of the easiest way in.
<Character name>: That sounds great! Thanks!
Tizlak: The easiest way is still fraught with peril.
<Character name>: Of course it is.
Tizlak: It’s also blocked by a chak hive. You’ll need to dissolve it in order to enter Rata Novus.
Tizlak: But don’t fret, we Nuhoch have a solution for that, in both senses of the word.
Tizlak: You see, the jungle has an answer for every question it poses. In this case the answer is alchemy.
Tizlak: I can craft you this solvent, but it requires chak enzyme. Bring enough back here and you’ll have your key to the city.
<Character name>: I will. Where can I find the enzyme?
Tizlak: You can harvest them from the chak themselves.
Tizlak: That route will certainly go faster if you know the ways of our hunters.
Tizlak: Or you might find other Nuhoch in the village who are willing to part with theirs.
<Character name>: Got it. Thanks, Tizlak.

Talking to Tizlak again without having enzymes:

Tizlak: I have all the other ingredients. Still need the right amount of enzyme.
<Character name>: I'm on it.

Speaking to Veteran Nuhoch Stomper:

Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: Woe is me! I’ll never see it again!
<Character name>: What’s the matter?
Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: The other day I was hunting for chak for their enzyme, had a whole satchel full, when I was attacked by the terrible Xocotl!
Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: In my haste to flee I dropped the bag. My heritage warbler was in there!
If you have a Nuhoch Warbler in inventory:
<Character name>: I happen to have a warbler, given to me by a Nuhoch not long ago. Will it help?
Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: What? Ew. No. Mine was hand carved decades ago! An heirloom.
Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: What you hold saddens me. Someone told you this was a warbler? It barely lives up to the word.
Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: I pictured watching my children's children play with our family warbler.
Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: I would blind myself out of shame if I witnessed them playing with whatever that is.
<Character name>: Okay, I get it. I'm trying to gather chak enzyme anyway. I won't bother you any longer.
Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: Wait! I had a lot of enzyme in that bag. Bring me back the warbler and you can keep it all!
<Character name>: Chak enzyme? I’m in need of some.
Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: Oh, please! It’s all yours, everything that’s in there is yours if you bring back my precious warbler!

After returning the Lost Bag to Veteran Nuhoch Stomper:

Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: You got it? It’s here?
<Character name>: One warbler, as promised.
Veteran Nuhoch Stomper: Thank you! My children’s children thank you! Here’s the enzyme. Small price to pay for such a fine warbler.

Going near Kaxan:

Kaxan: Psst! Over here. Come here for a second.
<Character name>: Need something?
Kaxan: Be cool, be cool. Don't look at me, look down like there's something interesting on the ground.
Kaxan: Yeah, casual. Casual like that. Good.
Kaxan: Now, word is-don't look at me!-word is you're in the market for some chak enzyme.
Kaxan: I got some; you interested? Just cost you a little coin, you know?

Talking to Kaxan:

What do you say? Just 2 gold and I'll get you all of the chak enzyme you need.
Talk more option tango.png All the chak enzyme I need for 2 gold! Here you go!
Talk more option tango.png All right, but if you cheat me I'll find you. Take the money.
Talk end option tango.png I think I'll look for a ore reputable source of enzyme. Thanks.

After paying Kaxan 2 gold:

Kaxan: Hey, thanks. Okay, I don't have the enzyme here per se, I just gotta run back to my place and pick it up.
Kaxan: You stay here, though. Don't...don't follow me.
<Character name>: Definitely feel like that was a mistake.

After finding Kaxan again:

Kaxan: That was the last time. I have to stop stealing from people.
Kaxan: People with giant weapons, that is. Everyone else is fair game. (laughs)
(Kaxan becomes hostile right after.)


My story[edit]

Roots of Terror loading screen.jpg

It took some doing, but I finally gathered enough ingredients to have Tizlak craft a solvent that allowed us passage into Rata Novus. He mentioned the city's no longer active, but we have to press on. Our hope is that someone or something is still down there that can help us destroy Mordremoth.

My story