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Battle on the Breachmaker

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Battle on the Breachmaker

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Battle on the Breachmaker is the fifth story step of Battle for Lion's Arch, the fifth and final episode of Living World Season 1.

Getting there[edit]

Access to this instance can be tricky. There are three entry points:


Battle on the Breachmaker
  • Take a portal to the heights of Scarlet's Breachmaker.
  • Bring down Scarlet Briar's last line of defense.
  • Obtain the Prime Light Attunement to damage the Prime Hologram.
  • Prime Hologram
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Static Hologram
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Dynamic Hologram
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Synergetic Hologram
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Ultraviolet Hologram
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Kill Microprime Holograms to finish off the Ultraviolet Hologram
  • Complete!



This instance is a three phase fight against Scarlet's holograms that requries you to obtain attunements to damage the holograms while she places bombs on you that can be removed by dodging.

The first fight, against the Prime Hologram, require you to get Prime Light Attunement by acquiring all three of the three colored attunements (red, blue, and green) that the hologram drop occasionally and which will let you damage the hologram for thirty seconds. In the mean time it will fire rectangular lasers that leave damaging scorch marks that cause Daze when stepped on and activate a large aoe attack if you get close to the safe zone at the base of the hologram that lets you safely cut across. As its health depletes it will fire more lasers in sequence and at 25% health it splits and the next fight begins.

The second fight, against the Static Hologram, Dynamic Hologram, and Synergetic Hologram, require that you get the same color attunement to damage these foes (Static Light Attunement, Dynamic Light Attunement, or Synergetic Light Attunement, depending on which foe you are facing) which will last for sixty seconds and can only be held one at a time as the latest attunement replaces the previous attunement. The red Static Hologram uses fire fields and knockback shockwaves, the blue Dynamic Hologram uses wide and telegraphed attacks that launches, and the green Synergetic Hologram heavily damaging explosive plants before attacking. All three do not move and cannot be moved from their position, but can be affected by crowd control.

The third and final fight, against the Ultraviolet Hologram, is similar to the first fight against the Prime Hologram except it fires four lasers in a sequence, you are given Prime Light Attunement from the beginning, and the hologram itself is completely invulnerable to your attacks. Instead you will have to destroy Micro Prime Holograms to remove Ultraviolet Resonance from the Ultraviolet Hologram, which will defeat the boss and finish the instance.


Battle on the Breachmaker The Battle for Lion's Arch 1Achievement points
Complete the story chapter Battle on the Breachmaker. Completed Battle on the Breachmaker 1Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.
One Step Closer... The Battle for Lion's Arch 1Achievement points
Defeat Scarlet's Prime Hologram aboard the Breachmaker.Story Instance: Battle on the Breachmaker Hologram Defeated: 1 1Achievement points
  • Awarded after the Ultraviolet Hologram is defeated at the end of the instance.
In Tune The Battle for Lion's Arch 5Achievement points
While fighting Scarlet's Prime Hologram, never hit a hologram without the respective attunement.Mission: The Battle for Lion's Arch
Prerequisite: One Step Closer...
Flawless Hologram Destruction 5Achievement points
  • Be careful with the placement of lasting damage fields such as Well of Darkness as they may unintentionally hit a Hologram after the attunement buff has run out on you. Damage dealing conditions will not disqualify you if they last beyond the attunement however, as long as they were inflicted beforehand.
  • The first fight, against the Prime Hologram, is the most difficult part of this achievement as the light circles that give the attunement you need only appears intermittently, the attunement itself only lasts for 30 seconds, and the Prime Hologram itself is fairly durable and you may need to attune three-to-four times. The second part against the 3 split holograms are considerably easier as they are weaker and their respective attunements last 60 seconds (however you can only use the individual attunement colors in this stage, attuning to all three will void the achievement). The final fight against the Ultraviolet Hologram is no concern as long as you can finish the battle as you will gain an attunement that lasts for 20 minutes when the fight begins.
  • Whether or not you have been disqualified for this achievement can be tracked by seeing if you have gotten the effect Light Feedback as it is acquired if you ever hit a hologram without the correct attunement.
  • At the moment the Prime Hologram splits into 3, the others are not invulnerable. So, any damaging fields in the center will immediately give 4-6 stacks of the debuff and disqualify you for the achievement.
No More Tricks, Scarlet The Battle for Lion's Arch 5Achievement points
Defeat Scarlet's Prime Hologram without being hit by lasers or their lingering scorch marks.Story Instance: Battle on the Breachmaker
Prerequisite: One Step Closer...
Scarlet's Laser Avoided 5Achievement points
  • It is recommended that ranged weapons are used due to the holographic scorch marks restricting movement.
  • The relevant parts of the battle are against the Prime Hologram and the Ultraviolet Hologram. During the first battle it will take some time for the attunements to spawn so it is best to stand at a distance and strafe carefully so that the lasers do not end up covering too much ground while also exploiting the safe zone in the middle to try and get across to the other side if necessary. Additionally, while the Prime Hologram only fires one laser at a time in the beginning, as it loses health it will begin to firing two lasers in opposite directions and then three lasers, adding the third 90 degrees to the side from the first. For the Ultraviolet Hologram it will occasionally fire four lasers in 90 degree angles relative to each other and will now also be supported by smaller Micro Prime Holograms whose cannons also leave scorch marks. Also, seemingly due to the amount of telegraphing lines not all lasers will be telegraphed, requiring active attention on the Ultraviolet Hologram to make sure it isn't firing in your direction. The smaller laser lines also tend to extend past the ground indicator, so stand to the left or right of them.







Entering the instance
Scarlet can be pacing her control panels.
Scarlet Briar: Moving into position. Turbo-sparks within expected range. Increasing sonic resonance.
Scarlet Briar: Molten troops, hear me. The southern sector is faltering. Don't let me down.
Scarlet Briar: Shut up! I can't hear myself think! 3.14159. Yes, lovely.
Scarlet Briar: I must stay focused. Prime gate breached! Now, I'm mad.
Talking with allies
Heal-o-Tron Scanning. Nominal—life—signs. Nonhostile—biopatterns. Have—you—gathered—at—this—location—to—deactivate—Scarlet?
Talk more option tango.png I am. What are you doing here?
This—unit—is—a—volunteer—health—operative, repairing—Lionguard—and—other—resistance—during—the—anti-Scarlet—operation.
Talk more option tango.png You're a volunteer?
Correct. This—unit—wants—to—see—Scarlet—deactivated, but—lacks—combat—protocols—for—battle—operations. Organic—repair—subroutines—engages—as—workaround.
Talk more option tango.png Why does a golem want Scarlet dead?
Human—authorities—have—indexed—this—unit—as—a—Scarlet—minion. This—unit—seeks—to—delete—this—indexing—by—aiding—the—anti-Scarlet—battle—initiative.
Talk end option tango.png You heal the people down here. I'll "deactivate" Scarlet for you.
Talk end option tango.png Good to know.
Talk end option tango.png Don't give up now. We'll do this together.
Talk end option tango.png Just passing through.
Captain Ellen Kiel When we clear the path, go make Scarlet suffer for what she did to Lion's Arch. Ashford's murder, the destruction, everything.
Talk more option tango.png You're not coming with?
I won't lie; I'd love to chop Scarlet's crazy head off of her shoulders, but the city isn't secure. I'll stay behind, make sure nothing follows behind you.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Captain. Scarlet's not getting away this time.
Talk end option tango.png Will do.
Braham Eirsson I've lost count... of how many enemies I've killed here! Do you know? Oh, dung! I'll just start again and then double it when I tell the tale.
Talk more option tango.png We're almost done. We're so close to Scarlet.
That we are. I don't see any way up to her little den, but let's hope we can take out whatever traps she's got set up for us.
Talk end option tango.png Don't hope. Believe. We can do this.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds like a plan.
Rox We made it up here...okay. Survey the landscape, and look for clues to advancement.
Talk more option tango.png I think I see Scarlet up there, by the screens.
Yeah, I see her. Can't be sure it's actually her until we see her bleed, though. Who knows, could be another one of those high-heeled automatons.
Talk end option tango.png We'll take her down, regardless.
Talk end option tango.png I'm on it.
Kasmeer Meade: Will this never end? I hear the screams of the dead and dying. They're ringing in my ears.
Talk more option tango.png We're getting closer to Scarlet herself.
Are we? I feel like I'm in one of those dreams where you run and run but you get no closer. She's cloaked in illusion. I sense it.
Talk end option tango.png Don't give up now. We'll do this together.
Talk end option tango.png Not now.
Marjory Delaqua: You're determined to fight all the way to Scarlet. Right?
Talk end option tango.png Absolutely. We can't let Scarlet escape.
Approaching Scarlet
Scarlet Briar: No time for tricks or traps. It's time for you pests to just die. Pulling out all the stops in three. Two. One.
Cinematic of Prime Hologram spawning plays.
Scarlet Briar: Behold the best that holomancy can provide, armed with an energy cannon to match.
Scarlet Briar: Warm up the generator. Let loose the pain!
Fighting the Prime Hologram
Scarlet Briar: Spent energy casings. Too messy, too useful. Increase subroutine prioritization on energy preservation. (At 75% health)
Scarlet Briar: Must I do everything myself? One hundred. Ninety-nine. Ninety-eight. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Ready or not! Here I come! (At 50% health)
Scarlet Briar teleports to platform and joins the fight.
Random when Scarlet Briar teleports to an ally
Scarlet Briar: Boo! Did I scare you? I should have. I am greater than the sum of my parts.
Scarlet Briar: Have I mentioned how much I love explosives?
Scarlet Briar: Stand still and let me show you what your insides look like.
When Prime Hologram reaches 25% health
Scarlet Briar teleports back onto the control panels.
Scarlet Briar: Disassembling the hologram is not allowed. You will be punished three times over. Dynamics. Statics. Synergetics!
Scarlet Briar: No, this will not do. Rerouting power from drilling to increase capacity for multitasking (When any hologram reach 75% health for first time)
Scarlet Briar: Energy expulsion continues to be an issue. Setting all emissions to scramble mode. (When first hologram is destroyed)
Defeating all three RGB holograms
Scarlet Briar: Enough, enough, enough. No light energy. No more reloading. No spent cases. NO distractions. Fire everything so I can get back to work!
Scarlet Briar: The dark energy is all I need. Now it's time to die, die, die.
As Scarlet attacks from under Ultraviolet Hologram (random)
Scarlet Briar: Bombs away! Or rather, bombs in your face!
Scarlet Briar: There goes the fuuuuuuse, and you're going to loooooose...
After defeating the Prime Hologram
Scarlet Briar: (scream) I...I didn't account... Too many factors... The drilling must...not...stop. (gasp)
Braham Eirsson: Hey! Come back! I'm not done with you yet! (laugh)
Rox: Right behind you. Don't look back!
Marjory Delaqua: Stay close, Kasmeer! We're taking Lion's Arch back!
Kasmeer Meade: This city has friends, you dummies! You can't have it.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Not bad back there. You fight well for a golem.
Heal-o-Tron: Negative. I—am—not—programmed—for—combat.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Then what are you doing up here?
Heal-o-Tron: Two—directives: Scarlet—must—be—stopped. I—must—prove—I—am—not—aligned—with—that—criminal.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Considering your actions today, you're clear in my eyes.
Heal-o-Tron: Processing. Most—difficult—directive—achieved. Is—this—what—joy—feels—like?

My Story[edit]

File:Battle on the Breachmaker.jpg

Aboard the hovering command center, Rox, Braham, Marjory, Kasmeer, and I were immediately greeted by Scarlet Briar and her newest toys. She conjured giant hardlight holograms of herself that would split and reform, making them difficult to pin down. After a grueling fight, I finally landed a wounding blow on the crazed engineer. Enraged and frantic, Scarlet retreated further into her fortress with all following close behind.

My story