Weakness of the Heart

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Biography Green Knight.png

Weakness of the Heart

1325 AE
Personal story
Following the Dream
Morgan's Spiral
(Caledon Forest)
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari
Dreams of the Green Knight
Preceded by
Biography Green Knight.png A Good Work Spoiled
Followed by
Biography Green Knight.png The Knight's Duel

Weakness of the Heart is a part of the Sylvari personal story for characters who have dreamed of the Green Knight. Here the character intends to gain information from Gairwen about weaknesses in Bercilak's armor.


Speak to Gairwen about defeating Bercilak.

  • Find Gairwen at Morgan's Spiral.
  • Rescue Gairwen from the Nightmare Court.
  • Speak with Gairwen.
  • Prepare the seed-plant defense.
  • Protect Gairwen from the Nightmare Court attack.
  • Speak to Gairwen.


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All professions


After you start the mission, Caithe is there saying "Hurry the Nightmare Court are attacking Gairwen! We must hurry!". Gairwen is up the hill near her lover's grave surrounded by The Nightmare Court. Kill all the enemies to save her.

Ask Gairwen for seeds and plant them in preparation for the several waves of enemies to come. It is advisable to plant the seeds south of the grave since that's the direction enemies will come from. Kill the multiple waves of enemies that arrive. Once all the enemies are slain, you are rewarded with a two-handed weapon for your profession.





Nightmare Court


As you arrive at Morgan's Spiral:

Caithe: They're already here. Come with me. Gairwen needs help.
Nightmare Courtier: Who are these intruders? Take them out!

Talking to Caithe:

Caithe: The Nightmare Court moved faster than we did. To battle!
Talk end option tango.png For the Pale Tree!

After defeating the Nightmare Courtiers:

Caithe: Gairwen! Quickly, Valiant, we need to get her on her feet.

Talking to Gairwen (cinematic):

<Character name>: Bercilak must have sent those courtiers to capture Gairwen. Gairwen, are you all right?
Gairwen: Oh, my head. I didn't even see them coming. I was tending the grave, and suddenly, they attacked me. Ooh, everything's spinning.
Caithe: You've taken a nasty blow, but you'll survive. Steady yourself. The court has scattered, but they will regroup and return.
<Character name>: She's hurt, Caithe. We have to protect her. Gairwen, do you have any seed-plants we can use to defend the area?
Gairwen: Yes...yes I do, I may not be able to fight, but these should help you. Good luck.

After the cinematic:

Gairwen: I may be hurt, but I can still help. Let's set up some defenses.

Talking to your allies (before planting the seed-plants):

Caithe: That's not the last of the curtiers. Be ready.
Talk end option tango.png I will be.
Gairwen: Dammit! Only a few turret seeds left. It'll never be enough! What do we do?
Talk quest option tango.png We fight, seeds or no.
Talk more option tango.png Remind me what these seeds do?
I have three types left: thornberries, freezing briars, and martyr's vine.
Talk quest option tango.png Those sound great. Here, I'll take some of the seeds.
Talk more option tango.png What's a thornberry plant?
Thornberries are your basic attack turret. They shoot berries at the enemy.
Talk back option tango.png Good to know. What kind of seeds do you have left, again?
Talk more option tango.png Tell me about the freezing briars?
Freezing briars launch cold thorns that both injure and slow down groups.
Talk back option tango.png Good to know. What kind of seeds do you have left, again?
Talk more option tango.png What does martyr's vine do?
It's an amazing healing plant. Just stand next to it and you'll see.
Talk back option tango.png Good to know. What kind of seeds do you have left, again?

After planting the seeds:

Caithe: Be on your guard! They approach!

Talking to your allies (after planting the seed-plants):

Caithe: Gairwen's seed supply is limited. We must use them well.
Talk end option tango.png Understood.
Gairwen: I have nothing left to give. Do what you can, but, if it comes down to a coice...please, kill me so they can't take me away!
Talk end option tango.png Just hold on a little longer, Gairwen.

When the fight starts:

Nightmare Courtier: Cut down those dratted plants! Burn them, if you must!
Caithe: There is to be a battle. Here. Be ready for it.

During the battle:

Nightmare Courtier: Bercilak wishes Gairwen to be forever by his side! Move aside!
Caithe: Stay wary! The fight is not yet won.
Caithe: You will not succeed, courtier! This time, the suffering will be yours!
Nightmare Courtier: The Dutchess commands that Gairwen submit to the Nightmare Court! Surrender, or die!
Caithe: You will not succeed, courtier! This time, the suffering will be yours!
Caithe: Nightmare descends once more. Kill them all!
Nightmare Courtier: You will know such anguish, the Dream itself will swell with pain!

Once the battle is won:

Caithe: They will come no more to plague us. See to Gairwen, Valiant.

Talking to Caithe:

Caithe: The Nightmare Court took heavy losses. They won't return anytime soon. Speak with Gairwen and tell her our plan.
Talk end option tango.png Will do.

Speaking to Gairwen (cinematic):

Gairwen: Thank you. Again. I can't believe Bercilak sent Nightmare courtiers to kidnap me. If you hadn't shown up-
<Character name>: He's a cruel man, and he won't stop until he controls you utterly. Gairwen, I need your help once more. I plan to duel Bercilak again.
Gairwen: Oh, no! You can't, don't you understand? He'll kill you! He cannot be defeated!
Caithe: Not if we strike where he is unarmored. If you offer Bercilak a kiss, he'll remove his helm to accept it. That is when the Valiant shall attack.
Gairwen: A kiss? What a foul bargain! I hate him. How could I ever...but then, this will avenge my Evart, won't it?
Gairwen: If I consent, Valiant, are you certain you can bring Bercilak down?
<Character name>: I swear to you: I'll defeat Bercilak, or I'll die trying.
Gairwen: So be it. My love would forgive me a transgression, if it means that his murderer is laid low. Where do you plan to hold your duel?
<Character name>: Send a letter to Bercilak and tell him to meet you at Mabon Market. I want as many witnesses as possible when he falls.

After the cinematic:

Caithe: We have work to do.
Caithe: Dreams do not always prepare us for what's ahead.

Talking to your allies afterwards:

Caithe: I'll escort Gairwen to Mabon Market, and we'll make sure Bercilak is there when you arrive. Good luck, Valiant.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you. See you soon.
Gairwen: The thought of kissing Bercilak turns my stomach, but if it gets me vengeance, then I'll play along. May Evart forgive me...
Talk end option tango.png Very brave. It's exactly what we need right now.

My story[edit]

Weakness of the Heart.jpg

Gairwen has agreed to trick Bercilak into removing his helmet. It is difficult for her to do this, but Caithe and I convinced her that it was the only way to defeat Bercilak and end his cruel games.

My story