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Tactical Triage

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Tactical Triage is the third part of Long Live the Lich.


Complete Battle Preparations


Assist the Corsairs.
  • Speak with First Mate Jentyk on the western front.
  • Defeat a Ghost Eater and a Mordant Crescent Intimidator.
  • Fire supplies from a cannon to the allied encampment.
  • Return to First Mate Jentyk.

Guns, Germs, and Steal[edit]

Help the Kournan villagers with their scarab problem.
  • Meet with Scout Anisa in Arkjok Farmlands.
  • Burn infected crops
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  • Report to Scout Anisa.
  • Speak to Sabil.
  • Look for evidence of scarabs.
  • Find Doctor Tasin.
  • Confront Sabil.
  • Break the Joko statuette to dispel the projection.
  • Stop Joko's other loyalists.
  • Brief Scout Anisa on your investigation.

A New Ally[edit]

Make allies of the heket.
  • Meet with Scout Yakuti in Apizmic Grounds.
  • Find the heket warriors.
  • Rescue Nahu, the captive heket.
  • Find Kilik, the heket master-at-arms.
  • Return to Scout Yakuti and Chieftain Xipil.

High Roller[edit]

Hear out Gorrik.
  • Listen to Gorrik's wild plan.



Guns, Germs, and Steal[edit]

High Roller[edit]

A New Ally[edit]


This step is actually four sub-steps, each of which can be completed in any order. Once one of the sub-steps are started, though, they must be completed before the next step can be started.


Talk to First Mate Jentyk in a cave to the south of Corsair Landing. Kill a Ghost Eater and a Mordant Crescent Intimidator, both are veterans and can be found on the beach in front of the cave. Grab supplies from the crate near First Mate Jentyk and shoot them from one of the cannons at Corsair Cannons. Return to First Mate Jentyk.

Guns, Germs, and Steal[edit]

Talk with Scout Anisa in Arkjok Farmlands. She directs you to burn infected crops. Grab a torch from the campfire and head to the crops just south of the Anisa. Infected crops will move and have bugs flying around them when you get close. There's no penalty for burning uninfected crops.

Check back with Scout Anisa. She directs you to Sabil's house in the north of the city. Head there and speak to him. Head east and interact with a barrel, and speak to Doctor Tasin. Return to Sabil. Destroy the Joko Statuette. Sabil directs you to kill a group of five Joko Loyalist west of the town. Return to Scout Anisa.

High Roller[edit]

Talk to Gorrik in the north of the Allied Encampment

A New Ally[edit]

After approaching the camp, which is near the only other waypoint on the map, listen to the conversation. Once it is finished, follow the arrows on the map to the Inquest base and free the rightmost hylek. Climb the stairs and burn the corpse up there. Return to the hylek camp to complete this step.


A New Ally Long Live the Lich 0Achievement points
Win over the heket and forge a new alliance.Journal: A New Ally Completed A New Ally 0Achievement points
  • Complete the A New Ally step.
Guns, Germs, and Steal Long Live the Lich 0Achievement points
Assist the villagers in the Arkjok Farmlands with their scarab problem.Journal: Guns, Germs, and Steal Completed Guns, Germs, and Steal 0Achievement points
  • Complete the Guns, Germs, and Steal step.
Shipwrecked Long Live the Lich 0Achievement points
Prepare for the showdown with Joko.Journal: Shipwrecked Completed Shipwrecked 0Achievement points
  • Complete the Shipwrecked step.
High Roller Long Live the Lich 0Achievement points
Find the items Gorrik needs to buff up his beetle.Journal: High Roller Completed High Roller 0Achievement points
  • Complete the High Roller step.







Tactical Triage[edit]

Talking to Spearmarshal Zaeim
<Character name>: Spearmarshal, report.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: My Sunspears are all deployed. We do have a few concerns, Commander...
Spearmarshal Zaeim: A corsair ship crash-landed to the south, beyond the barriers. Survivors are largely human, and the enemy's pressing in.
<Character name>: I'll handle it.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Also, a scout reported trouble at a farm north of here. Scarab eggs.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: And another scout saw a hylek tribe getting harassed by Awakened. They might make for new allies.
Canach: If we're adding to the to-do list, Gorrik claims he has something that is quote, unquote, "the biggest thing since the invention of the wheel" to show you.
<Character name>: Understood. Keep up the good work.
Speaking to Canach
Canach: The bramble walls were a stroke of genius. If I do say so myself.


First talking to First Mate Jentyk.
First Mate Jentyk: Commander, Cap'n Sly's flotilla is sinking Joko's ships, but we took a critical hit and washed up here.
<Character name>: You're in a plague zone—dangerous territory for humans.
First Mate Jentyk: Yep. We'd already be dead or infected if not for the ghosts. But there are nasty dead things taking THEM out, too.
First Mate Jentyk: If you can kill some ghost eaters and Mordant Crescent heavies, we might just survive this screwup.
First Mate Jentyk: Oh, and our supplies are washing up; be a shame to waste 'em. Got a crazy idea if you can salvage some...
First Mate Jentyk: We hauled some cannons up the hill. If you rig something up, we could shoot supplies over the walls to the main camp.
<Character name>: Sounds like just the sort of plan a corsair would come up with. Let's give it a try.
Talking to First Mate Jentyk after completing the tasks.
First Mate Jentyk: That oughtta keep 'em for a bit. Course they'll require reminding, periodically. Much obliged, Commander.

Guns, Germs, and Steal[edit]

Upon approaching Scout Anisa
Scout Anisa: Stay back, all of you! It's not safe.
Villager: You can't starve us like this!
Villager: These crops are the only food source we got!
Villager: Calm down. The Sunspears are here to help us.
Scout Anisa: Commander—good thing you showed up. This is getting out of hand. I think the crops are contaminated with scarab larvae.
Scout Anisa: But these people are starving, and it's all I can do to keep them away. They're on the verge of rioting.
<Character name>: Taimi—did you hear that?
Taimi: Loud and clear. Hold for Gorrik.
Gorrik: If they're in a larval state ouside a host body, they're second generation. Joko must be testing it out there.
Gorrik: We have to hurry—he may be only hours away from unleashing a third-generation epidemic!
<Character name>: Understood. But the people here need to harvest their crops; some of them haven't eaten for days.
Gorrik: No way to save the crops—you'll have to burn 'em. Good thing it's only second gen. Local problem, not global.
Reporting to Scout Anisa.
Scout Anisa: I don't understand it. According to these people, one day these fields were healthy, and the next...
<Character name>: Scarab larvae don't just appear overnight. Someone must have planted those eggs here.
Scout Anisa: The Sunspears have been using the village as a waypoint for our messengers. Joko's people must have found out.
Villager: A few nights ago I hear arguing outside Sabil's house. Wonder if there's a connection.
Villager: Sabil? He's a pillar of the community.
Scout Anisa: I'm on watch here. Would you talk to him, Commander?
Talking to Sabil.
Sabil: Please...don't come any closer. My wife isn't well—she needs to rest.
<Character name>: Sorry to hear that. Heard you had an argument with someone just before the scarabs came. Everything alright?
Sabil: It was Doctor Tasin. I caught her coming back from the fields in the dead of night. Draw your own conclusion.
Interacting with the keg.
<Character name>: Scarab eggs. But where did she get them?
<Character name>: Wonder what's inside the house?
Talking to Doctor Tasin.
Doctor Tasin: Stay away! I—I have the plague... It won't be long now.
<Character name>: Doctor Tasin? I heard you disappeared.
Doctor Tasin: Sabil. Bet he thought I'd be dead by now. Tried to make sure of it. Thinks he's avenging his wife.
<Character name>: His wife? The one who's ill?
Doctor Tasin: Ill? She's dead. Loyalist raid, two weeks ago. She was run through twice. I couldn't save her.
Doctor Tasin: And now I'm dying of Scarab Plague. What do you know... Got to hand it to Sabil... Don't know how he did it...
Doctor Tasin: I've barricaded myself in here... Scarabs won't be able to get out... Can't hold on... It's—
Doctor Tasin: (gasp) (gargle)
On entering Sabil's house.
Palawa Joko: You had one job: bedeck your wretched little burg with scarab eggs. One. Job.
Sabil: Majesty...I deserve whatever punishment you see fit for failing your brilliant plan.
Palawa Joko: Suppose I'll just have to turn to some of your loyalist neighbors. Perhaps they won't waste my time. Unlike SOME people.
Palawa Joko: It's like you don't even want to see your wife rise again. Why are you making me hurt you like this?
Sabil: You're right, sire. Kill me. Please. (sob) Without her, my life is meaningless.
Palawa Joko: My dear little cabbage... Your life was always meaningless.
Joko repeating taunts on a loop.
Palawa Joko: I should make you crawl all the way here, just so I can put you in my "fun room." It's ever so cozy.
Palawa Joko: Actually, maybe I WILL Awaken your wife. And then kill her again so you can watch.
Palawa Joko: Maybe I'll slice off little bits of you and Awaken those. It's literally so easy for me.
Palawa Joko: Let me run something by you: what if I gave you more mouths? You know, to scream with.
Palawa Joko: I think I'll kill ALL the loyalists' wives. And then Awaken them. And then we'll all have a party in your house.
After destroying the statuette.
<Character name>: That's enough of that.
Sabil: You heard him... He's got more loyalists out there doing his bidding.
<Character name>: I'll deal with it. Don't go anywhere. The Sunspears will decide what to do with you.
Sabil: Where would I go...?
Approaching the loyalists.
Joko Loyalist: You sure it's safe to handle these scarab eggs?
Joko Loyalist: King Joko trusts us to carry out his will. Even if we did die... It'd be worth it.
Joko Loyalist: It really would. Praise Joko!
Joko Loyalist: We've been spotted. Get the outlander!
Returning to Scout Anisa.
<Character name>: I've gotten to the bottom of the situation.
<Character name>: Doctor Tasin locked herself in her home after Sabil infected her with the plague. She didn't make it.
<Character name>: But she did seal the place up from the inside before she died—so the scarabs can't get out. You ask me, she's a hero.
Villager: Oh no!
Scout Anisa: Gods...
Scout Anisa: I'll...I'll have to set fire to the house, just to be sure. And I'll send someone to arrest Sabil.
<Character name>: How's the food situation? I know the villagers have been through hard times, but losing their harvest really has to hurt.
Scout Anisa: In the heart of Joko's empire, it's all hard times.
Villager: Hmph. Food stock will never last out this war of yours. You make him mad, WE'RE the ones who sufer.
Villager: You really want to help this village, Commander? Get rid of Joko.

High Roller[edit]

Gorrik: Good, good, you're here! I've just confirmed a suspicion I've had. Oh, this is big—very big!
<Character name>: How big?
Gorrik: Well. You see, Petey—my beetle, the one living under my skin, that I was talking—
Blish: Gorrik, the commander know who Petey is.
Gorrik: He hasn't been eating. I was getting worried—all living things need nourishment—
Taimi: Petey jumped out from under Gorrik's skin and ate all our plague samples. And then guess what? He grew BIGGER.
Taimi: I mean, not "Kralk" bigger. But a little. So now Gorrik thinks he can grow Petey big enough to ride! Plus eat scarabs.
Gorrik: I don't think—I KNOW. He'll be the best beetle steed ever! I just need a few items for the last mutation and incubation.
<Character name>: If you say so. Tell me what you need.
Gorrik: I thought you'd never ask. I have a list!
Speaking to Gorrik afterwards
Gorrik: ???
Talk more option tango.png
How do we make Petey stronger?
I've heard rumor of a number of strength-enhancing draughts, some legal, some QUITE illegal. If my intel is accurate, there are caches of them hidden in various areas around the area.
Talk more option tango.png
Show me.
Talk end option tango.png
I'm on it!
Gorrik: What are you waiting for, Commander? Petey needs your assistance!
Talk more option tango.png
How can I help?
Talk end option tango.png
I'll see what I can do.

A New Ally[edit]

Approaching Scout Yakuti.
Chieftain Xipil: You ask for help, but you won't share food when my people are starving.
Scout Yakuti: I'm not a quartermaster, I'm a forward scout!
<Character name>: Sunspear, as you were.
Scout Yakuti: Commander! This is Chieftain Xipil. Her people are besieged by the Awakened, but she refuses to help us fight them.
Chieftain Xipil: The dead ones took our best warriors—even Kilik, my master-at-arms. We can't hunt for food or fight your war without them.
<Character name>: Chieftain, I'll see what I can do about finding your warriors.
Chieftain Xipil: At last, someone who understands the art of negotiation.
Rescuing Nahu.
Nahu: They took Kilik up that way. If you go after him, I'll free the others.
Finding Kilik's body.
<Character name>: Sorry I didn't get here in time to stop this.
Returning to Scout Yakuti.
Chieftain Xipil: You've brought our hunters and warriors home to us, Commander.
<Character name>: I promise Joko will pay for what was done to your master-at-arms.
Chieftain Xipil: Your cause is just. I pledge my finest to your war. The least I can do.
Scout Yakuti: I'll dispatch them to meet Tribune Rytlock on the front lines.
<Character name>: Excellent. Let's all remember we're in this together.

My story[edit]

Domain of Kourna loading screen.jpg

I assisted old allies and acquired new ones in advance of our assault on Joko's fortress.

My story


  • This story mission branches into four other story missions, each covering its own location, rewards, and achievement. This was the first story mission which featured other story missions nestled within it.