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From the Ashes

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From the Ashes

From the Ashes loading screen.jpg

Loading screen called "From the Ashes—The Deadeye"

From the Ashes is the fourth part of A Star to Guide Us.


Return to the site of your final battle with Balthazar.
  • Climb the skygardens in Vabbi.
  • Check in with the Priory member.
Follow up on Nereth's sword calculations.
  • Seek out the calculated landing zone in Jahai Bluffs.
  • Search the calculated sword-landing zone.
  • Check in on the injured Priory members.
Confront the sniper.
  • Enter Argon Garrison.
  • Listen to the Pact member.
  • Defeat the priestess.
  • Claim the sword.
  • Check in with Blish.



From the Waypoint (map icon).png Market Ruins Waypoint, climb up to the top of King Joko's Sky Garden to meet the Researcher Nereth. She suggests the sword fell in Jahai Bluffs. Head north from Waypoint (map icon).png Soul's Vendetta Waypoint to the marked area. Using a springer or griffon, clamber up one of the branded plateaus (just to the left of the words "Central Brand Scar" on the world map) - there are a pair of priory researchers lying on the ground. Unfortunately one of Balthazar's disciples has run off with the sword.

Journey southeast to Argon Garrison and enter the instance at the marker.

  • Your foe is a deadeye whose main skill, Masterful Shot, will –if unobstructed– reach you from the far corner of the map, dealing you significant damage and causing you to be knocked down. It has a laser sighting animation.
  • There are pillars and debris scattered throughout the garrison which may be used to obstruct the deadeye's attacks.
  • The deadeye needs a few seconds to target you - dodging will reset this timer, making Vigor highly useful.
  • Using a mount will apply the Death's Judgment.png Obvious Target effect to you, which decreases the time it takes for the deadeye to shoot you. Therefore, it is advised to do this section on foot.
  • You will need to cross a large open space, filled with Toxic Poison gas. Use healing skills to stay alive when not being shot at, and swiftness to minimise your exposure time.
  • Travel southeast towards the bottom corner of the instance area. There are stairs going up just south-southeast of her icon. Once you are halfway up the steps, the poison stops being a problem.
  • Unstable Branded Awakened will walk up to you and explode, possibly leaving you as an easy target in the middle of the garrison. Run away from them.
  • There is time to switch your build and equipment before engaging the deadeye after crossing the garrison.
    • The exception might be if you have minions or a pet. If they draw and hold aggro, you won't be able to change gear.
  • Repeating this instance will cause you to have the Death's Judgment.png Nuisance effect.

Gear up, then move across the garrison to the Garrison Command. Fight with the deadeye, after dealing some damage she'll teleport away. Repeat the process with Garrison Access Tower (the stairs are on the west side) and Garrison Relay Tower. After she teleports away for a third time, you're safe to use a mount to quickly reach her. You decide to forgive her for trying to kill you and instead invite her to help take down Kralkatorrik.


From the Ashes A Star to Guide Us 0Achievement points
Search for Balthazar's sword.Journal: From the Ashes Completed Completed From the Ashes 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story step.
Faster than a Speeding Bullet A Star to Guide Us 5Achievement points
Complete the duel in less than 8:00.Story Instance: From the Ashes Completed the Duel in Less Than Eight Minutes 5Achievement points
  • Reach the Deadeye Priestess' fourth location before the timer ends. The timer is fairly forgiving if you have speed boosts. Going after Sniper, No Sniping! will almost guarantee this achievement's completion, as the largest hurdles is the knockback from being hit by bullets and needing to restart from checkpoints.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Faster than a Speeding Bullet effect.
Sniper, No Sniping! A Star to Guide Us 3Achievement points
Get through the sniper battle without getting shot.Story Instance: From the Ashes Zafirah Wasn't Able to Get a Shot Off during Your Battle 3Achievement points

Certain utility skills affect can affect[sic] how you move or give you new options for crossing the area.
If you're having trouble with the sniper, consider experimenting!

— In-game hint

  • Complete the story instance without being hit by the Deadeye Priestess' ranged attack. Being hit by her dagger attacks on the towers is fine.
    • Dodging will make the Deadeye's timer for attacks restart, so a profession with a lot of dodges such as Daredevil, or the ability to increase endurance regeneration (e.g. with Vigor) will be useful.
    • Standing in the toxic gas, found throughout the garrison, will put you into combat, preventing usage of mounts for much of the fight.
    • The visual targeting marker is unreliable and does not always communicate where she plans to shoot next.
    • Occasionally she will shoot the player even when the player is behind cover.
    • Avoid using mounts in general, as that hastens the time in which she'll attack with the rifle.
      • However, the Roller Beetle mount is fast enough to make it about a third to halfway across the field without getting shot if the boost is used at the very beginning. Simply wait around to fill the endurance meter, point in the direction you wish to go, boost about halfway and use Roll Out to dismount before you get shot.
    • Using the small pillars and debris will block bullets, though the debris will be destroyed after one shot.
    • Skills that block projectiles, such as Engineer's Magnetic Shield will completely stop her from targeting during their duration, making such skills extremely useful.
    • A condition heavy class such as Scourge in combination with Gliding and a Skyscale can be used to ease the completion of the Achievement. Load conditions on the Deadeye Priestess and jump off the platform just before she reaches 66% Health. While gliding use Stealth Gliding to get out of combat, then mount your Skyscale and use Dash to quickly fly to the next platform. Because of the long transition between Phases, you should be able to reach the next platform without being targeted at all.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Sniper, No Sniping effect.
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. I Brought a Friend A Star to Guide Us 1Achievement points
Bring an Unstable Branded Awakened to Zafirah and have it explode on her.Why fight your own battles when you can make someone else do it for you?

Story Instance: From the Ashes
Turned an Unstable Branded Awakened against the Mysterious Deadeye 1Achievement points
  • After the Deadeye Priestess' first location, aggro an Unstable Branded Awakened and have it follow you up to the Deadeye Priestess, making it damage her as it explodes.
This achievement rewards items. Return to From the Ashes Return to A Star to Guide Us 0Achievement points
Complete the story mission From the Ashes in Living World Season 4 Episode 4.
Reward: Volatile Magic.pngVolatile Magic (5)
Completed From the Ashes 0Achievement points







In Domain of Vabbi, approaching King Joko's Sky Garden
Blish: All right, Commander. I drew up blueprints in my databanks for the tracker we'll put on Kralkatorrik.
Blish: We just need to find Balthazar's sword to use as bait. Hopefully your Priory friends can assist us.
<Character name>: Blish... Why are you going to all this trouble to help the people here?
Blish: You mean, why would an Inquest asura bother to do something for somebody else?
Blish: To be honest, it was Taimi. I only ever cared about science for its own sake. But she wants to use it to help people.
Blish: Seeing her again... I'm supposed to be dead. Science gave me a second chance. I WILL make it count.
At King Joko's Sky Garden
Researcher Nereth: Scouts should be arriving now! With any luck, the sword will be resting safely in our collection by sundown.
Researcher Nereth: Commander! What brings you to our neck of the desert?
<Character name>: Balthazar's sword. We need it in the fight against Kralkatorrik.
Blish: And time is of the essence.
Researcher Nereth: Is that...a fully sentient golem?
Blish: An asuran scientist in a golem's body, actually. And we're in a hurry.
Researcher Nereth: By the Pale does that work? Tell me everything!
<Character name>: We really are short on time.
Researcher Nereth: Sorry, sorry. Well, if it's the sword you're after, you're in luck. Just finished mapping its trajectory. Take a look.
(over the map)
Researcher Nereth: From the blast pattern, Balthazar was standing here. And, of course, he was right-handed, altering the sword's angle. (an area near the Sky Garden is circled, labelled Balthazar)
Researcher Nereth: And the crystal formations indicate Kralkatorrik's storm came from this direction. So if we apply a simple velocity-time graph... (an area northeast of the Vista in Zagonur Cliffs is circled, labelled Kralkatorrik)
Researcher Nereth: Theoretically, the sword should've landed somewhere around here. We've already dispatched a few scouts to seep the area. (an area just to the northwest of the name Central Brand Scar is circled, labelled Landing Area)
Blish: And you're sure this is correct?
Researcher Nereth: Math never lies.
Blish: Indeed, it does not.
Researcher Nereth: All I ask is this: when you're finished with the sword, donate it to the Priory for study.
Blish: That may not... You know what? Sure. We'll do our best.
At the Landing Area
(on approach)
Priory Scholar Vannis: It was in our hands... How could this happen?
Priory Historian: The have to go after it.
Blish: What happened here?
Priory Historian: I don't even know... One minute we were pulling Balthazar's sword from the sand. Exactly where Nereth said it would be.
Priory Historian: The next...everything went black. Woke up with a bloody shoulder...and no sword.
Priory Explorer: It was that sniper.
Blish: Sniper?
Priory Explorer: Came out of nowhere. Picked us off before we knew what was happening. He was like a ghost. A shadow.
<Character name>: Did you see where he went?
Priory Explorer: He headed southeast from here. To the garrison.
<Character name>: Southeast. Got it.
Blish: Nothing is ever easy, is it?
Upon arriving at Argon Garrison
Vigil Marksman: Hold on, Commander!
Vigil Marksman: I know you can handle yourself, but I wouldn't go in there if I were you. Deadeye's got the whole place on lockdown.
Blish: By himself? Just who is this guy?
Vigil Marksman: He's a she. And she's kicking our tails. Flooded the area with poison gas; perched herself in a perfect spot.
Vigil Marksman: Some sort of priestess, I think. Doesn't seem like she's up for a friendly chat.
Blish: In that case...I'll provide moral support. From out here. Stay out of sight.
If you rush into the garrison
Vigil Marksman: Your funeral. I'd stay out of sight if I were you.
When entering the garrison
Deadeye Priestess: If you're here to claim his sword, turn around. You have no right to it. Leave now, and live.
Blish: Voice amplification. You'll have to get close if you want to talk to her.
Deadeye Priestess: Wait...I know that face. You're the "Hero of Amnoon."
Blish: Oh, good! Maybe we can use this to—
Deadeye Priestess: The one who killed my god.
Blish: Uh-oh.
Deadeye Priestess: How proud you must be. Killer of gods, slayer of dragons. Trumpeting your heroism. No thought for the cost.
Deadeye Priestess: All those lives left discarded in your wake. "Collateral damage."
Deadeye Priestess: Six short days we're given to mourn the fallen. Six. Days. Then we reforge their weapons and return to the fight.
Deadeye Priestess: But when I learned his sword was here, I knew my destiny. I will finish his work. I will kill the dragon.
Deadeye Priestess: I didn't expect whatever gods are still listening to deliver his murderer into my hands.
And one of the following sentences:
Deadeye Priestess: A warning: I'm as good with a knife as I am with a rifle.
Deadeye Priestess: You can hide from my bullets. Can you hide from my blade?
When reaching the priestess at the first location
<Character name>: look familiar. Do I...know you?
Deadeye Priestess: You know nothing about me. Or my priesthood. The family you destroyed.
Deadeye Priestess: You think you can take whatever you want—because everyone calls you a hero.
<Character name>: Stop! Just let me—
While proceeding to the second location
Deadeye Priestess: After you killed him, people were celebrating. And I was afraid. Too afraid to open my lips to say that I...
Deadeye Priestess: I remember him differently.
Deadeye Priestess: You don't understand what Balthazar's priesthood was. What they gave me.
Deadeye Priestess: They taught me that the things that had been done to me, the choices I'd had to made...those things hadn't broken me.
Deadeye Priestess: They had FORGED me. My scars weren't records of failure; they were badges of survival. Of resilience.
Deadeye Priestess: Balthazar's people didn't offer me miracles. Only meaning.
When reaching the priestess at the second location
<Character name>: Stop. I...I've seen you before. I think we might want the same thing.
Deadeye Priestess: Really? Because what I want is justice for the god you murdered. Justice for my people.
Deadeye Priestess: I won't fall so easily. Not to you.
While proceeding to the third location
Deadeye Priestess: After you, the forge was cold. The practice yards empty. The temples silent. My brothers and sisters—gone.
Deadeye Priestess: I wandered the heights and called their names. The echoes came back unanswered. I was—I am—completely alone.
Deadeye Priestess: You had snuffed him out. People have already forgotten everything he was. Everything we were.
Deadeye Priestess: Now the world will remember us only by the worst thing our god ever did.
Deadeye Priestess: Do you understand? You've made their sacrifice meaningless.
When reaching the priestess at the third location
Deadeye Priestess: I won't give you the sword. I won't give up the only part of him I have left.
Deadeye Priestess: No! I can't...
Deadeye Priestess: Ah!
After defeating the priestess
Deadeye Priestess: So. This is it.
Deadeye Priestess: I'm not a fool, Commander. (sniff) I know you didn't cause Balthazar's fall from grace. You just...moved things along.
Deadeye Priestess: I spent so long aching for revenge. I'm just tired.
Deadeye Priestess: My fight is over. I'm ready to join my family. Do it.
When showing mercy
<Character name>: It IS you...from the vision. Your fight isn't over. Not yet.
Deadeye Priestess: What are you talking about?
If human and selected Balthazar at character creation:
<Character name>: I prayed to Balthazar, too. I know how it feels to have your faith crumble inside you.
<Character name>: I can't bring your god back. But I can offer you a chance to finish what he started.
<Character name>: I'm working on a way to kill Kralkatorrik—without disrupting his magic. Help me finish it. Please.
Deadeye Priestess: Anyone else would simply kill me and take the sword.
<Character name>: Anyone else, you would have killed. And I've seen a better way.
Deadeye Priestess: We reforge the weapons of the dead—to pass their strength on to others. So. You may have his sword.
Deadeye Priestess: My help, on the other hand...we'll see.
<Character name>: Will you tell me who you are?
Deadeye Priestess: I'm Zafirah.
Deadeye Priestess: And you are not what I expected.
When talking to Zafirah
Zafirah: I gave you the sword. Now go—do what you must.
After bringing the sword to Blish
Blish: Thank the Alchemy. I was worried you wouldn't make it out in one piece. And you have the sword!
<Character name>: I do, but it seems...well lifeless.
Blish: Dormant. I feared as much.
Blish: To attract Kralkatorrik's attention, it'll need to be activated, so to speak.
<Character name>: And how do we activate it?
Blish: Magic—powerful magic. Luckily, we're surrounded on all sides by a potent Brandstorm. If you carry the sword inside—
<Character name>: No. Next idea.
Blish: Hear me out. All you need to do is expose yourself to the Brand lightning for seven, eight seconds maximum—
<Character name>: Blish.
Blish: As you wish... I do have a backup plan. It involves your large revenant friend.
<Character name>: Rytlock? You mean we can use Sohothin.
Blish: Precisely. I'll have Taimi contact him. Meet me at Sun's Refuge, and we'll get this sword working.
Blish: And just so you know...if that fails, we're definitely using the lightning.

My story[edit]

From the Ashes loading screen.jpg

We reached the site of our battle with Balthazar, and a Priory member named Nereth calculated where she thought his famed sword may have landed. According to her, the Priory should've already recovered it.

We found the projected landing zone for the sword—only to discover the Priory had been attacked by a mysterious sniper who stole the sword and fled. The Priory suspects this sniper was headed for Argon Garrison.

After an emotional showdown, I defeated Zafirah, a grieving priestess of Balthazar with a personal vendetta. It was then that I finally recognized her—she was present in Aurene's vision of the future! Confident in our future alliance, I invited her to help us take down Kralkatorrik. I don't know if she'll accept, but she did turn over Balthazar's sword.

All that remains is to re-ignite the sword using magic from Rytlock's sword, Sohothin. Then it's time to enter the Mists and use the sword as magical bait to attach Blish's tracker to Kralkatorrik. Easy, right?

My story


  • This episode was released with the September 18th, 2018 update.