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1332 AE
Living World Season 4
War Eternal
(Crystal Desert)
Preceded by
The End
Followed by
Glory of Dragons

Landfall is the second story step of the Living World Season 4 Episode 6, War Eternal.


Survey the new island.
  • Listen to Taimi's and Gorrik's requests.
  • Survey the terrain.
  • Tell Taimi and Gorrik what you saw.
Collect seismic data to map the island.
  • Get Gorrik's instruments from Taimi's assistant.
  • Scan the area of seismic interest in Melandru's Lost Domain.
  • Deploy seismic tap.
  • Scan the area of seismic interest in the Burning Forest.
  • Deploy seismic tap.
  • Scan the area of seismic interest in the Underworld.
  • Deploy seismic tap.
  • Tell Taimi and Gorrik about what you found.



Follow the story marker to the Vista (map icon).pngGnarlgrove Vista, and use to scout out Kralkatorrik's condition. Then, head back down to Point of interest (map icon).pngVerdant Gate to meet with Taimi's new assistant, who will hand you Gorrik's scanner. Your next mission is to deploy 3 seismic taps in specific locations:

  • one northwest of Waypoint (map icon).png Melandru's Lost Domain Waypoint,
  • another southwest of Waypoint (map icon).png The Underworld Waypoint, and finally,
  • one east of Waypoint (map icon).png Burning Forest Waypoint, under the Vista (map icon).pngScorched Cliffs Vista.

Map for Seismic Taps[edit]


Landfall War Eternal 0Achievement points
Survey the island formed by Kralkatorrik's fall.Journal: Landfall Completed Completed Landfall 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story step.





Entering the Dragonfall open world map
Gorrik: When you have a moment, Commander, I've got a list of all the data I'll need. Two lists, in fact.
Taimi: But you can't do any of that until we find Gorrik's instruments. The Pact's still… unpacking.
Gorrik: (grumble) In the meantime, I've marked a high point for reconnaissance.
Taimi: Huh! Turns out I can't see everything from this airship.
Contacting Rox
Rox: We're up to our ears in spirits and skeletons, Commander. Holding them off for now, but… oh! My fur's on end.
<Character name>: Sounds dangerous. Want backup? I can send Braham in.
Rox: Mm-mm. ...I've got this.
Contacting Caithe
Caithe: Burning trees as far as the eye can see. And shadow creatures. Except you don't see them. That's worse.
<Character name>: I know it's not easy. Lean on Zaeim. Remember: this is for Aurene.
Caithe: Right.
After Surveying the terrain
Gorrik: All right, Commander. What's it look like up there?
<Character name>: Kralkatorrik's buried—I can't see his head. He's covered with Brandstorms and lightning. Getting close'll be dangerous.
<Character name>: I can see his severed wing from here, too.
Taimi: Wait, really? If we can reach it, then that means...oh...OH.
Gorrik: The Dragonsblood spears were weak because we didn't have his blood. If we did have it...
Taimi: I'll call in a chopper. Someone can fly up and collect some blood. There has to be some way to fuse it with our spears.
Gorrik: Ooh, a challenge! I'm on it.
Taimi: In the meantime, can you meet with my research assistant? We located the crate with Gorrik's instruments.
<Character name>: Research assistant? Okay, just send me the coordinates.
Contacting Sayida the Sly
Sayida the Sly: Commander, we spotted Zafirah to the far southwest. She's picking off Branded by the bushel.
Sayida the Sly: Seems like she can take care of herself, so...
<Character name>: Thanks, Sayida. Is Taimi still with you?
Taimi: Die, Branded scum! Ah hahahaha!
Sayida the Sly: Hasn't left my sight.
Contacting Rox
Rox: The Olmakhan are twitchy, Commander. Can't say I blame ‘em. The Underworld's just…unnatural.
Rox: But say the word, we'll be all over Kralkatorrik.
<Character name>: Thanks. Hold your position for now.
Contacting Rytlock
Rytlock Brimstone: Benevolent nature goddess, my tail. This greenery's trying to eat us alive.
<Character name>: Huh. Well, Melandru and the other gods are gone.
Rytlock Brimstone: You watch your back out there. I've got Logan's.
Upon meeting Braham
<Character name>: Braham! You're Taimi's assistant?
Braham Eirsson: Whatever Taimi needs, I'll get her. I'm supposed to give you these. Good luck, Commander.
Taimi: I feel so assisted right now. Gorrik, tell the commander about what you sent.
Gorrik: The indicator should guide you to a few points of tremendous seismic interest.
Gorrik: Plant the instruments, or B57X seismic taps, and they'll send us data about this terrain. Data the tracker can't give us.
<Character name>: Any reports from the chopper you sent up for the blood?
Taimi: Not yet. We're experiencing some static interference. I'll call if something comes up.
After planting the first seismic tap
<Character name>: Gorrik, I've put the first tap down. Are you getting what you need from it?
Gorrik: I'm seeing the data now. Keep placing those instruments! With enough readings, I'll be able to map the substrata.
After planting the second seismic tap
<Character name>: Second seismic tap in place.
Gorrik: Good, good. Keep going! This is…adding to what we know. Taimi, can you double-check these numbers?
Taimi: Sure thing, but first—Commander? That chopper? It just fell out of the sky.
Taimi: Something around that wing is creating a technological dead zone. We can't get up there.
Gorrik: I doubt it's mechanical. Wonder if it's some sort of organic construct..
Taimi: Figure it out. Aurene's busy with Kralkatorrik, and Sayida and I are providing critical air support.
Taimi: Commander, we need that blood. Can you find a different way up?
<Character name>: Soon as I place this last tap.
After planting the third seismic tap
<Character name>: All taps are down. But something odd's going on. Is that...ley energy?
Taimi: Kralk's impact broke into subsurface ley lines? Oh, no, no, no, no!
Gorrik: Wait, that's why my numbers look like this?
<Character name>: What's ley energy doing here?
Gorrik: Kralkatorrik's absorbing it! He's healing!
Taimi: We need to cut him off from those ley lines. Fast.
<Character name>: If he's healing, Aurene's attacks won't hold him down. We have to get his blood—for our spears.
Taimi: Okay. Gorrik and I will figure out a solution for the ley lines. You should get up to that wing—if you can find a way.
Caithe: Sorry to interrupt. Aurene—she's found something.
Aurene: Caithe, Champion. Come to me.
Caithe: She's in the far south.
<Character name>: Hope everything's all right. See you there.

My story[edit]

Landfall loading screen.jpg

I surveyed the new island from a high point and spotted Kralkatorrik's wing. While Taimi sent a chopper to collect blood from it, I went looking for her research assistant to pick up Gorrik's seismic instruments.

I placed three seismic taps around the island to collect data for Gorrik, who hopes to map the interior. At the last location I found wild ley energy—magic that Kralkatorrik can eat to heal! Taimi also reported that the chopper went down due to signal interference from the wing. Then Caithe chimed in: Aurene had found something.

My story