Iron Grip of the Legion

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Iron Grip of the Legion

1325 AE
Personal story
Getting the Band Back Together
Black Citadel
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr
Ash Legion
Preceded by
Biography Ash Legion.png A Spy for a Spy
Followed by
Biography Ash Legion.png The Flame Advances

Iron Grip of the Legion is part of the personal story of charr characters who chose the Ash Legion background and decided to defend the Iron Legion siege engine.


Stop the Flame Legion saboteurs.

  • Meet Samona Ironclaw outside Exterminatus HQ.
  • Follow Samona to the warehouse.
  • Speak with Samona.
  • Defeat the Blood Legion impostors.
  • Get into the warehouse.
  • Defeat the Flame Legion saboteurs.
  • Defeat Flame Saboteur Ducco.
  • Speak with the Iron Legion centurion.


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All professions


Approach Samona to start a cinematic with the mission briefing: flame legion soldiers, disguised as blood legion, are going to try to destroy the iron legion machinery stored in the warehouse - and you're going to stop them. Head up the ramp to the Exterminatus HQ warehouse on the right. While Samona unlocks the door, defend her against a small group of flame legion. Following their defeat, you find further flame legion inside. There are quite a few flame legion here, and be aware that if your sparring partner and Samona die then it will be difficult to revive them while under pressure. After defeating the goons, the mesmer Flame Saboteur Ducco reveals himself. After defeating all of the flame legion, the iron legion Centurion Augustus Coilclaw enters the warehouse and demands an explanation from Samona. After the mission Samona joins your warband.

Killing the first group of enemies too fast after entering the warehouse can result in a bugged instance, forcing you to restart. Kill them group after group to avoid this. If there are no respawns after Flame Saboteur Duccos line "First team is down. Second and third teams: go!" and he instead starts attacking you while he is still invulnerable, you will have to restart the instance.






Spoken by your sparring partner upon entering:

Clawspur: Stop the Flame Legion, save the machine. Got it.
Dinky: Grr, I hate it when things break. I'd hate to see the Iron Legion siege engine in pieces.
Euryale: I don't like machines. Iron Legion better appreciate us saving their big toy.
Maverick: I can respect saving a siege engine. I"m a finely honed killing machine myself.
Reeva: Time to meet that contact and save Iron's siege engine.

Talking to your sparring partner:

Clawspur: Careful. Iron protects their equipment with traps. One false step, and it could be your last.
Talk end option tango.png I'll watch my feet. You watch my back.
Dinky: I like the Iron Legion. But if they wash themselves in the winter, do their tongues get stuck?
Talk end option tango.png Never thought about it. Follow me. We've got a job to do.
Euryale: I gotta say—Iron Legion creeps me out. I know machinery is the way of the future, but some of the things they build...that stuff just ain't right.
Talk end option tango.png We'll get in, get out, then back home. Stay close and alert.
Maverick: I'm ready. Any of these Iron-heads gives you even a little trouble, and I'll give them a little Maverick. And a little Maverick goes a long way.
Talk end option tango.png Quiet. These Iron-heads have tanks, and they're not afraid to use them.
Reeva: Ooh, Iron Legion. I've always wanted to get a peek inside their classified workshops. Think they'll let me tinker around?
Talk end option tango.png We're here to help them find the Flame infiltrators, not blow up the citadel.

Approaching Samona (cinematic):

<Character name>: So, you're Samona? I'm your contact. We've got Flame Legion incoming, and I need your help.
Samona Ironclaw: Flame Legion? I knew I smelled sulfur! Get it? Sul...fur? Fur?
<Character name>: Your nose is better than your sense of humor. They'll be disguised as Blood Legion, and they want to destroy Iron's shiny new siege engine.
Samona Ironclaw: Gears and grinders! That would put us at Blood's throat, for sure. Those grunts already mishandle and break everything we build them! How do we stop this?
<Character name>: By being one step ahead. You and I position near the engine and ambush the Flame Legion impostors before they can do any damage.
Samona Ironclaw: Not bad, but the weapon's in a classified-level warehouse, and there's no time to get clearance.
<Character name>: We'll have to make our own clearance. The Flame Legion may already be in there. Let's go.

On the way to the warehouse:

Samona Ironclaw: I don't like this. Something's not right. It's too quiet.
Samona Ironclaw: Just let me get this door open and we'll see what's next.

Talking to Samona by the locked gate (cinematic):

Samona Ironclaw: Aw, rust it all! The door's locked! But don't worry. Samona's on your side! I'll un-jam that junker in a jiffy.
<Character name>: Samona, do you always talk this way?
Samona Ironclaw: What way, grumpy? I think out loud. After years in the machine bay, I need some noise while I work.
<Character name>: If you can get that door open, you can chatter all you want.
Blood Legion Impostor: Blades out! Somebody's here! Kill them all, fast and messy! We still have to take out the weapon!
<Character name>: Hey, Samona! Our Blood Legion "buddies" are here. Keep working, I'll handle this!

After defeating the impostors (non-cinematic):

Samona Ironclaw: Right! That should do it. Flipping combination! Coils and cogs, it's always a pain.
Samona Ironclaw: Let's check the siege engine. With any luck, we beat the Flame Legion inside.
Samona Ironclaw: Scorch me, they're already here!
Samona Ironclaw: I'm going to switch on those turrets. Watch my back!
Samona Ironclaw: The Iron Legion is back! First team, they're all yours! The rest of you, keep working!
Flame Saboteur Ducco: The Iron Legion is back! First team: they're all yours! The rest of you, keep working!
Flame Saboteur Ducco: First team is down. Second and third teams, go!
Flame Saboteur Ducco points at <character name>.
Flame Saboteur Ducco: That does it! All teams, with me. I'm going to take care of these intruders personally!
Flame Saboteur Ducco points at <character name>.

After defeating the saboteurs:

Centurion Augustus Coilclaw: Hey! Over here!

Talking to Samona before confronting the Iron centurion:

Samona Ironclaw: I've gotta admit, this doesn't look good: us, here, with a bunch of bludgeoned Blood Legion. I hope the centurion is feeling understanding today...
Talk end option tango.png I'll help you explain, Samona. You did this for me.

Talking to the Centurion (cinematic):

Centurion Augustus Coilclaw: Report, Samona! Why is my warehouse full of dead Blood Legion soldiers? Who's the Ash flunky?
Samona Ironclaw: Those dead soldiers are Flame, sir, dressed to trick us into blaming Blood. This Ash Legion agent tipped me off about a sabotage attempt.
Centurion Augustus Coilclaw: You rushed in without a superior officer and brought an Ash spy into our secret project. I've had it, Samona, No more inventing. You're on kitchen patrol until your tail turns grey!
Samona Ironclaw: But... I... Pistons and plugs! That'll teach me to be proactive. I hate scrubbing floors with a toothbrush.
<Character name>: Not if I can help it. See this as an opportunity, and come join my warband.
Samona Ironclaw: Really? A spot on your team? That's a hundred and one times better than de-grouting cylinder heads!
<Character name>: That's the spirit, Samona. Grab your things and meet us at Hero's Canton.
Samona Ironclaw waves at <character name>.

Talking to the NPCs after the cinematic:

Centurion Augustus Coilclaw: Good luck with Samona. She may drive you crazy with her chatter, but she'll be a strong asset to your warband.
Ferocity Then why did you kick her out?
I got no room for Ash agents in my warbands. Samona's a good soldier, but she acted without informing her superiors. And don't hold your breath for her constant yammering to become endearing.
Talk end option tango.png I see. With respect, though, it's your loss.
Dignity With respect, Centurion, why did you dismiss her?
Samona is capable and energetic, but she can never stick to her assigned duties. I can't give her more autonomy or flexibility. Not like Ash can.
Talk end option tango.png As long as she gets the job done, I'll give her whatever she needs.
Charisma Glad to hear it. The legions don't have to be so hostile to one another.
Maybe, but there's a blunt line between cordial and cozy. Samona's approach has always been more Ash than Iron anyway. At least, I hope so...for both your sakes.
Talk end option tango.png Don't worry. I'll put her to good use.
Talk end option tango.png I'll make the most of her abilities. Thank you, Centurion.
Centurion Augustus Coilclaw: We've both got work to do, soldier. Get on with yours and leave me to mine.
Ferocity I'm not going to let the Iron Legion punish Samona for this mistake.
Look, don't take it out on me! Samona screwed up. If I let her get away with it, the whole legion suffers. I'm sorry.
Talk end option tango.png Fine. Your loss..
Dignity Samona's a clever inventor. Kicking her out is band decision by the Iron Legion.
Our legion is like a siege engine: little parts make a bigger whole. Samona's a loose cannon. Maybe she'll do better with you.
Talk end option tango.png I'm sure she will..
Talk more option tango.png Your legion won't miss Samona? She's sweet-and very clever.
Most of us will still be her friends. She never really fit in here, though. Square cog. She'll have a better time with your crew.
Talk end option tango.png I'm sure she will.
Talk end option tango.png Will do, Centurion.
Samona Ironclaw: I'll pack my tools and say my good-byes. You won't regret having me in your warband.
Charisma I'm sure I won't. You're quirky, but you're dependable. We could use you.
Talk more option tango.png Not many, but I like to diversify.
Gotta pull together. Work as a team. This is going to be better than gears in a shotgun barrel!
Talk end option tango.png See you back at Hero's Canton.
Dignity It'll be good to have someone with your expertise.
You're too kind. I suppose the Ash Legion doesn't get many tinkerers, does it?
Talk more option tango.png Not many, but I like to diversify.
Gotta pull together. Work as a team. This is going to be better than gears in a shotgun barrel!
Talk end option tango.png See you back at Hero's Canton.
Talk end option tango.png See you back at Hero's Canton.
Talk more option tango.png We'll see about that.
This is going to be a heck of a ride. You'll see!
Talk end option tango.png See you at Hero's Canton.
Talk end option tango.png After you're settled in, meet me at Hero's Canton. See you there.

Talking to sparring partner after Samona joins you:

Clawspur: Recruiting Samona's a smart move. Since Reeva died, we've needed someone to repair our gear.
Talk end option tango.png Treat her well and she'll treat us well. Samona's chattiness can grow on you.
Dinky: Samona's joining? I can't wait. She makes such amazing toys.
Talk end option tango.png Deadly toys. She's both useful and entertaining. Now let's move.
Euryale: Recruiting Samona? Hm. She may be useful, but I worry--how does she manage to breathe and jabber both at the same time?
Talk end option tango.png Magic, Euryale. Magic. I'm glad you approve. Let's report to the tribune.
Maverick: Samona, hm? Rrrorwr. Wait 'til she gets a load of my charm. And my suave. And my-
Talk end option tango.png Big mouth? Careful. Samona knows how to protect herself. With bear traps.
Reeva: Samona's amazing. If she's in the warband, maybe I could borrow her tools.
Talk end option tango.png So you like her. Good. She's just what the warband needs.

My story[edit]

Citadel Stockade loading screen.jpg

I found Samona Ironclaw, an Iron Legion soldier, to help me protect their new siege engine from the Flame Legion. Sadly, taking me into a classified warehouse got her kicked out of the Iron Legion, but she cheerfully joined my warband without missing a beat—or a syllable.

My story