A Meeting of the Minds

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A Meeting of the Minds

1325 AE
Personal story
Rescue Researcher
College of Synergetics
(Rata Sum)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
Durmand Priory (order icon).png Durmand Priory
Preceded by
Test Subject
Field Test
Followed by
Setting the Stage

A Meeting of the Minds is part of the personal story of asura characters. It is selected by becoming a member of the Durmand Priory in the previous mission.


Help the Durmand Priory stage a conference to spread Gorr's theory.

  • Meet Krasso and Gorr at the College of Synergetics.
  • Protect Gorr while he presents his theory.
  • Defeat the hostile golems.
  • Use the control console to reprogram the golems to fight the fires.
  • Defeat Rakt.
  • Speak with High Councillor Flax.
  • Talk to Zojja.


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All professions


During the conference, Rakt will boldly interrupt to announce the planned death of Professor Gorr. He detonates some explosives on the walls and activates a couple of BAT 9929 golems to terminate every asura in the college. The first battle is against the golems. It is advised to watch out for their ranged attacks, which take out large portions of your total health and will kill an unprepared player. Dodging backwards once should be enough. Their other attacks are weaker, but still potentially lethal. Focus fire on one golem at a time to avoid being overrun by the group, unless you are comfortable enough in taking one multiple at once. The allied NPCs will revive their allies, so don't worry too much about resurrecting.

After the golems have been defeated, you are asked to activate the control console to have the golems extinguish the fire in the college. This will also extinguish the flame walls leading into the rest of Rata Sum, where Rakt is waiting. Upon approaching Rakt, a cutscene will trigger, and you will face him directly. After the previous battle, Rakt should pose little to no threat. Beware of falling off the bridge into the lower area, this will reset the entire mission and you will have to begin from the start.








Approaching Zojja:

Zojja: Gorr's ready to start. Can't wait to hear what you've discovered.
Zojja waves at <Character name>.

Speaking with Zojja:

Zojja: The Priory's plan is promising. A conference like this is one of the fastest ways to spread Gorr's message among the academic elite. It may not be flashy, but it's effective.
Talk more option tango.png Is Mr. Sparkles joining us?
Not this time. Rakt is watching us, so I sent Sparkles on a decoy mission to sow confusion and buy us some time. Right now he's "investigating" an Arcane Eye base on the other side of town.
Talk end option tango.png Good plan. I'll miss him, but it's a good plan.
Talk end option tango.png Definitely. That's why I chose it.

At the conference:

Faculty Leader Pokk: I've gathered the finest minds in the world for this, Gorr. You'd best not disappoint them.
Professor Gorr: Excuse me. The final member of my research team has arrived.
Professor Gorr: If you and the audience are ready, we can begin.
Faculty Leader Pokk: Outstanding. Looking forward to your presentation, Professor. I'll introduce you.
Faculty Leader Pokk: My fellow geniuses, please join the College of Synergetics in welcoming Professor Gorr.
Professor Gorr: Thank you for coming. You may have already heard my theory about the Elder Dragons consuming magic.
Professor Gorr: Today, I'm here to present incontrovertible proof of that theory. Proof, and a warning.
Professor Gorr: If left unchecked, the dragons will consume every last iota of magic in the world.
Rakt: Ladies and gentlemen, this presentation has been canceled on account of death. Yours.

Speaking with Faculty Leader Pokk:

Faculty Leader Pokk: Every top-flight geniuses[sic] in Rata Sum is here. Gorr has his message and now we've given him the means to disseminate it...I just hope the Arcane Eye allows it.
Ferocity We don't need their permission. We have me
Dignity Rakt would have to be insane to threaten a gathering this big.
Charisma Rakt's dirty tricks are no match for the brain power in this room.
Talk end option tango.png Take cover and leave this to me.

Cinematic with Rakt:

Professor Gorr: Stop! Silencing me won't help you now. Besides, I'm only trying to help defeat the dragons.
Rakt: Then you should have stayed in your cell. Now I have to kill everyone here and burn the room. What a waste of time.
Scholar Krasso: It's a waste of a great deal more than time. Don't do this, Agent. Concealing the threat posed by the dragons helps no one and hurts everyone.
<Character name>: You can't control the truth, Rakt. Things have already gone too far.
Rakt: That may be true, but you're not going any farther. Instead, you're all going to die, right here, right now.

After cinematic:

Rakt: I've sealed all the doors. Now to turn up the heat.
BAT 9929: Emergency—protocols—activated. Beginning—attack—sequence.

Fighting the fire:

Professor Gorr: If we can reach the console, I believe we can reprogram the golems to fight fire.
Console: Conflagration detected. Emergency override activated. Engage fire-suppression protocols?
Talk end option tango.png Yes. Extinguish all fires.
BAT 9929: Switching—to—fire—suppression—mode.
BAT 9929: Threat—neutralized. Deactivating.
Scholar Krasso: Now that the flames have been snuffed, it's Rakt's turn.

Speaking with your allies:

Scholar Krasso: I didn't think the Arcane Eye would kill everyone in the room just to silence Gorr, but clearly I was wrong.
Talk end option tango.png Good thing Gorr has us on his side.
Professor Gorr: This is ridiculous! Every time I try to share my theory, I'm either kidnapped, incarcerated, or set on fire.
Talk end option tango.png After today, It'll never happen again. I promise.
Zojja: Gorr's presentation was just the first phase. From here on, things start to get tricky.
Talk end option tango.png That's okay. I'm not leaving until the job is done.
Faculty Leader Pokk: They're going to kill us all, aren't they? I know progress demands a vigorous exchange of views, but this is a bit too vigorous.
Ferocity Not for me. I've got a score to settle with Rakt.
Dignity The truth is always worth fighting for.
Charisma Think of it as a "physical debate." With fire.
Talk end option tango.png Take cover and leave this to me.

Cinematic with Rakt:

<Character name>: It's over, Rakt. Everyone here heard Gorr's message, and they're about to spread it across Tyria.
Scholar Krasso: And when the Council sees what you've done, they'll have your head.
Rakt: The Council can be extremely myopic when it suits them. Besides, once you're all dead, there'll be nothing left for them to see.
<Character name>: It doesn't have to end like that. You're loyal, but you're also smart. You can still walk away from this.
Rakt: But you can't. My orders are clear. None of you leaves here alive.

After defeating Rakt, High Councillor Flax arrives (cinematic):

Professor Gorr: Here. You see, Councillor Flax? Everything I said is true! The Arcane Eye have been trying to supress[sic] my theory that the dragons are eating magic.
Professor Gorr: My correct theory, I might add. We now have proof that the dragons do consume magic.
Councillor Flax: We know, Professor. We've always known. Preparations are being made to exploit your "discovery" for Rata Sum's benefit even as we speak.
<Character name>: Then Rakt was working for you all along. You used the Arcane Eye to get Gorr out of the way so you could stifle the truth.
Zojja: You won't get away with this. We'll tell the world. We'll distribute Gorr's research. We'll—
Councillor Flax: You'll make a lot of shrill noise, as always. And as always, no one will listen or care. You're wasting the Council's time. This audience is over.

Cinematic with Zojja:

<Character name>: I had no idea the Council was corrupt enough to hoard information that could help Tyria deal with the dragons.
Scholar Krasso: They obviously think they can keep themselves safe in Rata Sum. But the more power they stockpile, the faster the dragons will come for them.
Zojja: Listen, I've fought the dragons, and I am telling you they have no chance. The only hope Tyria has is for all races to join forces.
Scholar Krasso: That's the Priory's current mission. But I think I can handle things in Rata Sum from here on out. The Durmand Priory has bigger plans for you, Novice.
Scholar Krasso: It's time to take the fight to the dragon. Head to Lion's Arch. A Priory contact is waiting for you. She'll give you your first official mission.
Zojja: Congratulations. Getting you into an order was the first step. Now for the tricky part: I'm bound for Lion's Arch, too. I'm meeting an...old friend there.
Zojja: We were members of a brilliant team, Destiny's Edge. Things went...horribly wrong, but I'm starting to think the team is worth another try.
Zojja: We almost took down an Elder Dragon without any help. But the dragons are too big for one group to tackle.
Zojja: Tyria needs their experience...and Destiny's Edge needs all the help they can get. Once you're settled in at the Durmand Priory, I may call on you again.
<Character name>: I'll be honored to answer that call. As a member of the Priory, a citizen of Tyria, and your friend, I'll be ready.
Zojja: Thank you. This may fail, but I have to at least try. I wouldn't feel that way if not for you. I'll meet you in Lion's Arch.

Speaking with your allies:

Professor Gorr: I've often suspected Councillor Flax of having a hidden agenda. I'm sorry my theory has caused everyone such trouble, but I also thank you for helping me present it to the world.
Talk end option tango.png You're welcome. Now let's put your theory to practical use against the dragons.
Zojja: Nice work, Savant...I mean, initiate[sic]. With both of us attacking the Elder Dragon problem from different angles, I'm a lot more confident about our chances of success.
Talk end option tango.png Same here. I'll keep an eye out for you in Lion's Arch.
Scholar Krasso: Well, despite the council's betrayal, we've done well here today. I see a bright future for you in the Priory. Good luck in Lion's Arch.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.

My story[edit]

Lines of Communication.jpg

For my first duty as a Durmand Priory novice, I helped Scholar Krasso stage a conference to disseminate Gorr's theory. Rakt tried to burn the place down with everyone inside, but we dealt with him...only to have Councillor Flax of the Arcane Council admit that the council knew Gorr's theory was true all along and had been stifling the information until they figured out a way to exploit it. Zojja told me she was heading for Lion's Arch to meet up with an old friend, and since my new Durmand Priory mentor is also waiting in Lion's Arch, I told her I'd look for her there.

My story


The voice acting for Zojja's line "Once you're settled in at the Durmand Priory, I may call on you again." during the final cutscene is not using the correct audio. Zojja will speak of the Vigil, even though the character joined the Priory.