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The Predator's Path

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The Predator's Path

1328 AE
Heart of Thorns
The Predator's Path
Bristleback Chasm
(Auric Basin)
Preceded by
City of Hope
Followed by
Strange Observations
The path followed during The Predator's Path.

The Predator's Path is the ninth chapter of the Heart of Thorns story. This chapter cannot be replayed once completed.


Find a way to reunite with your team.

  • Earn your Updraft Use Mastery to continue your story.
  • Speak with Wekesa.
  • Find Taimi's first message.
  • Find the next disk.
  • Find the next disk.
  • Find the next disk.
  • Find the next disk.



You must have the Updraft Use mastery to start the mission.

Speak to Wekesa, and you are directed to various quest markers throughout Auric Basin. Teleport back up to Waypoint (map icon).png Eastwatch Waypoint and follow the points indicated on the map to find Taimi's hologram messages. The final message is atop a great hollow trunk. To get up to it, climb the roof of the Mordrem camp beneath the trunk, ascending eastward and using the updrafts at the east end of the trunk to glide up onto its roof.


The Predator's Path Heart of Thorns: Act 2 Heart of Thorns mastery point 0Achievement points
Catch up with the rest of your team.Journal: The Predator's Path Completed Completed The Predator's Path 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.





Approaching Wekesa
Wekesa: Are you the one they refer to as commander?
If asura, human, norn or sylvari:
<Character name>: I am.
If charr:
<Character name>: What's it to you?
Wekesa: Tarir thanks you for returning part of Glint's legacy to its rightful place.
Wekesa: Your party was here while you were in the trials, but they felt an urgency to move on.
Wekesa: They asked me to aid you in locating them.
Wekesa: The little one said she left you something "that will blow your mind" due east of here.
<Character name>: Then I'll head east. Much appreciated.
First disk
Taimi Hologram: I hope you find this, Commander! We went ahead, following Zojja, Logan, and Trahearne's path.
Taimi Hologram: I can't wait to hear what happened with the egg! We saw a light, and then the city went nuts!
Taimi Hologram: Please remember every minute facet of what happened! I'm going to need to hear it in excruciating detail. For instance, was the—
Taimi Hologram: Uh, okay, Rytlock is signaling me to wrap it up, so...
Taimi Hologram: I have a few of these holo-disks left.
Taimi Hologram: Just follow them south through that cavern and you'll catch up with us in not time! Happy trails!
Second disk
Taimi Hologram: Hi! We're headed that way... Scruffy, are you recording?
Taimi Hologram: Are you sure? Why isn't the light on?
Taimi Hologram: Better erase this one and start over. Just start over.
<Character name>: Hmmm... Not as informative as I would have hoped.
Third disk
<Character name>: Another one of Taimi's messages...
Taimi Hologram: Okay, so we seem to have wandered into a den of vinetooths... Teeth? Tooths or teeth? Anyway, super dangerous!
Taimi Hologram: So, you know, watch your back. We saw some campfires south of here, so we're headed—
Taimi Hologram: Uh-oh! Is that—? Okay, gotta go!
Fourth disk
Norn Savage: Pssst! Pssst!
<Character name>: Who is that? Show yourself!
Norn Savage: Take is easy, take it easy! And be quiet!
<Character name>: What are you doing out here?
Norn Savage: What are YOU doing out here?!
<Character name>: Searching for a holo-disk; looks like a giant asura.
Norn Savage: Oh. One of these majestic creatures took it up into that tree.
<Character name>: A vinetooth? Majestic? Those things are horrific killers.
Norn Savage: No! They're beautiful! My partner and I came out here to commune with them.
Norn Savage: They've accepted me; I've even petted one!
<Character name>: Sounds like a great way to get yourself killed.
Norn Savage: Nonsense. Roy said they'd never hurt me...outside of the times they've already hurt me.
Norn Savage: Took a pretty big chunk out of my leg...
<Character name>: Where's your partner?
Norn Savage: Oh, they killed him quick.
<Character name>: Okay. Good luck with that. Thanks for the info.
Fifth disk
Taimi Hologram: Still on the trail, but Scruffy's picking up some odd readings over that way.
Taimi Hologram: I'm trying to convince everyone to investigate.
Taimi Hologram: So far my efforts have been unsuccessful. Tribune Killjoy over there, am I right?
Taimi Hologram: Hopefully you killed a vinetooth or two on your way. If so, good job! If not, it's right behind you!
Taimi Hologram: Kidding. Maybe? See you soon.

My story[edit]

Auric Basin loading screen.jpg

After securing the egg, I received a message that my friends were looking for me. Taimi left some holograms in the jungle pointing me in the right direction. Unfortunately, a vinetooth was dogging their progress. I found and killed the predator before it could do them any harm. Taimi's final holo-disk allowed me to catch up with them.

My story