Willing Captives

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Willing Captives

1325 AE
Personal story
Forming the Pact
Gauntlet Gulch
(Mount Maelstrom)
The Mire Sea
(Mount Maelstrom)
Make another suffer
Preceded by
Wet Work
Followed by
The Battle of Fort Trinity

Willing Captives is part of the personal story for players that have completed the mission Wet Work and have chosen to get captured by the krait. It is followed by The Battle of Fort Trinity.


Infiltrate the krait tower and steal the orb.

  • Meet Apatia on the shores near the krait city.
  • Get captured by the krait.
  • Escape and retrieve your weapons.
  • Find and free Apatia at the top of the tower.
  • Find and retrieve the orb.
  • Speak with Sayeh al 'Rajihd.


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All professions


Talk to Crusader Apatia. After the cutscene, three Krait come and capture you. Next thing you are underwater in a cell. Examine the cage and retrieve a metal bar (a good weapon that can stun). Destroy the cage and exit. Stun and kill the krait guard, then turn right and swim towards the marker to retrieve your weapons from a guarded chest.

Still underwater, look nearby for a bridge/walkway extending to the south-east and upwards from under the water to the top of the tower near you. Apatia's cage is high up on the tower further away from the one you're at and the two towers are linked by a suspended bridge. Take the upward-sloping walkway to the top of the first tower, then take the suspended bridge to Apatia's tower. You can run past the Krait along the way. You will learn from a conversation between the two krait at the end of the bridge that the orb is safely stored in a chest in an underwater cave, protected by a "beast". Kill them, as well as the Veteran guarding Apatia's cage. Destroy the cage to free Apatia and talk to her.

Take the suspended bridge and walkway back the way you came and search for the underwater cave in the marked area; if Apatia is downed, you must revive her for the story to continue.

Apatia will shout out when she sees the beast, which tends to float near the ceiling of the cave and even partially inside the rocks. After you kill it, get the orb from one of the unmarked chests. Apatia is captured during a short cut-scene with you unable to help.

Talk to Sayeh al' Rajihd who suddenly appears to aid you. She offers to deliver the orb to Trahearne and advises you not to try and save Apatia. You promise you'll be back to save her.

Be careful with Sayeh al' Rajihd. Don't let her be killed by the krait that swim around the area. If she dies, she won't respawn and the mission is not completable.









Meeting Apatia:

Crusader Apatia: We're ready to go, Commander. The Order of Whispers has already seeded disinformation to lead the krait here.
Crusader Apatia: As far as they know, the Inquest set up some troublesome Pact soldiers to be sacrificed to the krait Prophets.
Crusader Apatia: It's too much to hope that they'd toss us in the same cell. We need a plan for finding each other once they separate us.
<Character name>: We'll also need to grab our weapons as soon as we break out of their cages. Then, we can link up to search for the orb.
Crusader Apatia: Agreed. If they cage you underwater, look for me high up in the tower, and vice versa. I'll do the same.
Crusader Apatia: These slave-taking snakes will believe we're more helpless victims. I look forward to giving them a nasty surprise.

Speaking with Apatia:

Crusader Apatia: I can handle waiting, but I hate waiting to be captured. It'll take all my willpower not to fight back when they come for us.
Talk end option tango.png Don't let them hurt you. Just go quietly.

Taken prisoner by the krait slithering towards your location:

Head Slaver Nymfassa: There you are, my lovelies. Stand perfectly still and you might live awhile longer.
Krait Slaver: Don't struggle now, you pile of limbs. You're coming with us.

In the cells:

Krait Slaver: You secured the armored female?
Krait Slaver: Of course. And her weapons. You took care of the other one?
Krait Slaver: I did. The beast hungers. In the Prophet's name, soon it shall feed.

Examining the Krait Cage:

Krait Cage: This cage has seen a lot of use. The bars are worn and rusty, but appear sturdy.
Talk quest option tango.png Examine the bars.
Most of the bars are set in place. One, however, has come loose. An application of force would dislodge it.
Talk quest option tango.png Pry out the loose bar.
The bar comes off the cage. it's now a suitable weapon: hard enough for bashing, and sharp enough for stabbing.
Talk end option tango.png Continue with the escape plan.
Talk end option tango.png Do nothing.

Escaping the cage:

Krait Slaver: Spineless jelly-bag.

Approaching Apatia's cell:

Krait Slaver: The orb will move again soon. Is it secure?
Krait Slaver: Yes, it's well within the beast's territory. Only we can get near it.
Krait Slaver: Excellent. Hail to the Prophets.
Crusader Apatia: That's it! Break that krait's back. I'd be out by now, if not for him.
Crusader Apatia: I see fear in his eyes. Don't let up!
Crusader Apatia: He's fading fast. Finish him off!
Crusader Apatia: Thank the Spirits. Now crack this cage open and let me out.

Speaking with Apatia:

Crusader Apatia: I heard the krait talking about the orb. It's in a cave at the bottom of the city, guarded by something called "the beast."
Talk more option tango.png Any idea what that means?
Krait sometimes use sea monsters as sentries. This beast is probably one of those aquatic nightmares. And if the krait trained it, it's going to be especially vicious.
Talk end option tango.png All right. Let's head down and see what we find.
Talk end option tango.png Whatever that is, it won't stop us.

Searching for the orb:

Crusader Apatia: I heard the krait say the orb is deep at the bottom of a cave. Let's start swimming!
Crusader Apatia: That must be the Beast. Raven's eye, it's an ugly beggar!
Crusader Apatia: You find the orb. I'll make sure you're not interrupted.

Interacting with the chests:

Chest: The chest is empty.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

Speaking with Apatia:

Crusader Apatia: Go get the orb, Commander. I'll cover the entrance. None of the krait will get past me, I promise you that!
Talk end option tango.png And I promise you I won't be long.

Retrieving the orb (cutscene):

Head Slaver Nymfassa: Welcome back, sweetling. We have a special place reserved for you.
Crusader Apatia: Back! Get back! (scream)

After the cutscene:

Sayeh al' Rajihd: Come to me. We must discuss.

Final cinematic:

Sayeh al' Rajihd: Do not be alarmed. I mean you no harm. I was intrigued by your decision to follow my lead, so I shadowed you.
Sayeh al' Rajihd: You handled yourselves well, until your partner miscalculated. I realize her recapture wasn't part of your plan, but it was too late.
<Character name>: Is she alive? I need to get the orb to Trahearne at Fort Trinity right away, but I can't abandon Apatia.
Sayeh al' Rajihd: You have no choice. The krait overwhelmed her and took her. Among my people, we would say her steps have faltered and move on.
Sayeh al' Rajihd: I will deliver the orb for you. I would enjoy visiting Trahearne again. I owe him, and largos always keep our oaths.
Sayeh al' Rajihd: You should go, too. The krait will be back in force. The longer you stay, the more likely you'll end up lost, dead, or on a torture rack. That won't help your friend.
<Character name>: I'll go. Trahearne needs that orb, and I need to be at Fort Trinity. But I will come back for Apatia. I swear it.

My story[edit]

Willing Captives.jpg

Apatia and I allowed ourselves to be taken prisoner by krait slavers so we could get close to the orb. Everything went perfectly until I found and claimed the orb. The krait recaptured Apatia, but I couldn't stop to free her. The orb and I are both needed back at Fort Trinity. I swore to return and rescue Apatia.

My story