Alliance Investigation

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Alliance Investigation

Alliance Investigation is the third story step of Flame and Frost, the first episode of Living World Season 1.


  • Leave the area to plan your next move.
Continue to fend off attacks and help gather intel on the Molten Alliance.
  • Speak with Agent Brandubh in Diessa Plateau to help with his investigation.
  • Complete events, aid refugees, and uncover intel in Diessa Plateau.
  • Help stabilize Diessa Plateau against the Molten Alliance by completing events and aiding refugees.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Read the letter from Agent Brandubh.



Completing any events in Diessa Plateau, repairing Refugee Sign Posts, aiding wounded refugees, or locating Encoded Dead Drops will progress the story. Dead drops are the most predictable; refer to the interactive map below.

It is possible to unwittingly skip the Secret Contact achievement by not talking with Agent Brandubh immediately and completing the story chapter by just doing the other tasks. The dialog about the dead drops appears only during the Alliance Investigation chapter, and the drops will only appear after talking with Agent Brandubh, thus it is required to speak with him for the achievement.


Alliance Investigation Flame and Frost 1Achievement points
Complete the story chapter Alliance Investigation. Completed Alliance Investigation 1Achievement points
Secret Contact Flame and Frost 15Achievement points
Use the Order Cryptotranslator[sic] to decrypt 12 dead drops.Agent Brandubh is trying to find and translate dead-drop messages from his partner, who is undercover in the dredge-Flame Legion alliance.
Get a cryptotranslator from Agent Brandubh. It will help locate the dead drops across Diessa Plateau and Wayfarer Foothills and then decrypt them for you.
1 Dead Drop Translated 1Achievement points
6 Dead Drops Translated 4Achievement points
12 Dead Drops Translated 10Achievement points
  • If you have already completed Secret Contact, the optional dead drops in Wayfarer Hills will not appear.
  • Refer to the interactive map below for dead drop locations.



Sylvari (Order of Whispers)


  • Any foes associated with the open world and related events




Agent Brandubh

Locating the Molten Alliance's Base

Commander <Character name>,

I have an urgent request for your aid in the field. In cooperation with the Vigil, the Order of Whispers is working to locate the Molten Alliance's main base of operations, and we've tightened our net to Diessa Plateau. As you read this, we have agents undercover in the area.

Your help would be paramount to our success. Stop any Alliance operations in the Diessa region, quell any disturbances, and assist refugees on the way to the Black Citadel; all of these things will allow us to bring agents in from the cold and collate their intel.

In addition, I could use assistance on a matter I cannot discuss here. If your time allows, meet me near the Citadel gates.

Agent Brandubh

Meeting with Agent Brandubh:

(If in Order of Whispers)
Agent Brandubh: Ah, Agent <Character name>. It's good to see someone from the Order in these parts. With everything going on, we need more friendly faces.
Agent Brandubh: Ah, Commander <Character name>. Good to see a friendly face. Things in Diessa and Wayfarer are...dire, to say the least. We could really use a hand keeping the area under control.
(If in Order of Whispers)
Talk more option tango.png What brings you out here?
Talk more option tango.png What do you need?
My partner is undercover as a Flame Legion grunt. She's planting encrypted dead drops around Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau. Unfortunately, I can't collect them right now.
Talk ready option.png No problem, I'll do it.
Thank you, Commander. You'll find the dead drops all over. I'd start with the ones in Diessa Plateau, then maybe help quell Alliance threats around the area.
Talk end option tango.png I'm on it.
Talk more option tango.png Why isn't the Order locating these drops?
My partner is undercover of her own volition, so our resources are lacking. We're stuck. I need the drop data, but I can't leave here in case my partner signals for emergency extraction.
Talk ready option.png No worries, I'll help you. (same as "No problem, I'll do it.")
Talk end option tango.png Sounds tricky. Good luck.
Talk end option tango.png I see. Good luck.
(If in Order of Whispers)
Talk end option tango.png Keep up the good work.
Talk end option tango.png Sorry, I've got somewhere to be. Best of luck.


Agent Brandubh

Dead Drop Locations


There are six dead drop locations in Diessa Plateau and six in Wayfarer Foothills. Make sure you've received a translator device before heading out, or the messages will be unintelligible. My partner tried to keep them out of sight, but they shouldn't be too difficult to track down. Look near rocks, around foliage. They contain vital information for our investigation, so a sense of urgency would be appreciated.

I'd focus your efforts on Diessa Plateau for now. I believe the Molten Alliance base is somewhere close, right under our feet...

Good luck,
Agent Brandubh

Upon completing Alliance Investigation:


Agent Brandubh

Update on the Investigation

Commander <Character name>,

Thanks to your help, the Order of Whispers is now in possession of solid intel on the Molten Alliance. This intelligence has been safely relayed to Vigil forces in the field, and we're working on a plan of attack; I expect you will be receiving an offer to join us soon.

Please also accept my personal thanks. Without your aid, both the Order and Diessa's inhabitants could have suffered much more. They've endured enough of this mess already.

Agent Brandubh

PS: We will continue to collect intel in Wayfarer Foothills, so keep an eye out for additional dead drops in that region if you pass through. All intel is good intel.

  • Base of a steam vent in northeast Solitude Vale
  • Icy meadow north of Dawnrise Pass
  • Base of a large boulder east of Crossroads Haven
  • Icy rocks south of Vendrake's Homestead
  • End of Frusenfell Creek, at the frozen waterfall
  • Small grove east of Moleberia

Talking to Agent Brandubh again:

Agent Brandubh: Excellent work, <Character name>. What Agent Aebolla uncovered about the Molten Alliance is extremely valuable. We should be able to find an infiltration point. One step closer to rescuing those prisoners.
Talk end option tango.png Of course, Agent Brandubh.

Talking to Agent Brandubh again, choosing the "I lost the locations list.":


Agent Brandubh

Dead Drop Locations

Diessa Plateau: (Primary investigation target!)

Wayfarer Foothills: (Optional)

My story[edit]

Diessa Plateau loading screen.jpg

Agent Brandubh, a representative from the Order of Whispers, called on me to help with their recon operation in Diessa Plateau. The countryside is currently littered with Molten Alliance attacks—villages raided, homesteaders and charr being taken left and right. The Orders are working tirelessly to tame the chaos, but the Molten Alliance grows stronger by the hour.

The Order of Whispers partnered with the Vigil to locate the Molten Alliance's base of operations. Brandubh's partner is currently undercover as Flame Legion, gathering intel on their goals and whereabouts. She's been leaving dead drops all over the countryside with vital information, ready for us to decode. The intel was scattered about the countryside, but Brandubh had a rough idea about where the messages were tucked away. The information they contained would have been deadly in the wrong hands.

With the dead drops in hand, the Order was able to determine the location of the Molten Alliance base. They've been operating out of an old dredge mine right beneath our feet. We're getting a small strike group together to get the prisoners out, maybe see what else we can learn inside.

My story