Close the Eye

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Close the Eye

1325 AE
Personal story
Victory or Death
Blighted Battleground
(Straits of Devastation)
Preceded by
Temple of the Forgotten God
Followed by
What the Eye Beholds

Close the Eye.jpg

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Close the Eye is a mission in the personal story for characters who have finished Temple of the Forgotten God and have chosen to attack the Eye of Zhaitan directly ("I like a direct approach. Let's do it.") in the previous mission.


Defeat the Eye of Zhaitain

  • Meet Trahearne north of the Blighted Battleground.
  • Speak to the raving sylvari.
  • Locate the Eye with Trahearne.
  • Defeat the Orrian seneschal and take his key.
  • Take the seneschal's keystaff to Trahearne.
  • Defend Trahearne while he opens the gate.
  • Kill the Eye of Zhaitan.


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All professions


You meet up with Trahearne in front of a closed gate. A cutscene plays and the gate opens once you approach; Trahearne will mention some allies he brought along in addition to Pact troops. The allies are different based on what tribal culture you chose to help in a previous chapter (Hylek, Quaggans, etc.). Incongruously, a mad Sylvari also shows up, spouting nonsense about the Eye of Zhaitan. After the cutscene ends, the Sylvari runs away, and some Risen appear to fight you. Take care of them and chase after the mad Sylvari. Unfortunately, only Trahearne, some of your tribal allies, and a few Pact soldiers follow your character; the rest rush off on predetermined paths to "comb the area" (which results in them being killed, as they can't handle the Risen on their own). Don't bother to revive them, since even after reaching the end of their fixed path, they just stand around uselessly.

When you reach the mad Sylvari, she will be surrounded by Risen; after defeating them, Trahearne summons two Order of Whispers agents to escort her back to Fort Trinity. Continue on towards the quest marker, clearing out Risen along the way. You will reach a locked gate, behind which the Eye of Zhaitan awaits. Trahearne orders you to go search for the key while he stands guard. The key is actually a staff and doubles as a bundle; it is being held by the former seneschal of this Orrian town, who has since become corrupted by Zhaitan. The Veteran Risen Sensechal hits pretty hard; consider eliminating the other nearby foes before engaging him. After defeating him, take the key back to Trahearne. He will attempt to unlock the gate, only to find that it also has magical wards placed on it, which will require a ritual to unlock. At the same time, several Risen spawn nearby and start to advance on the position. Trahearne tells you to defend him while he casts the ritual.

On top of a nearby hill, a few Bone Tendrils will spawn. These "catapults" lob explosives at you and Trahearne, and should thus be dealt with immediately. At the same time, numerous Risen slowly approach Trahearne's location and just stand there; he seems to be unattackable. Still, it is best to take them out quickly so as not to end up with one giant crowd. Eventually, the ritual is complete and the door opens. The Eye of Zhaitan and a few guards are behind it. Dispatch them to finish the mission.



Grawl (if Doubt was chosen)
Hylek (if Champion's Sacrifice was chosen)
Ogre (if Untamed Wilds was chosen)
Quaggan (if Bad Ice was chosen)
Skritt (if Rat-Tastrophe was chosen)





At the closed starting gate:

Mad Prisoner: The sees me. It sees all. Save me!

Cinematic with Trahearne:

Trahearne: We're ready to begin, Commander. Our scouts put the Eye of Zhaitan just past this courtyard.
Trahearne: I've arranged for some operatives to join the effort. Old friends of yours, I believe.
(Grawl racial sympathy)
Gara: It's good to see you again. You were right. Everyone needs to join together against the dragons. Now we'll repay you for saving our people.
(Hylek racial sympathy)
Ikniu: I'm glad you're here. You taught us we had to join the fight against the dragons. Now we can repay you for saving our people.
(Ogre racial sympathy)
Lagula: It's good that you're here. You showed us that the dragons are a real threat. Now we can repay you for helping us.
(Quaggan racial sympathy)
Shashoo: Coo! Quaggan is glad to see you again. You were right about the need to join the fight. Now it's time to repay you for saving quaggans
Shashoo: Foo on big-eye! Boo on big-eye! You show quaggans where to go and who to fight. Quaggans will do it.
(Skritt racial sympathy)
Ftokchak: Hi, hi! You saved us and showed us we had to join the fight against the dragons. Now we help you, yes, yes.
Ftokchak: Yes! We'll help. You lead. Together, we'll shut the big eye, yes. Then leave this stinky place fast, fast.
Trahearne: We need to spread out and move quickly, but keep each other in sight. I don't want—hang on. What is that sylvari doing here?
Mad Prisoner: You think you're ready to face the Eye? You have no idea, none! We're all doomed, all of us!

After the cinematic:

Mad Prisoner: No more. Please, I've told you all I know. Now leave me alone!

Talking to your allies at the first gate:

Trahearne: I don't know how long that raving sylvari has been here, but she may know something useful. We should talk to her.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed.
(Grawl racial sympathy)
Gara: I've worshipped many gods. Zhaitan is no god
(Hylek racial sympathy)
Ikniu: I'm glad I joined your war, Commander. I will kill ten of these undead for each champion my village sacrificed to them.
Talk end option tango.png I approve, but don't stop at just ten.
(Ogre racial sympathy)
Lagula: I like killing these little squishy undead things. And when we're done here, I will shatter all the Branded and the dragon that made them.
Talk end option tango.png Good plan, Lagula, but let's focus on Zhaitan first.
(Quaggan racial sympathy)
Shashoo: Boo on Orr! Monsters, corruption, evil. This place makes quaggan sad and angry.
Talk end option tango.png That's why we're here: to clean it up and make it safe again.
(Skritt racial sympathy)
Ftokchak : Terrible, terrible place. Nothing to eat, horrible stench. Even the shinies hurt. I spit on Orr! Ptooey!
Talk end option tango.png That was downright eloquent, Ftokchak.

Cinematic with Mad Prisoner:

Mad Prisoner: The Eye! It sees into my mind, into my Dream. There's no escape.
Trahearne: Be calm. We're here to help. We won't let the Eye anywhere near you.
Mad Prisoner: But the Eye is everywhere. It goes where it will, when it will. It looks, Zhaitan sees!
Trahearne: We can still save her. We can take her back to Fort Trinity as soon as our mission is complete.

After the cinematic:

Trahearne: Hurry. Our allies are waiting.
Mad Prisoner: You think you're ready to face the Eye? You have no idea, none! We're all doomed, all of us!
(Two Whispers Agents spawn and escort the Mad Prisoner away)

Talking to Trahearne after rescuing Mad Prisoner:

Trahearne: Another vile act Zhaitan will answer for. It couldn't corrupt her, so it drove her mad. I pray the Mother Tree can help this poor wretch.
Talk end option tango.png There is hope, but right now we've got a mission.

At the locked door:

Trahearne: Locked tight. We'll need a key.
Trahearne: The Risen seneschal of this town would have it. You have to retrieve the key before we can proceed.

Talking to Trahearne at the locked door:

Trahearne: This is as hospitable as Orr gets, Commander, and most of it is much worse. I'm glad you're here to help me face it.
Talk end option tango.png And we'll stay until the mission is complete.

Giving the keystaff to Trahearne:

Trahearne: Of course, the gate is also sealed magically. This will take time. Protect me while I work.
Trahearne: Watch those tentacles up on the ridge—they're going to slam us hard.
Trahearne: This door will be a challenge. Keep the enemy at bay while I figure out how to open it.
Trahearne: I'm making progress. Not much longer now.
Trahearne: Stay with me. We're nearly there.

Talking to Trahearne while he is trying to unlock the door:

Trahearne: I'm sure the Eye is waiting on the other side of the gate. Protect me while I figure out how to open it.
Talk end option tango.png I've got you covered.

After opening the door (in-game cutscene):

Trahearne: We're in. Now to face the Eye.
Eye of Zhaitan: I will not lose.

While fighting the Eye of Zhaitan:

Eye of Zhaitan: You dare attack me? Zhaitan will consume you all!
Eye of Zhaitan: Another morsel for the dragon.
Eye of Zhaitan: Now I shall teach you pain.

Talking to Trahearne during the fight:

Trahearne: We're in. Now, kill the Eye!
Talk end option tango.png I'm ready.

Cinematic after defeating the Eye of Zhaitan:

Trahearne: Well done, Commander. Now we have something for the researchers back at Fort Trinity to study.
Trahearne: This Eye's corpse should tell us more about Zhaitan's servants, and how he communicates with them.
<Character name>: Then the risk was worth the reward. If we learn how Zhaitan controls his minions, we can disrupt that control to our advantage.
Trahearne: Let's take it back to Fort Trinity...and that poor woman, too. She needs all the help we can provide.

Talking to your allies after defeating the Eye of Zhaitan:

Trahearne: This is as hospitable as Orr gets, Commander, and most of it is much worse. I'm glad you're here to help me face it.
Talk end option tango.png And we'll stay until the mission is complete.
(Grawl racial sympathy)
Gara: I'm glad we have a chance to talk. My tribe finally found a new place to settle. We have no god yet, but for the first time, that doesn't seem so frightening
Talk end option tango.png Glad to hear it. Thanks for your help.
(Hylek racial sympathy)
Ikniu: I'm glad we meet again. It was difficult finding a new home, but my tribe is on its way to establishing a new village. I thought you deserved to know.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.
(Ogre racial sympathy)
Lagula: It's good to see you again. My people are almost through constructing our new kraal. We finished the pet pens first, and they're almost full.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to hear it.
(Quaggan racial sympathy)
Shashoo: Coo! Quaggan is happy to see you again. Quaggan's new village is almost complete, and the newly hatched quaggans are thriving.
Talk end option tango.png That's great news, Shashoo.
(Skritt racial sympathy)
Ftokchak: Good to see you again, yes-yes! New scratch is well underway. Plenty of shinies to collect. Thanks, thanks again.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to hear it.

My story[edit]

Close the Eye.jpg

Trahearne and I led a strike team into Orr to storm the last known location of the Eye of Zhaitan. With the help of some new recruits, we were able to reach the Eye and kill it. Trahearne is determined to learn all he can about this strange creature as a prelude to attacking Zhaitan itself.

My story


Occasionally Trahearne will get stuck prior to reaching the gate, and as a result the quest marker will not update. If this happens, you can continue to the Senschal (who is at the Conservatory), kill him and fetch his staff - bringing the staff back to Trahearne will then trigger the gate to open and all of the objectives to update. Proceding from here will complete the mission.