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Elixir Cookin'

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Elixir Cookin'

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Elixir Cookin' is the fifth part of A Crack in the Ice.


Stirring the Pot
  • Find the hot springs where you'll cook the elixir.
  • Ask Farmer Simooba where to find the hottest spring.
  • Cook the elixir.



First, speak with Farmer Simooba at Whorl Lagoon. You can reach the POI from north (near the entrance of The Bitter Cold area) or west (northeast of Judgment Pass). After speaking with Farmer Simooba, the elixir can be cooked at Blister Cauldron, which is at the east of Whorl Lagoon.

The last step of this mission will create the Thaw Elixir and it will immediately and automatically be applied to your character upon cooking the ingredients. It will not be an item that you can consume at any time. The Elixir's Cold Resistance effect needed for the next story mission has a time limit that only lasts until the next Daily Reset.

Make sure you have the time to complete the next mission (The Bitter Cold) before making the elixir. Do not do this if you plan to log out and not log back in before the server reset.

If you do end up losing the Cold Resistance effect the Thaw Elixir can be re-created the same way it was first made (the steps are described on the Thaw Elixir wiki page).

Head towards and speak to Farmer Simooba (finish any event going on, if one is active, before attempting to speak). Afterwards, take the ingredients east to Blister Cauldron point of interest. (There won't be a green star marking the place. Simply run along the small stream leading east from Whorl Lagoon) Stand in the small spring in the island in the center of the point of interest. Test the temperature and the elixir will be cooked after that.


Elixir Cookin' A Crack in the Ice 1Achievement points
Do what's necessary to make the thaw elixir.Journal: Elixir Cookin' Completed Completed Elixir Cookin' 1Achievement points
  • Simply complete the episode.




Upon reaching the Whorl Lagoon and talking to Farmer Simooba
Farmer Simooba: Hoo hoo! Are you friend or foe?
(as charr) [verification requested]
<Character name>: Friend. I mean you no harm.
<Character name>: Friend. Most assuredly.
Farmer Simooba: Quaggan is very glad. Quaggan doubts quaggan could outrun you. Though quaggan would try.
<Character name>: (laugh) You don't have to. I'm here for the hot springs. I heard they were the hottest in Tyria.
Farmer Simooba: One of them is hottest. Not for bathing or swimming like the others. Only for cooking. Why do you need water so hot?
<Character name>: I have to make an elixir that will let me enter the bitter cold. I have to kill one of Jormag's minions.
Farmer Simooba: (gasp) Oh, boOOo. Quaggan fears for you. You must not do something so foOOolish.
(as charr) [verification requested]
<Character name>: Hmph. I'm resourceful. Now, where's that hot spring?
<Character name>: Don't worry. I'm quite resourceful when I need to be. Now, where's that hot spring?
Farmer Simooba: What you seek is not far, but quaggan will not show you where. You run toward your death.
(as charr) [verification requested]
<Character name>: I'm not going to die.
<Character name>: I'll do my best not to die.
Farmer Simooba: That would be well advised. Good-bye, probably forever. So sad.
Interacting with the hot spring to test the temperature
This small pool of extremely hot water will work nicely for preparing an elixir.
Talk more option tango.png I've got everything I need. Time to make an elixir.
Talk end option tango.png I'm not ready. I'll do it later.
After interacting with the hot spring and creating the elixir
(as charr) [verification requested]
<Character name>: This stuff makes my nose twitch! (sneeze)
<Character name>: I wish this stuff smelled better.
Taimi: Commander? You busy?
<Character name>: Only if you count fighting Svanir and icebrood...
Taimi: Oh, just another day on the job, hm? Well, I wanted to know whether you'd had any luck finding an altered minion?
<Character name>: All the ones I'm seeing are normal, but I have a lead on something. I'm working on getting to where it is.
Taimi: If I were a supposing kind of genius—which I am—I'd suppose Primordus must have soaked up more Mordremoth energy.
Taimi: Maybe proximity matters, and since Jormag's so far away, it didn't receive as much Mordy juice.
<Character name>: Makes sense. That would explain why I'm not seeing any altered ones yet. I'll keep looking thought.
Taimi: Try not to get killed in the process, okay? I'd miss our little talks. Buh-bye! Over and awesome!

My story[edit]

Bitterfrost Frontier loading screen.jpg

The hot springs were a welcome respite from the cold, but even they're overrun with Svanir and icebrood. I met a quaggan farmer there named Simooba who showed me the hottest spring of all. Its waters flow up from near the heart of Tyria, and they were just what I needed to cook my thaw elixir. I have it now, so I'm ready to breach Jormag's bitter cold.

My story