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The Departing

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The Departing

1330 AE
Path of Fire
The Departing
Skimshallow Cove
(Elon Riverlands)
(Domain of the Lost)
Preceded by
The Way Forward
Followed by
Bringing Out the Archon

The Departing is the ninth chapter of the Path of Fire storyline.


  • Climb the spire at Skimshallow Cove.
  • Prepare to meet your companions.
  • Defeat Balthazar.
  • Determine where and who you are.
  • Listen to Palawa Joko.
  • Follow Nenah to the judge.
  • Return to Nenah (only if getting too far away from Nenah)
  • Present yourself to the judge.
  • Listen to the judge.
  • Search for weapons.
  • Pursue the spirit claiming your name.
  • Defeat the imposter and reclaim your name.
  • Defeat all of the imposters to reclaim your name.
  • Reclaim your purpose.
  • Return to the judge.
  • Bargain with the judge.
  • Search for the Eater of Souls.
  • Defeat the Eater of Souls and reclaim your vital spark.
  • Listen to Joko's offer.
  • Open the gate blocking the portal to Tyria.
  • Enter the portal to Tyria.



Your next stop is the spire at Skimshallow Cove. Don't be misled by the sand portal at the base of the spire. Ignore it and use a Springer to climb to the platform (about halfway up) then walk up the steps and the plank. Enter the story instance and you're suddenly thrust into single combat with Balthazar himself.

Balthazar isn't very mobile, using only leap attacks to move about or slowly walking towards you. But he attacks with flaming AoE attacks covering most of the arena. Ultimately, he's only toying with you: if you go down, he'll revive you himself. At every 20% health, he'll become invincible and gain new skills; at 60% and 20% health he will down you and cause you to be Wounded and then Deeply Wounded. You will automatically rally, but become increasingly injured. As soon as his health reaches 10%, he tires of his game - and kills you.

You awaken in ghostly form in a strange environment. Move north to have a chat with an imprisoned Palawa Joko, then follow Nenah to The Judge. Search the crates in the center area near Brapp until you retrieve your weapons and abilities. Pursue the spirits with your name and destroy them, which should be easy. Additionally, if you are in a party, your party members will have three skills available to them by default;

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Channeled Vigor.png Channel 40.75¾ 5 Channel your spirit to strengthen your friend, giving them might.
2 Scatter Shot.png Eerie Whisper 6 Spook the foe with eerie whispers, making them vulnerable.
3 Mantra of Recovery.png Willpower Lend your will to help your friend cling to life.

Follow the bird named "Your Purpose" as it summons scenes from your previous adventures from the tutorial to when Balthazar defeated you, bringing your memories back. Return to the Judge and jog off to kill this area's boss, the Eater of Souls. His most difficult mechanic is a ranged and AoE self-heal that he can use to drain life from you. Here's some advice to deal with it:

  • The health drain attack is deadly while close but does lower damage and healing while far away, so keep your distance.
  • The drain can be interrupted by fast and well-timed crowd control skills. Keep a few of them ready. If you break him during this moment, he becomes vulnerable for long enough that you can deal heavy damage to him. The defiance bar doesn't last long, so control skills must have very fast activation times of less than half a second, have instant activation if possible. If you bring extra party members, they can use Eerie Whisper to assist.
  • The Eater will use a leap attack just before using the drain. If fighting at range he'll leap at you and while fighting from melee-range he will basically leap in place.
  • Focus on dealing damage rather than defending. The fight is a contest between your damage output and his ability to heal off you.
  • Use pets or minions as he will not regain health from them if he does his drain.

Return to gloat at Palawa Joko, then open the indicated portal back to Tyria. After some banter with your excited guildmates, the mission ends.


This achievement rewards items. The Departing Path of Fire: Act 3 Path of Fire mastery point 1Achievement points
Complete the Departing mission.Journal: The Departing Completed
Reward: Kournan Coin.pngStash of Kournan Coins
Completed the Departing 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.
The Whole Story Path of Fire: Act 3 2Achievement points
Stop and watch all of the memories.Story Mission: The Departing Watched All Memories 2Achievement points
  • Stop to watch each of the scenes during the "Reclaim your purpose" step. This means the Memory NPCs need to vanish before you can continue. Simply starting a scene and running past will disqualify you.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for the Whole Story effect.
There is a known issue with The Whole Story causing the achievement to fail to trigger. To successfully trigger it, do not go past the last stairs where Balthazar is and simply stop by the brazier, where "Your Purpose" lands.[1]







At Skimshallow Cove[edit]

Reaching the top of the spire:

<Character Name>: Balthazar!
Balthazar: Expecting someone else?
Balthazar: What's this? Have your friends abandoned you?
Balthazar: What do you say we take things a little more slowly this time?

Randomly repeated when you are downed:

Balthazar: Get up! That was too easy.
Balthazar: So quick to falter. Stand up!
Balthazar: Too fast! Back on your feet!
Balthazar: Feeling mortal yet?

Randomly repeated after reviving you:

Balthazar: Welcome back.
Balthazar: Still with me? Good.
Balthazar: Excellent. We're not finished yet.

When Balthazar reaches 80% health:

Balthazar: Never defy a god!

When Balthazar reaches 60% health:

Balthazar: Suffer a little more loudly. Cry out! Let everyone hear!

When Balthazar reaches 20% health:

Balthazar: I do enjoy these little get-togethers.
Balthazar: You're proving to be quite useful.

When Balthazar reaches 10% health:

<Character Name>: Listen, I don't want to kill you.
Balthazar: You won't.
Balthazar: How sad for you to die so far from home.


Balthazar: Ah, the scion... come here to defend her champion.
<Character Name>: Aurene, no...
Balthazar: And now, you die.

In the Domain of the Lost[edit]

Waking up as Lost Spirit:

Lost Spirit: Where am I? Who am I?
Lost Spirit: I need to be... somewhere else.

Approaching the clearing:

Nenah: My life is over. How does freeing you help me?
Prisoner: I can give you a new life—endless, full of all the purpose and opportunity that eluded you the first time.
Prisoner: A chance to get it right.
Nenah: I don't want to be one of your Awakened. That's why I fled your rule in the first place.
Prisoner: It doesn't matter. Deserter, defector, or exile—help me now and all will be forgiven.
Nenah: No... I'm where I ought to be. I accept whatever the afterlife has in store for me. You should, too.
Prisoner: Never. For me, there is no "after" life. I exist forever. I rule, I dominate...and I've only just begun.

Approaching Nenah and the Prisoner:

Prisoner: You, there! Come here. Over here! We can help each other. What is your name?
Lost Spirit: I don't even know who I am. Or where I am... Or how I got here.
Prisoner: You died—it happens. Welcome to the Domain of the Lost. I am, of course, King Palawa Joko.
Lost Spirit: "King Joko"? I... I'm sorry, I don't know that name.
Prisoner: Liar! All who take breath know me!
Prisoner: I am King Joko the Inevitable, the last Primeval King, Joko the Undying, the Scourge of Vabbi.
Palawa Joko: Joko the Feared, Joko the Beloved, Joko the Eternal Monarch of All. How dare you claim to not know who I am!
Lost Spirit: But you're not a spirit. What are you doing here?
Palawa Joko: I was deceived by the fallen god Balthazar. I led him here to claim spirits for his army.
Palawa Joko: In exchange, I was promised a share of his new recruits. But he betrayed me and stranded me here instead.
Palawa Joko: Perfidy! From now on, the only god I trust is me.
Nenah: You are no god! You're an abomination inflicted upon the Crystal Desert like a wound. Like a plague.
Palawa Joko: I am a god. God-king of Elona, the Crystal Desert, and all their environs. Genuflect, peasant!
Nenah: You have no authority here. Only the judge does. He was appointed by Grenth, a true god.
Palawa Joko: Fah! Gods, dragons, nations—soon all will grovel at the feet of Palawa Joko!
Nenah: Come, gentle spirit. You must take the next steps, and I've heard enough of Joko's blasphemies.

Randomly repeated if you stray too far from Nenah:

Nenah: Don't stray too far. It's easy to get lost.
Nenah: I'll wait here until you're ready to proceed.
Nenah: The Domain of the Lost is dangerous. Stay close to me.

Following Nenah:

Lost Spirit: Who is the judge?
Nenah: He is a loyal servant of Grenth, charged with sending all the spirits who come through here to their appointed place.
Lost Spirit: But I don't know who I am. I don't know where I should be.
Nenah: That's why you must see him.
The Judge: Come, spirit. Do not be afraid.

Talking to The Judge:

Lost Spirit: I'm not sure why I'm here, or even who I am.
The Judge: That's because most spirits find their own way to their fate when they die.
The Judge: But those whose deaths are too traumatic often forget who they were or how they perished.
Nenah: These spirits, like you and me, end up here in the Domain of the Lost.
Lost Spirit: But I can't be here.
The Judge: You will reach your rightful place in time. First, you must recover your name to know who you were and how you lived.
The Judge: Then you must learn your purpose, to understand the choices you made and why you lived as you did.
The Judge: Once you know your name and your purpose, only then can I determine your final destination.
Lost Spirit: But how do I do that?
The Judge: Nenah has traveled the path you now face. She can assist you.
The Judge: For though they may have belonged to you in life, once your name and purpose enter this domain, they are yours no longer.
The Judge: And you will have to fight to reclaim your name.
The Judge: Now, arm yourself.
Lost Spirit: "Nenah"... So you discovered your name? How do I reclaim mine?
Nenah: I learned my name from the spirit of my old mentor. But only after besting him at a challenge of riddles.
Nenah: I discovered my purpose hidden in an old diary I had written as a child. I was a teacher.
Lost Spirit: Is it that simple?
Nenah: It's different for everyone. The judge said you must fight to recover your name, so you clearly weren't a teacher.
Nenah: A soldier, perhaps?
Lost Spirit: I... I don't know.
Nenah: Well, if you are to fight, you must first arm yourself.
Lost Spirit: With what?
Nenah: Spirits must abandon their possessions before they may move on.
Nenah: Look around the area and perhaps you will find something useful.

Randomly repeated while searching the piles:

Lost Spirit: There's nothing usable here.
Lost Spirit: Nothing here. I'll have to keep searching.
Lost Spirit: No. I can't fight with any of this.

After finding your weapons:

Lost Spirit: I should be able to fight with this.
Lost Spirit: That spirit... looks just like me.
Nenah: We should follow.
Nenah: Into that cave. Hurry! That spirit may be the one who claimed your name.

After defeating the first spirit:

Lost Spirit: I still don't remember.
Nenah: Then more than one must have claimed your name. Which means it must be a prestigious one.
Nenah: Quick, find another shadow.

After defeating the second spirit:

Lost Spirit: No. Still nothing.
Nenah: Keep looking. If you don't reclaim your name quickly, you could lose it forever.

After defeating the third spirit:

<Character Name>: I remember now. My life was filled with conflict. Victory...and loss. I was a leader—a commander.
Nenah: I could tell. You wielded that weapon like a true fighter.
<Character Name>: But I don't know why I fought...what I strove for, or against.
Nenah: Next is your purpose. What drove you forward and ultimately led to your death.
Nenah: The answer is here, somewhere in the Domain of the Lost. You just have to find it.
<Character Name>: But how will I know it? Where will I find it?
Nenah: If you truly desire it...your purpose will find you.
Nenah: I'd start with the bird.

Following Your Purpose:

If asura:
Zojja: Could I have all Snaff Prize participants gather around? Today, if possible.
Zojja: Savant, allow me to present three of Rata Sum's finest minds: Slep of the Vigil, Batanga of the Order of Whispers, and Krasso of the Durmand Priory.
If charr:
Rytlock Brimstone: We burned down his kingdom and buried the ashes! Make him remember that day.
Rytlock Brimstone: The High Legions want to forge a working relationship with the orders, so you're going to join their investigation.
If human:
Logan Thackeray: It's not dead yet! Brace yourselves, I think it's going to explode!
Queen Jennah: Hero, I have summoned you to act as Advocate of the Crown. I want you to meet with the orders and take charge of the situation.
If norn:
Eir Stegalkin: There's our prey! Go on, hunter, show us what you can do!
Eir Stegalkin: My time as a hero has come and gone. You're the hero that Hoelbrak needs now.
If sylvari:
Caithe: There! The poison has taken form. Quickly, destroy it while we can!
Caithe: Valiant. The Pale Tree summons you.
Trahearne: When Zhaitan rose from slumber, the dragon found a long-dead nation and claimed it.
Avatar of the Tree: The soul of Tyria mourned as her children were cut down by the beast. The land wept, and the world shuddered.
If Durmand Priory:
Magister Sieran: In my short life, you've taught me the most important lesson. Friends will go through anything for each other. That's why I have to do this.
If Order of Whispers:
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: Nobody believed I had courage. Not even me... And then you came along. You trusted me then, my friend. I need you to trust me now. I can do this.
If Vigil:
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: Now that's changed, my friend. Thank you for being my legacy. Tell my tale at the hearth fires, where the skaalds sing of heroes.
Trahearne: Our victory at Fort Trinity will show the world that we can strike against the dragons.
Eye of Zhaitan: Intruders! You trespass on the dragon's lands. You, too, will serve Zhaitan.
Trahearne: We can assault Arah. We can destroy Zhaitan before the dragon's infection claims us all.
Rytlock Brimstone: We've driven him out of the sky!
Caithe: We have succeeded, but only by coming together to fight a greater foe. You have shown the way.
Trahearne: You have my gratitude, Commander, for all you've done.
Ceara: Tonight, I saw it. I stared into the abyss, and it stared back at me. So much power. I don't know what's real and what isn't anymore.
Citizen: The city... it's gone. All gone.
Scarlet Briar: And here, at the center, little ol' me. Aren't you even curious about why I did it? All this chaos and destruction?
Kasmeer Meade: Listen! Her shield drops when she attacks. Make it count! End this! NOW!
Scarlet Briar: You fools. You think my death... saves you? Too... late...
If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: This world is mine.
Master of Peace: I have something...I can no longer protect. You must...understand...its importance to Tyria's future...
Caithe: The legends were true! There is a dragon egg.
Faolain: You're not leaving until you tell me the truth.
Caithe: Faolain...this isn't necessary.
Wynne: We come from the jungle dragon. We belong to it. We're meant to serve it.
Braham Eirsson: With everything we had to deal with here, the Pact Fleet may have already launched.
Laranthir of the Wild: You're a welcome sight, Commander. The situation is grim. Mordremoth tore the fleet apart. The Pact is in ruins.
If agreed with Laranthir during Torn from the Sky or did not do that step:
Explorer Metella: I don't trust sylvari anymore[sic]. And neither should you.
If agreed with Metella during Torn from the Sky, and sylvari:
Pact Explorer: The enemy. can hear its voice, too, but you...resist. So does Canach...and so do I. Thank you, Commander.
If agreed with Metella during Torn from the Sky, and not sylvari:
Braham Eirsson: Mother, look out!
Braham Eirsson: No!
Ruka the Wanderer: Glint's offspring has chosen you. Channel this gift to get the egg to safety.
Ruka the Wanderer: Go. Confront Mordremoth. No matter how that mission ends, know that you have restored hope to Tarir, and to the world.
Trahearne: You must kill me, Commander. Before that seed grows...before Mordremoth reclaims what it has lost.
If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: What have you done?
Caithe: That creator now lies vanquished. Where does that leave the sylvari? What is our place in this new world we've created?
Rytlock Brimstone: Dragon's Watch, I like that.
Rytlock Brimstone: And Tyria would probably sleep more soundly with the dragon slayer at the helm of a new guild!
Braham Eirsson: So only you get to decide when we take down a dragon? Only you're allowed to kill them?
Braham Eirsson: You know what, Commander? I'm glad you didn't join Destiny's Edge. My mother wouldn't want you in there.
Caithe: I'll lay down my life for... What should we call it?
<Character Name>: Her. Her name is Aurene.
Lazarus: I am the last mursaat. Many years ago, you knew me as Lazarus the Dire. I have returned from the brink of existence!
Canach: But who would pose as Lazarus?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: No... It can't be...
Balthazar: The dragons will die, and FIRE WILL UNCHAIN ALL!
<Character Name>: I remember! Balthazar—he wants revenge on the other gods, and he's going to use Aurene to get it.
<Character Name>: I have to convince the Judge to send me back.

Approaching the Judge:

If human:
The Judge: Your faith in the gods will be rewarded, noble spirit. Step forward, and I will see you to your final reward.
The Judge: Grenth welcomes all, noble spirit. Step forward, and I will send you to your appointed place.
<Character Name>: You must let me go back.
The Judge: I see you clearly now, Commander. Balthazar killed you, but you would face him again?
The Judge: Balthazar has done great harm here. The magic he uses to hijack spirits shakes the foundations of the Domain of the Lost.
The Judge: But I cannot help you.
<Character Name>: If I could only get back... If I could defeat him, it might undo the damage he's done in both our worlds.
The Judge: It is too late. No life remains in your body. Unless...
The Judge: When Balthazar left, a fearsome beast, the Eater of Souls, rose to prey on the waning life energy of the spirits here.
Nenah: That's got to be the screams I've heard in the distance.
The Judge: If you were to defeat the beast and claim its power, that life energy might be strong enough to reanimate your body.
The Judge: Allowing you to go back.
The Judge: But if you were to fail, the beast would consume your entirety.
The Judge: I could grant you no final reward or punishment. Your spirit would simply cease to be.
<Character Name>: I'll take that risk. Now that I've rediscovered my purpose, I have to go back to finish what I started.
The Judge: Then in Grenth's name, conquer the Eater of Souls and live again. Remind Balthazar that none escape judgment.

After defeating the Eater of Souls:

Nenah: You did it! All these spirits have been revived.
Nenah: This certainly is unusual, Commander. But since Joko's arrival, nothing here has been the same.
<Character Name>: It's clear he doesn't belong here. He's not a spirit, but he's not strictly alive, either.
Nenah: That's the problem: Joko can't be judged here, because he's not truly dead.
Nenah: What's worse, the magics Balthazar used to contain him are beyond the judge's power to break.
Nenah: They exist at Balthazar's will.
Nenah: This is as far as I go. I must face judgment and receive my final reward.
Nenah: Good luck...Commander.

Additional dialogue if you choose to follow Nenah and watch her be judged:

The Judge: Step forward, wandering spirit. Why have you avoided judgment?
Nenah: I've been afraid. I think I lived a good life, but I could have done more.
The Judge: I see you clearly now, Nenah. You worshipped Kormir, and were a teacher.
Nenah: I had to hide my worship. I would not teach Joko's propaganda, so I fled.
Nenah: I was killed by Balthazar's army.
The Judge: You did what you could with what you had. You may go now. Kormir's library awaits.
The Judge: Every book ever written can be found and read there. A new world awaits you. Go now with Grenth's blessing.
Nenah: Thank you. Praise to Kormir, and to Grenth!

Listening to Joko's offer:

Palawa Joko: I knew you'd be back. But I bear no grudges. Harbor no ill will.
Palawa Joko: Release me now, and I will still honor the deal you foolishly rejected.
<Character Name>: Your help is worthless. I've found my own way back. And I'm off to succeed where you defeating Balthazar.
Palawa Joko: Good for you! Such pluck and self-delusion. Off you go, then.
Palawa Joko: Of course, you are forgetting one crucial detail: Balthazar has an army. Do you have an army, little one?
Palawa Joko: Well, I do. An army to rival that of the disgraced god's.
Palawa Joko: We both know you don't stand a chance without my Awakened soldiers.
<Character Name>: You may be right about that. I do need your army. But I don't need you.
Palawa Joko: What? No! My Awakened are loyal to me! They'll never obey anyone but their beloved God-King.
<Character Name>: Really? Because in your absence, your army obeys the Mordant Crescent. I've seen it, and I can use it.
Palawa Joko: I warn you: do not leave me here. By royal decree, I forbid it.
<Character Name>: Sorry, Your Majesty. But from what I've seen, your kingdom is better off without you.

Opening the gate:

Palawa Joko: Come back here, pathetic mortal! This is your last chance. I will return to reclaim my throne.
Palawa Joko: And I will have my revenge on those who put me here, who left me here, and who dared take advantage of my absence.
Palawa Joko: The torture...ah yes, I have plotted it out...
Palawa Joko: I will just laugh as their wretched pleas for a longer life turn to desperate cries for a faster death.
Miscellaneous dialogue from the various denizens of the Domain of the Lost

Speaking to Brapp:

Brapp: What is this junk? There has to be something useful in this pile of garbage!
Talk more option tango.png Useful? For what?
I don't know! I... I... my hands are shaking. None of this makes any sense. Why am I drawn to this? Who am I? Please, you have to help me.
Talk end option tango.png You have to help yourself.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.

Speaking to the human female lost spirit standing by the Anvil [Reinforce Armor] station:

Lost Spirit: Mom? Dad? Is that you?
Talk end option tango.png ...

Speaking to the male Norn lost spirit to the north of the Anvil [Reinforce Armor] station:

Lost Spirit: It'll come for you.
Talk more option tango.png What will?
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

Speaking to the human male lost spirit to the east of the Anvil [Reinforce Armor] station (disappears after interaction):

Lost Spirit: It hurts.
Talk more option tango.png What?
Talk end option tango.png I'm sorry.

Speaking to the human male lost spirit standing in the northern area of the map, south of Nenah:

Lost Spirit: What is my name?
Talk end option tango.png I don't know.

Speaking to the human male lost spirit sobbing to the west of the Anvil [Reinforce Armor] station (disappears after interaction):

Lost Spirit: It came out of nowhere. Gods, it was hideous. You have to help!
Talk more option tango.png What happened?
It all happened so fast. was terrifying. Please don't let it near me again.
Talk end option tango.png I'll take care of it.

Speaking to the human female lost spirit standing in the southern area of the map:

Lost Spirit: I'm lost. Can you help me?
Talk end option tango.png I'm lost, too. (earlier [probably before talking to the Judge])
Talk end option tango.png We're dead. (after speaking to the Judge [or even after finding your name])

Speaking to the female Charr lost spirit running around the vicinity of the Anvil [Reinforce Armor] station:

Lost Spirit: What's going on here? I demand to be released!
(as human or asura)
Talk more option tango.png Complaining isn't going to work.
I'm surrounded by you mopey humans trying to find your way to your mopey gods and sniveling asura with their sniveling Alchemy nonsense. I can complain all I want. What did I do to deserve that?
Talk more option tango.png You don't know what you're doing here? (same as below)
(otherwise or more alternatives?)
Talk more option tango.png We're trapped here.
Correction. You are! I deny this human prison and refuse its judgment. I'll murder my way out of here if I have to. I don't belong.
Talk more option tango.png You don't know what you're doing here?
I was on a night mission. We were taking fire from all sides. I heard screams and then... Flash of light, then black. I need to get back to them. Finish the mission.
Talk end option tango.png Trauma, unfinished business. We have something in common.
Talk end option tango.png You'll have to figure that out on your own.

Speaking to the human female lost spirit standing on the path before your Lost Spirit doppelganger (disappears after interaction):

Lost Spirit: I didn't have a chance...
Talk end option tango.png Against what?

Speaking to the Sylvari lost spirit standing just before your Lost Spirit doppelganger (disappears after interaction):

Lost Spirit: So tired.
Talk end option tango.png I can't help you.

Speaking to the human female lost spirit standing in a cave in the north west:

Lost Spirit: My name. It took my name...
Talk end option tango.png What?

Speaking to Nicholas:

Nicholas: Commander! Things must have gone terribly wrong if you're here.
Talk more option tango.png Who are you?
You don't remember? We were both in the fleet that attacked Mordremoth. Our ship was destroyed. All were lost.
Talk more option tango.png I... don't know what you're talking about.
Yngvild: You have to find your way, then it'll all come back to you. Like we did. We helped each other find our names and our past. And in the process...we bonded.
Talk more option tango.png That doesn't make sense.
I know. I'm supposed to join Raven. And he should go to be with his god. But we'd rather spend eternity with each other here. I suppose afterlife is what you make of it, too.
Talk end option tango.png I'm so confused.

Speaking to Toran Arna:

Toran Arna: Hello, <Character race>.
Talk more option tango.png Are you looking for your purpose too?
My son is my pride and joy. It all went black I don't know where he is. Is he still alive? Or is he lost and afraid? I'm frightened for him.
Talk end option tango.png Your sacrifice was noble.
(alternative [as human and before talking to the Judge])
Toran Arna: Hellow[sic], wanderer.
Talk more option tango.png Who are you?
I'm waiting for my son.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.

Speaking to Atwan Hoan:

Atwan Hoan: Watch your back.
Talk more option tango.png What?
Grenth is gone. But the creatures aren't.
Talk more option tango.png I don't see any minions running around—just ghosts.
Something worse now hunts us.
Talk more option tango.png Something worse?
A beast. Beware the beast.
Talk more option tango.png A beast?
A beast.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

Speaking to the defeated imposters:

Lost Spirit (asura): I yield. I yield! Take it. It's yours.
Talk more option tango.png Why did you steal my name?
I...I don't know. Where are we? Why am I trapped here? I can't remember anything. Please! You have to help me!
Talk end option tango.png You have to help yourself.
Lost Spirit (human): Please don't hurt me anymore. Here, take this.
Talk end option tango.png Your name is out there. Keep looking.
Lost Spirit (human): I don't know who I am anymore! I'm trapped. All alone. Will it be this way forever?
Talk more option tango.png Get it together. Your name is out there.
I...I...have to go. I have to get out of here.
Talk end option tango.png You'll find yourself.
Talk end option tango.png Be strong.

Coming back to life[edit]


Rytlock: Get back!
Kasmeer: Commander!
Canach: Is that...?
Taimi: Wait, what's going on there? You all said the Commander was dead.

After the cinematic:

<Character Name>: I... I was dead, Taimi. But now I'm back.
Taimi: Yeah, but that's not how "dead" works.
Canach: She makes a good point. We all checked, Commander, and you were very much... no longer with us.
Rytlock: And (he/she)'s still not. This is a trick!
Canach: Kas, is this one of yours?
Kasmeer: It's not an illusion.
<Character Name>: Not me. I'm alive. I'm still the commander.
Taimi: Poke (him/her). If (he/she)'s squishy, (he/she)'s a mummy; if (he/she)'s leathery, (he/she)'s Awakened; and if (he/she)'s nothing, (he/she)'s a ghost!
Rytlock: We're not going to poke the commander, Taimi.
<Character Name>: Listen! Balthazar has Aurene.
Kasmeer: We know. He was taking her south toward Kralkatorrik when we arrived. We tried to stop him, but there were too many Forged.
Canach: And I hate being the bearer of bad news, but it appears that Balthazar has managed to build up quite a formidable army of Forged.
Rytlock: He does seem to make 'em faster than we can break 'em.
<Character Name>: That's why we need an army of our own. And I met someone in the Domain of the Lost who told me where I can borrow one.
Rytlock: "Borrow"... an army?
Canach: "Domain of the Lost"?
Taimi: Yay, we have a plan!
If mesmer
<Character Name>: Kas, are you thinking what I'm thinking? How about an illusion?
Kasmeer: I don't know of any illusion that will make the four of us look like an army.
<Character Name>: Kas, have you got anything that can change our appearances?
Kasmeer: Yes, but nothing that can make the four of us look like an army.
<Character Name>: It doesn't have to. It just needs to disguise us as someone else... after I secure our cover story.
Kasmeer: Okay. I'll be standing by.
Canach: And I'll be at the casino in Amnoon. If you can come back from the dead, I want to double my wager on you.
<Character Name>: Fine. I'll get word to you all when the time is right.
Rytlock: Oh, hey, Commander...
Rytlock: ...Good to have you back.

My story[edit]

The Departing.jpg

Balthazar killed me. He struck while I was en route to rejoining my team, overpowered me, and kept me on the brink of death until Aurene responded. When she felt the danger I was in through our shared bond, she came to protect me...and was promptly captured by the rogue god. Having achieved his goals, Balthazar had no more use for me, and he ended my life.
I woke in the Domain of the Lost, a kind of way station for lost spirits who have not yet found their way to the Underworld or their final reward. With no memory of who I was, I fought to reclaim my name and purpose, ultimately earning the chance to return to the world of the living. Along the way, I encountered Palawa Joko himself, who had been betrayed and imprisoned in the Domain of the Lost by Balthazar as soon as Joko had served his purpose. King Joko tried to bargain and threaten for his freedom, but I left him where he was—though I did take him up on his suggestion of using his Awakened army against Balthazar. Once I had returned to life and rejoined my understandably shocked team, we set out to secure the support of Joko's mummified hordes.
Because Balthazar now has Aurene. He intends to use her to kill Kralkatorrik. And I returned from the abyss to prevent that.

My story


Rushing ahead of Nenah and trying to talk to The Judge before quest log updates can make it impossible to interact with him, halting progress, and forcing to restart the instance over again.
  • Inventory can be accessed if the player is downed.
  • Sometimes it is possible to take falling damage and regain the ability to glide.
  • The difficulty of the Eater of Souls fight was reduced in a October 5, 2017 patch: "Drastically decreased the amount of health the Eater of Souls can steal. Increased the duration the defiance bar is vulnerable on the Eater of Souls's leap attack. Removed the Eater of Souls's ability to steal health from pets and minions."
  • While in Judgment, the following notes apply:
    • Party members will accompany the instance owner as wisp-like "spirit guardians". They will have a minor buff, a vulnerable attack skill and a regeneration skill instead of their usual abilities.
    • Lost spirits have no pockets: no access to inventory while dead. Therefore, combat consumables should be used before getting killed by Balthazar.
      • It's still possible to change equipped weapon to another in inventory via the Hero Panel's Equipment page.
    • Ghosts are weightless: they take no fall damage. However, party members' spirit guardians are not weightless, and will take fall damage.
    • Mounts and gliders cannot be used.
    • Until the spirit of the commander finds a weapon, the bottom part of the user interface is hidden. Once it reappears, the health bowl will be blue instead of red.
    • Until they reclaim their name, the mini map stays hidden.
    • Until they reclaim their name, their name in chat, over character, and in hero panel is changed to "Lost Spirit".


  • When you read mail, your character name is replaced with "Lost Spirit"