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Frozen Out

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Frozen Out is the final part of A Crack in the Ice.


  • Return to Sorrow's Eclipse, and speak with Deep Water.
Footprints in the Snow
  • Track Rox and Braham.
  • Locate Rox and Braham inside the cavern.
  • Save your friends from the Svanir.
  • Escort Braham deeper into the cave.
  • Fight off the attacking wolves.
  • Venture deeper into the cave.
  • Speak to Rox.
  • Exterminate the spiders.
  • Continue your journey with Braham.
  • Survive the elementals' ambush.
  • Catch up to Braham.
  • Find the frozen scroll.
  • Slay the ice beast.
  • Check on Rox.



After entering the cave you'll meet up with Rox and Braham who are fighting a group of Svanir. Help them dispatch all the attacking Svanir before you can proceed further.

Around the bend you'll run into multiple packs of wolves, which you'll need to kill before continuing. If you find yourself overwhelmed, try climbing on the rock stack in the middle of the cave and attacking at range.

Around the next bend, you'll be ambushed by several groups of cave spiders. Kill these to continue. As you continue escorting Rox and Braham, you'll be ambushed by Ice Elementals, which you must kill to continue.

In a large room you'll see the Ice Beast and its minions along with the scroll that Braham has been looking for. To injure the Ice Beast, you'll need to get it to charge into its minions. Right before the charge, you will see an arrow on the ground indicating the direction so you can get out of the way yourself, and correctly position the Ice Beast.

Once all the minions are dead, you can interact with the scroll, which allows Braham to drop the Ice Beast's defenses so it can be killed.

After felling the beast, a cinematic shows Braham chipping the tooth in The Great Lodge in Hoelbrak with the enchanted bow, rallying the norn.


Frozen Out A Crack in the Ice Heart of Thorns mastery point 0Achievement points
Join Rox and Braham in the ice caverns.Journal: Frozen Out Completed Completed Frozen Out 0Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Beasts Slain Quick A Crack in the Ice 5Achievement points
Defeat the ice beast in under 5 minutes.Story Instance: Frozen Out
Reward: Frozen Exotic Weapon Fragment.pngFrozen Exotic Weapon Fragment
Beat the Ice Beast in Under 5 Minutes 5Achievement points
  • This can be very difficult, so after completing the story step once, a brazier can be found outside the cave at the beginning to skip directly to the boss fight at the end.
  • Use pulls to get the minions in the beast's path.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Beasts Slain Quick effect.
This achievement rewards items. Stay Unfrosty A Crack in the Ice 5Achievement points
Battle the ice beast without being frozen.Story Instance: Frozen Out
Reward: Magic-Warped Packet.pngMagic-Warped Packet
Withstood the Ice Beast Without Being Frozen 5Achievement points
  • When the beast is going to use a freezing attack, it looks as if it will charge, but no arrow appears on the ground. The attack itself can be evaded.
  • He will always charge at least twice in-between each breath. The ceiling will collapse after each charge.
  • Another way to get this achievement is to stay at the top of the ramp into the room, outside of aggro range. Your other party members can carry on the fight, or you can simply let Braham and Garm take care of it, as they will keep triggering it to charge and eventually it will trample all of its minions. If doing this solo, you can easily be waiting 20–40 minutes for this to happen. If Braham has not exclaimed about a fake after 30 minutes, you will have to do a lap around the room to reset the RNG. Once all the minions are dead, run down and get the scroll, then return to the top and let Braham kill it as you can still be frozen at this point.
  • If you are replaying the instance for this achievement, there is a brazier just as you enter the mission that you can light to teleport you to the boss.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Stay Unfrosty effect.
This achievement rewards items. Return to Frozen Out Return to A Crack in the Ice 0Achievement points
Complete the mission Frozen Out in Living World Season 3 Episode 3.
Reward: Unbound Magic.pngUnbound Magic (5)
Completed Frozen Out 0Achievement points



Open world
At Wayward Cave



Open World[edit]

Speaking to Deep Water:

Deep Water: Dragonslayer! I am delighted to see that you have survived your foray into our beautiful countryside.
(as Charr, or maybe just random) [verification requested]
<Character name>: I took down some icebrood. I'm afraid I come bearing bad news, though.
(otherwise, or maybe just random)
<Character name>: It was touch and go there for a while, but I made it. I'm afraid I come bearing bad news, though.
Varonos Flubburt: Oh, foo. Quaggan knew it. You found the missing herd mates, didn't you. Oh, booOOoo hOOoooo... (sob)
(as Charr, or maybe just random) [verification requested]
<Character name>: Unfortunately, yes. There were no survivors.
(otherwise, or maybe just random)
<Character name>: I'm afraid so. There were no survivors.
Deep Water: That is quite distressing. Thank you for returning to let us know. We have news on your lost friend as well.
Varonos Flubburt: (sniffle) It's bad news too.
Deep Water: The Svanir are looking for him. They tortured this farmer to find out where he went.
<Character name>: The Svanir who hurt you, what did they say?
Farmer: Ooo, the sorcerer was mean. He wanted to know if quaggan had seen a tall norn, bald like quaggan.
Farmer: He made quaggan tell him where the norn went. Quaggan didn't want to, but even more, quaggan didn't want to die.
<Character name>: It's okay. Did he say why he was looking for Braham?
Farmer: Yes. Many times. He was angry because he thinks the norn wore a disguise and tricked the Svanir out of an elixir recipe.
<Character name>: A disguise...and tricked them. Oh, no... I'll have to send Taimi's sample by courier. I need to find Braham.
Varonos Flubburt: He was headed to a cave in the southwest. You might be able to follow the Svanir tracks.

Story instance[edit]

Entering the Instance:

<Character name>: Footprints... The Sons of Svanir must not be interested in covering their tracks.

Saving your friends from the Svanir:

Braham: (grunt) Get off of me!
Rox: Garm, the one on the right!
<Character name>: That's them!
Rox: Commander! Take your pick, there's plenty to go around!
Rox: This isn't over yet!

After fighting the Svanir:

<Character name>: Are you two okay?
Braham: Fine. Wonder what that was all about.
Rox: Did you steal something from them? They kept calling you a thief.
<Character name>: I'm afraid this is my fault. I had to pose as a Svanir to get their thaw elixir recipe.
<Character name>: They must have thought it was you for some reason.
Braham: You had to wh—? Well, it's over now. Rox and I need to keep moving.
<Character name>: Okay, let's go.
Braham: Sure... Yeah, sure.

Escorting Braham deeper into the cave:

<Character name>: It's good to see you. How's the hunt for the scroll going?
Braham: Almost at its end. Or maybe a frustrating beginning.
Braham: If it's not in this cave system, all my info was wrong and I'm back at square one.
Braham: Did Taimi get my letter? I assume that's why you're here.
<Character name>: She did. It was quite a surprise after she learned that... How much do you know about what's happening?
Braham: With Jormag? Plenty.
<Character name>: No, that's not the... Primordus is active, too.
Braham: I heard. These dragons won't rest until we're dust.
<Character name>: Well, Taimi has a plan...
Braham: I do too. I find a way to kill all the dragons or die trying.
Rox: That's a little extreme.
Braham: Talk to me after they've taken your mother.
Garm: (growl)
Rox: Something up ahead, boy?
Braham: Sounds like other...wolves!

After fighting the wolves:

Rox: That was a pretty unfriendly welcome for a fellow wolf, huh, Garm?
Garm: Woof! Woof!

Venturing deeper into the cave:

<Character name>: So, the dragons aren't the only threats. A mursaat, Lazarus, is back...and seems to have changed, but...
<Character name>: And the human minister, Caudecus, escaped custody and came out as the leader of the White Mantle. He's currently MIA.
Rox: Canach says it looks like he's making his way up to the Isles of Janthir.
Braham: Sounds like a bunch of trivial human matters I don't care about.
Rox: Uh, it's getting pretty dark. Time for some torches. And a way out of this cavern...
Rox: Why is the ground sticky?
Braham: The air is so still here. We must be the first people to pass through in a generation.

Speaking to Rox:

Rox: You'll have to forgive him, Commander. We've had a pretty tough— Hold up. These eggs, everywhere...
Rox: Nobody touch— Never mind. Frostbite is already covered in spiderwebs. We tripped their alarm.

After fighting the spiders:

Rox: That's the last of them. Looks like we might be able to get through there if we can clear that web.
Braham: That did it. Let's pick up the pace before more spiders show up.

Continuing your journey with Braham:

<Character name>: Braham, the reason I found you... I don't know if you heard, but we started a new guild. It'd be great to have you.
Braham: Didn't feel like joining Destiny's Edge and continuing their legacy, huh?
<Character name>: Rytlock said... I felt like that might be...might come across as disrespectful.
Braham: Disrespectful? To keep the memory of my mother and Snaff going? You and I must have different notions of respect.
<Character name>: Braham... I'm sorry. This isn't the reaction I expected.
Braham: It's okay, Commander.
Braham: Maybe it's for me to keep alive; another thing thrown on my pile of obligations now that I'm back home.
Rox: Braham...
Braham: This scroll isn't going to find itself. Let's go.
Braham: Watch it! Ambush!

After surviving the ambush:

Braham: This was the first line of defense; I'd heard these things were guarding the scroll. I knew this was right.
Rox: Might be in the next chamber, then. If we could get through the ice wall. Maybe Frostbite can fit through the crevice...
Braham: (aggressive roar)
Rox: Or there's the Braham way...
Braham: Let's go.

Upon entering the chamber:

Braham: It's here!
<Character name>: Braham, you can't... Let's hold up a second here.
Braham: I'll take that, thanks! (grunt)
Rox: Braham, move!
<Character name>: ROX!
<Character name>: Braham, she's frozen solid! Stay out of that thing's way!

Fighting the ice beast:

<Character name>: I must be able to break the freeze because of the elixir... But Rox...
Braham: Get me the scroll, and I'll burn it down!
(searching for the scroll)
Braham: It's a fake!
Braham: They must have decoys to throw us off!
Braham: That wasn't it! Try another one!
Braham: The scroll! It was true... Thank Wolf it was true!
Braham: For the might of the fire lives in my heart and in this bow. No chill will extinguish its light.
<Character name>: Was that it? Did it work?
Braham: Only one way to find out...

Checking on Rox:

Rox: Cough! Cough! What happened?
<Character name>: You were frozen.
Rox: I was frozen? So weird. It was like a dream, and I was on the beach. You think it'd be the opposite...
<Character name>: Well, we're glad you're back.
Rox: Did we get the scroll?
Braham: Sure did, Rox. Thanks.
Rox: And now?
Braham: This is similar to the scroll Aesgir[sic] used in his great victory, so now I test the bow on the tooth in the Great Hall.
Braham: If I damage it, it's time to rally the norn and lay Jormag to rest.
<Character name>: Braham, you can't... Let's hold up a second here.
<Character name>: A direct assault on Jormag puts a lot of lives on the line. I think the Pact can tell you that may not be the best idea.
Braham: The Pact you commanded. Look, Jormag is my problem, and I'll deal with it my way—with or without you.
<Character name>: Jormag isn't just your— Look what happened to Rox when you rushed in and bashed something!
Braham: Oh, I forgot your calculated plans always work out perfectly, like when you posed as a Svanir to get some potion!
<Character name>: Okay, okay. Can we back up?
<Character name>: Taimi thinks there may be a way to pit Primordus and Jormag against each other without raising a single sword.
Braham: Taimi thinks, huh? If the tooth chips we have hard proof.
<Character name>: Hard proof of what? That you can battle a tooth?
Braham: So only you get to decide when we take down a dragon? Only you're allowed to kill them?
<Character name>: That's not what I'm saying.
Braham: Well, figure out what you're saying, because that's what it sounds like.
<Character name>: I'm only asking you to wait—maybe just a few days. See if Taimi can do this. There could be no need to put lives at risk.
Braham: With every moment we wait, someone else's mother dies! I won't give Jormag a few days! I won't give Jormag a few minutes!
If norn:
<Character name>: I grew up with the legend of the tooth, but I've also been out in the world and faced two of these things—one with you!
<Character name>: The norn elders told me the legend of the tooth, but I've also been out in the world and faced two of these things—one with you!
<Character name>: They're not to be taken lightly!
Braham: You think I take it...
Braham: You know what, Commander? I'm glad you didn't join Destiny's Edge. My mother wouldn't want you in there.
Braham: I'm headed back to Hoelbrak. Garm! To me!
Garm: (whimper)
Rox: So...
<Character name>: Go ahead. He certainly doesn't want to be around me right now.
Rox: Do you think... he'll do it?
<Character name>: I hope cooler heads prevail. He has to see this isn't the way to go...

My story[edit]

Frozen Out loading screen2.jpg

I trekked after Rox and Braham once Deep Water and Varonos Flubburt told me where to start. I found them deep in an ice cavern, looking for a magical scroll for Braham to use on his mother's bow. When I caught up, they were in trouble, but with my added brains and brawn, we made it to the scroll and slayed the icebrood goliath. I learned that Braham is having more trouble with Eir's death than I'd realized. He's bent on independence and on going after Jormag himself, convinced that it's his duty. I was unable to convince him to join Dragon's Watch so we could pursue a plan together. We parted on less-than-good terms, and Rox stayed to watch over him.

My story