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1325 AE
Personal story
Death from Below
(Snowden Drifts)
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn
Preceded by
Dredge Technology
Followed by
The Dredge Hideout
Dredge Assault


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Armaments is part of the personal story of norn characters who chose to side with the Vigil in the previous mission.


Investigate the missing Vigil squad in dredge territory.

  • Meet Crusader Thurkill at Valslake.
  • Investigate the deaths.
  • Search the dredge cave for more evidence.
  • Defeat the dredge guarding the prototype weapon.

Report back to Eir and the order reps in Hoelbrak.

  • Report your findings to the order reps.
  • Choose a course of action.


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All professions


Talk to Crusader Thurkill at the start of the mission. He will tell you that there are signs that the dredge killed a patrol of Vigil soldiers.

Search for clues as to what happened. Luckily all four clues have green mission stars floating over them. After you examine the fourth clue, a movie will play where Thurkill wants to go kill the dredge.

When interacting with the destroyed post, you have the option to tear out a plank of wood. This will give you a Wooden Plank. This can be repeated indefinitely.

Enter a nearby cave and fight the dredge. Remember that dredge can't be blinded. Fight a couple of small groups of dredge until you get to the weapon prototype.

A dredge digging machine with some more dredge in it will appear behind you. You have to beat the dredge to finish the combat part of the mission. Then return to Hoelbrak, talk to the order representatives, and choose your next mission.









In Snowden Drifts[edit]

Talking to Crusader Thurkill (cinematic):

Crusader Thurkill: Good, you're here. I wish I had a happier task to welcome you to the Vigil way of doing things, but all I have are more fallen comrades.
Crusader Thurkill: Another patrol, all dead. And by Snow Leopard's tail, look at the bodies. Mutilated...and dredge tracks all around. They'll pay for this, I swear it.
<Character name>: Your soldiers put up quite a fight. We need to discover how the dredge managed to take out a trained Vigil squad.
Crusader Thurkill: They weren't just trained, they were trained to combat dragons. All Vigil are. The dredge who defeated them must be using some serious firepower.
Crusader Thurkill: This cannot go unanswered. These were proud, experienced soldiers, destined for greatness. They dreamed of someday facing the dragons.
Crusader Thurkill: Come. We need more clues, something to tell us what happened and where the dredge went. Let's scour the area.

Talking to Thurkill after cinematic:

Crusader Thurkill: These soldiers don't look like they were killed in a fight. Something's wrong here.
Talk end option tango.png Let's look around and see what we find.

Examining dead Vigil soldier:

Unknown: Judging by rope burns on the wrists, the poor soldier was tied up before dying.
Talk end option tango.png May Bear take your soul to peace, brave one.

Examining destroyed post:

Unknown: A strong, concussive force splintered this post. Similar damage can be seen on the nearby body.
Talk more option tango.png Tear out a plank of wood.
Talk end option tango.png Noted.

Examining wreckage:

Unknown: The ground is scorched and blackened. There are bits of crystal and metal blown outward from a central blast point.
Talk end option tango.png Noted.

Examining corpses near cave mouth:

Splintered Post: Two deep ruts, criss-crossed by the recent tracks of heavy dredge feet, head north.
Talk end option tango.png Noted.

After investigating everything (cinematic):

<Character name>: The dredge didn't just attack these people, they used them in some kind of weapon test.
Crusader Thurkill: Miserable rodents! My soldiers deserved better than dying for dredge target practice.
<Character name>: I agree. Fortunately, the dredge can't have gone far. The bodies are still fresh, and so are the tracks.
Crusader Thurkill: Then let's move out. We founded the Vigil to best the Elder Dragons with overwhelming military force. Dying this way, to the dredge... it's an insult.
Crusader Thurkill: We'll find whoever did this. And we'll make them pay for each Vigil life they wasted on this abominable "test."

Talking to Thurkill after cinematic:

Crusader Thurkill: The Vigil avenges its own. Those dredge will pay for this atrocity.
Talk more option tango.png I want to know why these people died. What is the Vigil's mission?
We protect the innocent from the Elder Dragons. Our method is direct confrontation—meeting the dragon, its minions, and its corruption head-on.
Talk end option tango.png I understand now.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed.

Upon approaching the weapon:

Crusader Thurkill: There! That must be the weapon that killed my soldiers.
Crusader Thurkill: It's...wait. What's that rumbling noise?

Examining the weapon:

Weapon Prototype Mk. I: Mark I
Talk end option tango.png It looks like a prototype name. Maybe there is also a Mark II.

After defeating the Dredge Mining Suit (cinematic):

<Character name>: Look here, on the side. There are words stamped into it: "Vyacheslav"? Is that a name? And it definitely says "Mark I." I think this is a prototype.
Crusader Thurkill: So those diggers will be making more of these weapons...and improving them with each new version. That's bad.
<Character name>: Very bad. We'd better get back to Hoelbrak and meet with the other orders. They need to know about this. They might be able to help.
Crusader Thurkill: I doubt it. But I see your point—the more information we have, the better. The Vigil always moves quickly, but never carelessly.
Crusader Thurkill: Let's see if the spies and scholars have anything to contribute. I'll meet you back in Hoelbrak.

Talking to Thurkill after cinematic:

Crusader Thurkill: The dredge were here to test their weapon. It's possible they're about to do it again.
Talk end option tango.png We'd best get back and see if Prott found anything at the monastery.

In Hoelbrak[edit]

Approaching the order representatives:

Crusader Thurkill: I tell you the dredge are testing this new weapon on Vigil soldiers. It has to be destroyed. Now!
Agent Ifwyn: It might be better to steal the weapon. Learn its secrets, develop a defense.
Agent Ifwyn: If it's especially lethal, we might even want to turn it against the dragons themselves.
Scholar Prott: An intriguing notion, agent. But I agree: the weapon deserves a closer look.

Talking to the order representatives (cinematic):

<Character name>: The dredge are definitely testing a new weapon. Thurkill and I saw it in action. It's definitely responsible for the strange wounds you found.
Crusader Thurkill: Worse, a dredge named Vyacheslav is refining the weapon to make it more devastating. We must find and destroy this weapon.
Scholar Prott: The dredge attacked our monastery as well. Killed our scholars one and all. I shall have to report this to the Priory immediately.
Scholar Prott: This "Vyacheslav" stole an ancient architectural tome from Scholar's Cleft. We need to know more about him, his plans, and his weapon.
Agent Ifwyn: Research alone won't tell us that. I propose we steal the latest version of the weapon. That will advance our cause and set theirs back.
Agent Ifwyn: Order of Whispers agents have tracked the device to the dredge stronghold known as Molenheide. And I have a plan to get us inside.
Agent Ifwyn: We all agree the weapon can't be allowed to do any more harm. Even Thurkill and I agree that action must be taken.
Crusader Thurkill: Then there's only one question before we proceed. Steal the weapon, or destroy it? What say you, Slayer?

Talking to NPCs before choosing:

Scholar Prott: We have a much better chance with you to assist us.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.
Eir: How are things shaping up? Do you have a feel for the orders and how they operate?
Talk end option tango.png Not yet, but the dredge problem will give me plenty of opportunities.
Agent Ifwyn: The Vigil would throw bodies at this problem and waste lives. With the subterfuge I have planned, what we need falls into our hands.
Talk quest option tango.png I agree. We should achieve our goals quickly, quietly and effectively. (Leads to The Dredge Hideout.)
Talk end option tango.png I'm still undecided.
Crusader Thurkill: Ifwyn's smart and her intentions are good, but she underestimates our strength. If you stand with the Vigil, we'll overwhelm the dredge before they can fight back.
Talk quest option tango.png Direct and to the point. I like it. Let's go. (Leads to Dredge Assault.)
Talk end option tango.png I need a moment to decide.

Talking to NPCs after choosing Order of Whispers:

Agent Ifwyn: You won't regret this, <Character name>. Victory through stealth and smarts is often more rewarding.
Talk end option tango.png As long as it gets results, I'm on board.
Crusader Thurkill: I can't believe you chose the Order of Whispers path. I thought you were the Slayer, not the Sneaker.
Talk end option tango.png Perhaps, but I have to see for myself.

Talking to NPCs after choosing Vigil:

Agent Ifwyn: I'm disappointed of course, but I understand. You have to make a few false starts before you find your true path.
Talk end option tango.png I hope we get to work together soon, Ifwyn.
Crusader Thurkill: You've made a wise choice. When it comes to dredge, the Vigil way is the only way.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed. Let's get started.

My story[edit]


I joined Crusader Thurkill to investigate a missing Vigil squad in dredge territory. We found them, killed by a new kind of weapon Thurkill had never seen before. We decided to return to the other order reps to confer.

Thurkill and I told the other order reps about the missing Vigil squad's fate and the evidence we saw of a new dredge weapon. We discussed our options and decided to collect more evidence about the dredge's new toy.

My story