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Armor Guard is a mission in the personal story for any character, who has decided to go with the Vigil's plan at the end of Further into Orr.


Escort the Pact tanks to the Cathedral of Zephyrs.

  • Meet the tank column at Western Colonnade.
  • Speak to Ballista Geargrind.
  • Escort the tanks to the first checkpoint.
  • Clear the mines while the tank is repaired.
  • Defend the tank column.
  • Speak to Ballista Geargrind.
  • Escort the tanks to the second checkpoint.
  • Speak to Tegwen and Carys.
  • Find the source of the Risen giants.
  • Kill the giant chief.
    Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Get clear so Tegwen can finish the mission.
  • Rejoin the tank column at the Pact camp.


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All professions


You meet up with the Gear Warband, which is preparing to deploy the tanks to the front line. Your mission is to guard the tanks on the journey, since the Risen aren't about to just let you through. Follow the tanks and clear out any Risen that get in the way; you have several allies with you, so they should be quite easy. Eventually, a cutscene plays, showing that the lead tank got stuck in a minefield. The Pale Reavers show up and apologize for not warning you about the mines. To make it up to you, they will accompany you for the rest of the escort.

You'll need to disarm all the mines before the tanks can proceed. Approach a mine and interact with it to disarm it. While you are fiddling around with explosives, Risen are attacking from all sides. The Pale Reavers will take care of most of them, but one or two might still slip through and attack while you're busy disarming. After all the mines are clear, the Risen stop attacking and the tanks continue moving. As before, clear out Risen that get in the way and proceed with the tanks. Eventually, another cutscene will play, showing a group of Veteran Risen Giants approaching from a temple. Don't try to fight them; move around on the left side and head towards the heart of the temple of Dwayna. A Risen Giant will appear there, and you must defeat him to advance the quest. Although other allies won't follow you here, Tegwen and Carys do, and the Giant doesn't hit that hard anyway. After he goes down, Tegwen stays behind to destroy the temple. Return to the tank column and finish escorting them; there shouldn't be any more Risen along the way. Once everyone arrives, the mission ends.








Approaching Beirne and Deborah at the Western Colonnade (cinematic):

Tactician Beirne: All set, Commander. The Pale Reavers have scouted ahead, and Ballista Geargrind's tank column is ready to roll.
<Character name>: Good. Marshal Trahearne needs these tanks. We'll make sure he gets them, and we'll put them to use along the way.
Tactician Beirne: Be advised, we expect serious resistance. The Reavers will be there to support you along the route.
Tactician Beirne: My squad will airdrop in at the target and prep the site for you. In the meantime, Geargrind and her warband are standing by.
<Character name>: Excellent. It's good to have you with us, Tactician. An operation this complicated needs people who can both plan and execute.
Tactician Beirne: Thank you, Commander, I'll see you at the temple. Good luck.

Talking to Beirne and Deborah before they leave:

Tactician Beirne: Look at all of the races we have cooperating here: human, charr, sylvari, even dogs. The Risen don't stand a chance.
Talk end option tango.png No they don't, Beirne.
Crusader Deborah: I wish more of Divinity's Reach could be here to see us fighting alongside the charr. It's way past time for everyone to move beyond ancient grievances.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed. Zhaitan's given us all plenty of fresh grievances.

Approaching Ballista Geargrind:

Pact Mechanic: These vehicles weren't meant for this terrain. Or these enemies.
Ballista Geargrind: Bah! This ordnance puts down the Risen even faster than it erases ghosts. Destroys 'em permanently, too.
Pact Mechanic: Yeah, but ghosts poof away with hardly any residue. Risen are gunky. Clogs the machinery.
Ballista Geargrind: The finest war machines of the legions won't be stopped by "gunk", soldier. Get back to work.

Talking with Ballista Geargrind:

Ballista Geargrind: The Pale Reavers are conducting reconnaissance, the tank column is standing by, and my warband is prepped. Say the word, Commander, and the mission is a go.
Talk quest option tango.png Let's move out.
(If the player is a Norn who chose to have blacked out in their personal story)
Talk more option tango.png On top of things as usual, Legionnaire.
Absolutely, Commander. And for the record, you're still an honorary member of Gear warband. I'll defer to the Pact chain of command for this mission. For simplicity's sake.
Talk quest option tango.png Good to hear. Let's move out.

After speaking with Ballista Geargrind:

Ballista Geargrind: Let's not keep the commander waiting. Get this column in gear!
Ballista Geargrind: Mangonel's our whiskey expert. After this mission's successful, the first round's on him.
Ballista Geargrind: Right now, I want to see tails in motion. Form up and move out!
Ballista Geargrind: Move out!

Talking with Mangonel Gearstrip:

Mangonel Gearstrip: The charr have waited a long time to march into Orr. Just wait until the Risen get a taste of our firepower. We'll be guzzling grog in Arah before you know it.
(If the player is a Norn who chose to have blacked out in their personal story)
Talk more option tango.pngNo slip-ups this time: victory first, then we go drinking.
Ugh, I learned that lesson the hard way. But once we bring down Zhaitan, I plan to jump into a vat of whiskey and drink till my feet are dry.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds like a plan.
Talk end option tango.png Let's get there first, soldier.

After hitting the mine field:

Ballista Geargrind: Multiple contacts! Dig in!
Ballista Geargrind: I'll get the tank repaired. Just clear those mines!
Crusader Afanen: Welcome to the sunny side of Orr, Commander. The Pale Reavers are at your service.
Crusader Afanen: We apologize for failing to warn you about the mines.
Crusader Afanen: Allow us to make it up to you. Let us cover you while you make repairs.
Crusader Afanen: We promise, the rest of your route is clear...of mines, at least. There may be other surprises.

After clearing the mine field:

Ballista Geargrind: Mines clear? Good! I've got the lead tank operational. Let's move out!

At the first checkpoint:

Ballista Geargrind: Last chance to inspect your equipment. Make it quick—we're not stopping long.

Talking to Ballista after reaching the first checkpoint:

Ballista Geargrind: We're halfway there. Things are going smoother than I expected. Heavy machinery and unfamiliar terrain don't always mix.
Talk quest option tango.png It's a credit to you and your warband. Stand by to move on.

After reaching the second checkpoint and approaching Tegwen:

Carys: Hey, it's the commander! Have you seen all the Risen giants around here?
Tegwen: They're coming from a nearby temple. We need to level it, but we lack the firepower.
Mangonel Gearstrip: I have just what you need. Ghostfire shells: highly experimental, highly combustible.
Mangonel Gearstrip: Something we picked up from the Ascalonians. Someone simply needs to mark the target and signal me, and it'll burn.
Mangonel Gearstrip: Make sure you woody types get clear, though. This stuff devours everything in its path until nothing's left.

Talking to Tegwen:

Tegwen: Standing by for your orders, Commander. How do you want us to proceed?
Talk quest choice tango.png Let's go in hot. Attack formation.
Talk quest choice tango.png Let's keep a low profile. Stealth formation.
Talk more option tango.png I'd like to know more about the Pale Reavers first.
Marshal Trahearne himself had the initial idea. Once he realized that Zhaitan can't raise sylvari, he formed this squad to exploit that weakness.
Talk more option tango.png Why doesn't Zhaitan's magic work on sylvari?
Unknown at present, but the Pact's top minds are working on it. If you ask me, we're just too new to Tyria. The Elder Dragons haven't figured us out yet.
Talk end option tango.png It's a mystery for another day. For now, we can use it.
Talk more option tango.png I'm ready to give your squad orders now.
Talk end option tango.png All right. As you were soldier.
Talk end option tango.png No change. Carry on as you are.

Talking to Carys:

Carys: I wish we sylvari had spent time developing our own tanks. Think how effective the Pale Reavers would be if we had stealthy...what did that charr called it, "mobile armored artillery"?
Talk end option tango.png Someday. For now, leave the tanks to the experts.

After defeating the giant chief:

Tegwen: The timer is damaged. If we trigger it, we won't have time to get clear.
Carys: We have to do something. These giants are getting bigger and madder all the time.
Tegwen: I know. Just...leave it to me. You and the commander withdrawal. I'll signal the ghostfire.
Carys: Tegwen? You can't do that. You'll be-
Tegwen: Doing only what I was called to do. For once, Carys, just do what I say. Go!

After returning to the Pact camp (cinematic):

Carys: I need a moment, Commander. I'm sorry. I know this is war, but I...I just can't believe she's gone. She was my partner. My friend.
<Character name>: I'm sorry, too. Tegwen...we lost a good soldier today, but she died saving lives. We'll honor her memory.
Ballista Geargrind: Count on that. She was a tough old stick, and she fought well.
Ballista Geargrind: When we get home, we'll all raise a toast to her bravery...with the good stuff. And this time, I'm buying.
Crusader Afanen: Tegwen is back with the Mother Tree now. Her memories, and our memories of her, will inspire generations of new sylvari.
Carys: She'd love that. She always wanted to be the wise old elder that everyone listened to. For her, and for me: thank you, everyone.

Talking to Carys:

Carys: I don't know how I can do on without her. Tegwen was my friend, my partner. We worked together for years. She taught me everything I know. Now, she's...gone.
Talk end option tango.png Be strong, Carys. Tegwen would want you to carry on the fight.

Talking to Mangonel Gearstrip:

Mangonel Gearstrip: Shame about Tegwen. We can't bring her back, but we can punish every rotten Risen we come across between here and victory.
Talk end option tango.png We can, and we will.

Talking to Ballista Geargrind:

Ballista Geargrind: Hey, sorry to hear about that sylvari. You should be proud of her: she got the job done.
Talk end option tango.png I am. When Zhaitan falls, it'll be because of people like Tegwen.

My story[edit]

Through the Looking Glass.jpg

As part of the Pact's march on Orr, I led a squad charged with clearing a path for our heavy mobile artillery. We reached our destination, but lost a brave sylvari named Tegwen, who stayed behind to ensure our mission was successful. We mourned our loss, but prepared to move on to our next objective so our tanks could be put to good use.

My story


During the mission, wait until the Pale Reavers finish speaking upon arrival before clearing out the mines, otherwise the undead will infinitely spawn and the party won't be able to continue. Also it is possible to proceed the mission without disabling the mines. In this case the mission will become uncompletable.
  • Crusader Afanen appears in several cutscenes during this series of quests, even though she's not to be found among the other npcs outside of the cutscenes.