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I'm Brave, You Know

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I'm Brave, You Know

1331 AE
Living World Season 4
Long Live the Lich
Front Line
(Domain of Kourna)
Preceded by
Tactical Triage
Followed by
Be My Guest

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I'm Brave, You Know is the fourth part of Long Live the Lich.


Head to the front.
  • Meet Rytlock and Faren on the front lines.


This mission does not give rewards.


After Zaeim's call, go to Rytlock at the front line and listen to the conversation.


I'm Brave, You Know Long Live the Lich 0Achievement points
Assist a would-be hero in his noble charge, ideally with as many witnesses as possible.Journal: I'm Brave, You Know Completed I'm Brave, You Know 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story step.





After finishing Tactical Triage
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Zaeim here, Commander. The advance on Gandara has stalled. Rytlock needs high-grade explosives on the front.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Supplies are exhausted, so Faren took it upon himself to raid an enemy encampment.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Now he's attempting to deliver to Rytlock, by himself, beyond the walls. He'll never make it.
<Character name>: Damn. I'll head there myself, try to mop up this mess.
Reaching Rytlock and the others
Rytlock Brimstone: The fool is on death's door, and you could have been killed rescuing him.
Rox: But I wasn't. And he delivered the explosives we need.
Lord Faren: Commander, I...I did it. The scarabs almost got me, but...the day needed saving.
<Character name>: You disobeyed a direct order, Faren.
Lord Faren: I had to.
Rytlock Brimstone: It's true that we're stuck. The bridge towers in front of Joko's fortress make it impossible to approach.
Rox: Can't start the siege until they're down. Faren's demolitions should do the trick.
<Character name>: I see. Faren, listen. You did good.
Lord Faren: For...Kryta. And Amnoon...
<Character name>: Taimi, I need Canach and all nonhuman allies to rally at Joko's towers. This is it. We're going in.
Taimi: You got it, Commander!
<Character name>: Get Faren patched up and to safety. Rytlock, hold the line here. I'll lead the charge.
Rytlock Brimstone: We'll keep the Awakened off your back. Guaranteed.

My story[edit]

Domain of Kourna loading screen.jpg

Faren was injured trying to bring critically needed explosives to Rytlock. I commended him on his bravery and told Rytlock to hold the line.

My story