Marshaling the Truth

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Marshaling the Truth

1325 AE
Personal story
Forming the Pact
The Mire Sea
(Mount Maelstrom)
Dishonor my allies
Preceded by
Fixing the Blame
Volcanic Extraction
Followed by
The Battle of Fort Trinity

Marshaling the Truth is part of the personal story for all characters that choose "dishonor my allies" as their worst fear during the mission A Light in the Darkness.

It follows the events of either Fixing the Blame or Volcanic Extraction, investigating the possibility of a spy infiltrating the Pact.


Present your findings about Syska to Trahearne

  • Meet Trahearne on Oxbow Isle.
  • Survey the Pact camp with Trahearne.
  • Kill the Orrian eagle.
  • (Defend Trahearne.)
  • Protect Trahearne.
  • Kill the undead grubs.
  • Destroy the undead ship.


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All professions


Meet with the real Trahaern on pact base on the the Oxbow Isle. After a short cinematic a risen eagle is spotted scouting for an impending risen attack. Kill the eagle and then the krait that swarm over the walls. Risen Grubs appear shortly afterwards out of the ground. In the final phase, an undead ship appears on the horizon in tandem with nearby Risen Thralls. Focus on the ship with the mortars because the thralls respawn indefinitely. The mission is complete once the ship has been destroyed.








Meeting Trahearne (cinematic):

Trahearne: I got your message, Commander. You have my attention. What's so dire that it demands a face-to-face meeting?
<Character name>: Thanks for trusting me. I believe that a Pact officer named Syska has been compromised by the enemy.
Trahearne: I know Syska. She filed an angry report about how you gave the order for mortar teams to fire on her soldiers.
(If completed Volcanic Extraction)
<Character name>: I believe that's part of the setup. Someone tricked me into giving the order to fire. Then Syska sent me on a mission that turned out to be a trap.
<Character name>: Her own troops will tell you she's acting strangely. All I ask is that you look into it.
(If completed Fixing the Blame)
<Character name>: I believe that's part of the setup. Someone used illusions to trick me into giving the order to fire. When I looked into Syska's background, it led me into another mesmer trap.
<Character name>: There was even a fake version of you. I think Syska's behind it. All I ask is that you look into it.
Trahearne: I'll investigate. Your instincts have proven reliable so far. Come, walk with me while I gather my thoughts.

Walking through the camp with Trahearne (Volcanic Extraction version):

Trahearne: We formed the Pact so quickly. One of Zhaitan's agents could've easily slipped in.
Trahearne: But why? What does Syska gain from discrediting you? Why sacrifice her own troops?
Trahearne: If she did use illusion, she's either a mesmer or in league with one.
Trahearne: Mesmer magic is not my area of expertise, but I'll do what I can to get to the truth.
Trahearne: Wait...that's an Orrian eagle. Why is it here, so far from Orr?

Walking through the camp with Trahearne (Fixing the Blame version):

Trahearne: I spoke to Syska in the field hospital. She seemed entirely normal.
Trahearne: If illusions are part of this problem, we're probably facing a powerful mesmer.
Trahearne: That would also explain the false version of me you mentioned.
Trahearne: But why? If it's Syska, what does she hope to gain by separating you from the Pact?
Trahearne: Wait...that's an Orrian eagle. Why is it here, so far from Orr?

After the eagle is defeated:

Trahearne: Stay alert. If that was some kind of scout, our mesmer enemy may have more surprises for us.
Trahearne: I'm pinned down. Rally to me!

After the risen krait are defeated:

Trahearne: Well fought, everyone.
Trahearne: Status report!
Whispers Agent: No casualties. Minimal damage to the camp.
Trahearne: Good, I—what 's going on?
Whispers Agent: Undead grubs, Marshal! They're tunneling into the camp!

After the risen grubs are defeated:

Trahearne: Look! There, off the coast: an Orrian ship!
Trahearne: Prepare the mortars! We have to sink that ship.

After the ship has been sunk (cinematic):

Trahearne: Only a fool would not see that the deeper we dig into the Syska question, the more danger we face.
Trahearne: You've been the primary focus of these attacks so far, but it's clear that I am the real target.
<Character name>: That fits. If you can't trust me, or I'm dead, you lose your second-in-command. It makes you and the Pact more vulnerable.
Trahearne: And if the mesmer is out to disrupt the Pact's chain of command, Zhaitan's forces must be planning a major assault.
Trahearne: Fort Trinity is the most likely target. Conquering it now would be a huge setback to the Pact. We can't risk that.
Trahearne: I'm calling in our forces. Meet me at Fort Trinity, and we'll prepare for Zhaitan's minions.

Talking to Trahearne after finishing the mission:

Trahearne: We'll deal with Syska in due course, but the Pact is facing an even more pressing threat. Meet me at Fort Trinity and I'll brief you there.
Talk more option tango.png Is Syska targeting our headquarters, too?
We have to assume so. Zhaitan is determined to destroy the Pact, and it'll use every weapon it has. If mesmer magic is among those weapons, we must be ready for it.
Talk more option tango.png What else can we expect?
Anything and everything. While we've been developing our attack strategy, Zhaitan has been preparing an all-out assault to stop us from ever employing it.
Talk end option tango.png Then we'll be ready for anything. I'll see you there.
Talk end option tango.png We will be.
Talk end option tango.png Understood. I'll see you there, Marshal.

My story[edit]

Marshaling the Truth.jpg

I met Trahearne at Oxbow Isle and reported my suspicions that "Syska" is a mesmer in the service of Zhaitan. We were attacked as soon as I presented my concerns, but I was able to stop the mesmer's assassination attempt. This matter will have to wait, however, as Trahearne told me Fort Trinity is being targeted for a major assault by Zhaitan's forces. I agreed to meet Trahearne back at Fort Trinity to prepare for this assault.

My story