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Breaking the Siege

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Breaking the Siege

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Breaking the Siege is the fourth part of The Head of the Snake.


Check in with Logan.
  • Speak with Logan Thackeray in the command tent at Doric's Landing.
Complete events, defeat enemy troops, and help the residents of Lake Doric while the Seraph prepare for a final attack on Caudecus's Manor.
  • Seraph Army Combat Readiness
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Return to Doric's Landing and check in with Logan.
  • Speak with Logan Thackeray.



After speaking with Logan, you will need to simply play in the map. The bar progresses as you complete events, defeat enemies, and complete hearts. Once you complete enough content in Lake Doric, return to Logan.


Breaking the Siege
Breaking the Siege The Head of the Snake 0Achievement points
Assist the Seraph and the people of Lake Doric.Journal: Breaking the Siege Completed Completed Breaking the Siege 0Achievement points




  • Foes associated with the open world map and related events


Speaking to Logan Thackeray at beginning:

Logan Thackeray: The scouts tell me the White Mantle leaders in Fort Evennia are in a scramble. I'm guessing we have you to thank for that.
<Character Name>: I rescued some Seraph soldiers while I was inside. They may have overheard some intel while they were under guard.
Logan Thackeray: We'll debrief them immediately. Good work, Commander. We're winning this war.
Logan Thackeray: We're almost ready to turn our attention to Caudecus. But before we act, we need to strengthen our hold on the region.
<Character Name>: I like the sound of that. How can I help?
Logan Thackeray: I need you on the front line supporting the Seraph's efforts. Do whatever you can to ensure our victory.
<Character Name>: Understood. I'll do my part.
Logan Thackeray: Return to me when the tide has turned. And take care of yourself out there.
<Character Name>: Will do. See you soon, Logan.
Speaking to Logan Thackeray after completing Seraph Army Combat Readiness
<Character Name>: I've done what I can. The White Mantle threat isn't completely contained, but we should be ready to make our move on Caudecus.
Logan Thackeray: Perfect timing. Jennah—that is, Her Majesty—has requested our presence in the throne room.
Logan Thackeray: We couldn't have held off the Mantle without you. I'm sure the queen wants to thank you personally for your efforts.
(If charr)
Logan Thackeray: It never fails to strike me as strange to see a charr invited to the throne room. I'm glad it's you, though.
(If human)
Logan Thackeray: You've come a long way since you were first invited to the throne room years ago. Funny how fast time passes us by.
(If sylvari)
Logan Thackeray: A year ago, nobody would have let a sylvari set foot in the queen's throne room. I'm glad things have changed.
Logan Thackeray: Go ahead and make your way up to the palace. I'll meet you there.

My story[edit]

Lake Doric loading screen.jpg

After checking in with Logan, it's clear that the Seraph are almost ready to mount a significant counterattack on Caudecus's manor. However, before they are able to do that, the Seraph need as much help as they can get to drive the White Mantle out of Lake Doric.

With the help of the Seraph and many others around the region, we've dealt a number of heavy blows to the White Mantle's siege of Lake Doric. Now that we can confidently leave the siege in the capable hands of the Seraph, I should return to Logan so we can plan our next move.

After helping drive back the White Mantle, I returned to Doric's Landing and spoke with Logan. He said that the Seraph are finalizing their plans for a last push against the Mantle, and that the queen has summoned us to her throne room. I'm to meet Logan there.

My story


  • Progress is retained even if the character leaves the map.