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Opening Ceremony

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Opening Ceremony

1326 AE
Living World Season 1
Queen's Jubilee
The Crown Pavilion
Preceded by
Audience with the Master
Followed by
Closing Ceremony

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Opening Ceremony is a Living World story instance as part of the Queen's Jubilee release at the The Crown Pavilion in Divinity's Reach.


  • Living Story waypoint.png Attend the opening ceremony of the Crown Pavilion. (80)
    • Present yourself to Queen Jennah.
    • Watch Logan test the watchknight's mettle.
    • Hold off the Aetherblade Pirates
    • Event bar.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
    • Defend Rox until she can make her shot.
    • Take down the haywire watchknight.
    • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png


Upon entering the instance, open the Central Arena Gate to the pavilion. After Queen Jennah makes her speech, you can speak to any of the named NPCs or listen to their conversations, or just talk to Queen Jennah to initiate the challenge. Logan Thackeray will take up the challenge and asks all spectators and contestants to leave the arena floor. After a bit of fighting between Logan and the Watchknight, an Aetherblade airship arrives through a portal and the arena is overrun by Aetherblades. Protecting the Queen should be a relatively simple task, as she defends herself quite well against attack, so focus on killing the enemies around her. Once the Aetherblades are routed, follow Rox and Braham around the arena as they attempt to subdue the mysterious intruder. Rox will have a circle around her that players will need to be inside of in order for her to fire.


Opening Ceremony Attendee (Historical) Queen Jennah's Jubilee 5Achievement points
Attend the Opening Ceremony story instance 1 Instance Completed 5Achievement points
  • Complete the instance.





Cinematic when interacting with the Central Arena Gate
Queen Jennah: Welcome, one and all, to Divinity's Reach. And welcome to the newly opened Crown Pavilion.
Queen Jennah: As the city celebrates my tenth year as Kryta's monarch, we also celebrate the resilience of the human spirit.
Queen Jennah: Since my coronation, humanity has withstood test upon dreadful test, yet it endures. We endure. And we always shall.
Queen Jennah: We reclaimed the Great Collapse and made it a gathering place, an arena to celebrate humanity's fighting spirit.
Queen Jennah: I hereby present the watchknights, my gift to Divinity's Reach and a symbol of our renewed bonds of community, duty, and shared destiny.
After cinematic
Queen Jennah: Join us in the arena for a demonstration of the watchknights' martial skill as they are tested by Kryta's finest champions.
Queen Jennah: If you have the strength and the will, step forward and become part of Kryta's bold new future.
When approaching Braham and Rox
Braham: Look at this place. Some say the humans are at the end of their rope, but you'd never guess it.
Rox: I think that's the point: to demonstrate how well humanity is doing despite all their challenges.
Rox: They're bringing in people from all over the world to show how tough they still are.
Rox: They even invited Rytlock to be the Black Citadel's emissary, but he opted to send me instead. I hope the queen isn't offended.
Braham: Don't worry: you brought me along. Two of us is way better than one Rytlock.
Rox: Shhh! It's bad luck to slur your commanding officer. Especially when I'm trying to get into his warband.
Rox: Wait...did you say, "Kuh-bam?" Ha! All this time, I thought you were saying, "Kuh-Braham."
Braham: No. Why would I say "Kuh-Braham?"
Rox: I figured it was a norn thing. You know, shouting your name as a battle cry? Kuh-Braham!
Braham: That's stupid. No norn shouts his own name like that. I mean, would you shout, "Kuh—Rox?"
Rox: No, but I'm going to from now on. Look out world: Kuh-Rox! Kuh-Frostbite!
Braham: I should've stayed in Cragstead.
Rox: Try concentrating on the good time we're about to have instead of the vicious harpy who broke your heart.
Braham: I can't. All the joy has been taken from me. Ottilia– (spit) I'll never love again.
Braham: How could she throw me over like that? I hunted rabbits for her! Stupid, fluffy rabbits!
Rox: Here we go again. Listen, I hear they've got some sort of battle arena in the middle of this party. Let's check it out.
Braham: Bury my pain in the joy of combat? I like it. Let's go.
When approaching Lord Faren
Lord Faren: This is quite the to-do. I'm glad my finest finery came back from the haberdasher's in time.
Lord Faren: The city has never looked better, either. Laughing children, proud fathers, alluring mothers...even the Seraph seem dapper-er.
Lord Faren: Tough that's probably due to the conspicuous absence of the Ministry Guard. And I don't blame the queen one bit for excluding them.
Lord Faren: Their numerous corruption scandals and enmity for the Seraph would have definitely put their stink on the queen's special day.
Citizen: Can I go now, my lord? My husband and children will be worried about me.
Lord Faren: Husband? Drat. (sigh) Yes, by all means, do get back to him. No point in wasting any more of our time, eh?
Speaking to Emissary Vorpp
The queen's new toy is a marvelous feat of engineering, if a bit ostentatious with all of those extraneous bits whirring about.
Talk more option tango.png Surprised by human ingenuity?
Perhaps I am a bit surprised. Surprised and intrigued.
Talk end option tango.png I see.
Talk end option tango.png It is marvelous, isn't it?
Speaking to Logan Thackeray
Good to have you in our city for the celebration.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you, Captain.
Speaking to Countess Anise
(If character is a human)
Well, well, our famed Hero of Shaemoor returns. We welcome your help, <Character name>.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to be of service again.
Welcome to Divinity's Reach. For security reasons, please keep a respectful distance from Her Majesty.
Talk end option tango.png Got it.
Speaking to Lord Faren
(If character participated in The Secret of Southsun)
Didn't we meet at that dreadful island resort? Welcome back to civilization.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.
Hello there. Quite the gala affair here, isn't it?
Talk end option tango.png Yes it is.
Speaking to Rox
Look who's here! Now it's a party.
Talk end option tango.png Let's do this.
Speaking to Braham
Here we are again, huh?
Talk end option tango.png Got your back, just like last time.
Speaking to Queen Jennah
(If character is a human and has completed the third arc of the Personal Story)
Hello again. Thank you for your assistance in the matter of Kellach. Are you volunteering to battle our watchknight?
Talk quest option tango.png Yes, Your majesty. I'd like to test your watchknight's mettle.
Talk end option tango.png Perhaps later, Your Majesty.
Welcome. Are you prepared to face our watchknight?
Talk quest option tango.png Yes, Your majesty. I'd like to test your watchknight's mettle.
Talk end option tango.png Perhaps later, Your Majesty.
After beginning the ceremony
Logan Thackeray: Your Majesty. As a captain of the Seraph and your personal champion, I will stand for Kryta.
Logan Thackeray: If it pleases Your Majesty, let me test the watchknights alone. Let them prove their ability to protect your kingdom as well as I have.
Queen Jennah: An excellent notion, Captain. Clear the arena of all other contestants and begin.
Announcer: The queen has spoken! All other contestants please clear the arena. Captain Thackeray alone will prove the watchknights' mettle!
Queen Jennah: For this demonstration, we've added a special cosmetic change to the watchknights.
Queen Jennah: Captain Thackeray has fought all manner of foes on our behalf. Now, Captain: are you ready to face them all?
Logan Thackeray: I'm ready to do whatever Her Majesty commands.
Queen Jennah: Then behold: with a touch of mesmer magic, the watchknight can represent the most dangerous and driven of our foes.
Watchknight turns into a Flame Legion Axe Fiend.
Logan Thackeray: Okay...not what I was expecting, but it doesn't matter: the queen's enemies are my enemies, no matter what shape they take.
Watchknight (charr): Prepare to suffer!
Logan Thackeray: You're kidding, right?
Watchknight turns into an Ogre Chieftain.
Watchknight (ogre): Sneak attacks are for the weak!
Watchknight turns into a Bandit Scatter Shot.
Logan Thackeray: Bring it!
Watchknight turns into a quaggan.
Logan Thackeray: Now that's funny. (laugh)
After battle
Logan Thackeray: Ha! The watchknight is formidable, Your Majesty, but I'm not quite ready to declare it your new champion.
Watchknight turns into Rytlock Brimstone.
Watchknight (Rytlock): I could say the same about YOU, human. Crawling back for forgiveness, Logan?
Logan Thackeray: Dwayna's tears—is this some kind of joke? If it is, I'm not laughing.
Watchknight (Rytlock): Time's wasting. Let's finish this.
Queen Jennah: This has gone on long enough. Countess Anise, shut down the watchknight.
Countess Anise: It's not responding, my queen. Something or someone's interfering with our control.
Aetherblade airship appears through a portal.
Lord Faren: Ah, I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but we've got party crashers. Trust me, I've seen this kind of thing before.
Countess Anise: Not like this, you haven't. Those are the Aetherblade pirates that have been causing trouble in Lion's Arch.
Logan Thackeray: Grenth take me, someone protect the queen until I can get past this overgrown wind-up toy!
Rox: Looks like we've got work to do, Braham. Come on: there's almost enough for both of us.
Braham: Now you're talking. Who needs sham combat when we've got the real thing. Kuh-bam!
After Aetherblades have been defeated
Countess Anise: Shining Blade! Rally to the queen!
Rox: What's the story here, Countess? If these things have an "off" switch, now's the time to flip it.
Countess Anise: You're the charr emissary, yes? I'd love to, but someone has overridden our control of the entire pavilion.
Rox: How does that work? Whoever's taken over would have to be close by. Very close.
Countess Anise: I agree. And if you'll cast your eyes to the top of that pillar, you'll see someone who shouldn't be there.
Countess Anise: That gives us a target. Rather, it gives you a target. Are you proficient with that bow?
Rox: Proficient enough. Keep these goons away from my bow arm and stand back.
First spot after Rox attacks
Suspicious Figure: Ooh, be careful with that! You could put my eye out.
Braham: Ha! You missed. Better get those eyes checked.
Rox: Shut up. I would've hit her, but she blinked away. Now be quiet, you're jinxing me.
Braham: She's back. Over there!
Second spot after Rox attacks
Suspicious Figure: What, don't you like me? Give me a chance.
Rox: Burn this! Missed again. I knew Braham was jinxing me.
Countess Anise: I thought you said you could handle that weapon.
Rox: I can! Just give me one more shot.
Third spot after Rox attacks
Suspicious Figure: (laugh)
Rox: Bull's-eye! Who needs their eyes checked now, Mr. Novelty Hair?
Braham: You do. Remind me, how many shots did it take you hit the mark?
Rox: That's it. Frostbite, if Braham says one more nasty thing about my aim, sting him to death.
Countess Anise: We're making progress, Your Majesty. The arena gates should lower momentarily.
Queen Jennah: I'm glad to hear it. But we need to deactivate the watchknight attacking Captain Thackeray.
Countess Anise: Still working on it, my queen. Our technicians can't break through the interference.
Queen Jennah: Unacceptable. We have no more time. Destroy it.
After watchknight as been defeated
Suspicious Figure: Aw, you spoiled my fun. Now I'm going to have to make a special project out of you.
Logan Thackeray: What happened here? This was supposed to be an exhibition. How did that thing know about Rytlock?
Countess Anise: Don't be so sensitive, Captain. When you stepped in as the sole combatant, I decided to add a slightly more personal touch.
Logan Thackeray: We'll discuss your "personal touch" later, Countess. Right now, I insist we shut down this pavilion for a full investigation.
Countess Anise: I respectfully disagree. Whoever did this clearly intended to disrupt our celebration. We cannot let them succeed.
Queen Jennah: Anise is correct. This event isn't just a festival, it's a statement to the world. I will not let that statement be undermined.
Logan Thackeray: As you command. But I am beginning an investigation, and I am doubling the number of Seraph patrolling the city.
Queen Jennah: Of course. I want to know why the Aetherblades attacked, and what they have to do with the disruption of our watchknights.
Lord Faren: Good luck, Captain. Let me know if I can help. In the meantime, the least I can do is enjoy the festivities on your behalf.
Chatter after conversation
Braham: That was a lot more fun than I expected. You think the metal things going crazy was part of the exhibition?
Rox: Hard to say. And as the Black Citadel's official envoy, I should probably keep my opinions to myself.
Braham: Boring! I smell trouble and a chance for glory. Why don't you use that VIP status to get us in on some action?
Rox: I knew bringing you along was a good idea. Come on. Let's get involved in stuff that's none of our business.
Rox and Braham speaking to Logan
Logan Thackeray: Thanks for jumping in back there.
Rox: Happy to help. Consider it part of the Black Citadel's ongoing partnership with Divinity's Reach.
Braham: Yup. Nothing like a little mayhem to spice up a party. Kuh-bam!
Logan Thackeray: I've still got a job to do. I can't leave Kryta or its queen in the hands of protectors I don't trust.
Rox: Things seem all right now. There are sham bouts and practice fights happening all over the arena, and the watchknights are all behaving.
Logan Thackeray: But for how long? We need to take a closer look at these things. Find out what went wrong, and keep it from happening again.
Rox: Count us in. I want another shot at that pillar person. We're at your disposal, Captain.
Rox: And if you don't mind me saying, the real Tribune Brimstone would never talk to a comrade like that. I know it.
Logan Thackeray: Except he did. Once upon a time, he said those very words to me.
Rox: Oh. Well, er...he wouldn't say them again. I just know it.
Talking to Queen Jennah
I'm grateful for your assistance here today.
Talk end option tango.png You're very welcome, Your Majesty.
Talking to Countess Anise
Forgive my curtness, but I'm currently preoccupied with Her Majesty's safety.
(If character participated in Dragon Bash)
Talk more option tango.png I've crossed swords with Aetherblades before. I had hoped we'd finished them off.
Clearly they're still active, and perhaps better organized and funded than we had suspected.
Talk more option tango.png Who could be backing them?
Unknown. Though I've seen a mysterious figure here today that has me concerned. Sneaking in a saboteur with advanced technical savvy is exactly what I'd do.
Talk end option tango.png Interesting.
Talk end option tango.png Interesting.
Talk more option tango.png You seem well-informed. What can you tell me about these thugs?
The Aetherblades were involved in the murder of a Ship's Councilor in Lion's Arch. They appear to have found their way here, better organized and funded than ever.
Talk more option tango.png Who could be backing them? (same as above)
Talk end option tango.png Interesting.
Talk end option tango.png I understand.
Talking to Logan Thackeray
Countess Anise may have had the queen's safety in mind, but I should have been informed of her ruse. If the captain of the Seraph isn't to be trusted, who is?
Talk end option tango.png Good luck, Captain.
Talking to Rox
Thanks for your help today. Stick around if you're looking for some more action. I have a feeling this isn't over.
Talk end option tango.png Will do.
Talking to Braham
Kuh-bam! That was great.
Talk end option tango.png Agreed.
Talking to Lord Faren
Never a dull moment here in old DR, eh?
Talk end option tango.png I guess not.