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Disambig icon.png This article is about the asuran personal story instance. For the Living World Season 4 instance, see The Test Subject.

Test Subject is part of the personal story of asura characters who have chosen to side with the Durmand Priory at the end of the previous mission.


Obtain proof of Gorr's theory with Scholar Krasso.

  • Meet Scholar Krasso at Ulta Metamagicals.
  • Enter the lab.
  • Activate the asura gate.
  • Conduct the test.
  • Destroyer Crab
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Confer with Zojja and the order reps.

  • Regroup with Zojja and the order reps in Rata Sum.
  • Join an order and help that order spread Gorr's message.


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All professions


After meeting with Zojja, travel to the Ulta Metamagicals Waypoint. To get here, travel northeast from Mrot Boru Waypoint, past Koga Ruins and Gotala Cascade. The instance is nearby the waypoint. Follow Scholar Krasso and Professor Gorr into the lab. Once inside the instance, simply follow the instructions given to you. A Destroyer Crab will spawn and wreak havoc. The crab can inflict a lot of damage, so remain at a distance if possible. Put it down and speak with Krasso and Gorr. Return to the home lab and discuss the findings with Zojja and the rest of the order representatives. The mission you choose determines the order you join.



First Instance[edit]


Second Instance[edit]





At Duskstruck Moors[edit]

Approaching Krasso and Gorr:

Scholar Krasso: All preparations are complete. Let the testing commence.
Scholar Krasso: When you're ready, we'll bring in a dragon minion and blast it with arcane energy.
Scholar Krasso: We expect a strong reaction, but don't worry: the containment field will protect us.
Professor Gorr: I'm prepared to measure the results. Savant, will you please throw the switch?

Speaking with your allies:

Scholar Krasso: Look around you. Multiple geniuses, a lab filled with state of the art equipment, and a clear objective. This is how the Priory gets results.
Talk end option tango.png Impressive.
Professor Gorr: This is it: my moment of truth. My theory and I have been subjected to a lot of abuse lately. I hope we both can count on your continued support.
Talk end option tango.png Absolutely.

After flipping the switch:

Scholar Krasso: Okay, Professor. Bombarding the creature with pure magic...now!
Scholar Krasso: Anything? Anything at all? What are the readings on your sensor?
Professor Gorr: Don't let up. It's definitely absorbing the energy. Yes! I believe we have our proof.
Professor Gorr: It's loose! Please, I need some martial assistance!

Cinematic after the fight:

Scholar Krasso: Sorry, Professor. I should have anticipated that such a high dose of concentrated magic would only strengthen the minion.
Scholar Krasso: This test proved that we are all imperiled, particularly those of us possessing large magical stockpiles.
Professor Gorr: Unquestionably. On the bright side, this is the breakthrough I've been looking for: proof positive that my theory is valid.
Professor Gorr: These readings are conclusive: the more magic we gave it, the more was absorbed. The Arcane Council can't possibly deny the correlation.
Scholar Krasso: That may be, but in my experience, the Council's reactions aren't always easy to predict.
<Character name>: Still, we are one giant step closer to proving Gorr's theory to the world. Let's share this data with Zojja and the other orders.

Speaking with allies again:

Scholar Krasso: One little miscalculation could've cost us dearly if you weren't here. See how much of an asset you could be to the Priory?
Talk end option tango.png I see. But we need to report this to Zojja and the others.
Professor Gorr: We've done it! My theory is proved, and not even the most corrupt, jealousy-maddened, denial-riddled genius could dismiss the impact of the data we just gathered.
Talk end option tango.png Congratulations.

At Applied Development Lab[edit]

Approaching the Order representatives:

Professor Gorr: My theory is confirmed. Thanks to you all, we have conclusive proof that the dragons are consuming the world's magic at an alarming rate.
Zojja: This is the first step to building a coalition to battle the dragons. We need to tell everyone, the entire asura population, as quickly as possible.
Zojja: Rakt and the Arcane Eye won't allow it. So how do we get vital information past a highly trained secret police force dedicated to keeping it contained?
Scholar Krasso: If the Priory called a conference, all the most influential geniuses in Rata Sum would attend. Rakt wouldn't dare touch 'em. And once they know, the news can't help but spread.
Agent Batanga: Word of mouth isn't reliable. Not against Rakt. We need mass communication. We should commandeer the Golem Control Center and broadcast a massage from there.
Crusader Slep: The Arcane Eye is the real problem. If we attack them head on and take the fight to Rakt himself, they won't be able to contain Gorr's theory.
Zojja: This is it, Savant. All three orders want you as a member. If you're willing, the plan you choose now will determine the order you join. Permanently.
<Character name>: Oh, I'm willing. That'll put me on the inside, with access to all of that order's resources, from here on. That's what you meant by building alliances.
Zojja: Partially, yes. The rest will come after we present Gorr's theory to the world. Now select a plan, and remember: the order you choose is the order you join.

Speaking with allies before making a choice:

Professor Gorr: I'm free, thanks to you. I don't wish to sound ungrateful, but do you know that my theory is also held captive? Will you help me liberate it?
Talk end option tango.png We can and we will.
Zojja: Promulgating Gorr's theory is essential to the orders--and my long-range plans. If we're smart and play this right, we'll be perfectly positioned to confront the Elder Dragons.
Talk end option tango.png I'm with you.
Crusader Slep: You understand the problem, and you know who the enemy is. The Vigil is going to clear a path for Gorr's message by taking out Rakt himself. If you join us, you can be a part of it.
Talk quest choice tango.png I'm ready to join the Vigil. Count me in.
Talk end option tango.png This is an important decision. Let me think a while longer.
Agent Batanga: The only way to win here is to tell everyone at once. Rakt can't silence every Peacemaker in the city. Are you with us? Will you join the Order of Whispers?
Talk quest choice tango.png Yes. I like the results you get and how you get them.
Talk end option tango.png I need more time before I decide.
Scholar Krasso: This started with an academic conference, it should end with one, too. The Priory needs your talent and your drive to make it work. Will you join us?
Talk quest choice tango.png Yes. Brawn can't defeat the dragons, but brains can.
Talk end option tango.png I'm not ready to decide yet.

After choosing an order:

Crusader Slep: I like what I've seen so far, but do you have what it takes to fight for the Vigil on a full-time basis? I think you can, but you're going to have to prove it.
Talk end option tango.png If the opportunity arises, I'll be glad to.
Agent Batanga: I hope you like creating mysteries as much as solving them. In the Order of Whispers, that's a necessary skill.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, but for the time being, I'm a free agent.
Scholar Krasso: I'm glad to have a Snaff Savant among us. Between Batanga and Slep, things were getting a tad...lowbrow.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks. I'm always happy to raise the tone.

My story[edit]

Applied Development Lab loading screen.jpg

Scholar Krasso and I helped prove Professor Gorr's theory by bombarding a captive dragon minion with magical energy and measuring the results. The minion grew so strong that it broke free and had to be put down, but we got our proof. We agreed to consult Zojja and the other order reps before we decide on our next course of action.

All three orders of Tyria presented plans to disseminate the proof of Professor Gorr's theory. Zojja explained that whichever order's plan I chose would be the order I joined permanently as part of her long-range goal of building strong alliances against the Elder Dragons. I made my choice, and we set out to show the world that Gorr is right: dragons eat magic.

My story


Destroyer foes in this instance are not immune to Burning like most destroyers.