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Reaper of Magic

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Reaper of Magic

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Reaper of Magic is the fourth part of Out of the Shadows.


Learn more about the White Mantle activity in the area.

  • Move to the bow of the airship for better reception to receive Taimi's message.
  • Find out what the White Mantle are doing with the bloodstone fragments.
  • Kill the White Mantle cleric who appears to be wearing an ancient artifact.




After talking with Taimi at the bow of the airship, drop down and search for the Veteran White Mantle Cleric. Killing her and returning to the airship will finish this mission.


Reaper of Magic Out of the Shadows 0Achievement points
Journey through Bloodstone Fen seeking the secrets of Unbound Magic.Journal: Reaper of Magic Completed Completed Reaper of Magic 0Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.





Speaking with Taimi:

Taimi: Come in. Can you read me, Commander?
<Character name>: Loud and clear, Taimi.
Taimi: Finally! There's been tons of magical interference; been difficult to get a clean line to you.
Taimi: Okay, I've been going over some data coming in from the blast area, and one thing stands out.
Taimi: The people who were within the blast radius who, um...survived...
Taimi: They need to consume the magic to live, but the magic's also driving them more and more insane.
<Character name>: That must be why I've seen them snatching up bloodstone shards.
Taimi: Hmm...then they have to have a way to harvest the magic inside. I wonder how?
<Character name>: I'll track down where they're taking the shards for harvest and see what they're using. Commander over.
Taimi: Did you mean "Commander out"? It's okay, communicator protocol takes a little getting used to. Taimi out!

After defeating the cleric:

<Character name>: Come in, Taimi! I've liberated the artifact.
Taimi: Only thing to do now is try it out! You should be able to harvest bloodstone nodes and fragments scattered by the blast.

My story[edit]

Bloodstone Fen loading screen.jpg

I liberated an ancient artifact the White Mantle were using to harvest bloodstone magic and can now harvest it for myself!

My story


Sometimes on completion the mission will show as complete in the content UI but will not offer you the mission rewards to accept. Waypointing within the map will trigger the rewards.