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Prosperity's Mystery

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Prosperity's Mystery

1327 AE
Living World Season 2
Gates of Maguuma
Prospect Valley
(Dry Top)
Preceded by
Followed by
Scarlet's Secret Room

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Prosperity's Mysterious Room

Prosperity's Mystery is the fifth and final story episode of the Gates of Maguuma chapter of Living World Season 2.


Return to the town of Prosperity to continue your search for answers.
  • Talk to the residents of the nearby town.
  • Talk to the townspeople of Prosperity.
Investigate the mysterious room.
  • Talk to Braham, Taimi, and Rox.
  • Examine the door.
  • Break down the door.
  • Wait for your friends to regroup.
  • Talk to Kasmeer.
  • Talk to Marjory.
  • Talk to Taimi.
  • Talk to Rox.
  • Talk to Taimi again.
Learn more about Scarlet's research.
  • Find and talk to Toska the miner.



Return to Prosperity and visit the bar in the back of the central buildings. Talk to the barkeeper Martinus to be told about a female sylvari that used to stay in the town. Then talk to Gigor, Dabnia and Anhinga to find out more about that sylvari.

After entering the instance, talk to Braham, Taimi and Rox to decide on a plan. Investigate and destroy the door. Afterwards, follow the dialogue instructions by talking to the person discovering something, looking at that item and talking to the person again. Finally, talk to Taimi again and leave the instance.

Enter the mine to find Miner Toska standing next to Alana. Talk to her to find more about the ley line hub and to complete the story.


This is a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items. Gates of Maguuma Gates of Maguuma Central Tyria mastery point 0Achievement points
Investigate the airship crash.Journal: "Gates of Maguuma" Completed
Reward: Scarlet's Box of Desert Knickknacks.pngScarlet's Box of Desert Knickknacks
Completed "Gates of Maguuma" 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story step.




Residents of Prosperity[edit]

Talking to Martinus
Gone, all gone. I'm ruined.
Talk quest option tango.png Sorry to bother you with this, but have you seen a strange sylvari around here?
Sure, but she was gone long before...all this happened. She was a creepy one, though. Rolled into town with a huge load of crates and bought a place to hole up in.
(Alternatively)[verification requested]
What'll it be?
Talk quest option tango.png Sorry have you seen or spoken a strange sylvari around here?
Sure, but but not for a long while now. She was a creepy one, all right. Rolled into town with a huge load of crates and bought a place to hole up in.
Talk quest option tango.png She? I'm looking for a male.
In that case, haven't seen him. This other one though, she kept to herself and we let her be. You should have seen her, with those crazy red stalks growing out of her head...
Talk quest option tango.png Wait, really? Who'd know more about her?
Ask around, if anyone's left to ask. Maybe someone in town actually tried talking to her. When there was still a town here, I mean.
(Alternatively)[verification requested]
Ask around. She was hard to miss, that one. Maybe someone in town actually tried talking to her.
Talk quest option tango.png Thanks for the information.
Talking to Gigor
Uhhh. Oh gods, look what it did to him. That could have been me! What are those things?
Talk quest option tango.png We're trying to figure that out. You know of a female sylvari who came here?
I remember her. She came 'round asking about rumors herself. Said she heard something about the mine and some magical underground river or something.
Talk quest option tango.png She was looking for it?
I told her that if we hit an underground river, we'd abandon the mine, on account of how they tend to flood everything without notice and miners drown. That didn't discourage her.
Talk quest option tango.png Did she find it? The underground river?
No idea. All I know is that she was looking for something. She had excavation equipment in her crates. Maybe she found it and it carried her away. I don't know.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.
Talk end option tango.png You'd better get out of here while you still can.
(Alternatively)[verification requested]
I'm on break. Being way down deep in that mine's giving me an itchy skull, know what I mean?
Talk quest option tango.png I won't take much of you time.
If you do, I'll have to charge ya. What's on your mind?
Talk quest option tango.png Rumors of a strange sylvari buying a room here.
I remember her. She came 'round asking about rumors herself. Said she heard something about the mine and some magical underground river or something. (continues same as above)
Talk end option tango.png Uh...Sure.
Talking to Dabnia
You've got that look in your eye. What do you need?
Talk quest option tango.png Information on a sylvari who lived here.
I wouldn't say she lived here, just came and went. Moved equipment through here. She'd go into her room and wouldn't come out for days, sometimes weeks.
Talk quest option tango.png Do you know who she was?
Some engineer with obsession all over her. Far as I know, she never said more than three words to anyone, and only then if she needed food or supplies.
Talk quest option tango.png What was she doing here?
No idea. There are others around who know more about her than I do. I kept my distance from her while she was around.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.
Talk end option tango.png Nothing. Never mind.
Talking to Anhinga
That came out of nowhere. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm assessing the situation. What do you need?
(Alternatively)[verification requested]
I got nothing to sell, and I ain't buying.
Talk quest option tango.png I just want directions, actually, to that mysterious sylvari's room.
Ha! You thinking of breaking in and looting her place? Not recommended. That one took personal security to a whole new level.
Talk quest option tango.png Do you know who she was?
She wasn't the friendly type, despite those perky red pigtail-flowers on her head. None of us figured she had anything worth the risk.
Talk quest option tango.png We want to take a look. Where is it?
It's right over there. Remember, I warned you.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.
Talk end option tango.png Just checking on you.
(Alternatively)[verification requested]
Talk end option tango.png Right. Me neither.

Prosperity's Mysterious Room (instance)[edit]

Talking to Braham
What are we waiting for? We're all sure it's Scarlet who was in here. Did you hear that charr by the well?
Talk quest option tango.png I heard. But we have to be careful. It could be trapped.
You stand back. I'll break it down.
Talk quest option tango.png No, Braham. Not so fast.
What does Rox say?
(If haven't spoken to Rox yet)
Talk end option tango.png I'll ask her.
(When already spoken to Rox before)
Talk end option tango.png She thinks, and I agree, that we need to get in there—safely.
Talking to Taimi
Seriously. We don't have a key. I say we bust it down. I'll have Scruffy do it if you don't. It's got to be one of her lairs!
(If haven't spoken to Braham or Rox)
Talk quest option tango.png Not so quick. Let me talk to Rox and Braham first.
(sigh) Caution killed the cat!
Talk end option tango.png Wrong. Stay in your golem. The door may be trapped.
(If already spoken to both Braham and Rox)
Talk end option tango.png So, we're all in agreement. Stay in your golem. The door may be trapped.
Talking to Rox
I know what you're thinking, 'cause I'm thinking it too.
Talk quest option tango.png This scary sylvari was Scarlet.
Exactly. But are we sure?
Talk quest option tango.png Who else could it be? It all adds up.
So what do you want to do about it? That door's gotta be trapped.
Talk end option tango.png We proceed with caution.
When examining the door
The crackle of magic creates a steady hum around this door. It's locked, and the threat is clear.
Talk end option tango.png Decide how best to approach it.
Braham Eirsson: Stay by me, Taimi.
After destroying the door
Frostbite: (chirp)
Rox: All clear!
Taimi: Can you tell? Is it really Scarlet's room? What—oh!
Taimi: Scruffy, come.
Taimi: Stand guard.
Taimi: C'mon Braham! Get in here!
Braham Eirsson: Looks like the villagers were right. Scarlet was here.
Taimi: The dust in here is thick. And these plants are all but dead. She definitely hasn't been here in a long time.
Taimi: Look, look, look! This is a historical find!
Marjory Delaqua: Careful, now. You'll pop a gasket.
Taimi: She hasn't been here in a very long time. This—oh, and that! Great glarrgh!
Marjory Delaqua: Language.
Taimi: Sorry. I didn't know you spoke ettin.
Kasmeer Meade: What is this place?
Braham Eirsson: What do you say we break open some of these crates. One good whack with my mace and—
Taimi: No, no! No, be careful. You could destroy something extremely valuable.
Rox: We should probably report this find to somebody. Ellen Kiel, perhaps?
Taimi: No, no! Are you crazy? You can't tell anybody. They'd come and take it all away. I need time.
Braham Eirsson: What do you need time for? You don't need to be digging in this old junk.
Taimi: It is not junk.
Marjory Delaqua: Scarlet's dead. Let's let sleeping dragons lie.
Kasmeer Meade: I found something interesting over here. Come and see.
Rox: At least now we know where she go the inspiration for that weird hairdo.
Rox: (sneeze)
Talking to Taimi
Look at all this great memorabilia. Scarlet, Scarlet, Scarlet. Whatever were you up to in here?
Talk end option tango.png Be careful, Taimi. You don't know what you'll find.
Talking to Braham
Looks like the villagers were right. Scarlet was here.
Talking to Marjory
This feels like we've taken a step back in time.
Talking to Rox
My fur is crawling. Let's get out of here.
Talking to Kasmeer
Look at this book and then tell me what you think.
Talk end option tango.png Okay.
Interacting with the book
"The Nature of Dragons" by Ogden Stonehealer.
Talk quest option tango.png Read more.
Or, should I say the "Dragons of Nature"? Yes. Dragons have long been thought to be as much a part of Tyria as the sun, moon, land, and seas.
Talk quest option tango.png Read more.
No one, not even the dwarves, know how long they've been here. The jotun and the norn both have lingering stories passed down through the generations about the last rise of the dragons.
Talk quest option tango.png Read more.
Most scholars give these tales little credit, unfortunately, as so much time has passed. It was over ten thousand years ago that the dragons last returned to their slumber.
Talk quest option tango.png Read more.
The very existence of these tales, however, indicates that the dragons have awakened at least twice in history. (The word "mordremoth?" is heavily scratched into the margins.)
Talk quest option tango.png Read more.
Ancient documents, found now in the Durmand Priory's collection, reveal accounts passed down by other races such as the powerful Seers and even the human gods themselves.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Talk end option tango.png Not now.
Talking to Kasmeer
Isn't this fascinating? We hear dragon stories all our lives, but they're usually fairy tales or stories intended to keep young children from misbehaving. I never thought of them as part of nature.
Talk quest option tango.png They are ancient Elder Dragons, after all.
If this is any indication, Scarlet's research into the dragons started early. I wonder what it was that attracted her to studying them?
Talk quest option tango.png Their power, perhaps. It seems to be a theme with her.
Yes, you're probably right. But she wanted knowledge too. Answers to life's biggest questions. She seems to have recognized early on that the dragons were part of something...more.
Talk end option tango.png Something universal. Yes.
Talk end option tango.png Fascinating.
Kasmeer Meade: She must have been young when she was here. It looks like she was still a student.
Taimi: I will have a more distinct conclusion later.
Taimi: But my preliminary assessment is that, yes, we're seeing remnants of her early years.
Marjory Delaqua: Look at this. How long ago would you say Scarlet was here? It looks like she was already studying ley lines.
Taimi: Not surprising. She was well ahead of her peers. We asura have been studying them for decades.
Rox: But you didn't know much about them.
Taimi: They are...elusive.
Marjory Delaqua: Is this what I think it is? It looks like ley lines. What do you think?
Talking to Kasmeer
More vines? We need a gardener.
Talking to Marjory
Look at this drawing, and tell me what you think of it.
Talk end option tango.png Okay.
Interacting with the drawing
This hand-drawn image is more symbolic than literal. It shows the world as a machine with various moving parts. The Pale Tree sits at its heart.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Talking to Marjory
Though crude, it's strangely beautiful, don't you agree? Do you think Scarlet made it?
Talk quest option tango.png Maybe. It looks like it represents Tyria.
Tyria, if you're a sylvari. The Pale Tree is at the center. Didn't I hear that Scarlet strangled the Pale Tree in some vision she had?
(If sylvari)
Talk quest option tango.png All sylvari have the Pale Tree at the center of their lives.
Do you think it means anything? How powerful is the Pale Tree?
Talk end option tango.png More powerful that we will ever know, I suspect. She is our mother.
Talk end option tango.png She definitely had a love/hate relationship with the Pale Tree.
Talk end option tango.png I don't care if she did.
Rox: (sneeze)
Braham Eirsson: Do you think she was evil back then?
Taimi: She was misunderstood.
Rox: (snort) She had to have always been evil. You don't suddenly turn evil overnight.
Taimi: What about the Branded? They did. They got corrupted.
Rox: Hmph. Good point.
Taimi: Hey! Watch it with that tail.
Taimi: Ooh ooh ooh! It's a steam minotaur! Eee!
Rox: Ow! Do you mind?
Kasmeer Meade: Inside voice, please, Taimi.
Braham Eirsson: Taimi, you sound like a harpy.
Taimi: Yeah, but did you see?
Braham Eirsson: I see.
Taimi: You're not even looking.
Talking to Taimi
Do you see it? Do you see? It's a steam minotaur!
Talk end option tango.png I see.
Interacting with the steam minotaur
A partially disassembled steam minotaur.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Talking to Taimi
This steam creature may have been her prototype. It has...flaws.
Talk quest option tango.png What do you mean...flaws?
Oh, I couldn't possibly explain it in terms you would understand. You'll just have to trust me on it.
Talk end option tango.png If you say so.
(If engineer)
Look closely with your engineering eyes on. Do you see the way its gears are seated so awkwardly and the primitive configuration of its mechamagical structure?
Talk end option tango.png Yes, I see what you mean. I haven't used that configuration since my first apprenticeship.
(If asura)
Well, I have to admit I am a bit disappointed. This steam creature is crude, at best. Look at the way its gears are seated, and the primitive configuration of its mechamagical structure.
Talk quest option tango.png Yes, I see. You must remember that this was her early work.
But I was making golems like this when I was still a toddler.
Talk quest option tango.png She is sylvari. We are asura. There are inherent differences, you know?
I suppose she gets some credit because she never was a toddler.
Talk quest option tango.png Very astute of you.
Rox: No one's ever going to be able to decipher Scarlet's chicken-scratchings.
Rox: What is all this asuran googly-mook, anyway? These symbols and things make me nervous.
Taimi: Those are alchemagical symbols. I'm not exactly sure what they mean either, but I'll figure it out—with time.
Talking to Rox
This looks like it was her diary. Take a look and tell me what you think?
Talk end option tango.png Okay.
Interacting with the diary
Dear diary. Writing longhand is for the birds. I've discovered a device of asuran origin that will allow me to record my journal from this point forward.
Talk quest option tango.png Read on.
Do not think that I am ungrateful to you. But, I must continue to evolve at every moment. The future awaits us all, and I plan to be amazing when it comes.
Talk quest option tango.png Read on.
This will be my last entry as an ink-splattering student. Starting tomorrow, I am a researcher, an engineer, and a visionary. I confess to a mixture of fear and excitement.
Talk quest option tango.png Read on.
I believe I've found one of these mythical ley lines, and if I can study it, understanding of Tyria's inner working will increase in leaps and bounds!
Talk quest option tango.png Read on.
Who knows what the future will hold?
Talk quest option tango.png Leave.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Talking to Rox
I've never been very magic minded, and both Omadd and Scarlet were crazy. To think that you could see the whole world in one moment. It's ridiculous.
Talk quest option tango.png Perhaps it's true. The mind is a powerful tool.
Yeah, and some people don't use theirs enough. Wishful thinking won't get you to the trough.
Talk end option tango.png True.
Talk end option tango.png You may be right.
Braham Eirsson: I think it's time to go. We've got more important things to do.
Taimi: You do, maybe, but I don't. This is the biggest day of my life! Look at all this Scarlet paraphernalia!
Rox: I agree with Braham.
Taimi: You would. Look, you guys can go, but I'm not leaving. I need to document all this. I can use this to write the thesis that will make me famous.
Braham Eirsson: Hm. I don't know.
Marjory Delaqua: She'll be okay. She's in a village. She's got her golem.
Braham Eirsson: I guess it'll be okay. We'll be back for you later, Squeak. If you run into any trouble, find a Zephyrite. They can be trusted.
Taimi: I will. Now stop worrying and let me get to work.
Rox: Let's get out of here, Braham. Between the dust and the weirdness, I'm done. (sneeze)
Braham Eirsson: You be careful, kid. We'll be back later.
Marjory Delaqua: I'm ready. Let's go.
Kasmeer Meade: Taimi, stay out of trouble. We'll be back soon.
Talking to Taimi
Hang on a second. There's mention here of a miner who found the ley line hub that Scarlet was looking for. I wonder if she's still here. Maybe you could go see? She's a norn named Toska.
Talk quest option tango.png What are you going to do?
I'm staying here. Do you realize the historical significance of this find? Not to mention the salvage rights. I'll be writing papers, treatises, and dissertations on this until I'm eighty!
Talk quest option tango.png I don't get the thrill.
Well, no. Of course, you wouldn't. But, for an asura, this is the find of a lifetime. I was fated to be the one who discovered it.
Talk quest option tango.png You were fated?
Yes. I knew from the first moment I heard about her that Scarlet's fate and mine were intertwined. And now, I shall be her biographer. I only wish I'd had a chance to speak with her.
(If asura)
Talk quest option tango.png I'd stay and be a coauthor, but I have more pressing matters.
Perfectly acceptable. While I'm disappointed not to have a name such as yours tied to my research, I am confident that I can handle this on my own.
Talk quest option tango.png You may, of course, seek my guidance at any point.
I appreciate the offer. Although you haven't advanced your research since winning the Snaff prize, I'm sure you could have much to offer me.
(Additional option if sylvari)
Talk more option tango.png All I ask is that you handle it with a gentle heart.
Whatever does that mean? My heart has nothing to do with it. I will apply my mind.
Talk more option tango.png I mean be sympathetic. She was a person, like you.
No. She was a person like you. If she had been born asura, with a strong asuran mind, she may not have fallen into madness. But she was sylvari, and therefore...prone to listening to her heart.
(all options lead here)
Talk quest option tango.png So what do you think she was doing out here?
My developing belief is that she found a ley line hub somewhere in this area. All the evidence points to it. I'm quite sure she was performing research at it and on it. It's so exciting!
Talk end option tango.png I hope we find it.
Talk end option tango.png Better get started then. See you later.
Talk end option tango.png Can do.
After talking with Taimi
Taimi: Scruffy, I need my supplies.
Taimi: Ooh ooh ooh ooh! Look!
(Repeating over time)
Taimi: Can it be? My goodness.
Taimi: So that's how it works.
Taimi: Hm.
Taimi: Oh, Scarlet. What happened to you?
Taimi: Interesting!
Taimi: Scruffy, log entry.
Taimi: Yes, yes. I understand.

Additional interactive objects[edit]

Interacting with Scarlet's holodiary
Ceara: Holomagic is amazing. I'll use it to record my life, my failures, and my successes. Scholars of the future will study them. Are you out there, scholars? (laugh)
Taimi: I'm here, Scarlet. I'm here.
Ceara: My black-market dredge contacts continue to prove useful. For a little gold, they sell me their scrap iron so I can build my steam minotaurs.
Ceara: I've landed a lab assistant position with Omadd, an intelligent but overly gentle asura. I should be able to wrap him around my little finger.
Ceara: Today I am sixteen cycles old, and to celebrate, I've been testing my first steam portal with steam minotaurs. The last batch actually made it in one piece.
Ceara: I noted the tiniest hint of intelligence in a steam brain today as it studied one of the portals. Fascinating.
Ceara: One in three steam creatures is being destroyed by my portals. I must find a solution.
Ceara: I have not yet had the courage to travel through one of my portals myself. I need to strengthen the form resonator first.
Ceara: I may have created a new sentient being. My steam brains are mimicking my building techniques, designing their own version of the steam portal.
Ceara: It's thrilling. I've finally moved beyond steam to aether, and I made my first leap through a portal.
Ceara: Omadd agrees that I'm ready for the mind-opening device. Tomorrow is the day.
Note: Ceara's voice becomes distorted, as if someone else is speaking too
Scarlet Briar: I saw it all. I saw the Eternal Alchemy.
Scarlet Briar: (breathes) I killed Omadd, my mentor. I am no one's lab rat.
Scarlet Briar: The ley line hub is real. I found it, and I'm making preparations to study it. I've purchased a room in Prosperity with some of Omadd's gold.
Scarlet Briar: The steam brains have shown ingenuity. When threatened, they build steam minotaurs from whatever materials they can find.
Scarlet Briar: I've used a portal to send most of my steam creature prototypes into Lornar's Pass and Brisban Wildlands. I no longer need them.
Inspecting the folded scrap of paper near Ogden's book
This scrap of paper has handwriting on it. It says, "Note to self: explore the idea of a mobile waypoint. Can travel happen at my whim?"
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Inspecting the blueprints on the wall next to the door
This set of blueprints appears to have been redrawn several times. A coffin-like device has tentacles coming off it, in all directions.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Inspecting the biggest book on the table below
This handwritten notebook bears the stamp of Omadd, Scarlet's last mentor.
Talk quest option tango.png Read on.
The device works on the principle that the mind is connected to magic, and therefore, if properly opened, one should be able to grasp the entire Eternal Alchemy as a bird views the landscape far below.
Talk quest option tango.png Read on.
My sylvari assistant will try it next. I am hopeful that she, with her innate connection to the sylvari Dream, will be a better subject than those who've gone before.
Talk quest option tango.png Read on.
I've grown rather fond of her and would hate to have her mind broken as well. I've tweaked and twiddled the settings as described below. I'm sure she'll be fine.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Inspecting the paper to the right of Omadd's book
This sheet of paper says, "What could it be?" followed by a list of thoughts.
Talk quest option tango.png Read on.
1. An ancient pool of magic trapped beneath the surface of the world? Like those believed to infuse the waters at Bergen with healing properties?
Talk quest option tango.png Read on.
2. A tear in the veil between here and the Mists? Perhaps the abundance of magic there is leaking into our world?
Talk quest option tango.png Read on.
3. Ley lines? Could it be that they truly do exist? If so, this is where my life truly begins. Right here. Right now.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Inspecting the open book below Omadd's book
"A Treatise on the Mental Puppeteering of Golems" by Snaff.
Talk quest option tango.png Read more.
Some scholars theorize that magic flows through all things, that we swim in magic as fish swim in water, or as we ourselves live in air. This magic is said to ebb and flow via currents called ley lines.
Talk more option tango.png Read on.
Magic infuses everything in the world. The building blocks of reality are held together by magic. With the right connectors, manipulating magical elements with the mind becomes possible.
Talk quest option tango.png Read more.
The mind is a powerful and fragile quantity in the world equation and the Eternal Alchemy. It can move mountains, or it can be shattered like glass.
Talk quest option tango.png Read more.
My research has found a thread between magic and the mind. The two are linked. Where there is one, there must also be the other. The igniter is belief.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Inspecting the scroll on a shelf between the books and the holodiary
An official certificate indicates that Ceara has received honorary student status with the College of Dynamics. This permits her to audit classes in a non-degree capacity.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

Learning about Scarlet's research[edit]

Talking to Miner Toska
You lost?
Talk quest option tango.png No, I'm looking for a miner named Toska. I have questions about the ley line hub.
You found her. That's what that strange sylvari female called the pocket of magical energy I tapped when I was digging out in the wastes beyond town. You don't want to go anywhere near that.
Talk quest option tango.png Maybe. But I'd still like to know the story.
I was mining copper and broke through into an inner chamber in the rock. Suddenly a bright light blinded us all. We didn't go any deeper—too dangerous—but changed the direction of our digging.
Talk quest option tango.png You told the sylvari woman about this?
Yes, and you should have seen her light up. It was as if I was Tixx and Toxx, delivering a special toy just for her.
Talk quest option tango.png Where was this pocket of magical energy?
Out west of town, but that tunnel caved in just after I told the sylvari what we'd found. I always suspected she'd collapsed it and dug her own way in. You should find her and ask about it.
Talk end option tango.png Can't. She's dead.
Talk end option tango.png No. I'm good.

My story[edit]

Prosperity's Mystery loading screen.jpg

Townspeople in Prosperity revealed that a strange (and dangerous) sylvari kept a room there. No one has dared go in, even though the sylvari hasn't been seen for years. We suspect it was Scarlet.

I asked the people of Prosperity about Aerin but instead learned that Scarlet rented a room in town. It was full of her belongings. I've never seen Taimi so excited. She left behind a holographic journal that chronicled her transformation from a lab assistant named Ceara to the Scarlet that was universally loathed. Other artifacts were scattered about the room, including a strange drawing of the Pale Tree.

Scarlet was researching magical energy here and seemed to have found something significant near where the miners were digging. A local miner named Toska may know more about this.

Taimi found reference to a norn miner named Toska who was among those who first broke through to the ley line chamber. I located Toska nearby. She said the mine mysteriously caved in, but she thought that Scarlet may have found another way in.

My story


  • Originally, Mordremoth's name was first uttered in the next story chapter. They added his name to the "The Nature of Dragons by Ogden Stonehealer" book at an unknown point.


  • The drawing in Scarlet's room is a depiction of The All.