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A Shattered Nation

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A Shattered Nation

1331 AE
Living World Season 4
A Star to Guide Us
Vehtendi Vineyard
(Vehtendi Academy)
Preceded by
Be My Guest
Followed by
Chaos Theory

A Shattered Nation loading screen.jpg

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A Shattered Nation is the first part of A Star to Guide Us. With Palawa Joko gone, a leadership summit is beginning in Jahai Bluffs while the Pact Commander is informed that Aurene has made an appearance and won't leave.


Find a discreet way into Jahai.
  • Meet with Braham at Vehtendi Vineyard in Vabbi.
Get the summit of Jahai moving again.
  • Travel to Jahai via Vehtendi Vineyard.
  • Enter the Fortress of Jahai from the back route.
  • Meet with Taimi in the summit room.
  • Convince Aurene to leave the summit rotunda.
  • Speak to all the delegates with Zaeim.
    • Speak with Grand Vizier Utumishi.
    • Speak with Archon Iberu.
    • Speak with Redeemer Kossan.
    • Speak with Ambassador Sianna.
  • Attend the summit in the rotunda's center.
  • (Defeat the Mordant Crescent)
  • Mordant Crescent Remaining
    Event bar green.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • (Defeat Archon Iberu)
  • Awakened Archon Iberu
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Attend the summit in the rotunda's center.
  • Investigate the commotion through the south entryway.
Escape the Death-Branded Shatterer!
  • Escort the delegates out of the summit room.
  • Locate and rescue free Awakened inside the fortress.
  • Help the free Awakened escape the Shatterer.
  • Proceed farther into the fortress.
  • (Defeat the Branded.)
  • Branded Remaining
    Event bar green.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • Locate and rescue free Awakened inside the fortress.
  • Help the free Awakened escape the Shatterer.
  • (Defeat the Branded.)
  • Branded Remaining
    Event bar green.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • Regroup before continuing the search for an exit.
  • Help the free Awakened escape the Shatterer.
  • (Defeat Death-Branded Hierarch Chikere.)
  • Death-Branded Hierarch Chikere
    Event bar green.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Find Taimi and Aurene.
  • Regroup with your companions.


Upon replaying


  • After starting the episode, head towards the Vehtendi Vineyard in the Domain of Vabbi. Look for the green star and speak with Braham to enter the instance.
  • Follow Braham to the Jahai Great Hall. After a short dialogue, interact with Aurene. Wait until the dialogue is over, then speak with the four delegates.
  • After calming the delegates, walk into the center and listen to the dialogue. Then Iberu will pull you towards him and tries to kill all the delegates, but Koss runs in and kills him. Listen to the dialogue, then walk towards north.
  • The Shatterer will land outside the hall and fear you away. Follow the green arrow to escort the delegates out of the room. Listen to Hierarch Chikere about his plan, and after he is killed, enter the next room.
  • There are 3 free Awakened citizens in the first room. Use the  Over Here!.png Move! special action skill to call them to your position. You must move them to the red arrow while the Shatterer is attacking the room with AoEs. Then enter the next room, defeat the Branded, and head forward.
  • 3 free Awakened are trapped in crystals in this room. Avoid the Shatterer's attacks and destroy the crystals to free the citizens, then use the  Over Here!.png Move! special action skill as above. Then enter the next room, kill the Branded foes, and move on.
  • The Shatterer will appear outside this room after a short dialogue. Beware of its fear attack, and call the citizens (3 more in this room) towards the red arrow as above.
  • Enter the next room, and defeat Death-Branded Hierarch Chikere. Afterwards listen to the dialogue, destroy the crystal wall in front of you, and go outside. Watch Aurene and the Shatterer fly away, and listen to more dialogue. The instance ends when the dialogue is finished.


A Shattered Nation A Star to Guide Us 0Achievement points
Meet up with Braham at Vehtendi Vineyard.Journal: A Shattered Nation Completed Completed A Shattered Nation 0Achievement points
  • Complete the instance.
Claws to the Wall A Star to Guide Us 1Achievement points
Avoid being struck by the Death-Branded Shatterer's claws.Story Instance: A Shattered Nation Avoided Being Struck by the Death-Branded Shatterer's Claws 1Achievement points
  • Avoid getting struck by any of the Death-Branded Shatterers claw attacks.
  • The Death-Branded Shatterer will use its claw attacks only for the first and second room containing Free Awakened Citizens.
  • Can be achieved in the same try as Splat!.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Claws to the Wall effect.
In Tatters; Not Shattered A Star to Guide Us 1Achievement points
Rescue every Free Awakened inside the Fortress of Jahai during the Death-Branded Shatterer's attack.Story Instance: A Shattered Nation Rescued Every Free Awakened inside the Fortress of Jahai 1Achievement points
  • Rescue all 9 Free Awakened Citizens during your escape through the fortress, there are:
    • 3 in the first room after Hierarch Chikere gets killed by the Death-Branded Shatterer
    • 3 entombed in Branding Crystals, in the room right after fighting the Veteran Branded Awakened Archer
    • 3 in the room after fighting the Veteran Branded Awakened Ravager, right before fighting Death-Branded Hierarch Chikere
  • During your escape you only have to worry about the Death-Branded Shatterers claw attacks, its fear attack deals no damage to the Free Awakened Citizens. The various Branded Awakened that spawn will neither target nor deal damage to the Free Awakened. Death-Branded Hierarch Chikere is an exception, he will target and damage them, but he cannot kill them as they get invulnerable when reaching 1% health.
    • For the first group, the easiest way to save all of them is to first destroy the Unstable Crystal Wall blocking the exit of the room. After that observe the room and find safe positions, where the Death-Branded Shatterers attacks can't reach you. Move your character into a safe position, wait for the Death-Branded Shatterer to do its claw attack and then call the Free Awakened Citizens to your position, repeat this until they all have reached the room's exit.
    • For the second group, focus on destroying the Branding Crystals. The trapped awakened will become Branded Free Awakened if the crystals are not destroyed quickly enough.
    • For the third group, just destroy the Unstable Crystal Wall. The Death-Branded Shatterer will only use its fear attack in this room, so you can just lead all of your Free Awakened Citizens to the exit.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for In Tatters; Not Shattered effect.
Splat! A Star to Guide Us 1Achievement points
Receive a hit from the Death-Branded Shatterer in an unexpected way.Story Instance: A Shattered Nation Hit by the Death-Branded Shatterer 1Achievement points
  • During "Escort the delegates out of the summit room", when Hierarch Chikere suggest using the Free Awakened trapped inside the next room as a distraction, stand next to him and get struck by the Death-Branded Shatterer's claws.
  • (Aegis and skills that Block or grant you Invulnerability will prevent you from unlocking this achievement.)
  • Can be achieved in the same try as Claws to the Wall.
This achievement rewards items. Return to A Shattered Nation Return to A Star to Guide Us 0Achievement points
Complete the story mission A Shattered Nation in Living World Season 4 Episode 4.
Reward: Volatile Magic.pngVolatile Magic (5)
Completed A Shattered Nation 0Achievement points





Awakened (at one point all the Mordant Crescent turn hostile for a short period of time, even though you don't fight them)
  • Awakened Archon Iberu
  • Hierarch Chikere
  • Mordant Crescent Archer
  • Mordant Crescent Caster
  • Mordant Crescent Soldier
  • Veteran Mordant Crescent Arbiter
  • Veteran Mordant Crescent Intimidator



Starting episode:

Taimi: Uh...Commander? How fast can you get to Jahai?
<Character name>: Why?
Taimi: Well...
Taimi: Zaeim is hosting a summit for all the different Elonian factions, to figure out what to do now that Joko's gone.
Taimi: And he's trying to get them to stop hating and fighting each other long enough to form an alliance.
Taimi: It was all going okay until Aurene...well... Look, Aurene crashed the summit. And now she won't leave!
Taimi: Everyone's panicking and Joko's loyalists are ready to riot and Aurene won't listen to me and I don't know what to do!
<Character name>: I'll be right there.
Taimi: Okay. Good. Meet Braham at Vehtendi Vineyard and he'll bring you into the city.

At Vehtendi Vineyard:

Braham Eirsson: Commander!
Braham Eirsson: There you are. If we don't get Aurene out of there soon, Utumishi and the others are gonna start a war. Again.
<Character name>: Utumishi's at the summit?
Braham Eirsson: Yeah. It's been a weird day. You'll see when you get there.
Braham Eirsson: Don't wanna cause a panic in the city, so we'll use the back way in. Old corsair route, "right under Joko's nose."
Braham Eirsson: We can head in there whenever you're ready.

En route to summit:

<Character name>: Why is Aurene even in Jahai in the first place?
Braham Eirsson: She's been all over Elona lately. Defending villages, cleaning up the Branded... Pretty impressive stuff.
Braham Eirsson: Joko hit Jahai pretty hard, so I'm guessing she swooped in to check on 'em.
Braham Eirsson: Seems like it took a lot out of her, though. Collapsed right there in the summit room.
<Character name>: Collapsed? Do you think it's because of...?
Braham Eirsson: Eating Joko would give anybody indigestion, but... Maybe she's just trying to do too much.
<Character name>: She needs to pace herself. We've still got Kralkatorrik to deal with.
Braham Eirsson: About that. Taimi wanted an update on Kralk...only we can't raise Kas and Jory on the comm. She's starting to worry.
<Character name>: I'm...sure they're okay. Keep trying. Let me know as soon as you reach them.

Optional dialogue while approaching the Fortress:

Mordant Crescent Soldier: Welcome to Jahai, Commander. The delegates are all inside.
Loyalist Civilian: Look at these fools, celebrating his death. How quickly they forget all the good he did for Elona.
Loyalist Soldier: The heretics will be punished for their treachery.
Villager (1): Aren't you scared? A year ago they would've killed you without a second though.
Villager (2): A year ago they didn't have a choice. Now they're free. All they want is to feel human again. Give them a chance.
Free Awakened Caster: I know it's stupid. But I can't shake the nerves. It's just, it's so long since I've been...a person.
Free Awakened Citizen: You'll be fine. Listen, your descendants are gonna LOVE you.
Villager (3): Those filthy undead creatures expect us to treat them like PEOPLE now?
Villager (4): Ugh. It's like a dolyak asking to sit at the dining table!

At the Jahai Great Hall:

Braham Eirsson: Here we are. I, uh...think I'll stay outside. Seeing Utumishi makes my fist twitchy.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Let's... Let's just wait for the commander to arrive—
Grand Vizier Utumishi: You expect me to watch while the MONSTER that ate our king just sits there, licking its chops?
Awakened Archon Iberu: Clearly it's acquired a taste for Awakened, and now it's back for more.
Taimi: Aurene wouldn't do that! You don't know her!
Awakened Archon Iberu: Do YOU?
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Thank the gods—Commander! Welcome! Do you think maybe you could...relocate your dragon?
Taimi: She won't budge. I think she was waiting for you.
<Character name>: Well, I'm here now. Aurene, we need to leave. Let these people do their work.
Grand Vizier Utumishi: Ha! Not even the so-called commander can control her!
Ambassador Sianna: Utumishi, really.

Speak to Aurene:

<Character name>: Aurene, let's go. This is no place for a dragon, and you know it.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: All right. Now we're getting somewhere.
Taimi: I'll get her out of the city. You up for a little stroll, Aurene? Or maybe a long one...?
Spearmarshal Zaeim: This is not how I expected today would go.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Since you're here, Commander, could you help me calm the delegates? We need to get this summit back on track.

Speak with Utumishi:

Spearmarshal Zaeim: Representing Joko loyalists: you remember Grand Vizier Utumishi.
Grand Vizier Utumishi: Former grand vizier. Your commander saw to that.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: And if you think I'm negotiating for one more second, after you send a dragon to assassinate us—
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Utumishi!
<Character name>: If that was my plan, you'd be dead already.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Leave the summit now, and your demands leave with you.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Hmph... Fine. But I will be treated with respect—or I walk.

Speak with Iberu:

Spearmarshal Zaeim: Archon Iberu, representing the Mordant Crescent.
<Character name>: You're back.
Awakened Archon Iberu: I've died plenty of times, Commander. It never sticks.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: I trust we can put this...incident behind us?
Awakened Archon Iberu: Why, Zaeim. I was the picture of diplomacy before the dragon showed up. Anyway, I'm sure we'll all get what we deserve.

Speak with Kossan:

Spearmarshal Zaeim: You remember Redeemer Kossan?
<Character name>: Of course. You're Koss's, uh, relative.
Redeemer Kossan: Welcome to the show. Quite a circus, even before your dragon showed up.
Redeemer Kossan: These people aren't gonna play nice anytime soon. All that centuries-old hatred, distrust...
Spearmarshal Zaeim: I don't expect them to like each other. I just need them to agree on...something. Anything.
Redeemer Kossan: New tyrant, maybe. Nothing brings people together like a common enemy.

Speak with Sianna:

Spearmarshal Zaeim: Ambassador Sianna. She speaks for the free Awakened.
<Character name>: "Free Awakened"?
Ambassador Sianna: We've shed the chains of servitude for the promise of a new life. And we're grateful for the second chance.
Ambassador Sianna: Oh, by the way, I trust you got in okay. The route was my idea. Yeah. Remembered it from my corsair days.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Thank you, again.

Summit start:

Spearmarshal Zaeim: Well, that went...reasonably okay. If you're up for it, I'd like you to stay for the rest of the summit.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Now, delegates: we were discussing the need for a governing council, post-Palawa Joko.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Again you assume he's permanently dead. They call him the Immortal King for a reason, you know.
<Character name>: He's not coming back this time. Aurene made sure of it.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Says the outsider whose entire reputation depends on that being the case.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Is that why you sent that THING here? To flaunt your "victory"? To scare us into abandoning our king?
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Not aga— Look, Joko is gone. We have to come together if we're—
Ambassador Sianna: "Come together"? With the toadies of the monster who killed us? Awakened us? Made us his SLAVES?
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: TRAITORS! As if I would debase myself by sharing a table with someone like YOU!
Redeemer Kossan: What did I tell you...
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Wait, where did these Mordant Crescent come from?
Awakened Archon Iberu: Ah, there they are. Now we can finally begin the main event.
Awakened Archon Iberu: I was willing to indulge this farce. I really was. But once again you had to bring your dragon in. To threaten us.
Awakened Archon Iberu: You're a danger to Elona. You all are. In fact, the best thing for Elona would be for all of you to GO AWAY.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Guards!
Awakened Archon Iberu: This land belongs to the Mordant Crescent—not to the weak. The ungrateful.
Awakened Archon Iberu: Awakened, Sunspears—you're all pathetic. And now? You're DONE. We're taking Elona BACK! By FORCE!
Koss Dejarin: ENOUGH!
Koss runs in and kills Iberu.
Hierarch Chikere: Archon!
<Character name>: Koss!
Koss Dejarin: Commander. Good to see the sun again.
Koss Dejarin: Anybody else got a problem with peace? Go on, you can speak freely... No? No one?... Suit yourselves. Now then.
Koss Dejarin: Spearmarshal Zaeim has offered a treaty. Debate is over; this is the part where everyone VOTES. What say you?
Hierarch Chikere: Under the...circumstances, we agree to your treaty, Spearmarshal.
Ambassador Sianna: As do we. From this day on, the free Awakened are yours to command.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: You are welcome among the Sunspears, Ambassador.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Gods, I'm going to vomit. We're not joining you traitors! We demand land of our own, where we can await Joko's return.
<Character name>: Oh, for— Joko's DEAD. And Kralkatorrik is still out there. You'd rather sit on your hands than help us take him down?
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: What about YOUR dragon? The one who's actually terrorizing Elona right now. The real threat isn't Kralkatorrik. It's YOU.
Taimi: Commander! I finally heard from Kas and Jory—and it's not good. They lost Kralkatorrik!
<Character name>: Define "lost."
Taimi: They said he just...vanished! I think he—
Spearmarshal Zaeim: What was that?

Investigate the disturbance:

Redemer Kossan: Shatterer!
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Ah! C-Commander, do something!
<Character name>: Oh, NOW I'm the commander. Everybody out!
Hierarch Chikere: This way!
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Branded! Clear them out!
Taimi: Commander? What was that?!
<Character name>: Kralk sent his lieutenant after us.
Taimi: But—that Shatterer is supposed to be dead!
Taimi: Aurene's in no shape to fight. I'll try to get her out of the city.

Escort the delegates out:

Hierarch Chikere: Listen! There are free Awakened trapped in the room ahead. We can use them as a distraction and escape!
Ambassador Sianna: You can't be serious! We have to help them!
Hierarch Chikere: You do what you want; I'm getting out of here in one piece. Are you with me or not?
The Death-Branded Shatterer smashes through the wall and crushes Chikere.
<Character name>: Guess not. Zaeim, take the others and get them to safety.
Ambassador Sianna: But my people—!
<Character name>: I'll help them. Go.

First room:

Free Awakened Citizen: No! G-get back!
<Character name>: Hold on—I'll break the wall down.
Free Awakened Citizen: Oh, gods, the dragon!
<Character name>: I know you're scared. But you're strong—you can fight back. Follow me, and I'll get you out of here.

Second room:

<Character name>: Keep moving—you'll be okay!
Taimi: Commander, I'm reading more free Awakened ahead of you—Aurene, stop! You can't fight this time.

Third room:

<Character name>: There are people in those crystals...! I'll get you out!

Fourth room:

<Character name>: Is the Shatterer...gone?
Taimi: Aurene, PLEASE! I'm trying to get her out of here, Commander, but she really wants to fight.

Fifth room:

Taimi: I need your help. I found a path leading outside. Can you head east and meet us there?
<Character name>: I'll do my best. Assuming the Shatterer doesn't—
The Death-Branded Shatterer bursts through the wall and roars.
Free Awakened Citizen: No! The Shatterer!
<Character name>: —come back. Time to move!

Sixth room:

Death-Branded Hierarch Chikere: Should've listened to me earlier. Now where's that dragon of yours?
Free Awakened Citizen: You were right, Commander. No running. We won't be chained again.

After defeating Chikere:

Taimi: No...the Shatterer found us—it's here!
<Character name>: I'm almost there! Hold on!

Regrouping in the courtyard:

Taimi: see the giant hole in reality too, right?
If asura:
<Character name>: Affirmative...
If charr or human:
<Character name>: Yeah...
<Character name>: Yes...
Taimi: Aurene, no! Come back!
Taimi: So, just to make sure: reality definitely just ripped apart, and the Shatterer definitely flew INTO the rip...right?
<Character name>: What WAS that?
Taimi: No idea... Uh-uh. But the energy readings are...I don't even KNOW what they are...
Koss Dejarin: You saw that, too, right?
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Not the first time this has happened.
Braham Eirsson: Look, I ran into Almorra and the Vigil on the way here.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: It's been a while, Commander. We've been tracking that Shatterer since Kralk raised it from the dead.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: 'Til it downed our airships and then vanished through some kind of hole in the sky. Sound familiar?
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Tears in reality itself... How do we begin to deal with this?
<Character name>: We work together. To face the unexpected. We have no other choice.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Hm.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: We'll discuss our options. Following you is out of the question...but perhaps we can work something out.
Taimi: So, not to make things, like, way worse, but I am getting CRAZY readings from outside.
Taimi: More of those...things have opened up all over Jahai. The energy signature is insane.
Taimi: And an entire village was literally just Branded. As in, five minutes ago.
If asura:
<Character name>: What in the Alchemy is going on?
If charr:
<Character name>: What in the flames is going on?
If human:
<Character name>: What in the gods' names is going on?
If norn:
<Character name>: What in the Spirits is going on?
If sylvari:
<Character name>: What in the Pale Tree's name is going on?
<Character name>: Taimi, take the group with you and find Aurene. Braham, scout the village for info. I'll check out those rifts.
Braham Eirsson: So much for peace after Joko.
Redeemer Kossan: Koss... I can't believe it...
Koss Dejarin: Do I... Do I know you?
Redeemer Kossan: No...but I know you. I'm Kossan Dejarin. We...We should go talk somewhere.

Optional dialogue:

General Almorra Soulkeeper: Commander. Should've known Kralk's lieutenant wouldn't be able to take you down. Wish I'd been here sooner to take a swipe at it.
Talk more option tango.png You showed up right on time. And left me with plenty of questions.
Good thing I got answers.
Talk ls option tango.png How did you know the Shatterer would be here?
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Short answer is: we didn't. Saw Kralkatorrik bring his lieutenant back from the dead. Tried to put it down for good.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Ugly brute had the gall to attack our ships and then rip open some kind of portal.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: So we changed tactics. Figured it would try to take a bite out of you, and we were right.
Talk ls option tango.png The Shatterer is still out there. You have a plan to defeat it?
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Forming one. I'd rather not wait for the Shatterer to pop up and surprise us, so we're gonna outsmart it.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: We'll lure it into a spot to our advantage. Then we'll hit it with everything we can get—wurms, griffons, full force of the Vigil.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: You should join us out there. I'm gonna send Kralk's lieutenant back to him, bit by bit. Just my way of saying "thank you."
Talk end option tango.png Never mind.
Ambassador Sianna: I appreciate what you did back there. I know you saved as many as you could. (if some Free Awakened died)
Ambassador Sianna: Thank you for what you've done for my people, Commander. You're as good as your word. (if all Free Awakened saved)

My story[edit]

A Shattered Nation loading screen.jpg

According to Taimi and Braham, Aurene interrupted a political summit in Jahai, and tensions are running high. Braham helped me enter the city discreetly in order to remove Aurene and get the summit back on track.

Zaeim and I managed to calm the delegates and get the summit moving again—despite Archon Iberu's best attempts to derail it. But just as the delegates began to work together, we were hit by a surprise attack from Kralkatorrik's lieutenant—the Death-Branded Shatterer!

We managed to escape the Shatterer's attacks, but Aurene is gone—and the Shatterer chased after her, disappearing through some sort of hole in reality. Even worse, more anomalies are appearing throughout Jahai. Taimi and I have formed a plan to investigate the disturbances.

My story


  • This episode was released with the September 18, 2018 update.
  • The achievement 'In Tatters; Not Shattered' is most likely a reference to the 1978 Rolling Stones song Shattered.