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The Road to Rata Primus

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The Road to Rata Primus is the fourth part of A Bug in the System.


Prepare to move on Rata Primus.
  • Talk to your allies.
  • Meet with Aurene on the cliff overlooking the bay.
  • Return to your allies.
  • Locate the underground lab connected to the comms tower via a pipe.
  • Enter the comms lab.
  • Venture deeper into the lab to disable the comms.
  • Check the messages on the comms console.
  • Disable the comms.
  • Leave the lab.
Disable the shield around Rata Primus.
  • Enter the Damos Isle Lab.
  • Enter the Eastern Complex Lab.
  • Enter the Invariant Enclave Lab.
  • (The order of the following objectives depends on the order the character enters the labs)
  • Disable the Damos Isle Lab's generator.
  • (Gain access to the Invariant Enclave's inner lab.)
  • Gain access to the lab by activating the door controls: X/4
  • Disable the Invariant Enclave Lab's power generator.
  • Disable the Eastern Complex Lab's generator.



Note: This entire story step takes place in the open world.

Speak with your allies on the rock overlooking the water. They inform you that Aurene is on a cliff-top to the north - talk to her to and then return to your allies. Aurene's scouting reveals the level of scope of the upcoming obstacles and a plan is made to take out the communication tower and generators powering the shield. Boticca reveals there is an underground entrance to the tower. A large metal pipe starts at the tower at the middle of the green circle on the map and leads into the comms lab. There will be defensive towers around the base of the comm tower and a few golems repairing the pipe on the way to the lab.

Enter the comms lab.[edit]

Communications Control can be found at the end of a tunnel north of the central intersection inside the Western Complex. This tunnel contains four sets of security barriers that can be opened by pressing the right buttons on the security panels nearby. To unlock the barriers, the following buttons, numbered from left to right, must be pressed in any order.[1]

First barrier
Button 2, Button 3
Second barrier
Button 1, Button 2, Button 4
Third barrier
Button 1, Button 4, Button 5, Button 6
Fourth barrier
Button 1, Button 3, Button 4

Some of the button panels seems to have a failure mechanism programmed in that will open the security barrier after a certain amount of time and/or button presses.

Set the power level to 1000% Then use the portal to exit the lab

Access the Comms Console to listen to the message from Gorrik. Access the Communication Array Core to overload the array. Use the Maintenance Portal to get to the top of the Communications Array.

Eastern Complex Lab (east)[edit]

The entrance to this lab is at sea level in the southeastern corner of the building.

  • Follow the corridor around through the inquest until you reach the conveyor belt. Jump on the belt as it heads to the left.
  • Staying on the belt and being hit by the Branded Wyvern will yield an achievement, "A Branded Blast".
  • Before it tries to roast you in the flames, jump off the belt to the right.
  • Go through the short corridor and kill the two Inquest waiting for you.
  • Jump along the belt - walking in the opposite direction to the direction the belt is trying to move you. Jump or dodge over the platforms. Avoid walking into the lasers.

Interacting with the generator to destroy it. The nearby Door Control opens the exit door.

Invariant Enclave Lab (southeast)[edit]

Entrance help - look for the cube-shaped location just southwest of the name label "Invariant Enclave" The entrance to this lab is north of the Disrupt the Magnetics Lab heart. As you enter the tunnel, there's a red force field gate on the right. Continue to the left for now.

A portal turret can be found in the middle of the room. The Blue portal marks the entrances, while the Red portal is the exit. There are four door controls, one located on each platform, that need to be activated to proceed.

The best sequence to solve the puzzle for the achievement is as follows:

Western Platform (starting)

  • Click Right Console (Reset Portal Entrance) Click Right Console (Reset Portal Entrance)
  • Click Left Console (Turn Twice: Shoot Exit Portal)  Click Left Console (Turn Twice: Shoot Exit Portal)
  • Activate Door Controls (1/4)
  • Enter Blue portal

Eastern Platform

  • Activate Door Controls (2/4)
  • Click On Console (Turn Once: Shoot Entrance Portal)  Click On Console (Turn Once: Shoot Entrance Portal)
  • Glide back To Western Platform (starting)

Western Platform (starting)

  • Click Left Console (Turn Twice: Shoot Exit Portal)  Click Left Console (Turn Twice: Shoot Exit Portal)
  • Click Right Console (Reset Portal Entrance)  Click Right Console (Reset Portal Entrance)
  • Enter Blue portal

Northern Platform

  • Activate Door Controls (3/4)
  • Click On Console (Turn Once)  Click On Console (Turn Once)
  • Glide back To Western Platform (starting)

Western Platform (starting)

  • Click Left Console (Turn Twice: Shoot Exit Portal) Click Left Console (Turn Twice: Shoot Exit Portal)
  • Wait for the red portal to appear on the Southern Platform.
  • Enter Blue portal

Southern Platform

  • Activate Door Controls (4/4)

The force field blocking the way into the lab will now be open. A small group of Inquest guard the generator, interact with it to disable it. To exit, you can either backtrack the way you came, or jump on the Escape Pad and then open the exit door above using the Door Controls.

Damos Isle Lab (south)[edit]

The entrance to this lab is north and slightly west of Leyfinder Research Facility.

  • Staying on the ground level, follow the right-hand wall to the Security Database. Reppa's Log contains a password, "Sm4rt3erTh4nU".
  • Head back towards the entrance, but this time head up the stairs. On the next floor up is the Elevator Controller. Pick the password you just obtained to open the door to the elevator - a stream of ley energy.
  • Drop down into the shaft with the ley energy, and interact with the Ley Buoyancy Charge Dispenser, which provides the Ley Buoyancy effect, allowing you to float in the ley energy lines from this point onwards (an important note when using leylines is to avoid as much movement as possible). Use the ley energy (1) to exit the room with the Dispenser.
  • Travel back to the Security Database on the ground floor in the southern corner. Use the ley energy (2) to float up to the level with the Maintenance Door Control. Push the button once only (such that it is no longer illuminated) - this turns off the electric field in front of the generator on the top floor (pushing it a second time will reactivate the electric field). Jump back down onto the floor below.
  • Use the Ley Line (3) by the entrance to the facility to float up to the platform with the generator. The ley line is not very reliable, so it may take a few tries to use it. The electric field should be down.

Interact with the generator to disable it.


The Road to Rata Primus A Bug in the System 0Achievement points
Disable Rata Primus's communications tower and shield.Journal: The Road to Rata Primus Completed the Road to Rata Primus 0Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.
Stimulus and Response A Bug in the System 2Achievement points
Solve the comms lab's hive-mind experiment in only 3 steps.Engage the brilliant test developed by the Inquest to study hive-mind abilities. Solved the Hive-Mind Experiment in Only 3 Steps 2Achievement points
  • This achievement only requires you to solve the final puzzle in the coms lab — where the controls direct a branded minion to shoot the buttons — with no mistakes.
  • The correct order is 1, 3, then 4. Be sure to wait for each shot to hit before pressing the next one.
  • (Start: off/on/on/off, on/on/on/on. 1: on/off/on/on, off/off/on/on. 3: on/on/off/off, off/on/off/off. 4: all on.)
  • This achievement can be completed at any time, not just during the mission.
A Branded Blast A Bug in the System 1Achievement points
Get hit by the captured Branded wyvern.Brave yet another brilliant Inquest study of Kralkatorrik's minions. Got Hit by the Captured Branded Wyvern 1Achievement points
  • When you are inside the Eastern Complex taking the transport system, you encounter a Branded wyvern that will breathe its attack from time to time. Simply stand before the wyvern and get hit.
  • This achievement can be completed at any time, not just during the mission.
Light Speed A Bug in the System 1Achievement points
Activate the 4 door controls in the Invariant Enclave Lab in under 35 seconds.Engage in a test of intellect developed by the Inquest. Sped Through the Portal Puzzle in the Invariant Enclave Lab 1Achievement points
  • Refer to the walkthrough above for a guide to this section.
  • This achievement can be completed at any time, not just during the mission.
  • If you make a mistake, you can log out to reset the doors.



  • Gorrik as Unknown Asura (voice only)
  • Taimi (voice only)


Because this mission takes place in the open world map, you can encounter many possible foes from Sandswept Isles such as Inquest, Awakened and Branded.



Meeting your allies
Rox: Well, Commander? What's the plan?
<Character name>: I think it's time we set our sights on Rata Primus.
Boticca: It won't be easy getting into that cube. Got anything that might improve our chances?
<Character name>: We do have a dragon. Anyone seen Aurene?
Braham Eirsson: I did. Up on the cliff over the village.
Meeting with Aurene
<Character name>: Aurene... Thank you. You made a big difference down there.
<Character name>: We're gonna need you in this fight. But honestly, I don't even know where to start...
<Character name>: What we need is more intel on the main complex and its defenses...
During Aurene's vision
<Character name>: Is this—is this what you're seeing right now? I had no idea you could... Whooaa!
(if asura)
<Character name>: Oh, boy...
(if human)
<Character name>: Oh, gods...
(if norn)
<Character name>: Oh, spirits...
(if sylvari)
<Character name>: Mulch.
(if charr)
<Character name>: Burn me.
Taimi: Commander? What are you seeing?
(if asura)
<Character name>: A large, parabolic dish...
<Character name>: A big, dish-shaped thing...
<Character name>: And a bunch of Joko's Awakened.
<Character name>: Work's cut out for us.
Taimi: I'll bet that dish is a communications tower. Probably how they coordinate their forces from the main structure.
Taimi: But how do you fight your way into a giant floating cube?
<Character name>: I had a thought about that. Can you reach out to Sayida?
<Character name>: Tell her Joko's got a foothold in Rata Primus, and her airship would be a big help getting inside.
Taimi: Smart! I'll try to catch a ride while I'm at it. With Blish and Gorrik involved, I'd rather be biting my nails close by.
Returning to your allies
<Character name>: Bad news. It's more than a few Awakened holding out in Rata Primus. They've taken half the territory around it.
<Character name>: Plus there's still plenty of Inquest to worry about. We'll have to soften them up before we move on the main complex.
<Character name>: First, we disable their communications tower. Stop the Inquest from coordinating ground attacks like they did here.
Boticca: I've scouted it. There's a pipe you can follow from the tower to an underground entrance.
<Character name>: Perfect. After that, we'll need to figure out how to deal with the shield around the main complex.
Boticca: My charr will support you. Any structure you take, we'll hold so they can't repair it.
Rox: I'll stay with the Olmakhan. In case the Inquest make another attack.
<Character name>: Good. You too, Braham.
Braham Eirsson: Me? But—
<Character name>: I'll want you with me when we assault Rata Primus. But for now, the Olmakhan need all the help they can get.
<Character name>: Besides, I'll attract less attention alone.
Braham Eirsson: You're the commander.
Boticca: Nature favor us all.
Disable the comms in the Western Complex

Upon passing the first energy barrier

PA Announcer: Welcome, krewe members, to another bright day in Lab Alpha-One-Nine: creating yesterday's tomorrows—today!

Upon passing the second energy barrier

PA Announcer: Imagine! Communications technology enhanced by the unique hive-mind abilities of Kralkatorrik's minions.
Taimi: What? Their hive mind?
Taimi: I wonder if that ability is something Kralkatorrik absorbed after Mordremoth's death. Some piece of its magical nature...

Upon passing the third energy barrier

PA Announcer: Fast, efficient, reliable. We are the future of communications!

Upon interaction with the Hologram Controllers

Inquest Magiscientist (1): Hey...the experiment's running. Did you do something?
Inquest Magiscientist (2): Not me. You think...
Inquest Magiscientist (1): Shh! Keep your voice down! Maybe they'll go away.
Inquest Magiscientist (1): Look out! It's doing it again!
Inquest Magiscientist (2): Intolerable. Surely we can find a test subject not so...moody.

Upon entering the Communications Control

<Character name>: Okay, Taimi—I found the control panel.
Taimi: Before you shut it down, maybe we should check if they logged Gorrik's distress call?

Upon interaction with the Comms Console

Unknown Asura: If...(static)...can hear me...(static) and I...(static)...trapped in...(static)...lab. Main complex.
Unknown Asura: (static)...won't be long...(static)...the Awakened find us. Or worse, get their hands on the...(static).
Unknown Asura: Where is everyone? Honestly, I'm beginning...(static)'re all ignoring me...
Unknown Asura: I'm sorry—just... Please, if...(static)...hear me, send help.
Taimi: That's Gorrik. Still weird. But, Commander, you gotta help him and Blish.
Taimi: They're not bad people, I swear. I don't know why they're working with the Inquest.
<Character name>: I'll do what I can, Taimi. I promise.

Upon interaction with Communication Array Core

Communication Array Core: Accessing power-management control panel... Ready.
Set power level:
Talk more option tango.png 75%
Power level set!
Talk end option tango.png Exit
Talk more option tango.png 100%
Power level set!
Talk end option tango.png Exit
Talk more option tango.png 1000%
Warning: Maximum setting may cause damage to equipment.
Talk quest option tango.png Continue
Talk end option tango.png Exit
PA Announcer: Communications array deactivated.

Upon teleporting out after disabling the comms

Taimi: Commander, it's me. I've got Captain Sly here for you.
<Character name>: Go ahead.
Sayida the Sly: Commander, Sayida here. We're still a ways out, but we've got our first look at Rata Primus of the port bow.
<Character name>: You don't sound thrilled.
Sayida the Sly: I prefer to fight with an unfair advantage. This doesn't look to be one of those fights.
Sayida the Sly: The central part's rigged with some kind of shield linked to three other structures...
Sayida the Sly: They're west, south, and southeast from the cube.
Taimi: Probably where they house the shield generators.
Sayida the Sly: Long as that shield's up, I won't be able to get my ship anywhere close.
<Character name>: Understood. I'll take care of it. Commander out.
Eastern Complex Lab
PA Announcer: Greetings, Lab Alpha-Two-Two! The administration is pleased with your findings.
PA Announcer: The ability of Kralkatorrik's lieutenants to Brand the dead suggests many promising applications.
PA Announcer: Keep up the good work! And remember: we care.
Taimi: Branding the dead. Sounds like Zhaitan. More evidence of new abilities after absorbing dragon magic.
Damos Isle Lab
Discovering the Ley Buoyancy Charge Dispenser
<Character name>: What's that over there?
After destroying a generator and leaving the area
(one of the following at random)
Olmakhan Nightwalker: We'll hold the facility for you.
Olmakhan Sandshifter: We'll hold the facility for you.
Olmakhan Sandshifter: We'll keep an eye on the facility, outlander.
Olmakhan Sandshifter: Outlander! We'll keep watch. Make sure the invaders don't repair their machines.
Olmakhan Windcaller: Don't worry, we'll keep the invaders away. You go ahead.
Olmakhan Earthstalker: Outlander! We'll keep watch. Make sure the invaders don't repair their machines.
Progress by destroying generators
On destroying the first generator
PA Announcer: Shield capacity at 66 percent.
On destroying the second generator
PA Announcer: Shield capacity at 33 percent.
On destroying the third generator
PA Announcer: Shield capacity at 0 percent. Warning, critical failure. Consider deploying active measures.
Sayida the Sly: I see the shield is down. Nicely done, Commander! And just in time—we're making our approach.
<Character name>: Perfect. I'll meet you at the Olmakhan village. We'll want their help to make our move on Rata Primus.
Sayida the Sly: Permission to board—granted.

My story[edit]

Sandswept Isles loading screen.jpg

With the Olmakhan committed to helping, we were ready to assault Rata Primus. Unfortunately, we knew very little about the massive base, and it was clearly well defended. When I said as much to Aurene, she flew around the area and shared her sight with me, revealing a protective shield around the cube, a growing number of Joko's Awakened in the area, and a communications tower used to coordinate the Inquest's ground-based facilities and forces.

Braham and Rox stayed with the Olmakhan to help defend them in case of another attack. I infiltrated the Inquest communications facility and sabotaged the tower. Inside, I also discovered an uncorrupted version of Gorrik's distress message confirming that he and Blish were trapped by Joko's forces in Rata Primus. I promised Taimi I would do what I could to help them.

Sayida agreed to aid our assault on Rata Primus with her airship and guided me in tracking down and disabling the three generators powering the shield. As I neutralized the last generator, Sayida's airship arrived. Braham and I boarded and prepared to invade Rata Primus.

My story


Sayida tells the commander that the structures blocking her approach are to the west, south and southeast of the cube, when they are actually east, south and southeast.


  • The Invariant Enclave Lab puzzle is a reference to the popular video game series Portal.
  • The title of the Story Step is likely a reference to the Dreamworks movie The Road to El Dorado.