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Sparking the Flame

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Sparking the Flame

Sparking the Flame loading screen.jpg

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Sparking the Flame is the first chapter of the Path of Fire story.


Depart for the Crystal Desert.
  • Board the airship.
  • Optional: Check in with First Mate Fidus.
Make your way to Crystal Oasis in the Crystal Desert.
  • Wait for the airship to dock.
  • Lead the Lionguard toward the pyramid.
  • Investigate the commotion.
  • Defeat the Forged attackers:
    Event bar empty2.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • Defeat the Herald of Balthazar.
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Pursue the Herald of Balthazar.
  • (Save the village from the Forged.)
  • Defeat Balthazar's forces.
    Event bar empty2.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • Defeat the Forged Warhounds.
  • Forged Warhounds killed: x/2
  • Speak with Tasa and Aksim.
  • Renown Heart empty (map icon).pngUse a raptor to rescue the villagers.
  • Extinguish the fire at the raptor pen.
  • Mount the raptor.
  • Return to Aksim and receive a raptor saddle.
  • Use the mount hotkey to summon your mount.
  • Enter the mine.
  • Traverse the mine.
  • Eliminate the cave spiders.
  • Cave spiders eliminated:
    Event bar empty2.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Optional: Use your mount's skill to damage one of the cave spiders.
  • Exit the mine into the Crystal Desert.
  • Approach the northern gate of Amnoon.

Renown hearts[edit]

Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Use a raptor to save Seeker's Village. (Only exists within this story mission)

Free trapped raptors from burning pens. Use the raptor's leap ability to rescue villagers on ledges and platforms. Extinguish fires around the village.

— Heart objective

Mail received after completion



Seeker's Village Will Remember You

Thank you for saving our lives and our livelihood. Good fortune, and may your raptor carry you far on your journey.


Silver coin 38 Copper coin


Via mail


The airship is docked next to the Phoenix Roost lighthouse in Lion's Arch. You can speak to the first mate before boarding for some extra dialogue.

Once the airship has landed, make your way down, reaching the entrance of a nearby tomb. Once you've entered the tomb, you will have to defeat the Forged inside; after they've been defeated, the Herald of Balthazar will appear. During this boss fight, she will often disengage in order to attack nearby civilians. After reaching around 80% HP, she will flee. Start following her.

The Herald will lead you to a nearby village that's also being attacked by Forged forces. Dispatch them and confront the Herald again. This time she will disappear, summoning two Forged Warhounds. Try to pull them one by one, dodge their flame projectiles and AoE or hide behind a small column near Aksim and Tasa. After you've defeated them, talk to Tasa and Aksim back at the start of the village. Aksim will task you with a renown heart: Use a raptor to save Seeker's Village. Use the Water Buckets and the Lionguard Fire Extinguisher to extinguish the nearby flames and use the newly-acquired raptor mount in order to reach and revive defeated Villagers. Once you've completed the renown heart, talk to Aksim again. This will unlock the raptor mount for use anytime, as well as unlock the Path of Fire masteries.

Head north into the mine and use your raptor to jump across gaps. Dispatch of the spiders infesting the mine in order to continue. Head further north until you reach the exit of the mine, talk to the nearby Miner and head south, towards the Free City of Amnoon. Once there, the nearby Cavalier will talk to you, finishing this story step.

If you stay in the instance after receiving the reward, you can talk to Kasmeer and Rytlock.


Dune Rider Crystal Desert Path of Fire mastery point 5Achievement points
Unlock the raptor mount by completing the Seeker's Village task region in Crystal Oasis, and by purchasing a raptor saddle from Aksim. Obtained 1 Raptor Saddles 5Achievement points
  • No extra effort is required to complete this achievement, as you will be unlocking the raptor mount as part of the mission.
Fireproof Heart Path of Fire: Act 1 2Achievement points
Rescue the people of Seeker's Village without taking burning damage.Story Mission: Sparking the Flame Avoided Burns from Fires in Seeker's Village 2Achievement points
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Fireproof Heart effect. This effect is removed if you take damage from the fires after starting this segment of the story.
Hammer and Tongs Path of Fire: Act 1 2Achievement points
Survive your encounter with the Herald of Balthazar without succumbing to her Herald's Doom attack.Story Mission: Sparking the Flame Hammer Avoided 2Achievement points
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. No Deductible Path of Fire: Act 1 1Achievement points
Make it to the Crystal Desert without crashing Kiel's airship.Story Mission: Sparking the Flame Journey Successful 1Achievement points
  • No effort is required to complete this achievement. You will automatically receive it as soon as the airship arrives in the Crystal Desert.
This achievement rewards items. Sparking the Flame Path of Fire: Act 1 1Achievement points
Complete the Sparking the Flame mission.Journal: Sparking the Flame Completed
Reward: Kournan Coin.pngStash of Kournan Coins
Completed Sparking the Flame 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.





Ambient creatures



Lion's Arch[edit]

Before boarding the airship
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: We're ready to leave when you are, Commander.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: The Phoenix Dawn is set to sail.
Kiel's Assistant: Glad you could join us, Commander.
<Character name>: Thanks. How's the crew?
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Ship's prepped, aid supplies are in the hull, and we've got a Lionguard squad for security. Hop aboard, and we'll shove off.
<Character name>: But, the crew? You can speak freely.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Well...some people—not me—are a little anxious. There are mixed feelings about fighting a god, but we have our orders.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: If you listen to the refugees' stories, it's pretty obvious whatever Balthazar's doing over there is a catastrophe.
<Character name>: He was determined to take a dragon's power. I'd guess he's turned his attention to Kralkatorrik.
Kiel's Assistant: And apparently doesn't care whose neck he has to step on to get the job done.
Kiel's Assistant: When you stop to think about it, this is a god who turned against us. It's hard to swallow.
<Character name>: I suppose we'll just have to stop him from killing it and get ourselves some answers.
Kiel's Assistant: Oh, don't even get me started on sparing the dragons.
<Character name>: Believe me, I'm still coming to terms with it too. Hopefully Taimi can prove it...and soon.
Kiel's Assistant: Then I'll hold my tongue on that and let you focus on Balthazar and his Forged.
<Character name>: (scoff) Let me guess...
Kiel's Assistant: It's what the refugees call his army. Tough customers by the sound of it.
<Character name>: An army... Wonder where that came from.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Only one place you'll find an answer. A diplomatic team is already on the ground in Amnoon; I'd start with them.
<Character name>: Will do. You sure you're ready to follow me into the fire?
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: It's where we do our best work.
<Character name>: Good. Off to the furnace, then.

Talking to First Mate Fidus again:

First Mate Fidus Foecrush: She's a beautiful ship, ain't she?
Talk end option tango.png Indeed.

At the Sinking Ruins[edit]

After the cutscene
<Character name>: Doesn't look like we made it to Amnoon.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Sorry for the change of plans, but we saw smoke coming from that pyramid.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Kiel gave us orders, so we're going in.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: If you'd like to stay on board, we'll get you to Amnoon as soon as we get back.
<Character name>: I didn't come this far to sightsee. I'm going with you.
Looking at the pyramids
If charr:
<Character name>: Hm, that structure is enormous.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Whew, that structure is enormous.
If human:
<Character name>: Oh, that structure is enormous.
If norn:
<Character name>: Huh, that structure is enormous.
If asura:
<Character name>: (whistle) That structure is enormous.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Our navigational charts didn't say nothing about gigantic pyramids. Didn't think our info was so out-of-date.
<Character name>: It's been hard for cartographers to keep up. This entire region has been in lockdown since Palawa Joko took over.
Approaching the tomb
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Thing looks like it could sink at any moment!
Unknown: (scream)
<Character name>: That came from inside!
Inside the tomb
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Burn me! They're killing for sport. These must be the Forged we heard about.
<Character name>: Let's wait for that introduction until after we're done.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: If there are any left, eh, Commander?
After defeating the attackers
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Ears up! Reinforcements incoming!
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Wait, it's only one unit...
Herald of Balthazar: Welcome to the desert, Commander.
<Character name>: And you are?
Herald of Balthazar: Balthazar's herald. And I have an offer for you.
Herald of Balthazar: He has chosen to forgive you for your interference with the fire and ice dragons.
Herald of Balthazar: Join him, and fell the crystal dragon. He only wants to free Tyria from their grasp.
<Character name>: Your god lies! And waging war on these people won't help you defeat the dragon.
(one of the below)
Herald of Balthazar: That was unwise.
Herald of Balthazar: Wrong choice.
During the battle against the Herald of Balthazar
Villager: No! Please, don't!
<Character name>: Stop!
Herald of Balthazar: Every life I claim is another conscript for Balthazar's army.
Herald of Balthazar: They will be remade in his honor, just as I have been.
Villager: Why are you doing this?
Herald of Balthazar: It's not smart to defy him.
Villager: Kormir, hear my prayer: save us!
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Commander?
<Character name>: Get the civilians out of here—don't give her any more targets!
As the Herald is about to leave
Herald of Balthazar: You can join his army...or be crushed by it.
Herald of Balthazar: Come with me.
<Character name>: Fidus, hold position here and help these people. I'm going after her.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: But...that's exactly what she wants.
<Character name>: I know. I'll be fine. Be ready for any other survivors I send your way.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Aye, Commander.
During the pursuit
<Character name>: Head to the pyramid for safety!
<Character name>: We have forces standing by to protect you.
random response
Villager: Thank you!
Villager: Kormir bless you!
Herald of Balthazar: I was once like you—full of noble intentions.
Herald of Balthazar: But then Balthazar chose me as his instrument.
<Character name>: Are you just a puppet? You have a choice!
Herald of Balthazar: No. The choice was made for me.
Tasa: These monsters are destroying our entire village. Help us!

Seeker's Village[edit]

At the village
Herald of Balthazar: There's little I hold in higher regard than loyalty.
Herald of Balthazar: This is the price of defiance.
Herald of Balthazar: The world belongs to Balthazar now.
After defeating the forces at the village
Herald of Balthazar: This village is just the beginning. The tip of the spear.
Herald of Balthazar: The outcome is inevitable. You're his in life—and in death.
<Character name>: Drop the shield!
Herald of Balthazar: I'll find you again soon. My friends will take it from here.
After defeating the Warhounds
<Character name>: Give my regards to your master. (does not show up in chat panel)
Tasa: Outlander. Over here!
Talking to Tasa and Aksim
Tasa: They...they're gone? Thank you!
<Character name>: I need to get through that gate!
Tasa: I... Okay I'll just... Oh... I-If it's down, she must have smashed it on her way through.
Aksim: I can gather whoever's left to get the gate open, but you have to help us. The town's burning out of control!
<Character name>: Of course, but...maybe you should hang back.
Tasa: Yes. Please, Aksim, your leg doesn't look good.
Aksim: I can't just sit here! (grunt)
<Character name>: It's okay, we'll handle this. You're helping by helping me.
Aksim: Fine, fine. Just...please don't let the entire village burn to the ground.
Aksim: Help the survivors. The raptors will get you to anyone who's out of reach.
<Character name>: Got it. And you?
Tasa: I'm fine. I'll stay with my brother.
<Character name>: Okay. Shout if you need anything.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Commander! I've got somethin' that might help with those fires.
Talking to First Mate Foecrush
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Here. Take this.
<Character name>: You...carry a fire extinguisher with you?
First Mate Fidus Foecrush: Well, Kiel said we should bring insurance for the voyage. Heh.
First Mate Fidus Foecrush salutes <Character name>.
Approaching a Trapped Raptor (only if the raptor mount has not been unlocked yet)
Aksim: The raptor's trapped by flames around its pen. Can you...? Over there.
Aksim: Raptors aren't spooked by fire, but while it's trapped, it'll be too panicked to let you mount.
Aksim: Clear the flames from the pen, and it'll relax enough for you hop into the saddle.
Mounting a Raptor (only if the raptor mount has not been unlocked yet)
Aksim: That's it. Climb into the saddle while it's calm.
Aksim: Now ride! The raptor will get you where you need to go.
Reviving villagers (random)
Villager: Kormir has answered our prayers! Bless you.
Villager: Good thing you showed up. The Amnoon Cavaliers can't protect us from the Forged.
Villager: Thank you! You've done us a great service, and we will honor you for it.
Villager: You have our gratitude, stranger. You'll be in our prayers tonight.
Villager: Thank you.
Villager: May Kormir bless you. We can never repay your kindness.
After completing the renown heart
Tasa cheers for <Character name>.
Aksim: Outlander. Over here!
Aksim: Looks like the raptor's taken to you. Keep it—for your help.
<Character name>: Are you sure?
Aksim: One less raptor is the least of our problems.
<Character name>: Thanks.
Tasa: It'll help you cover ground faster. You'll need it.
Aksim: The mine gate is operational again. Go through there; it'll take you to Amnoon.
Aksim: And, outlander, please pay this tragedy back for us.
<Character name>: I will.
Moving towards the mine (ambient dialogues - they do not show up in chat panel)
Villager (1): Get the cart. We'll bury him at dawn.
Villager (2): (weeping)
Villager (3): No. No.
Inside the mine
Miner waves at <Character name>.
Miner: (sigh) Glad to see you! I got trapped in here with these...things. We have to run! Can I climb on?
<Character name>: I'm not in a running mood. How about I take care of them for you?
Miner: Uh...all of them?
<Character name>: Just head back that way. The gate's working now.
Miner: Okay, but... At least let your beast strike the first blow if you're gonna fight!

Talatat Quarry[edit]

Talking to the miners in front of the quarry
Miner: Kormir has answered our prayers! Bless you.
Miner: May Kormir bless you. We can never repay your kindness.
Talking to the miner on the path towards Amnoon
Miner: By the Six! Who are you? An outlander?
<Character name>: Yes, from across the Sea of Sorrows. I'm here to stop Balthazar.
Miner: (laughs) Yeah, me too...
Miner: Oh, you're serious! Then ahai, and welcome. That would be quite an appreciated feat.
<Character name>: Have you seen his herald? An armored woman.
Miner: Didn't come this way.
<Character name>: Hm. No sign of her.
Miner: Try Amnoon—lots of folks are going there. Take the road south and you'll hit it.
<Character name>: I'll check it out...see what help I can find.
Approaching the two miners next to the minecart
Miner (1): These raids have got to stop. Why don't the Cavaliers do something? We're losing people left and right.
Miner (2): Only those who defied Balthazar. The Cavaliers are smart to stay out of his way.
Miner (1): We can't keep living like this. What do they want?
Miner (2): Just keep your head down and don't draw their attention. You've seen what happens to people who do.
Approaching Amnoon
Taimi: Comm—(snap)—earing you. Som—(krrrrrkkk)—erference. Try gett—(pop)—er ground if you ca—(zzzattt).
<Character name>: Higher ground? Oh. Right. If you can hear me, I'll try to reach you later. Repeat: I'll try to reach you later.
<Character name>: Hello? I'm just going to assume you heard that.

Free City of Amnoon[edit]

Outside the nothern gate of Amnoon
Cavalier: Halt! What's your business in Amnoon? In case you haven't noticed, there's a mob of people trying to get in.
<Character name>: I was told a party from Divinity's Reach is here. I need to speak with them.
<Character name>: Also—a village north of here was attacked. My crew is helping the survivors, but they could use Amnoon's support.
Captain Rahim: Hmm... Wait here while I clear this with the council.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Captain Rahim! I can vouch for the commander. This is the leader of the guild I told you about.
<Character name>: There's a welcome sight.
Captain Rahim: This is the dragon slayer?
Rytlock Brimstone: Well, it wasn't a solo effort, but yeah. The commander's taken down one or two.
<Character name>: Rytlock! What—? Kas, you're here on behalf of the queen?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Correct. But, just a moment. Captain, does the commander have permission to enter?
Captain Rahim: Yes. Ahai, Commander. Catch up with your friends, then come see me at the cavalier station. We should talk.
Captain Rahim salutes <Character name>.
Talking to Kasmeer
<Character name>: Taimi tried to reach you before I left. Now I understand why she didn't have any luck.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: It was a spur of the moment decision. I had to get here and see it for myself.
<Character name>: I hope you consulted Marjory about that after you... How have you two been since...Rata Novus?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Good. Fine. It's, uh, it's okay. Could be better, but she's still recovering. So...
<Character name>: Well, I'm glad you're here. We'll need all the help we can get.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: I can't believe one of the gods we worship, one of the Six, just...gave up on us. Doesn't care. It...doesn't feel right.
<Character name>: You have faith and hope, and I respect that.
<Character name>: But I was in that volcano with him. He was ready to let all of Tyria turn to ash. What he did to Marjory...
Lady Kasmeer Meade: I know. I've heard it from her over and over. My mind says it too, but...
Lady Kasmeer Meade: It's hard to walk away from a lifetime of devotion—of being raised to thank the Six, say "by the Six," and worship the Six!
<Character name>: Okay, Kas. I hope you're right. And I hope your eyes aren't opened as brutally as mine were.
Talking to Kasmeer again
Something else you need, Commander?
Talk more option tango.png I never knew you were quite so religious.
It's never really been something I needed to defend before, but with Balthazar doing...what he's doing, and Jory lashing out at the gods, it's stirring up so many thoughts and emotions.
Talk more option tango.png That must have made things tense between you two.
Despite everything, I still believe in the benevolence of the Six. Jory doesn't. We had a terrible fight about it. I...don't know where we go from here.
Talk more option tango.png I hope that things get better between you.
Thank you. When this mission came up, I felt it would be good for us to spend some time apart. So here I am. I hope this was the right decision.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you for confiding in me.
Talking to Rytlock Brimstone
<Character name>: It's good to see you...and your eyes!
Rytlock Brimstone: All right, all right. Try not to fall in love.
<Character name>: What happened to your blindfold?
Rytlock Brimstone: A temporary measure to help me...focus. But I got used to the voices in my head, so I tossed it.
<Character name>: Well, I'm glad you're here, Tribune... Can I still call you that?
Rytlock Brimstone: Yep, all cleared up.
<Character name>: And...?
Rytlock Brimstone: The citadel wanted a report on my Foefire mission and the...magic. Who am I to deny them a great tale?
<Character name>: AND?
Rytlock Brimstone: It's classified, Commander. Sorry.
<Character name>: You've been holding out on me ever since our fight in Maguuma. This is the last time I'll take no for an answer.
Rytlock Brimstone: Now I wish I had my blindfold to dab your tears. We gonna kill a god or what?
Talking to Rytlock again
Talk more option tango.png You're really not going to brief me on your time in the Mists?
Listen, Commander, I've been over this before. When the time is right, I'll tell you. And the time isn't right.
Ferocity That's the last time I'll accept that answer.
Yeah, yeah. You're out of patience. Burn me, you're worse than Rox. Just give me a little more time to process things. Then I'll give you the details.
Talk more option tango.png I'm holding you to that. Now, how is Rox? And have you heard from...Braham?
They're both fine. Still trying to figure out how to kill Jormag, just the two of 'em. I give 'em credit for trying, but they're a bit outclassed. This is the real fight anyway, right?
Talk end option tango.png I guess we'll find out.
Talk end option tango.png It'd better be soon.
Talk end option tango.png Never mind.
Upon exiting to Crystal Oasis



Thank you, from Tasa and Aksim

Thank you for your help at the farm! We thought you might be able to make use of these gloves. They belonged to our grandmother, but they've been gathering dust lately, and it's a shame. I'd rather someone like you had them, someone who would appreciate them.

If you're staying in the region and want to put your raptor through her paces, I have no doubt the people managing the refugee crisis could use the help. They should recognize the gloves and may know more about their history.

—Tasa (and Askim)

Elonian Glove Box, Hastily Written Letter

My story[edit]

Lion's Arch loading screen.jpg

Kiel let me use her airship to reach the desert port of Amnoon as quickly as possible. We made good time, but even so, our journey ended more abruptly than we expected.

Upon our arrival in the desert, we were greeted by the Herald of Balthazar—a vicious killer who slaughtered countless villagers to conscript their spirits into Balthazar's Forged army. We drove her off, but not without casualties.
After our work was done, the grateful villagers gave us raptor mounts to aid us in our travels across the vast desert expanses. I rode mine to the gates of the port city Amnoon, where two of my guildmates were ready and waiting: Kasmeer Meade and Rytlock Brimstone. Kasmeer has come to learn the truth about Balthazar's campaign and to confront the crisis of faith his actions have caused her. Rytlock, as usual, was less forthcoming about his reasons for being here, but I trust that when he says he's here to follow my lead in taking down Balthazar, he means it.
For now, that's enough. But soon, Rytlock is going to have to come clean about the secrets he's been keeping.

My story


  • This story section was first made available to players during the Path of Fire preview weekend (August 11-13, 2017). The preview story began with the airship landing in the tomb and did not include complete rewards.
  • No Deductible is most likely a reference to the numerous times the Commander has crashed airships, from Arah's story mode to the near crash during Out of the Shadows.