Shape of the Spirit

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Shape of the Spirit

1325 AE
Personal story
Forging a Legend
Wayfarer Foothills
(Shiverpeak Mountains)
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn
Protect the Spirits
Preceded by
Biography Protect the Spirits.png A Trap Foiled
Followed by
Biography Protect the Spirits.png Minotaur Rampant

Shape of the Spirit is is part of the personal story for norn characters who have chosen the important quality of a hero is honor the spirits and decided to be disguised as a minotaur when completing A Trap Foiled.


Free the captive minotaurs.

  • Approach the Sons of Svanir hideout at Hermit's Watch.
  • Enter the minotaur pen.
  • Talk to the two adult minotaurs.
  • Open the gate.
  • Kill all the Sons of Svanir.


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All professions


Shortly after entering the mission the Minotaur Spirit will give the characters the Minotaur Form which provides the following skill set:

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Gore (Minotaur Form).png Gore 0.5½ A violent gouging with your horns. Causes bleeding.
2 Maul (Minotaur Form).png Maul 0.75¾ 8 A powerful one-handed slap. Causes knockback.
3 Charge (Minotaur Form).png Charge 30.25¼ 15 A vicious charge towards a nearby foe.
4 Throw (Minotaur Form).png Throw 0.75¾ 10 Grabs a foe and throws them away from you.
5 Prayer to Minotaur.png Prayer to Minotaur 0.5½ 12 Ask Minotaur to heal your wounds as well as the wounds of nearby minotaur.
6-0 Skill.png Minotaur Spirit Form You cannot use skills while in the form of the minotaur.

Continue forward to the Svanir Hunter to trigger cinematic. After which, follow him to the pen and enter. Inside the pen, speak to the two minotaur with mission icons. Interact with the gate to open it, the young minotaur will run off, the two you spoke with will stay and fight with you. Kill all the Svanir outside the pen, then a second wave will come out of a hut. After a small third group will come out of another hut and the Svanir Huntmaster will come up the path with a pack of Icebrood Wolves. When all are dead, the final cinematic will trigger.

The minotaur helping you fight will not venture too far from the area in front of the pen door. If you want their help, pull enemy to them. Also remember your heal skill will heal them as well. You can revive them if they are defeated, but the fight may be too fast for that. It is possible between waves, but the fight is not too difficult.







Cinematic after being transformed and approaching the hideout:

<Character name>: By Raven's beak, I'm a minotaur! Thank you, Spirit. I'll put your blessing to good use.
Son of Svanir: Looks like we've got a straggler here.
<Character name>: Um...Moo?
Son of Svanir: I'd better get it to the pen before Vidkun sees one got loose. Come on you stupid bovine.
Son of Svanir: Fresh meat for the beast! The more Dragon's champion eats, the more it wants to eat. Hyah, cow! Move it!
Svanir Hunter: C'mon, beastie. Follow me over here to the pen. There's a good smelly beastie.

On the way to the pen:

Svanir Hunter: Where'd you get that weapon, brother?
Svanir Hunter: From a dead hunter down near Bear's shrine.
Svanir Hunter: Dead, eh? What killed him?
Svanir Hunter: Me!

At the pen:

Svanir Hunter: Hyah! Get in the pen, beast, before I drag you in here myself!
Svanir Hunter: Go on, beastie. Time to join your friends. See, they're not runnin' out! They like it in there!
Svanir Hunter: Fine. I'm not movin' until you get in this pen, and that's that.
Svanir Hunter: There we go. Just wait in there until Vidkun comes back.

While in the pen:

Svanir Hunter: I'm glad we don't recruit women. They're naggy, annoying, and they're always fussing at me.
Son of Svanir: Yeah, me too. But...well, they're also curvy, and they smell nice.
Son of Svanir: I mean, how are we going to make more of us if we don't have any girls around?
Svanir Hunter: I hate your logic-brain.
Son of Svanir: I don't know if Vidkun's promises mean anything. He's a fanatic.
Svanir Hunter: So? What's wrong with that? We're all fanatics, right? RIGHT?
Svanir Hunter: Guard duty is so dull. When will Vidkun return so the fighting can start?
Son of Svanir: Vidkun has his hands full with the beast. When it's ready, he'll return.
Svanir Hunter: The sooner the better. I'm bored.
Son of Svanir: Dragon! Dragon! Dragon!
Svanir Hunter: Woo-hoo! Yeah!
Son of Svanir: I love my life! I love war! For Jormag!
Svanir Hunter: I wish I was out killing something.
Son of Svanir: Soon. In time, Dragon will call us to the slaughter. The world will be tested.
Svanir Hunter: I want to start with Knut Whitebear. That old man's been ready to die for years now, I tell you.
Svanir Hunter: I'd be doing him a favor!

Talking with the minotaurs:

Alpine Minotaur: The minotaur snorts aggressively, then nods with a grudging kind of respect. It probably senses that you're not what you seem, but it clearly recognizes Minotaur's blessing.
Talk quest option tango.png Minotaur sent me to rescue you. Be ready to charge when I open the gate.
Ferocity Easy. We're busting out of here and we're trampling our captors on the way. Interested?
The minotaur snorts loudly and paws the ground. It eyes you expectantly.
Talk more option tango.png Not yet. Watch me and be ready. You'll know when the time comes.
Talk end option tango.png Hold on. I need to think for a minute.
Alpine Minotaur: This minotaur regards you with wide-eyed reverence, sensing the touch of its guardian spirit on you. It bellows quietly—an anxious, questioning sound.
Talk quest option tango.png I'm getting us out of here. As soon as I open the gate, follow me to freedom!
Dignity Don't be afraid, noble beast. Minotaur sent me. I've come to rescue you all.
The minotaur's eyes flash hungrily and it snorts jets of steam from its nostrils. Its huge fingers clench and unclench, eager for action.
Talk more option tango.png Watch me closely, and be ready to go when I make my move.
Talk end option tango.png Hold on. I need to think for a minute.

At the gate:

Gate: The sturdy gate is locked. A normal minotaur would never be able to work the mechanism, but you can. Once the prisoners are ready to move, the escape can begin.
Talk quest option tango.png Open the gate and signal to the prisoners that it's time to escape.
Talk end option tango.png Leave the gate alone for now.

After the gate is open:

Svanir Hunter: What in the—but I shut that pen tight! How in the name of Jormag's fang did they get out?

After the initial guards are defeated:

Svanir Hunter: Damned minotaurs! Try not to kill them; the beast wants live prey!

After the second group of guards are defeated:

Son of Svanir: What happened here? Who let the minotaurs out?

After the third group of guards are defeated:

Svanir Huntmaster: That does it. Kill the minotaurs, my pets! If Vidkun objects, we'll just get some more!
Svanir Huntmaster: Come on, you filthy, mindless beasts! If I die today, I'm taking you all with me!

After all the Sons of Svanir are dead:

<Character name>: Hah! Run free, beasts! Don't forget to wipe the Sons of Svanir off your hooves.
<Character name>: I am grateful, Spirit! Your blessing made all the difference.
<Character name>: And as soon as I find Eir, all three of us will hunt down Vidkun and his dragon beast and end this once and for all.

My story[edit]

One Good Drink Deserves Another.jpg

It was strange being a minotaur. I used the shape as an effective disguise—I not only freed the trapped minotaurs, but also thrashed the Sons of Svanir! Now I just need to return to Eir and speak of my success.

My story


  • Talking to the Minotaur Calves also counts as talking to the two adult ones.
  • The Svanir Hunter that says "Guard duty is dull" in text actually says "Guard duty is boring" aloud.
  • The Svanir Hunter that says "I'd be doing him a favor" says it twice, the first time being appended to the previous voiceover.