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A Shadow's Deeds

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A Shadow's Deeds

A Shadow's Deeds loading screen.jpg

Loading screen

A Shadow's Deeds is the fifth part of Out of the Shadows.


Journey to the bottom of Bloodstone Maw and investigate the cause of the blast.

  • Speak with Squad Leader Bennett to continue your investigation.
  • The Bloodstone Maw holds many dangers. Train the Counter Magic Mastery to equip yourself with the skills needed to survive. (while not have trained Counter Magic)
  • Travel to the bottom of the crater.
  • Investigate the floating room.
  • Defeat the White Mantle.
    Event bar empty2.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Talk with Caithe.
  • Investigate the area with Caithe, and gather empowered bloodstone shards.
    Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Bloodstone Elemental Mauler
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • (Defeat the ley-line weapons.)
  • Ley-infused Weapons remaining: 3
  • (Defeat the bloodstone anomaly.)
  • Veteran Anomaly
    Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • (Defeat the jade armor.)
  • Veteran Jade Armor
    Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Survive the White Mantle ambush.
    Event bar empty2.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Place the unstable bloodstone shards on the center pedestal.
  • Speak with the Shining Blade soldier.



Head to Tomb of the Confessors to speak with Squad Leader Bennett, easiest method is to go to Soulkeeper's Airship Waypoint in Pride of the Pact and drop down. After speaking to Bennett, head to Bloodstone Maw and drop down the crater to the instance entrance.

Inside the instance, you will be ambushed just past where you zone in; dispatch the White Mantle, then glide down the Cavern of Unseen Lights towards the center. If you miss landing on the floating platform while gliding, there are two updrafts and bouncing mushrooms nearby to take you there. Once on the platform, interact with the pedestal in the center. After a dialogue, head down to the ground and head to the three starbursts, where you'll have short fights with foes before you can pick up bloodstone fragments. After the first three fragments are collected, three more starbursts will appear on the map for more fragments and fights. Once the sixth and final fragment has been collected, another White Mantle ambush will occur. Once these White Mantle are defeated, use the updrafts or bouncing mushrooms to reach the central platform again and witness a cinematic.

After the cinematic, glide down to talk to the Shining Blade Paratrooper and complete the mission.


A Shadow's Deeds Out of the Shadows 0Achievement points
Journey to the Cavern of Unseen Lights and seek any clues as to the source of the explosion.Journal: A Shadow's Deeds Completed Completed A Shadow's Deeds 0Achievement points
  • Complete the instance.
The Sky Is Falling Out of the Shadows 2Achievement points
Complete the instance without being damaged by falling bloodstone shards or their explosions.Story Instance: A Shadow's Deeds Avoided All Falling Shards While Investigating the Source of the Explosion 2Achievement points
  • This can be done on the first play through, and is awarded once the instance is complete. The objects begin to fall as soon as you approach the floating room. Simply avoid being hit by any falling objects, which may be easier to accomplish by staying airborne as much as possible although it has to be noted that being hit while airborne is still possible. The falling objects are indicated by large red circles on the floor with an expanding inner red circle. Once it fully expands the shards fall to the ground.
    • While these circles seem to only spawn where you're on the edge of them, it's best to bring along utilities or weapons that allow you to leap or blink away in case you end up in the middle of one of these circles.
    • Another thing to keep in mind is that they continue to spawn throughout the instance even after you've collected the bloodstone samples and test them out with Caithe, so watch out for them when you go down to speak with the Shining Blade agent at the end of the instance, as they can still spawn on you.
  • Alternatively, you can glide on to a ledge on the walls on either side of the map every time a new wave of white mantle arrive and use an engineer's Elite Mortar Kit to defeat them. This prevents bloodstone shards from hitting you and also allows you to defeat enemies simultaneously.
  • Achievement qualification MAY be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for The Sky Is Falling effect. This effect does not always manifest.
This achievement rewards items. Return to A Shadow's Deeds Return to Out of the Shadows 0Achievement points
Complete the mission A Shadow's Deeds in Living World Season 3 Episode 1.
Reward: Unbound Magic.pngUnbound Magic (5)
Completed A Shadow's Deeds 0Achievement points





Jade Constructs



Open World[edit]

Speaking with Squad Leader Bennett:

<Character name>: Bennett, any update on the creature that hospitalized your scout?
Squad Leader Bennett: We finally got a message from Priory headquarters. Hard to get a pigeon to fly through a magical storm in one piece.
Squad Leader Bennett: The description of these "stone men" matched an ancient weapon the mursaat and White Mantle used before the Krytan Civil War.
Squad Leader Bennett: They're called jade constructs, and they were the mursaat's primary martial units.
<Character name>: Floating constructs? That sounds similar to the Exalted.
Taimi: That's because they're using ancient magic from a similar origin, or at least that's my current theory, Pooh-bah.
Squad Leader Bennett: Did...your backpack just call you "pooh-bah," Commander?
<Character name>: It's a long story. Go on, Taimi.
Taimi: There was a time, way back, when the Seers and the mursaat shared a lot of info. Why do you think they're all so...floaty?
<Character name>: So is there anything that'll keep me alive in a fight against these jade things?
Taimi: Remember that magical protection I told you about? That should work against jade constructs, too.
Taimi: It was based on Seer research that Zinn, the founder of Rata Novus, performed during the Krytan Civil War.
Taimi: I highly suggest mastering it before you get in a smashy scenario with one of those jade brutes. Good luck! Taimi out!

In the instance[edit]

Entering the cavern:

<Character name>: It looks like there are magical scorch marks leading this way.

At the temple:

<Character name>: Who's there?
Caithe: It's me, Commander.
<Character name>: Caithe! Bennett said he saw you.
Caithe: Are you...?
<Character name>: Trying to figure out why the explosion reversed itself and the trail led me here. Look at these marks.
<Character name>: Could these have been made by a torrent of magic?
Caithe: Possibly. You think something or someone was behind this? Or was it a natural disaster?
<Character name>: Seems like an awfully odd natural disaster. You saw what happened, right?
Caithe: I've recently learned to not always rely on my senses. They can...betray you.
<Character name>: This pedestal seems to be the nexus of it all. Let's look around and—
Caithe: Tremor!
(If human, charr or sylvari)
<Character name>: Incoming!
(If male norn)
<Character name>: By the Bear!
(If female norn)
<Character name>: Raven's beak!
(If asura)[verification requested]
<Character name>: By my ears!
(If female asura)
<Character name>: Danger incoming!
Caithe: Did you see that?
<Character name>: That bloodstone explosion seemed to trigger some sort of magical echo.
Caithe: I couldn't really tell what was happening.
<Character name>: Let's find some more bloodstone and see if we can re-create it; get a clearer picture.
<Character name>: This could give us an insight on why the blast reversed itself.
Searching for bloodstone pieces

While making progress in searching:

<Character name>: How did you end up down here?
Caithe: I was returning from the Grove when I saw the explosion on the horizon. I wasn't going to leave it uninvestigated.
<Character name>: Good work getting this deep into the crater; must have been moving like a shadow out there.
Caithe: It's what I do.
<Character name>: What was your business in the Grove?
Caithe: I was visiting the Pale Tree.
<Character name>: How is she after Mordremoth's death?
Caithe: Ailing, but recovering. Although, not well enough to...give me the guidance I needed.
<Character name>: Sorry to hear that...
Caithe: It's... Back to the task at hand.
Caithe: Those explosions exposed some more bloodstones.

The shard near the broken staircase:

<Character name>: Some bloodstone pieces next to this staircase.
<Character name>: Guess this is how someone would get down here to do...whatever it is our test hopefully reveals.
Caithe: Hmm. I guess I really wanted it to be a natural disaster.
Caithe: Didn't want to think about someone tinkering with so much power.

Encountering the Bloodstone Mauler

<Character name>: Caithe, over here.

The shard near the ley-infused weapons:

<Character name>: Just a bunch of weapons.
Caithe: You sure about that? Because they're glowing...

After defeating the ley-infused weapons:

<Character name>: That was unexpected.
Caithe: I'll hold my "I told you so."

Shards at the remains of the camp:

<Character name>: Bloodstone under this table...
Unknown: This piece of paper seems barely touched by the destruction. It looks as if someone was taking notes during a conversation or translating a coded message.
Talk more option tango.png Read it.
...trial #33, complete failure. Received orders to increase output. Results demanded so or...or what? Or else.
Talk more option tango.png Read on.
The rumbling of dissent in our ranks is unacceptable for research progress. Being pulled in two directions. I want to stay the course and not listen to this new, shady influence behind the curtain.
Talk more option tango.png Read on.
Who is the justiciar getting his orders from anyway? My loyalty is a liability here now. Perhaps I should flee before the rift becomes inescapable.
Talk more option tango.png Read on.
I hate to leave my White Mantle brothers and sisters, but I will not follow someone who won't reveal themselves while issuing threats so liberally.
Talk end option tango.png Stow it.
Talk end option tango.png Stow it.
Talk end option tango.png Stow it.
Talk end option tango.png Stow it.
<Character name>: It's a note. Must have survived in this chest.
Caithe: What's it say?
<Character name>: It was White Mantle, all right. Apparently they've been prodding the Bloodstone for some time now.
<Character name>: But it also hints at some sort of splintering within their group and a divisive leader. Must be Caudecus.
Caithe: The legate minister? I should stop by Divinity's Reach more often. I'm out of the loop.

Final shard with the Jade Armor:

<Character name>: Some more bloodstone here. Can't believe this operation was happening under our noses this whole time...
(If human)
One of:
<Character name>: This doesn't look good.
<Character name>: By the Six... What is that?
(If charr or sylvari)
<Character name>: What is that?
(If female norn) [verification requested]
<Character name>: That's no ordinary beast.
(If asura)
<Character name>: This doesn't look good.

After defeating the Jade Armor:

<Character name>: (victory cheer)

After gathering all shards:

(If human, asura, female norn, female charr or sylvari) [verification requested]
<Character name>: Ambush! Back up! Back up!
(If male charr)
<Character name>: Move!
Caithe: Commander, before we go any further, I want to clear the air between us.
<Character name>: Here...? Why would I expect any different; your timing has always been perfect...
Caithe: See? That's why I have to speak now! I know you're still upset with me...and you have every right to be.
Caithe: I can't take back what happened, but I can tell you I know what I did was wrong and I'm sorry.
Caithe: My Wyld Hunt, Mordremoth's voice...they were tearing at each other and sometimes I didn't know which was which.
Caithe: I was very confused, and I felt like the only person I could trust was me.
<Character name>: That's the very time you should have leaned on your friends!
Caithe: Don't you see? I didn't know who my friends were! Enemies, friends, even Faolain—it was all gray.
Caithe: I wish I would have trusted you, but I didn't. And now that's in the past.
Caithe: All I can do is hope you'll forgive me in the future.
<Character name>: Caithe—
Caithe: You don't have to respond now. I want you to think about it, so your decision is considered.
<Character name>: Okay, well... Let's see if our little experiment works.

Back at the temple:

<Character name>: Ready? I'll take care of releasing their magic.
Caithe: Then what?
<Character name>: Then we cross our fingers that we jump-start the magic echo and don't blow ourselves to smithereens.

After placing the bloodstones on the pedestal:

<Character name>: What was that? What happened?
Caithe: Where you were standing...there was only a brilliant light, devouring magic.
Caithe: Then some people behind the light didn't look so lucky. These silhouettes...
<Character name>: They must have been vaporized by the blast.
Caithe: Who would have done this purposefully?
<Character name>: Someone who just absorbed the lion's share of a bloodstone's worth of magic.
<Character name>: Could have been Caudecus. I have to find Canach and warn him...if he's still alive.
Shining Blade Paratrooper: Commander! Are you up there?
Caithe: Sounds like someone's looking for you.
Shining Blade Paratrooper waves at <Character name>.

Speaking to the Shining Blade Paratrooper:

Shining Blade Paratrooper bows to <Character name>.
Shining Blade Paratrooper: Commander, Canach ordered us to find you. Minister Caudecus is in the area.
<Character name>: He's alive! I need to tell him about what we just witnessed. Point me in the right direction... Uh, Caithe?
Caithe: You know what; I think I'll stay a moment. Maybe poke around some more.
<Character name>: Are you sure? Will you be okay?
Caithe: It's fine, Commander. Remember? I'm a shadow.

My story[edit]

A Shadow's Deeds loading screen.jpg

Caithe and I investigated the depths of Bloodstone Maw and determined that something—or someone—had consumed the power of the Bloodstone. Unfortunately, whoever or whatever it was left the area, so there are still many questions unanswered.

My story


  • The title of "A Shadow's Deeds" directly refers to the atomic shadows (silhouettes) surrounding the bloodstone. In symbolism, a shadow is representative of one's former self, possibly referencing Caithe's apology for her actions in Heart of Thorns.