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Chapter 3: Balance

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Jormag is as deadly and corrupted as their twin, Primordus. There is no peace in this balance—only a terrible push and pull of opposing elemental magics, each laying claim to the unstable territory between them. Something must give, and you can only hope it’s something you can bear to lose.

— Official website

Chapter 3: Balance is a Living World release that was released on March 9, 2021. It is the third chapter of Episode 5 of The Icebrood Saga: Champions, with additional upcoming releases of content and ways to play between chapters.[1]


The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Episode 5 — Champions[edit]

Bonus events[edit]

Dragon Response Missions[edit]

New Masteries[edit]

New Achievements[edit]

  • Champions.png Champions — Champions Insight: Blood Tide Coast, Champions Insight: Caledon Forest, Champions Insight: Fireheart Rise, Dragon Response Expert, Emergency Dragon Responder: Bloodtide Coast, Emergency Dragon Responder: Caledon Forest, Emergency Dragon Responder: Fireheart Rise, Flame vs. Frost, Forger of Draconic Fire, Forger of Draconic Ice, Friendly Fire, Frozen Tide, Jormag's Madness, Kodan Supporter, Master of Draconic Fire, Master of Draconic Ice, Olmakhan Supporter, Shiver Reward Track, "Silent as Leopard, Clever as Raven", Skritt Supporter, "Strong as Bear, Sharp as Wolf", Tengu Supporter, There’s Always a Greater Destroyer, Top Dragon Responder: Bloodtide Coast, Top Dragon Responder: Caledon Forest, Top Dragon Responder: Fireheart Rise, Wildfire
  • Champions.png Daily Champions — Daily Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission, Daily Caledon Forest Dragon Response Mission, Daily Fireheart Rise Dragon Response Mission
  • Festival of the Four Winds.png Marshaling the Tengu
  • Festival of the Four Winds.png Marshaling the Olmakhan
  • Festival of the Four Winds.png Marshaling the Skritt
  • Festival of the Four Winds.png Marshaling the Kodan
  • Festival of the Four Winds.png Mobilization Global Rewards — Rallying the Tengu, Tengu Global Ranks, Rallying the Olmakhan, Olmakhan Global Ranks, Rallying the Skritt, Skritt Global Ranks, Rallying the Kodan, Kodan Global Ranks

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