Fixing the Blame

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Fixing the Blame

1325 AE
Personal story
Forming the Pact
Gauntlet Gulch
(Mount Maelstrom)
Canton Factorium
(Black Citadel)
Icespear's Shelf
(Fireheart Rise)
Highland Thaw
(Fireheart Rise)
Dishonor my allies
Preceded by
Shell Shock
Followed by
Marshaling the Truth

Fixing the Blame is part of the personal story for all characters that choose "dishonor my allies" as their worst fear during the mission A Light in the Darkness and then chose to investigate Tactician Syska at the end of Shell Shock.


Investigate Tactician Syska's Background.

  • Talk to Warmaster Grunn near Gallant's Folly.

Follow Syska's trail to the Black Citadel.

  • Speak with Barkeep Gallowknot.

Interrogate Ignavus Ridgerunner near Snowridge Camp.

  • Talk to Ignavus Ridgerunner.

Investigate the Pact camp for clues about Syska.

  • Search the Pact camp near Onager Bivouac.
  • Report to Trahearne.
  • Go to the battleground.
  • Help the Pact against the Flame Legion.
  • Speak to Trahearne.
  • Defeat the Illusion. / Giant
    Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png

Search the camp for more clues.

  • Investigate the Pact camp.

Notify Ignavus Ridgerunner of your discoveries.

  • Talk to Ignavus Ridgerunner.


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All professions


Head over to the fort at Gauntlet Gulch along the northern edge of Mount Maelstrom and speak with Grunn. He never trusted Syska and recommends that you speak with the bartender at a shady tavern in the Black Citadel.

The bartender can't confirm that Syska was up to no good in her tavern, but suggests speaking to Ignavus Ridgerunner, who used to meet Syska at the tavern.

Ignavus is located in the far northwestern corner of Fireheart Rise, within Snow Ridge Camp. He confesses to his part in Syska's scheme, which involved selling Pact weapons to the Flame Legion, and agrees to assist you in obtaining the necessary evidence.

Note: it is advised not to skip any cutscenes in this instance since doing so can prevent your Pact allies from spawning, making this a much more difficult mission.

Upon entering the instance you observe Trahearne blocking off the Onager Bivouac with vines. During the cutscene, in a very un friendly manner he tells you that the Pact happen to be in the area preventing the Flame Legion from attacking the Black Citadel with the Pact weaponry and instructs you to assist them. Walk around the corner and wait at the top when your character looks to have the stunned animation spinning around their head. A second cutscene will occur, after which your Pact allies will spawn and your racial mentor will direct your allies onwards into the fight. The initial waves of Flame Legion are easily overwhelmed by your combined forces. The last wave is signalled by the appearance of several Flame Legion Fire Shamans and a veteran Flame Legion Effigy. A victory cinematic plays after their defeat. Your victory is short-lived however since Trahearne turns into a ghostly Veteran Giant and your pact allies all die, leaving you to defeat the giant alone - luckily it doesn't deal much damage. You are forced out of the instance immediately after killing the giant.

After killing the giant, you find yourself back in the open world where you met Trahearne and the vines blocking the camp have gone. At the far end of the encampment, you find the body of Syska. Examining Syska's body in the Bivouac triggers the event Destroy the undead mesmer illusions, but completing this event is not a story objective and is optional.

Return to the Snow Ridge Camp and speak with Ignavus to complete this mission.





Charr (Flame Legion)


Gauntlet Gulch (open world)[edit]

Talking to Warmaster Grunn (cinematic):

Warmaster Grunn: I know you. You're the Pact's second in command. What brings you out here?
<Character name>: I'm here to investigate Tactician Syska. There was an incident with a mortar team. What can you tell me about her?
Warmaster Grunn: Not much. Never liked her, to be honest. She never should have been promoted. Always seemed like she was up to no good.
Warmaster Grunn: I can't prove anything, but she spent a lot of time shuttling back and forth between her post and the Black Citadel.
Warmaster Grunn: There's a bar near the Hero's Forum that she liked. A lot of shady deals go down there. The barkeep might know more.

BC (open world)[edit]

Talking to Barkeep Gallowknot:

Barkeep Gallowknot: Can I get you something?
Talk quest option tango.png I'm looking for a soldier named Syska. Any information you have could save soldiers' lives. (triggers cinematic)

Talking to Barkeep Gallowknot (cinematic):

Barkeep Gallowknot: Happy to help, boss. I used to be a soldier. Some of my best friends are soldiers...and all of my best customers are.
Barkeep Gallowknot: Yeah, I know Syska. She hasn't been in for a while. She used to haunt that corner table with her partner in crime, Ignavus.
Barkeep Gallowknot: That's a figure of speech, by the way. I don't know if they actually did crime.
Barkeep Gallowknot: Ignavus would know more. He's stationed up in Snow Ridge camp, face-to-face with the Flame Legion.

Speaking to the barkeeper again before leaving:

Barkeep Gallowknot: Can I get you something?
Talk more option tango.png I'm a little busy for drinks right now.
Well, lemme know if you need anything else.
Talk more option tango.png Can you tell me anything about Syska?
Well, she's always been pretty flush for a soldier. Lousy tipper, too, but when she's having one of her hush-hush "meetings," she buys nothing but the good stuff.
Talk end option tango.png OK. Thanks.
Talk end option tango.png Never mind.

Icespear's Shelf (open world)[edit]

Talking to Ignavus Ridgerunner (cinematic):

<Character name>: Are you Ignavus? I'm here to talk about Tactician Syska.
Ignavus Ridgerunner: Scorch it! I knew Syska's schemes would get us both busted by the brass. For the record, I never gave anything to the Flame Legion.
Ignavus Ridgerunner: Syska knew those weapons shipments were for the Pact. But she was all, "No one will miss a few crates here and there."
Ignavus Ridgerunner: She took me to the Flame camp, but made me wait outside during the exchange. There was a lot of light and noise, and then she staggered out alone.
Ignavus Ridgerunner: She threatened me, told me to keep my mouth shut or else. Then she ran off. I haven't had anything to do with her since, I swear it.
Ignavus Ridgerunner: I don't know where she is now, but I can tell you where that camp was. Is that enough to get off the hook?
<Character name>: It's a start. But if you lie to me, I'll make sure every officer in the Black Citadel hears about you moonlighting as an arms dealer.

After the cinematic:

Ignavus Ridgerunner: Thanks, Commander. I won't let you down.
Ignavus Ridgerunner salutes <Character name>.

Highland Thaw[edit]

Entering the instance near the camp:

Trahearne: You're just in time. I need your help.

Meeting Trahearne (cinematic):

<Character name>: Marshal Trahearne? What are you doing here?
Trahearne: Flame Legion has intercepted Pact weapons shipments. They're about to deploy them against our Black Citadel allies.
Trahearne: The Pact can't afford to antagonize the Citadel. We need allies, not more enemies. I've mustered a strike force to keep this from getting out of hand.
Trahearne: Don't just stand here—move! We've got to stop the Flame Legion and recover those weapons!

Talking to Trahearne

Trahearne: Can I help you with something, Commander?
Talk more option tango.png Why did you block the entrance to the camp?
Because I don't want anything to distract us from the coming battle. And if you ever take that tone with me again, I'll have you up on a charge of insubordination.
Talk end option tango.png But I...sorry, sir. Won't happen again.

Walking towards your allies:

Trahearne: Hurry. Our allies are waiting.
Trahearne: For the last time, forget about the camp. We need to get to the battle.
Trahearne: The Flame Legion has been undermining us from the start. Now they'll pay.
Trahearne: We have to deal with the Flame, or we'll never be able to focus on the dragons.

Halfway through to your allies (cinematic with blurring sight):

<Character name>: What was that? I...I don't feel so good. Something's wrong.
Trahearne: Stop sniveling and march. There's a battle to win.

Speaking to Trahearne during the battle:

Trahearne: Stay focused, Commander. The enemy is upon us. Stop second-guessing me and destroy them!
Talk end option tango.png I will, but...something's wrong here.

When the Flame Legion attacks (member of Destiny's Edge present depends on your race):

If charr:
Rytlock Brimstone: The Flame Legion is coming! I need backup!
If sylvari:
Caithe: The Flame Legion is here. Forward! There is no more dangerous foe!
If human:
Logan Thackeray: Flame Legion, inbound! This is worse than all three centaur tribes combined!
If asura:
Zojja: Here they come. Let's show them that brain completely stomps brawn!
If norn:
Eir Stegalkin: They're coming over the hill. Prepare to destroy them all...for glory!

Talking to the Destiny's Edge member:

Caithe/Eir Stegalkin/Logan Thackeray/Rytlock Brimstone/Zojja: Don't waste my time with your yammering. We've got a fight on our hands.
Talk more option tango.png What are you doing here?
I'm here to make sure this gets done right. Now get back out there and fight!
Talk end option tango.png All right. But you owe me an explanation.

After defeating the Flame Legion (cinematic):

<Character name>: Wait...was that who I think it was? Did you bring in Destiny's Edge? I'm having trouble understanding all this. I need to find the Flame camp...
Trahearne: Don't bother. There's nothing in that camp. Stay away from it. That's an order.
<Character name>: What's wrong with me, Trahearne? What's wrong with you? Why are you trying to keep me away from that camp?
Trahearne: Because you're unfit for command. Unfit for duty. You're sick, seeing this.

Onager Bivouac (open world)[edit]

Examining the body at the Pact camp:

Vigil Crusader: An examination of the body reveals that this is Tactician Syska. She's been dead at least a week.
Talk quest option tango.png Leave.

Icespear's Shelf (open world)[edit]

Talking to Ignavus Ridgerunner:

Ignavus Ridgerunner: Back again, eh? Find anything?
Talk more option tango.png I found Syska's body. She'd been dead for quite awhile.
Tough break. But didn't you just see her? If Syska's dead, who's running around in the Pact artillery camp?
Talk more option tango.png An impostor. I need you to send word to Marshal Trahearne.
I'll send a runner to Oxbow Isle right away. And if the brass ever come sniffing around my...extra-curricular'll cover for me? Tell them that it was all Syska?
Talk end option tango.png Tell Trahearne what I said. Then we'll see.

My story[edit]

Salvation Through Heresy.jpg

I looked into Tactician Syska's background, hoping to find clues about her involvement my friendly fire incident that killed Pact troops. One of the soldiers in Syska's unit said she spent a lot of time in a Black Citadel tavern, so I decided to continue my investigation there.

Barkeep Gallowknot knew Syska as one of his regular customers. He told me about the mysterious meetings Syska routinely held in his tavern, and steered me toward a soldier named Ignavus Ridgerunner. I set out to find Ignavus and solve this mystery before any more Pact soldiers get hurt.

When I questioned Ignavus, he confessed that he and Syska had been selling Pact weaponry and supplies on the black market. The last time he saw her was at a secret meeting with the Flame Legion near Onager Bivouac, which became my next stop.

I found the camp where Syska was seen doing black market business with the Flame Legion. When I tried to investigate, I was confronted and attacked by a series of baffling mesmer illusions. Whoever cast the illusions was determined to keep me out, but I prevailed and gained access to the camp.

I found Tactician Syska's body and realized the "Syska" I've met must be a disguised mesmer. The Pact can't afford an enemy agent embedded so high up in the chain of command, so I set out to send word to Trahearne before the impostor can do any more damage.

Syska's former partner in crime, Ignavus, was only too happy to send word to Trahearne on my behalf. He hoped that helping me would count in his favor if his black market weapons deals ever came to light, but my only concern was protecting Trahearne and the Pact from the impostor's illusory attacks. I set out to Oxbow Isle so I can talk to Trahearne face to face.

My story


  • Skipping cinematics during the instanced content frequently results in the Pact allies not appearing.
  • Running up to Trahearne when he first appears can result in you becoming irrevocably trapped in the vines as he summons them and forced to restart the mission.
  • Most of the dialogue and cinematics occur not in an instance but in the open world, which is unusual for a story mission.
  • The illusionary Trahearne wields a scepter and focus, as Trahearne does prior to receiving Caladbolg in A Light in the Darkness, an indication that he is a fake.