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Sky Pirates

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Sky Pirates is a historical achievement category for achievements that tracks the events of the Sky Pirates of Tyria release.

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Sky Pirates (Historical)
Total achievements: 21 193Achievement points


Against the Aetherblades[edit]

Complete any 12 of the 19 qualifying achievements in this category. Caching Out does not count toward this total, but the individual cache achievements do.

Aetherblade Assassin[edit]

Kill 250 Aetherblade pirates. These can be found in the Aetherblade Retreat, in the overworld randomly when approaching Dragon Holograms, or guarding the Aetherblade Caches for the Caching Out achievement.

Caching Out[edit]

Primary article: Caching Out

Aetherblades have hidden small caches of treasure in or near seven mini-dungeons and jumping puzzles. Each cache location also has its own achievement associated with it, which is also on that article. Players only need to get close to the cache to get the achievement

  • Vexing Cache
  • Weeping Cache
  • Troll Cache
  • Mad Cache
  • Cantle Cache
  • Shipshape Cache
  • Blackout Cache


  • Ascalon
  • Kryta
  • Maguuma
  • Shiverpeaks

Defeat 50 Aetherblades in any zone within each region. There are three types of places to farm Aetherblades:

  • Dragon Holograms: each has a chance to spawn a group of 4 Aetherblades. From a distance, if you mouse over the hologram and it changes to a gear icon, the foes will be Dragon Bash minions. However, if you trigger those locations, after reset, there is a 50-50 chance it could spawn Aetherblades.
  • Lairs: Aetherblades killed in the Aetherblade Retreat and in the area near Not So Secret count towards the Kryta totals.
  • Aetherblade Caches: there is one located in each region and guards of Aetherblades will respawn at a rate of every minute of two. See Caching Out for the specific locations.

Equipment Failure[edit]

Enter the Aetherblade Retreat and defeat Frizz. This achievement is automatic if you progress to the next stage of the dungeon.

Faster Than Light[edit]

During the fight with Frizz, do not get hit by the electric walls at all.

Personal Space[edit]

In the last room, avoid getting hit by Horrik's cannon fire in the barrage phases. You can get hit by his cannon while fighting him or Mai Trin. You can also get hit by the cannon attacks from the unreachable Aetherblade Thumpers on either side of the room. [1]

Don't Be Rude to the Brute[edit]

/salute Horrik. In actuality, you need only perform the emote in the boss area. You do not need to use targeted emotes, nor does it matter if Horrik is dead or alive.

Unfriendly Skies[edit]

Defeat Mai Trin and Horrik within 15 minutes. Take the Cannon Core dropped by Horrik and take it to the cannon on the deck of the docked airship. Use the cannon to destroy the escaping airship. You will be unable to obtain this achievement if you wipe, even if the total elapsed time is less than 15 minutes.

Cornered, Caught, Collared[edit]

Enter the Aetherblade Retreat dungeon and defeat Mai Trin and Horrik, the final boss of the dungeon.

Questions for Mai[edit]

Talk to Captain Mai Trin, found in Main Haven Headquarters. The second floor room above the one with the Giganticus Moosicus.