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Torn from the Sky

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Torn from the Sky

Torn from the Sky loading screen.jpg

Loading screen

Torn from the Sky is the second chapter of the Heart of Thorns story.


Determine the fate of the Pact fleet.
  • Survey the wreckage.
  • Follow Braham.
  • Choose between searching for the prisoners and fortifying the camp's defenses.
  • Optional: Get advice and additional information from the others.
  • (if choosing to search for the prisoners)
    • Take Laranthir to recover the captured soldiers.
    • Search the nearby tunnel to pick up the captured soldiers' trail.
    • Climb the stairs and search the area above.
    • Defeat the prison guards.
    • Defeat all enemies in the area.
  • (if choosing to fortify defenses)
    • Salvage equipment from the wreckage to strengthen the survivors' defenses.
    • Support the sylvari soldier struggling to resist Mordremoth's influence.
    • Dispatch the turned sylvari soldier. (if instance owner is not Sylvari)
    • Salvage equipment from the wreckage to strengthen the survivors' defenses.
  • Return to the Pact survivors' makeshift camp.
  • Fend off the enemy's night attack.
  • Optional: Defend the Cannon (if cannon is operational)
  • Defeat the Mordrem champion.
  • Talk to Rytlock.



You begin at the entry point to Verdant Brink from the Silverwastes. This is on a high ledge that provides an area view of the destroyed Pact Airships. Following a cutscene, you can walk (or glide) down to the temporary Pact camp below. On arrival, following another cutscene, a choice of achievements is offered. Regardless of your choice, at the conclusion of the activity you will defend the camp against 3 waves of Mordrem, (from the East, South and West of the camp) and a Mordrem Champion. During this fight, a cutscene introducing the "new and improved" version of Rytlock Brimstone will show. After defeating the Champion, and a final cutscene with Rytlock, the mission is concluded.


Search and Rescue Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Help Laranthir search for prisoners.Story Instance: "Torn from the Sky"
Prerequisite: Torn from the Sky
Reward:Kryta Weapon Skins Box.png Vigil Weapon Crate
Chose Laranthir's Plan to Search for Prisoners 5Achievement points
  • Choose Laranthir's plan to search for Pact prisoners. This achievement and Dug In are mutually exclusive.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Search and Rescue effect.
Dug In Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Help the soldiers build up their defenses.Story Instance: "Torn from the Sky"
Prerequisite: Torn from the Sky
Reward:Large Bag of Airship Parts.png Large Bag of Airship Parts
Chose to Help the Pact Soldiers Build up Their Defenses 5Achievement points
  • Choose Explorer Metella's plan to defend the camp, the achievement will complete once you return to camp after scavenging supplies for a defense turret.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Dug In effect.
Sylvari Solidarity Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Help a sylvari resist Mordremoth's call.Story Instance: "Torn from the Sky"
Prerequisite: Torn from the Sky
Reward: 3  Pact Crowbar.png Pact Crowbar
Helped a Sylvari Soldier Resist Mordremoth's Call 5Achievement points
  • This needs a sylvari character to start the story instance, then choose Explorer Metella's plan to defend the camp. While following directions to scavenge supplies, you will come across a struggling sylvari Pact Explorer; the achievement will be completed by simply standing nearby and letting the dialogue with this sylvari run its course. This achievement is NOT available if Laranthir's plan has been selected. All party members will receive the achievement along with the party leader.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Sylvari Solidarity effect.
Weed Whacker Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Defeat 30 Mordrem during the night attack.Story Instance: "Torn from the Sky"
Prerequisite: Torn from the Sky
Reward: 3  Loot Sack.png Heavy Thorned Bag
Defeated 30 Mordrem During the Night Attack. 5Achievement points
  • Very easy, kill everything in sight, and you will have hit 30 Mordrem before the champion turns up. If a party does the mission, it doesn't matter who scores a kill, the counter increases for all party members.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Weed Whacker effect.
Conservation of Resources Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Keep the turret operational during the night attack.Story Instance: "Torn from the Sky"
Prerequisite: Torn from the Sky
Reward: 10  Tar Removal Tool.png Vial of Linseed Oil
Didn't Lose the Turret During the Night Attack 5Achievement points
  • Don't let the defense turret be destroyed by the night attack: it can be damaged, but not wholly destroyed. Best achieved if you can hit the Mordrem where they spawn during the night attack, rather than letting them get within attacking distance of the turret. A party will make this very easy. This achievement is available ONLY if the party has chosen and completed Explorer Metella's achievement (since the cannon needs to be rebuilt first) and if the party leader does not have the achievement.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Conservation of Resources effect.








Entering the instance:

<Character name>: Stay sharp, people. Mordremoth hit the Pact hard. It's up to us to pick up the pieces.

Introduction cinematic:

Kasmeer Meade: Oh, much wreckage.
Rox: I was expecting carnage, but this...Mordremoth actually took down the entire fleet.
Braham Eirsson: Spirits...could anyone have survived? We need to get down there. Fast.

Following Braham to the camp:

Braham Eirsson: I see a camp...and a camp means survivors. Let's go!
<Character name>: Braham! Get back here!
Braham Eirsson: I'm Eir Stegalkin's son. I want to know where she is.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Braham! You mustn't run off like that. We're in enemy territory.
If not sylvari:
<Character name>: Braham! You can't just run off like that. We're in enemy territory.
<Character name>: Laranthir: Glad to see you survived. I need a status report, now.
Laranthir of the Wild: You're a welcome sight, Commander. The situation is grim. Mordremoth tore the fleet apart. The Pact is in ruins.
Laranthir of the Wild: Trahearne and Destiny's Edge were taken prisoner...they were alive, but now MIA. And the remaining soldiers no longer trust me.
Marjory Delaqua: And you're surprised? Scarlet, Aerin, and now this. Mordremoth always uses sylvari to do its dirtiest dirty work.
Explorer Metella: We need to strengthen the defenses around here. Our priority has to be salvaging weapon parts from the crash site.
Laranthir of the Wild: What about our comrades in the cavern? The Pact does not abandon its own.
Explorer Metella: Look around, "sir." There is no more Pact. And the prisoners you want to save are probably already dead.
Laranthir of the Wild: Think it through, soldier. We need greater numbers, or any salvage party we send will disappear like the others.
Braham Eirsson: This isn't helping. Just tell us where Destiny's Edge is. Please.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Laranthir? Stand by. I believe you're still on our side, but I need to think this through.
If not sylvari:
<Character name>: Laranthir? Stand by. I need to think this through.

Asking the others for advice (optional):

Rox: Let's focus on protecting the soldiers we still have. I say we scare up some turret parts to defend this position.
Braham Eirsson: Destiny's Edge were taken prisoner, too. Rescuing Laranthir's soldiers might help us pick up the trail.
Crusader Gatt: Laranthir's right this time: we have to rescue the Pact prisoners. It's both logical and our duty.
Agent Gunnard: We need supplies and salvage to build up this position, or we're all gonna die.

Talking to NPCs to choose:

Explorer Metella: Forget Laranthir's rescue mission—we don't even know if there's anybody left to rescue. But the rest of us are right here, right now, and those turret parts will give us a fighting chance.
Talk quest option tango.png
What about the imprisoned soldiers?
Sylvari soldiers. They're not worth the risk. Even if they're still on our side, who says they're alive and ready to fight? The rescue mission is a lot of risk with potentially no reward.
Talk quest choice tango.png
I see your point. Let's focus on protecting this camp.
Talk end option tango.png
I need more information before I decide.
Talk end option tango.png
I need more information before I decide.
Laranthir of the Wild: We have to recover the prisoners from the nearby caves. The Mordrem could have killed them, but instead took them alive. Mordremoth must want them that way. I shudder to think why.
Talk quest option tango.png
Have you mustered any sort of rescue party?
I wasn't able to. My troops refuse to risk their lives following my orders, especially since these prisoners are all sylvari. They fear I'm leading them into a trap.
Talk quest choice tango.png
They'll follow me. Let's get this rescue operation rolling.
Talk end option tango.png
Thanks for the input. Stand by while I make my final decision.
Talk end option tango.png
Thanks for the input. Stand by while I make my final decision.

Choosing to rescue the soldiers[edit]

After the decision:

<Character name>: Everyone, listen up! We've suffered a serious setback, but we're far from beaten.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: I trust Laranthir. If you trust me, you can trust him. We're all still on the same side. Understood?
If not sylvari:
<Character name>: Laranthir is still your commanding officer, and he has my full confidence. Clear?
Crusader Gatt: Yes, Commander!
<Character name>: Laranthir will join the search-and-rescue team. If you're not on that team, dig in and fortify this position.
<Character name>: Now fall in and let's get to work!
Explorer Metella: It's not worth risking more lives to save sylvari prisoners. They're already gone. Sylvari belong to Mordremoth.
If sylvari:
Canach: You're a fool. Only weak-willed sylvari are vulnerable. The rest of us...myself and the commander especially...fight back.
If not sylvari:
Canach: Not all of us. The lost, the weak-willed—these sylvari are vulnerable. The rest of us fight back.
<Character name>: He's right. Mordremoth wants us to turn on each other. Are you going to play right into the enemy's hands?
If sylvari:
Explorer Metella: (snarl) No, but who says you're not the enemy? Gunnard, Gatt: come on. We're better off on our own.
Crusader Gatt: Count me out of your tiny mutiny. My duty is to my fellow soldiers. I'm staying.
Explorer Metella: It's your funeral. This camp won't last another night. Good luck—you're going to need it.
(Metella and Gunnard abandon the camp)
If not sylvari:
Explorer Metella: (snarl) Not in this lifetime. Go on, rescue your prisoners. I'll be here, protecting the comrades I know I can trust.
Taimi: Don't look so worried, Braham. Eir can take care of herself. As a wise old genius once said—
Braham Eirsson: Thanks, Taimi, but go easy on the asura wisdom for now. I'm a little preoccupied.
Explorer Metella: (growl) No heavy weapons, no supplies, and our commanding officer may turn on us. It's going to be a long night.
Agent Gunnard: We're going to die out here, aren't we?

Approaching the tunnel:

<Character name>: Bloodstains, but no bodies. Not a good sign.
Mordrem Guard Hunter: Stop them! Keep them away from the cages!
Mysterious Voice: Can anyone hear me? We're up here!
Crusader Gatt: Commander, did you hear that? It came from above us, at the top of those stairs.
Crusader Gatt: The enemy keeps collecting corpses and prisoners. This is the first time we've had any sign of where they wind up.

Approaching the prisoners:

Pale Reaver (1): Get us out of here!
Pale Reaver (1): I knew someone would come for us. Thanks!
Pale Reaver (2): I'm ready to kill the enemy, sir. All I need is my rifle and a clear line of sight.

Engaging the prison guards:

Mordrem Guard Sniper: So nice of you to come to us.
Mordrem Guard Overseer: Welcome, fodder. Mordremoth has plans for you all...
Mordrem Guard Overseer: There is no escape, Commander. You will all serve the Jungle Dragon.
Mordrem Guard Overseer: Mordremoth! Your enemies are here. Help your servants destroy them!
If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: This world is mine.

After defeating the Mordrem guards:

Canach: We'd better get back to camp.
Crusader Gatt: Glad you're alive. We feared the worst when you went missing. What went on here?
Pale Reaver: Mordremoth's forces overpowered us. They locked us up here, with corpses from the crash site.
Pale Reaver: They took the others south "to join the jungle dragon's army." We would have been next.
Pale Reaver: We didn't break. And now, we're going to give Mordremoth's horde a taste of what it gave us.
Laranthir of the Wild: I hope this proves what I've been saying―if we work together, this doesn't have to be a total disaster.

Choosing to fortify the camp's defenses[edit]

After the decision:

If sylvari:
<Character Name>: I'm sorry, Laranthir. I can't play favorites. I need these troops battle ready, and they don't trust you.
If not sylvari:
<Character Name>: I'm sorry, Laranthir, but I need these troops battle-ready, and I don't have time to prove you're still trustworthy.
<Character Name>: I need you to stand down while we fortify this position. Some of my people will stay with you, for your own protection.
Laranthhir of the Wild: I understand, Commander. I will comply, but for the record, I can still do my duty for this unit...and the Pact.
if sylvari:
<Character Name>: I understand, brother. Together, we'll prove sylvari can still be trusted. Rox? Will you stay with Laranthir?
if not sylvari
<Character Name>: Noted. Now, I need a volunteer to guard Laranthir so he stays safe and out of trouble. Rox?
Rox: You got it, boss.
<Character Name>: Our priority now is salvaging turret parts from the wreckage. We need real firepower to protect this position.
<Character Name>: Spread out and search the debris field. We're looking for salvageable weapon parts.
<Character Name>: Now fall in and let's get to work!
Taimi: Don't look so worried, Braham. Eir can take care of herself. As a wise old genius once said—
Braham Eirsson: Thanks, Taimi, but go easy on the asura wisdom for now. I'm a little preoccupied.

Approaching the tunnel:

<Character Name>: Bloodstains, but no bodies. Not a good sign.
Explorer Metella: We have live soldiers here that need protecting. The prisoners Laranthir wants to rescue are beyond our help.

Searching the field for turret parts:

Explorer Metalla: (growl) They came here as soldiers. Now they're just another meal for these scaly little scavengers.
Agent Gunnard: That's just what we need.
Agent Gunnard: Quick, now—that burning wreck will have what we need, but we need to get to it before the fire does.

Finding a lost sylvari soldier:

Canach: Commander, you need to see this.
If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: Obey.
Pact Explorer: The dragon...Mordremoth... It's in my head! Can you hear it?
Canach: We all hear Mordremoth's call. To weak-willed sylvari, it sounds like thunder. To me, it's more like a buzzing fly.
If sylvari:
<Character Name>: If that's true, I need you to keep demonstrating it. Show everyone that Mordremoth doesn't own us.
Voice of Mordremoth: I am the reason you exist. I am the purpose you serve. Obey me!
if not sylvari
<Character Name>: Then I need you to lead by example. Show everybody that Mordremoth doesn't control you.
Canach: Commander! Mordremoth's voice...
Pact Explorer: No, I... No, I'm... I'm not! I... (scream) Help me!
If sylvari:
<Character Name>: Fight it, soldier! Focus on my voice. Remember who you are, why you're here.
<Character Name>: You are a child of the Pale Tree, and a member of the Pact. Mordremoth is the enemy.
Pact Explorer: The enemy. can hear its voice, too, but you...resist. So does Canach...and so do I. Thank you, Commander.
<Character Name>: We need to look out for each other. Fall in, soldier. This war isn't over yet.
Explorer Metalla: Another crazed sylvari. Keep those twigs away from me, or I'll use them as kindling.
If not sylvari:
<Character Name>: Fight it, soldier! Remember who you are, why you're here. Mordremoth is the enemy.
Pact Explorer: I know...who the I know. Mordremoth has chosen me. I will obey my master!
Canach: He's gone. The dragon has him now.
Explorer Metalla: See? Sylvari can't be trusted. When Mordremoth calls, they answer.
Canach: Did you just condemn my entire race? It seems the dragon brings out the worst in you, too.

At top of hill near the Pact explorer:

Agent Gunnard: Nothing useful in there. Keep looking.

Approaching the remains of Mr. Sparkles:

If asura:
<Character Name>: Hey, that's Mr. Sparkles, my old pal Zojja's golem. But she'd never leave him like this...unless she was even worse off.
If charr:
<Character Name>: Hold up. That's Mr. Sparkles, Zojja's golem. (growl) If he's here, where's she? And in what shape?
If human:
<Character Name>: Wait. That's Zojja's golem, Mr. Sparkles. Not good; if he's here, where's she? And in what condition?
If norn:
<Character Name>: Hang on. That's Mr. Sparkles, Zojja's golem. Spirits, I hope she's in better shape than he is.
If sylvari:
<Character Name>: Wait. That's Mr. Sparkles, Zojja's golem. Troubling...if he's here, where's she? And in what condition?
Agent Gunnard: There should still be usable parts inside what's left of the ship.
Agent Gunnard: Step lively—the ship's unstable. Feels like there's something moving under it.

Examining Mr. Sparkles:

<Character name>: Mr Sparkles has suffered serious damage, either in the crash or in the Mordrem attacks that followed. He is powered down and completely nonfunctional.
Talk more option tango.png
Examine Mr. Sparkles more closely.
If asura:
Sparkles has been battered, burned, and broken. Even his thaumakinetic couplings are fused, a sure sign of cataclysmic power surge. Whatever did this to him, he went down fighting.
Talk more option tango.png
Inspect the unique mechanisms Zojja installed deep inside the chassis.
Sparkles's special tracking device that always guides him back to Zojja is here, but it is crushed beyond repair.
Talk end option tango.png
Don't worry--I'll find Zojja, and she'll put you back together.
Talk end option tango.png
If not asura:
Sparkles has been battered, burned, and broken. There's no way to salvage what's left of him. It must have taken a lot of punishment for him to wind up like this.
Talk end option tango.png
Talk end option tango.png

Inside the ship:

Agent Gunnard: Keep it up. A few more parts and we'll be ready to go.

Encountering Mordrem Guard on path, south of ship:

Mordrem Guard Stalker: More fodder for our master's army...

After defeating the Mordrem Guard:

Agent Gunnard: We're good. I now have the makings of a basic defensive turret. Nice work.

Returning to camp with turret parts:

if sylvari:
<Character Name>: Rox, to me. How did it go with Laranthir? Any trouble?
if not sylvari:
<Character Name>: Rox? I need an update. Any problems with Laranthir?
Rox: No problems. Most of the soldiers won't talk to him, though. I think he's taking it pretty hard.
<Character Name>: Keep watching him. If any trouble starts and he's involved, I want you and Frostbite ready to jump in.

Returning to the camp[edit]

After returning to the makeshift camp:

<Character Name>: Everybody form up and do your jobs. It's a long time until daylight.

Fending off the enemy's night attacks:

If sylvari:
Voice of Mordremoth: Kill them or cripple them. Then bring them to me.
If chose to search for the prisoners:
Rox: Don't worry, Braham. We'll find and free Destiny's Edge just like we did those prisoners.
If chose to fortify the camp's defenses:
Agent Gunnard: All set. This turret will pack quite a punch, but it's a bit touchy.
Rox: You know, Braham, bolstering this camp's defenses sets up a safe spot for Destiny's Edge to come back to.
Braham Eirsson: Thanks, Rox. I'd feel a lot better if we had any idea what happened to them.
If sylvari and chose to fortify the camp's defenses, or if not sylvari:
Explorer Metella: I'm not afraid to die. I just don't want to be dinner for some plant monster.
Crusader Gatt: Indubitably. I came to fight an Elder Dragon, not some leafy imitation.
Crusader Gatt: Stick together. Don't let anyone else get taken.
Agent Gunnard: I won't. But you have to keep your head and voice down, or you'll be the next one to go.

Cutscene when Rytlock appears:

Rytlock Brimstone: Sharpen your blades and guard your vitals―I'm back!

Talking to Rytlock after the battle:

Rytlock Brimstone: Hope you don't mind me joining in, Commander. It looked like you could use some help.
Rox: Tribune? You're alive! But where have you been? And what's that new magic you're using?
Rytlock Brimstone: Later, cub. All you need to know is that I'm back and I'm better than ever.
Rytlock Brimstone: Right now we've got comrades to rescue and dragon minions to kill.
<Character name>: Rytlock's right. We need to find Destiny's Edge and hit Mordremoth where it lives.
<Character name>: Let's go, Tribune. Time for us to kill another Elder Dragon.
Laranthir of the Wild: Commander? There are more Pale Reavers out there. I'd like to gather them together and take command.
Laranthir of the Wild: As a sylvari-only unit, we can monitor and protect ourselves from threats both internal and external.
Laranthir of the Wild: If any of us show signs of...faltering, the others will do what needs to be done.
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Consider your request authorized. Good luck, Laranthir. May the Pale Mother guide and protect us all.
If not sylvari:
<Character name>: All right. Request granted. Good luck, Laranthir.
<Character name>: Listen up! We're breaking camp. Get the wounded to the Silverwastes. Laranthir will remain here to secure the area.
Laranthir of the Wild: Thank you, Commander. I'm headed to the high ground. That's where the Pale Reavers were trained to go.
If chose to search for the prisoners:
Laranthir of the Wild: And do talk to some of the Pale Reavers we rescued. They may have overheard valuable intel while they were imprisoned.
If chose to fortify the camp's defenses:
Laranthir of the Wild: Also, talk to the Pale Reavers' lead scout. If they overhead any valuable intel since they arrived, he'll know about it.

End of instance:

Rox: Tribune? I saw you dive into the Mists. Where did you end up? How did you learn new magic?
Rytlock Brimstone: (growl) I don't have time for this. Look, history is full of legendary figures. Heroes and villains, idols and monsters.
Rytlock Brimstone: While I was in the Mists, I figured out how to harness their power and make it work for me. Okay?
Rox: Uh...okay, but I have a lot more questions―
Rytlock Brimstone: Save 'em. We've got a mission, soldier. Let's get to work.
Braham Eirsson: Rytlock looks...different.
Rox: He fights different, too. How is he doing...what he's doing?
Braham Eirsson: Doesn't matter, it's working. I'm glad he's here.
Rox: Me, too. It's a good omen―we took heavy losses, but we're still in this fight.

My story[edit]

Torn from the Sky loading screen.jpg

Mordremoth's surprise counterattack totally destroyed the Pact's airship fleet. The surviving Pact soldiers are disorganized and demoralized, with Marshal Trahearne and Destiny's Edge missing in action.

My story


  • It is possible for a sylvari who already had the Sylvari Solidarity achievement to run the instance for other party members, as long as the sylvari player is the host.

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