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The Zephyrites have returned to support Lion’s Arch! In Divinity’s Reach, the Queen has reopened the Crown Pavilion to show her support for the recovering port city. Join in the festivities to raise morale and celebrate the Zephyrites’ contributions to the Lion’s Arch relief effort.

— Official website

Festival of the Four Winds 2014 is a release launched on May 20, 2014 bringing back Zephyr Sanctum and The Crown Pavilion. The Labyrinthine Cliffs were Canthan-themed in celebration of the China release. Players were able to search for shards, race in Sanctum Sprint, battle in the Aspect Arena, and...fly on dolyaks? The Crown Pavilion returns with players battling hordes of foes and the Queen's Gauntlet was available for more attempts to finally defeat Liadri the Concealing Dark. The festival ended on July 1 2014.

In addition to new rewards for veteran players to work towards, the festival offered a second chance to obtain exclusive rewards from Season One of the Living Story, besides purchasing them from a Laurel Merchant.


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Festival of the Four Winds[edit]




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The following mail was sent to all players:


Captain Ellen Kiel

Please Join Me in Welcoming the Zepyrites [sic] Back to Lion's Arch

<Character name>,

The Lion's Arch reconstruction effort is in full swing, but even with help from our friends and neighbors across Tyria, it's slow going.

Queen Jennah has offered her support, and our mercantile partners, the Zephyrites, are inbound to offer their support, renew their commitment to our shared trade agreement, and see Scarlet's devastation firsthand.

I want to provide the Zephyrites with the most prestigious reception I can muster, so I'm calling on heroes like you to join me in welcoming them back. I'd consider it a great favor if you and any of your adventuruing friends could join me in Lion's Arch to greet the Zephyrites.

Thanks in advance. I look forward to your arrival.

—Captain Ellen Kiel

Captain Ellen Kiel has requested your presence in Lion's Arch to greet the Zephyrite leader, the Master of Peace.
The Zephyrites are disembarking on the docks near the Claw Island Portage waypoint.

Waypoint (map icon).png Claw Island Portage Waypoint

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