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The Invitation

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The Invitation

The Invitation map.jpg

Maze map

The Invitation loading screen.jpg

Loading screen

The Invitation is the fourth story step of Whisper in the Dark, the first episode of The Icebrood Saga.


Enter the Raven Sanctum.
  • Regroup at the keep.
  • Formulate a plan.
  • Reach Raven Mastery Tier II.
  • Reach the Raven Sanctum.
  • Open the doors.
Walk the Raven Havroun's path.
  • Enter the sanctum.
  • Find the fraenir.
  • Pass the Trial of Providence.
  • Pass the Trial of Wisdom.
  • Pass the Trial of Death.
Defeat the fraenir.
  • Defeat the fraenir.
  • Check in with your allies.



The Trials of Raven
Note: Inventory and all skills are disabled inside the maze.

As you navigate through the maze, you will reach three Raven question puzzles. The responses you give are irrelevant to the progress of the mission, but will grant progress towards the Mysteries of the Raven Sanctum achievement. You will also have to navigate hazards inbetween the puzzle rooms:

  • Between rooms 1 and 2 you will be affected by Darkness.png Oppressive Darkness, which will cause you to randomly receive Chilled.png Chilled from a black apparition; interact with the Raven Light Shrines to prevent this, as well as guide you in the right direction.
  • Between rooms 2 and 3 you will be affected by Corrupted Energy.png Difficult to Breathe, which will deal damage every tick. Interact with the Raven Barrier Shrines to remove it. You will also encounter a barrier in this corridor, which can be opened by interacting with the Raven Lock around the corner.
Fraenir of Jormag

Once the trials are complete, progress to the final room to encounter the Fraenir of Jormag. He has several attacks:

  • A long orange arrow will telegraph on the ground in front of you, and a timer will appear above your head. Dodge when the timer runs out to avoid his attack. If you stand behind one of the ice pillars in the room, this attack will shatter it, revealing a Raven statue which grants Collected the Forgotten Lights.png Raven's Warmth on interaction.
  • Occasionally he will summon a blizzard which obscures your screen via Frostbite (Bitterfrost Frontier).png Snowblind and will hide himself as a cloud of snow, behind one of the pillars lining the walls of the room. Run up to the cloud to force him out again; if you do this within 5 seconds, you will earn the Ice Try achievement.
  • Occasionally he will turn into a raven and fly to one side of the room before performing a slam attack on the ground that sends out three waves of icy spikes. Jump over them to avoid taking damage. He will then fly to the opposite side of the room and repeat the attack, before returning to the center and performing it a third time.


This achievement rewards items. The Invitation Whisper in the Dark Icebrood Saga mastery point 0Achievement points
Complete the Invitation.Journal: The Invitation Completed
Reward: Mini Almorra Soulkeeper.pngMini Almorra Soulkeeper
Completed the Invitation 0Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.
This achievement rewards items. Return to The Invitation Return to Whisper in the Dark 0Achievement points
Complete the story mission The Invitation in Living World Icebrood Saga Episode 1.
Reward: Eternal Ice Shard.pngEternal Ice Shard (10)
Completed The Invitation 0Achievement points
  • Complete the mission.
Ice Try Whisper in the Dark 3Achievement points
Find the fraenir within 5 seconds after he obscures himself.Story Instance: The Invitation Found the Fraenir within 5 Seconds after He Obscured Himself 3Achievement points
  • The fraenir will obscure himself by turning into a blizzard and hiding behind one of the randomly-selected ice pillars at the edges of the room (not the three in the center), and must be approached within five seconds to earn this achievement.
  • The simplest way to accomplish this is with a full party; have each party member stand near a pillar and attack him at range so that they can quickly run behind the pillar if he hides at theirs. Solo players may also attempt this method, but will have to contend with high odds of him not hiding at their pillar.
  • A more consistent solo method is as follows:
    • When you enter the boss room, run in far enough to trigger the dialogue, before returning to the entrance. This will cause the NPCs to return to you as soon as the fight begins instead of attacking him, which will give you time to perform the next steps before he takes enough damage to trigger his blizzard phase.
    • Kite him around the edges of the room, keeping your distance so the NPCs don't aggro, and allow him to destroy the outer pillars using his arrow attack.
    • When only one outer pillar remains, begin attacking him near it. Take care not to allow his arrow attack to destroy this one before he enters his blizzard phase, however!
      • Remember that the fraenir only teleports to outer pillars, ignoring the inner ones.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Ice Try effect.
Mysteries of the Raven Sanctum Whisper in the Dark 10Achievement points
Unlock the mysteries of the Raven Sanctum.
Discovered 1 Raven Sanctum Blessing 2Achievement points
Discovered 3 Raven Sanctum Blessings 2Achievement points
Discovered 5 Raven Sanctum Blessings 2Achievement points
Discovered 7 Raven Sanctum Blessings 2Achievement points
Discovered 8 Raven Sanctum Blessings 2Achievement points
  • You can uncover one mystery per playthrough of this mission. Characters who complete the mission can freely revisit the Sanctum. See Mysteries of the Raven Sanctum for a detailed guide.



Elder Dragons





Open world[edit]

Entering the office in Jora's Keep:

Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Commander. Thank you for...finding her.
Rytlock Brimstone: I don't get how this happened.
<Character name>: The Svanir caught up with her long before we arrived. Whoever called us here, it wasn't Almorra.
Braham Eirsson: Jormag...
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: As commanding officer of the keep, it's my job to protect the people I have left. We've got to take down the fraenir.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: We have both Raven lenses now. That means we can enter the Raven Sanctum.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: I can meet you there and guide you through the temple. It's...not easy to navigate.
Crecia Stoneglow: Brimstone and I are coming with you.
Rytlock Brimstone: I want to be there. For Almorra.
Braham Eirsson: Me too.
Marjory Delaqua: I... I think I need to stay here. I don't feel in control of myself right now.
If asura:
<Character name>: Not to worry. Help the Vigil get back on their feet.
<Character name>: It's okay. Help the Vigil get back on their feet.
Braham Eirsson: We'll meet you at the sanctum, Commander.

Optionally talking to your allies:

Marjory Delaqua: Kas? Kas, please pick up. I need you.
Marjory Delaqua: (sigh)
Random among the following options:
<Character name>: You okay?
<Character name>: Are you okay?
Marjory Delaqua: Been through worse.
<Character name>: That doesn't matter.
Marjory Delaqua: I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.
Braham Eirsson: Jormag's right. When things get tough, I run. I left my guildmates behind. I've even left you behind.
Braham Eirsson: Wolf would be ashamed.
<Character name>: You're not running now.
Braham Eirsson: No. Your pack deserves better. I'm... I'm working on it.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Go ahead, Commander. I'll meet you there with the other Raven lens. Let's do this for Almorra.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Go ahead, Commander. I'll meet you there with the other Raven lens. Let's do this for the Vigil. For Almorra.
Talk more option tango.png You're already sounding like the leader she'd want you to be.
Me taking over Jora's Keep wasn't supposed to happen for years. I don't feel ready. And with the Vigil stationed here torn'll be a long time before we bounce back. Before I bounce back.
Talk end option tango.png You can do this. Starting with the fraenir.
Talk end option tango.png See you there.
Rytlock Brimstone: Cre, I, uh...said some stuff back there, and I just...
Crecia Stoneglow: I know, But I don't want to talk about it.
Rytlock Brimstone: Oh. Yeah. Course.

Approaching Raven's Gate

Rytlock Brimstone: Okay. Everyone's here.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: If we use both lenses, the entrance to the sanctum should react.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Commander, I should warn you. This sanctum is meant to be a test for Raven havrouns. A trial.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: I've never entered, but I've heard stories. Don't always trust your eyes.

At Raven Sanctum[edit]

Entering the instance

Crecia Stoneglow: Is this...a maze?
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Part of the test. Stick together.

Trial of Providence

Raven Totem: Seeker of cunning, fledgling of mine, show me your mind.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Remember: It's a trial. A test of your worth.
Raven Totem: A mortally wounded man lies beneath a tree. Without help, he will die. Wild beasts close in, eager for a meal.
Raven Totem: Healers are nearby. They are unarmed, and unaware of the wounded man or the beasts.
Raven Totem: You summon a flock of ravens for aid. What will the ravens do?
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Make your choice at the totem.
Raven Totem: You summon a flock of ravens for aid. What will the ravens do?
Talk ready option.png Save the healers.
Raven Totem: Interesting. You choose to eliminate the attacking beasts. The immediate danger is gone, and the healers are safe.
Raven Totem: But they never find the wounded man. Their safety comes at the expense of his life. Is that what you intended?
Talk ready option.png Save the wounded.
Raven Totem: I see. You want the healers to save the wounded man's life.
Raven Totem: But one life is traded for another. A fate not easily avoided. Did you believe you could cheat death?
Raven Totem: I have seen enough. The trial continues.
<Character name:>: I feel like I didn't make the right choice.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: There isn't a right choice, Commander. That's what the Raven Spirit is about. That's why we choose to follow it.

In the maze

<Character name>: Jhavi, how much farther do we have?
<Character name>: Jhavi?
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Why couldn't you save her?
Crecia Stoneglow: She died alone.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Did you even try?

Trial of Wisdom

Raven Totem: Seeker of wisdom.
Raven Totem: A fire spreads through Tyria's greatest library.
Raven Totem: Thousands of books turn to ash as the flames leap higher.
Raven Totem: A scholar cries, wracked with turmoil. Two books lie on opposite ends of the room.
Raven Totem: The first is a detailed record of Tyria's history before human arrival. There are no other copies.
Raven Totem: The second is a book of arcane spells that could turn the tide against the dragons. It is the only one of its kind.
Raven Totem: The scholar can only save one book. Which does she save?
Raven Totem: The scholar can only save one book. Which does she save?
Talk ready option.png The historical record.
Raven Totem: You would forgo peace to preserve what came before. What good is the past when there is no future?
Talk ready option.png The spell tome.
Raven Totem: You value a winning hand over the knowledge of the ages. Does this truly free us, or will the cycle repeat?
Raven Totem: I'm beginning to get a feel for you, seeker. The trial continues.

In the maze

Braham Eirsson: We've lost something because of you.
Rytlock Brimstone: All of us.
Braham Eirsson: We sacrificed for you.
Rytlock Brimstone: Aurene sacrificed for you.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: You'll never be enough.
Crecia Stoneglow: Who do you think you are?
Rytlock Brimstone: You just make everything worse.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: We can't trust you, can we?
Braham Eirsson: Just give up.
<Character name>: Stop it!

Before the last trial

Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: —Should be coming up on the last one.
<Character name>: You're back!
Rytlock Brimstone: Commander... You okay?
<Character name>: Where... Where were you?
Braham Eirsson: We've been here the whole time. You went quiet for a while.
<Character name>: This place is...
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: I know. But we're almost done.

Trial of Death

Raven Totem: Seeker of the beyond.
Raven Totem: A plague sweeps the capital city, claiming countless victims. Both the old queen and the young prince have fallen ill.
Raven Totem: The queen is benevolent and wise, and she has ruled fairly for decades. But her age is showing.
Raven Totem: The prince is her only child. He's very young, and prone to petulance.
Raven Totem: If one dies, the other will make a full recovery. You must guide one of their souls to the afterlife. Choose.
Raven Totem: If one dies, the other will make a full recovery. You must guide one of their souls to the afterlife. Choose.
Talk ready option.png I'll guide the old queen to the afterlife.
Raven Totem: You would gamble with the fate of a kingdom to preserve a young life. A child becomes king before he is ready.
Raven Totem: He may fail. He may be taken advantage of. People will suffer. Was saving his life worth the cost?
Talk ready option.png I choose the young prince to die.
Raven Totem: You choose the safety of what you know. The queen continues her reign. But one day she will die, with no successor.
Raven Totem: The Kingdom will be thrown into turmoil as a stranger takes the throne. Was your choice truly safe?
Raven Totem: You have shown me who you are. The trial is complete.

Encountering the fraenir

Fraenir of Jormag: We put so many obstacles in your way, Dragon killer. But we underestimated you.
Fraenir of Jormag: Our eyes have opened. We watch. We don't repeat mistakes.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: If this is the inner sanctum, where are the Raven shrines? Where are the attendants...?
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Commander, the ice pillars! They're trapped! We need to break them!
Fraenir of Jormag: I've been called to something greater. And it begins with you.
Fraenir of Jormag: Stay with us! Embrace the new dawn!
Braham Eirsson: Keep out of his range!
Raven Shaman: Raven, take my wings! I won't let him corrupt your power!
Crecia Stoneglow: He's creating a blizzard! Take cover!
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Knock him down! It should stop the incantation!
Fraenir of Jormag: You've fought so hard...but your long day has ended.
Fraenir of Jormag: It's time to sleep beneath the stars.
Fraenir of Jormag: Yes... The night draws closer! Dragon's era begins!

Killing the fraenir

Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: It's... it's really over. The attacks, the disappearances...
Braham Eirsson: You can start to rebuild.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: I know the Sons of Svanir won't leave without a fight, but now we can—
Unknown: (incoherent whisper)
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: No...
Crecia Stoneglow: You... You still hear it too, don't you?
Unknown: Let me help you...

Cutscene, Jormag taking over fraenir's body

Jormag: Champion.
Jormag: It's time I treat you with the respect you deserve. Speak face-to-face.
Rytlock Brimstone: That voice...
Jormag: The air is thick with change. I feel it, even as I dream beneath the ice.
Braham Eirsson: Jormag.
Jormag: You fear me as you feared Kralkatorrik. That is natural. But ice fortifies. Ice protects.
Jormag: All this war, all this pain... Aurene wants to end it. And I can help her. I want to help her.
Jormag: Terrible things lurk just beyond the horizon. But you can bring eternal peace to our world.
Jormag: In time, you'll realize you need me. And when you do...
Jormag: I'll be waiting.
Crecia Stoneglow: So that comm from Almorra... Jormag was using...
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Oh, Spirits...
Crecia Stoneglow: What now?
<Character name>: We... We help the Vigil get back on their feet. For now, we stay in the Marches.
Crecia Stoneglow: Stay? What about Bangar? It's clear Jormag's already gotten to him.
Crecia Stoneglow: Who do you think convinced him he could have his own Elder Dragon?
Rytlock Brimstone: Don't make excuses for him.
<Character name>: We still need a way through the mountains. You and Rytlock scout for a path.
Rytlock Brimstone: We can do that.
Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: I'll head back to the keep. There may not be many of us left, but we'll rebuild. We owe it to them. To Almorra.
Braham Eirsson: Commander... About what Jormag said. We're not gonna take it seriously, right?


one of the following:
<Character name>: Uhm... Right.
<Character name>: Right.

My story[edit]

The Invitation loading screen.jpg

We entered the Raven Sanctum to defeat the fraenir, but we had to complete Raven's riddle-like trials along the way. We eventually defeated the fraenir, but Jormag reanimated his corpse and used it to attempt to sway us, claiming to be a friend and only wanting to help. The macabre encounter left everyone uncertain.

My story


  • During the "Jormag Speaks" cinematic, both Jormag's and Fraenir's voices can be heard. While Jormag says the words about wanting to help Aurene maintain the balance of magic, Fraenir's undertone says "I want... her" or later when the Ice Dragon says that the Commander "can bring eternal peace to the world", Jormag's champion instead of "eternal peace" says "the end". Those hidden lines show the way Jormag tries to persuade others into thinking they are on Commander's side, but they are not.


  • The exit portal in the final room is inactive and doors behind it are closed. You need to use "Click to leave the instance" button to exit this story.
The story step Reach Raven Mastery Tier II can stall despite the mastery being reached. To workaround this issue, start another episode, such as Shadow in the Ice and then resume Whisper in the Dark. It should start The Invitation from the beginning and the mastery check should pass.

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