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Wrench in the Works

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Wrench in the Works is the second story step of Jormag Rising, the fourth episode of The Icebrood Saga.


Investigate the norn ruins.
  • Talk with Crecia.
  • Find Braham at the norn ruins.
  • Talk with Braham.
Unlock the Electromagical Pulse Mastery and take an EMP from a waystation.
Destroy communications towers.
  • Communications towers remaining: x/3
  • Pick up an EMP from a waystation.
Sabotage the Dominion presence in North Drizzlewood Coast.
  • Kill Frost Legion Commanders, destroy weapon racks, gather intel, and complete events.
    Event bar green.jpg



Despite the objective, actions can be completed anywhere in Drizzlewood Coast (the green circle on the map will go around the south section of the map if the southern meta is not yet finished in your current map instance).


A Wrench in the Works Jormag Rising 1Achievement points
Complete the story chapter A Wrench in the Works.Journal: A Wrench in the Works Completed Completed the Story Chapter "A Wrench in the Works" 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story.





Speaking with Crecia:

Crecia Stoneglow: Commander, Braham went on to explore those norn ruins. They're up ahead, end of the cave tunnel.
<Character name>: All right, I'm going to follow him. Could be our way inside that keep.
Rytlock Brimstone: Good idea. I'll go with you.
Crecia Stoneglow: No, you'll stay right here.
Rytlock Brimstone: (grumble)
Smodur the Unflinching: You're wasting your time. When my cannons are ready, we'll walk right in—through what's left of the front door.
Malice Swordshadow: At which point Ryland will take you out, because that's literally the most obvious thing you could do.
Smodur the Unflinching: Let him try. Next time I see him, there won't be a flame shield between us.
Crecia Stoneglow: No. There won't.

Leaving the camp:

<Character name>: You were smart, Braham. Ducking out before the sparks started to fly.
Braham Eirsson: They're all focused on Bangar and the Frost Legion. They're charr, I get it. But...
Braham Eirsson: I kill Jormag, or Jormag kills me. I don't know... I'm not sure how that ends.
<Character name>: I am.
Braham Eirsson: Figured. Thanks, Commander.

Catching up with Braham:

If norn:
<Character name>: I feel something. The Spirits of the Wild. There's a power here, it's—unimaginable. What is this place?
<Character name>: These are the Spirits of the Wild. Braham, what is this place?
Braham Eirsson: This is where the Spirits first revealed themselves to the norn.
Braham Eirsson: I can feel them. All of them. Like the charge in the air before a storm. I've never felt anything like it.
If norn:
<Character name>: Maybe the Spirits can help us again. If they saw fit to let us into this temple, we'd have a straight shot to Jormag.
<Character name>: Can you talk to the Spirits, like in Bjora Marches? If they open this door, we'd have a straight shot to Jormag.
Braham Eirsson: The Spirits are—they're here, but they're restrained somehow. Something's wrong.
Crecia Stoneglow: Commander? Learn anything about the ruins?
If norn:
<Character name>: It's where the Spirits first revealed themselves to us. Their magic runs through this place. And Jormag knows it.
<Character name>: It's a temple honoring the Spirits of the Wild. There's magic here. Powerful magic.
Rytlock Brimstone: Guess now we know why Jormag picked this place to hunker down after Taimi's machine conked 'em out.
Crecia Stoneglow: Can you get that big door open?
Braham Eirsson: Let's find out.
Braham Eirsson: Great Spirits! I am Braham, norn of prophecy! Please grant us passage to this most sacred of temples!
Braham Eirsson: Okay, so that was a long shot. I'll need more time to figure this out.
Crecia Stoneglow: While you're doing that, I could use the commander's help. Malice just gave me a list of targets.
<Character name>: Anything I can do to ruin Bangar's day. What've you got?
Crecia Stoneglow: Transmitter towers. Dominion's using them to triangulate targets for their artillery.
Crecia Stoneglow: Malice's agents are finding more targets. I'll send them over once the transmitters are gone.

After destroying the first communications tower:

Braham Eirsson: Hey, Commander.
<Character name>: Any updates on our big stone door?
Braham Eirsson: Well, I can't speak with Wolf, Snow Leopard, Bear, or Raven. I feel their magic, but they're not responding.
Braham Eirsson: It's not enough to open the door. I think I'll need to channel the magic from...all the other Spirits.
<Character name>: All of them? Even the corrupted ones?
Braham Eirsson: Just...give me some more time, okay?

After destroying all three towers:

Malice Swordshadow: Good work, Commander. Should make the assault easier, without constantly having to worry about death from above.
<Character name>: Still plenty of that. Maybe you noticed the Claw of Jormag flying around?
Malice Swordshadow: Yeah, hard to miss. We still need some time to prep our forces. In the meantime, you up for some more sabotage?
<Character name>: I think I can squeeze it into my schedule.

Partway through sabotaging Dominion:

If Iron Legion charr:
Smodur the Unflinching: Commander, it's your imperator. We need to talk.
Smodur the Unflinching: Commander, it's Smodur. We need to talk.
<Character name>: About what?
Smodur the Unflinching: We're preparing a frontal assault on the keep. But I hear your friends are considering an alternative.
<Character name>: We're considering anything that will work. If Braham can get this door open—
Smodur the Unflinching: And if he can't? What do we do, sit on our tails while he solves puzzles? With all due respect—
<Character name>: Imperator, we'll discuss this in person once I'm done out here.
Smodur the Unflinching: You're damn right we will.

Finishing field work:

If Ash Legion charr:
Malice Swordshadow: Marvelous, Commander. You should come back to the fahrar sometime—seems there's a lot you could teach us.
Malice Swordshadow: You're quite adept at mayhem, Commander. You ever think about transferring into it full time?
<Character name>: Thanks, Imperator. Where are we on preparations?
Rytlock Brimstone: Smodur and Braham have, uh...let's call 'em "conflicting opinions" on how exactly we're gonna kick Bangar's ass.
Crecia Stoneglow: That's an understatement. Come back to base. You might need to break the logjam.
<Character name>: You don't say.

My story[edit]

Drizzlewood Coast loading screen.jpg

With the United Legions' camp established, it was time to explore the area and seek out the best way into Jormag's imposing northern keep. Smodur was keen on a direct frontal assault with his artillery paving the path toward victory, but Braham had another idea: investigate the norn ruins directly underneath the keep.

Turns out the ruins were built to honor the Spirits of the Wild, marking their first interactions with the norn race. A large stone door would get us in, if only Braham could find a way to open it.

While Braham investigated ways to open the door, I pitched in to help the United Legions sabotage Bangar's army in the region, destroying a series of communication towers that were helping the Dominion plot artillery strikes against us.

With the towers destroyed and the Dominion weakened, I assumed that the time had come to launch an attack against the northern keep. However, a comm call informed me that Smodur and Braham had come to a disagreement over which strategy we should embrace.

At Crecia and Rytlock's urging, I decided to return to the United Legions camp to see what I could do to help.

My story