Sins of the Father

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Sins of the Father

1325 AE
Personal story
Sins of the Father
Ruins of Rin
(Black Citadel)
Imperator's Core
(Black Citadel)
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr
Sorcerous Shaman
Preceded by
Biography Sorcerous Shaman.png A Fork in the Road
Followed by
Graveyard Ornaments

Sins of the Father is part of the personal story for charr characters who chose their sire to be a Sorcerous Shaman and have completed A Fork in the Road and follow their father Forktail's plan.


Investigate the Abandoned Caverns with Forktail.

  • Travel to the Ruins of Rin.
  • Free the prisoners.
  • Kill the prisoners.
  • Defeat the Fire Elementals.
  • Kill Mergath Flarekin.

Report to Rytlock in the Black Citadel for debriefing.

  • Provide Rytlock with an after-action report.


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All professions


Approaching Forktail triggers a cutscene. After it ends, move towards the gathering of prisoners, kept in flame prisons. Destroy these to rescue them. However, for each destroyed prison, several flame legion warriors will spawn. Proceed to kill them. Once all prisoners are freed, they will turn into fire elementals you need to obliterate as well. After you finish this task, Mergath will appear and transform into an effigy. As soon as you defeat him, you are asked to report back to Rytlock in his office.





Charr (Flame Legion)



When meeting with Forktail (cinematic):

<Character name>: Smodur's eye! What is this place?
Clement Forktail: My old workshop. Mergath and I developed new magical attacks here. This is where he'll perform the ritual.
<Character name>: Can he really kill the tribunes and imperator from here?
Clement Forktail: Absolutely. I taught him well. He was my right hand. He'll use the prisoners as fuel for the ritual. They'll die in flames.
<Character name>: Then we'd better free them right now.

Talking to Clement:

Clement Forktail: Don't trust Mergath-no matter what he says. He will lie to you. He will betray you. The biggest mistake I ever made was choosing him as my second.
Talk end option tango.png I'll remember that.

After the cinematic:

Prisoner: Help us! Get us out of here before the shaman returns!

After destroying the Flame Prisons holding the Blood Legion soldiers (one at random)

Flame Legion Fire Shaman: Perimeter breach! Kill them all, or Mergath will use us to power the ritual!
Flame Legion Lava Shaman: Let's show these mongrels what we do to uninvited guests!
Flame Legion SmokeShaman: Flame Legion forever!

After defeating the Flame Legion foes:

Prisoner: Thanks, soldier. I thought I was done for. Wait... something's wrong. I feel strange.
Prisoner: My stomach... melting! My muscles... burning! Help!
Clement Forktail: The ritual is consuming her! We have to kill the prisoners before-
Prisoner: Kill me? No! I'm not Flame! Get away!
Iron Legion Soldier: What's happening? Everything burns!
Blood Legion Soldier: Kill me! Kill me now, before I turn into one of them!

After killing the transformed prisoners (cinematic):

Shaman Mergath Flarekin: What are you doing here? This was your plan, your ritual! You've ruined everything!
<Character name>: Not everything, Mergath. You're still alive. But we can fix that.
Shaman Mergath Flarekin: Forktail, I can't believe you'd betray your old warband and the entire Flame Legion for this cub.
Clement Forktail: This cub gave me a chance, and I'm making the most of it. I'm not a slave anymore.
Shaman Mergath Flarekin: How touching. But I doubt that changes the odds for you two. You never did have the stomach for murder.
<Character name>: Not murder - justice. My father is trying to redeem himself. Too bad you'll never get that chance. Let's end this!

After the cinematic:

Clement Forktail: We can take him, cub, no problem!
Shaman Mergath Flarekin: In the name of Gaheron Baelfire, I give myself to the flame!

After defeating Mergath:

Clement Forktail: At last. I hope this redeems me. But now you'd better take me back to the stockade before Seneca locks us both up.
<Character name>: I have a better idea: come to Hero's Canton with me. I'll vouch for you to Tribune Brimstone. After he knows what we did, maybe he'll pardon you.
Clement Forktail: Don't throw away your future. You could wind up branded a Flame Legion sympathizer - or traitor, like me.
<Character name>: I trust Rytlock to hear us out before he decides. What do you have to lose?
Clement Forktail: Fine. I'll return to the Citadel and wait for your word, and...thank you. For everything.

Talking to Clement:

Clement Forktail: It's over. I've finally redeemed myself. Even if you're the only one who thinks so, that's enough for me. It matters.
Talk end option tango.png You did well. I'm proud to call you my father.

Debriefing to Rytlock (cinematic):

Seneca the Relentless: Forktail didn't murder you? I hope that means you stopped the Flame Legion. Where's my prisoner?
<Character name>: In Hero's Canton. We couldn't have done this without his help. I recommend we reduce his sentence to time already served.
Seneca the Relentless: Forget it. Your sire's sentence is for life. I'll release him when he's dead, not before.
Rytlock: That's not your call. If Forktail saved the tribunes and the imperator, I want to hear about it.
<Character name>: Forktail risked his life for the citadel. We owe our success to him. And he's no longer a threat. I'd stake my life on it.
Rytlock: Good enough. I authorize Forktail's release. You can give him the good news yourself, if you like. See to it Seneca.
Seneca the Relentless: I must protest, Tribune. This isn't-
Rytlock: I said "see to it", Seneca. Or you'll make me very angry. It's not easy to stand up for a betrayer. I know.
Rytlock: You've proven your loyalty and your value to the Citadel once again, Legionnaire. I've got big plans for you. When they're ready, I'll send for you.

Talking to Rytlock and Seneca afterwards:

Rytlock Brimstone: That effigy was impressive. Your sire knows his fire magic. Good for us he's not with Flame anymore. See that he stays out of trouble.
Talk end option tango.png Will do, Tribune.
Seneca the Relentless: I'm not worried. Forktail'll be locked up in my cells again soon enough. And you'll be there with him...someday.
Ferocity Back off before I feed you your teeth, Seneca. (Ends dialogue)
Charisma Try being a more gracious loser, Seneca. All that bile will choke you someday. (Ends dialogue)
Dignity My father proved himself and he was pardoned. Your justice demands you back off. Now. (Ends dialogue)
Talk end option tango.png Don't hold your breath, jailer.

My story[edit]

Sins of the Father.jpg

Forktail and I stormed the Abandoned Caverns and stopped Mergath's ritual. I believe Forktail has redeemed himself, and so I will appeal to Rytlock to have my sire's sentence reduced.

I reported the results of my mission to Rytlock. After I explained how my sire redeemed himself and how instrumental he was to my success, Rytlock agreed to release him from the stockade.

My story