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Ceremony and Acrimony

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the re-released story episode. For the historical story episode from 2013, see Ceremony and Acrimony/historical.

Ceremony and Acrimony

1326 AE
Living World Season 1
Sky Pirates
Lion's Arch
Preceded by
A Quiet Celebration
Followed by
Hard Boiled

Memorials on the Pyre loading screen.jpg

Memorials on the Pyre loading screen.

Ceremony and Acrimony is the first story step of Sky Pirates, the second episode of Living World Season 1.


  • Read the mysterious letter.
Memorials on the Pyre
  • Enter Lion's Arch from Gendarran Fields to attend the effigy lighting ceremony.
  • Join the crowd in front of the ceremony stage.
  • Watch the ceremony.
  • Defend the cart carrying the injured.
  • Attacker morale:
  • Event bar green.jpg
  • Speak with Inspector Ellen Kiel.
  • Complete!



After the ceremony.

Kill the enemy while defending the cart. There will be waves of attackers while crossing the bridge. When you reach the other side the cart will stop at the door.

You will then need to kill the enemies until the bar goes down. At that point you have to defend the cart again until it reaches a building past the portals. Ellen will speak to you and it will be finished.


Ceremony and Acrimony Sky Pirates 1Achievement points
Complete the story chapter Ceremony and Acrimony. Completed Ceremony and Acrimony 1Achievement points
Ceremony and Acrimony (2013) Sky Pirates 5Achievement points
Get the wounded Ship's Council members to safety. Protected the Wounded Councillors 5Achievement points
Ceremony Survivor Sky Pirates 1Achievement points
Complete Memorials on the Pyre without being downed or defeated.Story Instance: Ceremony and Acrimony—Memorials on the Pyre Completed Memorials on the Pyre without Being Downed or Defeated 1Achievement points




Various (Aetherblades)


Upon activating the story:



Council Threat

<Character name>,

You may not know me, but I know you. I'm calling upon you because you're capable in the face of danger. If you consider yourself a force for good in this world, then I implore you to attend the Dragon Bash effigy ceremony in Lion's Arch. I've heard whispers about a threat to the Ship's Council and, if left unchecked, to the city itself. I'd intervene myself, but circumstances prevent it.

I'd wish you luck, but luck is what fools and idiots require to stay alive. You, I believe, are neither.

I will surely contact you again,


Memorials on the Pyre[edit]

Approaching the stage
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Captains and crews! And visitors too. Welcome to the first annual Dragon Bash!
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Is everyone having a good time?
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: (laugh)
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: It's time to light the effigies and turn this Dragon Bash into a Dragon Burn!
Talking to Inspector Kiel
(If completed Canach's Lair)[verification requested]
Inspector Ellen Kiel: How nice to see you again, <Character name>. I'm happy to report that Canach is in the brig, where he can do no more harm.
Talk more option tango.png Good. So what is Dragon Bash?
It's just a little festival that the Ship's Council cooked up. We're bashing dragons, eating good food, and drinking to each others' health.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds fun.
Talk end option tango.png Nice to know.
(Otherwise)[verification requested]
Inspector Ellen Kiel: I hope you're ready to have a good time at Dragon Bash.
Talk more option tango.png So what is Dragon Bash? (Same as above)
Talk end option tango.png I might be.
Introducing the Ship's Council members
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: But first, let me introduce the other Ship's Council members who are joining us today.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Please give a hardy hi-ho to the finest captain on the council, Captain Anne Reid—and when I say "fine," I do mean "fine".
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Next on the docket is the captain of the Sprocket, Captain Tokk, one of the most impressive asura ever to sail the seas!
Captain Tokk: If you like my Sprocket, Magnus, you should see my new rocket.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: (laugh) Whatever.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: And last, but not least, it's Captain Theo Ashford of the Ascalonian Ashfords. A more effective family of cutthroats never lived.
Captain Theo Ashford: You're too kind, Magnus. I'll have to work extra hard to live up to your praise.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: You'd better, you salty ol' dog.
Introducing the cultural representatives
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: The Ship's Council would also like to welcome the cultural representatives joining us today.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: They're all secretly wondering if we brought them up here to sacrifice them! (laugh)
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: (laugh) No, of course we didn't. Let's give our brave visitors a hand!
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: They've brought memorials for their kin who were killed by dragons.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: All hands on deck! Toss your memorials on the pyre. Let's light the horizon with this dastardly dragon! Begin the burning!
Representatives placing memorials on effigies
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: 'That's right! Toss your memorials right on the effigy.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Everybody, let's remember all those we've had taken from us.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Nicely done, friends. Nicely done.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: All right! Light 'em up! Light 'em up!
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Light 'em–
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Great Spirits!
After cinematic ended
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Everyone stay calm! The Lionguard are here!
Inspector Ellen Kiel: You there! Get to the councillors and protect them!
Inspector Ellen Kiel: You! Get up to the stage and form a perimeter around the councillors.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Lionguard! Go get that dolyak and bring it to the front. We have injured, and we need to get the councillors to safety.
Citizen: Who needs assistance?
Inspector Ellen Kiel: See if you can help the charr cultural rep. He's injured and not moving.
Citizen: I'll do what I can.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Stay alert, everyone. That may have just been the prelude.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Oh, no. Some are seriously injured! Where's that dolyak?
Inspector Ellen Kiel: You, you, you, and–ah Mists–all of you. Go with that dolyak. Make sure the injured councillors get to the fort.
Talking to Inspector Kiel
Keep alert! I have no idea who did this, but it was no accident. Whoever did it is probably still nearby.
Talk more option tango.png What can I do to help?
My first priority is the safety of the councillors. If you could back up the Lionguard nad make sure they get to Fort Marriner, I'd be grateful. I'll be right behind you.
Talk end option tango.png I'll see what I can do.
Talk end option tango.png Think so? Okay, I will.
Talking to the Citizen
Citizen: What a terrible accident. There are so many injured... Please, I'm trying to save this poor charr.
Talk more option tango.png You're a healer?
Mai Trin: I have some skill at it, yes. Name's Mai Trin. Now, please, let me work.
Talk end option tango.png Good luck.
Talk end option tango.png Good luck.
Talking to Magnus after the escort has begun
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Unacceptable!
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: This is dolyak cud. (grumble)
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: I'm disappointed.
After arriving at Fort Marriner
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Back me up!
After defeating the attackers
Inspector Ellen Kiel: This was no accident. I'm opening an official investigation into what just happened here.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Thanks for your help. I think it's fair to say you saved a few lives today.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Go enjoy what's left of Dragon Bash. There's nothing more to do here. I'll check in on the injured.
Talking to Inspector Kiel after unloading the councillors
Inspector Ellen Kiel: One of the councillors was seriously wounded in that strange discharge of energy and may die. That raises this to a whole new level of bad.
Talk more option tango.png What are you going to do?
Immediately initiate an investigation. I'm heading back to the crime scene now. Thanks for your help.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to help.
Talk end option tango.png I understand.

My story[edit]

Memorials on the Pyre loading screen.jpg

Out of the blue, an elusive benefactor named "E" wrote and directed me to the effigy ceremony at Dragon Bash, claiming that the Captain's Council was under some sort of threat. It was a faceless lead, but the only one I had. I made my way to Lion's Arch to see for myself. The ceremony started without a hitch, but then the effigies were lit...

As the cultural representatives approached with their offerings, one of the dragon effigies erupted with arcane energies, emitting an electrical current that struck the captains on stage. Inspector Ellen Kiel immediately took control of the scene. With the help of her Lionguard, Kiel and I escorted the wounded to Fort Marriner. Along the way, we were harassed by a group of scrapyard pirates.

We delivered the captains to the medical ward, but their wounds were critical. Kiel implored me to return to the festivities, but I'm not in the mood for a celebration anymore. Between this and the Molten Alliance... Something is brewing, and I'm fast growing tired of these constant surprises.

My story